“If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.”

Niccolo Machiavelli.

As amoral and ruthless as Machiavelli was – his writings remain, perhaps, the most fundamental work on politics ever produced – because for all the brutality evinced in ‘The Prince’ – it depicts human nature in all its frightening reality.

The quote above is one of my favourites.

Again, because it is so amazingly perspicacious.

I was reminded of this quote whilst contemplating the actions of the Jersey oligarchy – and their UK establishment friends – against Lenny Harper and Graham Power.

The British establishment has striven mightily – moved Heaven & Earth, in fact – in an all-out attempt to destroy both men.

All ‘arms’, as Niccolo would describe them, have been deployed – used in an effort to annihilate Lenny & Graham – in a concentrated attack – like a type of ‘total war’.

In an act of desperation – the Jersey oligarchy – and the British establishment – whose closeted skeletons, as the Jersey crew well know, still carry a substantial degree of “influence” – have staked everything on a desperate last throw of the dice.

And they’ve blown it.

Whilst their smear campaigns and lies will have damaged the reputations of both men in the eyes of some casual observers – the “injury” done to both was nothing like “severe” enough to deliver safety from vengeance.

Both men – having withstood the very worst that the oligarchy could do – remain on their feet – and barely scratched.

The oligarchy – and its allies now stand spent – exhausted – and ‘bear of arms’.

So now – Mr. Harper and Mr. Power stand poised – to deliver their lethal vengeance.

Metaphorically speaking – you understand?

The fight-back begins today.

The Belfast Evening News carries a piece today – available on its website – in which Mr. Harper makes some initial and slight response to the injuries which the oligarchy have attempted to inflict on him – and upon the victims.

It is merely an opening gambit.

There is an awful lot more to come into the public domain yet.

Observe the media during the coming days – yea – even the Jersey media.

But don’t worry if The Rag fails to deliver the goods; if they don’t – I will.

Given the facts which stand implacable – I would like to refer you to an article published today by The Times – written by one Mick Hume.

Forgive me if you have to copy & paste this, but here is the address:

If that doesn’t work – just go to The Times website and search for ‘No murder at the Mansion’.

I would like to invite my readers to read Mr. Hume’s article – read it closely and carefully; turn it over in your mind – absorb it – contemplate it.

Indeed – give it the benefit of the doubt.

Once you have done so – consider: this is the very best that a bizarre and perverse alliance between the British establishment and a load of old commie apologists for genocide can come up with. (All will be explained.)

Then in a couple of days I will write a post which dissects Mr. Hume’s article.

And whilst you’re waiting – spare a thought for the poor, deluded Jersey oligarchy.

If only they had read old Niccolo – perhaps they would not now be left contemplating a ruinous – but self-inflicted and indefensible – last stand.

“Men ought either to be indulged or utterly destroyed, for if you merely offend them they take vengeance, but if you injure them greatly they are unable to retaliate, so that the injury done to a man ought to be such that vengeance cannot be feared.”

Niccolo Machiavelli.

I sense vengeance upon the air.



  1. TonyTheProf

    I saw the Times article, so will look forward to your critique. And when has HDLG been a “mansion”? I thought that was a designation reserved for the likes of millionaires and former chief ministers?

    PS: don’t hold your breath with the JEP; they took a week to put anything in about Harcourt Nevada, even though I had spotted it emailed them the news a week before! Some investigative journalism!

  2. Anonymous

    “Once you have done so – consider: this is the very best that a bizarre and perverse alliance between the British establishment and a load of old commie apologists for genocide can come up with. (All will be explained.)”


    Yes, they really are scraping the barrel now, even their propaganda is pathetically transparent!

    Praise the Lord for HONEST policemen and politicians!


  3. Anonymous

    Re – ` the vile tax haven’

    I posted on Stuart’s blog last night. I was watching an in-depth `French’ documentary on TF2 about the current economic crisis.

    They focused on many tax avoidance centers/havens, and needless to say, Jersey took pole position as an example of how this little island is used to filter away Billions in illegal money laundering schemes.

    As far as Jersey is concerned the program went way beyond being called damning, in terms of the SoJ conspiracy in aiding thousands of people defraud (on a monumental scale with regard to tax avoidance) other nation states.

    The program highlighted(contrary to local claims) that there is a distinct lack of credible banking controls, checks and ballences on the island and, those that do exist were laughable.

    Interestingly, the program also denoted quite a period of time contrasting the life style of the rich and wealthy middle class who in fact pay little or no tax in relation to their incomes. And, the life style of the islands poor