Can We Rely Upon Them? A Simple Test.

I thought regular readers of this blog might find this e-mail interesting. I have written it to Jersey’s Chief Minster, Senator Frank Walker, his Council of Ministers and his Chief Executive – who has responsibility for the “performance” of the senior civil service of the island.

Whilst the awful truth is obvious to any decent, thinking person – the culture of denial and concealment persists – even to these days – amongst Jersey’s leaders.

So – as an experiment – lets us see if – even at this stage – they can accept the truth.

To quote Bob Dylan: “let us not talk falsely now, for the hour is getting late.”

Stuart Syvret.

From: Stuart Syvret
Sent: 22 March 2008 18:14
To: Frank Walker; Council of Ministers; Bill Ogley
Subject: Child Protection: The Reckoning.

To Senator Frank Walker, Chief Minister of Jersey, each member of his Council of Ministers, and his Chief Executive, Bill Ogley.

Chief Minister, Jersey Ministers and Chief Executive.

As you may know, I have been writing a blog for some time now.

I hope you have found it interesting.

I must say its readership is beyond any imagining of mine. 13,821 unique site users – and 31,644 hits – so far.

But in addition to the blog – I am to begin uploading a variety of information and reports onto several campaigning websites based in other jurisdictions. So, with luck, the truth will receive an even wider audience.

This approach will, of course, also have the added advantage of placing the dissemination of the truth in the hands of those who will champion it – quite regardless of whatever oppressions you and your child-abuse-concealing judicial cronies may visit upon me.

My purpose in writing to you is to remind you that Senator Walker has noticeably failed to respond to my e-mails of the 7th January and the 18th January.

Whilst both e-mails constituted a detailed account of the various gross incompetences and profound misjudgements manifested by the Jersey Council of Minister throughout the child protection disaster, I thought I would give each of you – another – opportunity to address the key question within both e-mails.

And I do so because that question – and what its answer reveals – is of central importance to the objective of improving child protection in Jersey.

That question is quite simply: “Do you, Senator Walker, and each of the other Ministers, and the Chief Executive still stand by the assertions and arguments you relied upon in seeking my dismissal, as detailed in your proposition P.115/2007?

I have been carefully collating and re-reading all of the archive e-mail correspondence from this episode. The degree of stupidity and absurdity manifested in your various communications to me – and your dismissals of my warnings – would be funny – were it not for the fact that this Council of Ministers chose to engaging in what was simply another horrifying display of the culture of cover-up and concealment.

The very ‘cultural’ attitude and response which has seen over six decades of the most foul abuse go unreported and unpunished.

You know – I know – and you know that I know – as does every impartial observer – that the report and proposition you relied upon in engineering my dismissal was a farrago lies, distortions, half-truths, omissions, irrelevancies and politically opportunistic betrayals of child protection.

It was in a league of it own in terms of Cabinet incompetence, idleness and ethical bankruptcy.

I am, as time permits, going to begin posting the archive e-mail correspondence – with commentaries – either on my blog or other sites.

So I thought I would offer each of you an opportunity to re-appraise your actions in the light of the awful knowledge which must, surely, be graspable by now.

Do not let anyone say I’m unfair. I have given you months to respond to my initial e-mails – and even now I am giving you yet another opportunity to recant.

In order to help you all a little – as your grasp of these issues is clearly so poor – I will give you just two, brief, examples of the unsustainability of your current position. Two fundamental points which constituted the very foundations of your case.

1: The punitive and coercive use of extended periods of solitary confinement against children when held in Les Chennes and Greenfileds was – clearly – illegal and abusive. Contrary to the assertions in your report, this fact was obvious and evidenced – from the moment I first raised the subject. Simon Bellwood was totally correct in having this opinion. Should you require further evidence, simply reflect upon the fact that the management case against Bellwood collapsed at his recent employment tribunal – and the man whose assertions you relied upon in defending the “Grand-Prix” regime is now suspended.

2: In reckless and ignorant abandon – you blindly accepted the self-serving assertions of Marnie Baudians, Directorate Manager of Social Services – in her letter signed by Iris Le Feuvre – to the effect that ‘to publicly speak out against failing systems was to place children at increased risk’. A few moments research would have demonstrated to you the fact that every respectable child protection organisation in the UK takes the directly opposite view – namely, that it is, ultimately, always preferable to speak out against child protection failures. To illustrate just how plain this fact is, even Andrew Williamson – although it was like extracting teeth – finally admitted under questioning that we all have a duty to speak out if we are aware of failures and abuses.

Although you almost certainly will not have grasped this fact yet – the denial of obvious truths, the indecent instinctive reaction to conceal failings, the oppression of those who speak out against incompetence and wrongdoing, the ‘lets-all-stick-together’ culture of invulnerability amongst civil servants – all are fundamental reasons for the decades of abuse against vulnerable children Jersey has permitted in its midst’s and the awful fact that 95% of such abuse has gone unreported and unpunished.

The polity of this community needs to learn that lesson – if we are to root-out such systemic failure and protect children in future.

The decisions and actions of this Jersey Council of Ministers were catastrophically wrong – at every turn.

So let’s see whether – when faced with immutable truths – the Jersey establishment can acknowledge errors and learn lessons.

Senator Stuart Syvret
States of Jersey.


  1. Anonymous

    Just posted a url to a site which might be of some interest to you and some of your blog readers .You may of heard of it before .?
    I have been an avid reader of this site for several years now,shows a different perspective on the news we normally see from the “mainstream media”.Although more global in nature,has featured items from uk previously.
    As media from outside our little cocoon has shown interest,and have demonstrated investigative angles ,which have been absent from our own rag and radio station.
    Thought this might be another site to link your blog and voice your concerns to.

  2. Anonymous

    “There is nothing so strong or safe in an emergency of life as the simple truth.” – Charles Dickens (1786 – 1851)

  3. Sigmund Fraud

    How many chances do they need? I quess we will find out in the fullness of time but were all with you and I clock a hit everyday as I check your blog for updates. Your doing a brilliant job Stuart and with a singular important issue as this is one would think Frank walker would be supporting any move to protect children. also to do this he would have to give up his knowledge in relation to the horrors that went on, to which we all feel he knows a great deal indeed.

    Keep up your fine admirable work Stuart.

    “Liars begin by imposing upon others, but end deceiving themselves”

  4. jez

    You are still very bitter at being relieved of your post, Stuart. You now play a blackmail game with the people you feel wronged you. Get some help, please. Your current diatribe belies any focus on the real matter, namely those who suffer greater than you.
    Dare I hope you submit this to the ‘comment’ section?

    Jeremy Strickland

  5. Advocatus Diaboli

    “you blindly accepted the self-serving assertions of Marnie Baudians, Directorate Manager of Social Services – in her letter signed by Iris Le Feuvre – to the effect that ‘to publicly speak out against failing systems was to place children at increased risk’.”

    The squeal of every bent Social Services bureaucrat in Britain. I expect that the peddlars of this casuistry will find it in themselves to keep taking the money.

    You should be ashamed of yourself Stuart, exposing wrongdoing and the connivance of Child Protection services in child abuse. Anyone would think children were people.

  6. Stuart Syvret

    From Stuart Syvret.

    Dear Mr. Strickland

    I have indeed largely stopped letting trolling on my sight. Not because I dislike an argument – rather, there is a golden rule in politics:

    “Never argue with an idiot in public.”

    There is also the more serious consideration that I just don’t have time – given my work for the victims of abuse – to respond to each shallow whinge from Big Frank’s supporters.

    There are, actually, plenty of other general forum sites upon which you and others can express their views.

    Not to mention The Rag, of course – house-journal of Jersey shysters.

    I will though, make a brief exception in your case – as the facts have so clearly eluded your grasp. And – more significantly – the argument you put forward displays all of the text-book inadequacies of the Jersey oligarchy; namely never admitting errors – and never learning lessons.

    ‘Bitter’? No – actually relived to have escaped the ship of fools that is Jersey’s Council of Ministers. I hadn’t actually realised quite how stupid and ignorant they really were.

    ‘Blackmail game’? My oh my; you really just don’t ‘get it’, do you.

    Let me explain the facts.

    This Council of Ministers put their own political motivations over and above child protection.

    They chose to side with, and defend, manifestly dishonest and incompetent civil servants. (Incidentally – there will be arrests as far as some of that number are concerned.)

    They chose to ignore clear evidence which was drawn to their attention.

    They failed to do as much as one, independent, piece of research into modern child protection standards.

    Consequently, they made their decisions based upon a demonstrable pack of lies.

    Lies which they persist in clinging to today.

    The relevance of these observations? And my motivation for questioning the CoM?

    Jersey is having to confront at least six decades of sickening and extreme child abuse – 95% of which has remained concealed and unpunished.

    That such abuses were able to persist unchallenged for so long is down to the incompetence of the States of Jersey, its customary invulnerability – and the fact that gross cock-ups nearly always get swept under the carpet.

    I want this culture of denial, concealment and never learning lessons to be rooted out. I want children in Jersey to be safe in the future. I want to do all we can to minimise the possibility of such dangers occurring again.

    To achieve that objective, one has to address the failings and inadequacies of the polity.

    That is why I am holding Frank & Co. to account. They ‘blew it’. For good or ill – ill, actually, they made their decisions.

    They must now account for those decisions.

    Only in the strange parallel universe of non-democracy in Jersey could anyone seriously object to holding senior politicians to account for their decisions.

    Stuart Syvret.

  7. Anonymous

    Mr Strickland is fortunate that he can publish his name. Of course being
    A fan of our great leader certainly helps!

    Good reply Stuart.

    I,sadly, must remain anonymous!

  8. Benjamin Langlois

    Congratulations on your 50th blog post. The fact that you still have so many loyal readers is a true testament of the support you still have.

    PS: Don’t feel obliged to accept this comment for display on your blog, it really is just a personal congratulations.

  9. Anonymous

    Just seen you now have 14,024 unique site users. That is truly inspirational and wouldn’t suprise me if it’s not some kind of a blogsite record!!

    I don’t know what the JEP’S circulation figures are all be it you have a worldwide readership but if you carry on like this it won’t be long before this blogsite is bigger than them which ultimately will mean more powerful than them!!

    I really hope you will capatalize on this. How ironic that would be, the very people who have been so instrumental in keeping you silent and doing their best to bring about your downfall, end up playing second fiddle to your readership numbers.

    Please expose Chris Bright and Rob Shipley for who they really are. That is complicits and enablers of covered up child abuse.

    Keep up the great work, sorry I have to remain anonomous but we are all gripped with the culture of fear if you speak out.

  10. Anonymous

    One follow up point on remaining anonymous, unfortunately in Jersey those working in the finance industry have been subjected to emails from their bosses – and Jersey Finance Limited – on the mornings of recent elections basically saying that if we didn’t vote for whichever favoured persons – names would be listed! – we’d all be losing our jobs because the finance induatry would be doomed. So, anyone not living in Jersey, please understand why so many replying to Stuart’s blogs remain anonymous.

  11. Anonymous

    I think these Banks and Finances companies who try and manipulate the election should be named and shamed.
    I am not surprised though
    It did not happen in my work place(large bank) , and I would certainly have had something to say if they tried that one on .
    We should ensure that before the next elections,they do not have a chance to repeat this sort of conduct.

  12. Anonymous

    Keep going Stuart this Island needs exposing for the way it has covered up abuse of the innocent

    The Island is run for the benifit of a few, the majority struggle to survive that is why they are so afraid to have the worlds press focus on Jersey

  13. Anonymous

    Just a quick note on voting in Jersey. Certainly the last time I voted my name was checked against my Vingtaine listing in the Electoral Register and then the number next to my name was written on the back of my voting slip.
    Anyone else notice this?

  14. Anonymous

    yes, your votes can be traced!
    Good old “democracy”, Jerseee styleee

    I hope Stuart stands for election next time, even if he doesn’t intend to take up the post – purely to give us the chance to register a vote of discontent. Wouldn’t it be a great gesture if he topped the poll again and then stood down?! (though I’d prefer him to still kick ass from within)

  15. Anonymous

    One company which definately sent such an email to all staff an the day of the last election was Mourant – which has over 600 staff. I was disgusted – as were many others – but unfortunately I don’t have any copies of the email.

    A couple of years ago, Jersey Finance Limited sent an email to all staff in the finance industry (directed through the finance businesses) instructing them to oppose (again on the basis that the finance industry would be doomed) what I seem to remember was Dick Shenton’s rally at the Town Hall against zero 10 and GST. Of course, Jersey Finance Limited is largely financed by the taxpayer, and therefore should have had no right in distributing such propoganda.

  16. Anonymous

    The person who posted that Mourant emailed all their staff to vote in a certain way is incorrect.

    I received that email. To paraphrase, it simply stated “Voter turnout in Jersey is pathetic. We encourage you to use your vote, whoever you vote for. If you want to take time in the working day to go to your pollling station, arrange it with your line manager.”

    This was to counter the age old criticism “I can’t vote, it’s too inconvenient”.

    Is that commentator really, really so stupid to think that Mourant directors would send an email, telling its staff to vote a particular way, knowing that it could be publicised on the internet in a nanosecond?

    Let me reiterate: the email was about using one’s vote. As a modern employer, I think they should be congratulated for encouraging their employees to be politically active.

    If anyone cares to reproduce the email here, we shall see. I did not keep a copy – retaining a copy was irrelevant.

  17. Anonymous

    Sorry, but Nicola Davies at Mourant sent the email to all staff and it stated what I said (although I would agree it encouraged all to go and vote – it also insinuated that it was your duty as part of the finance industry to vote and therefore to vote for those supporting the finance industry. I’m sure that someone who also worked at Mourant will confirm.


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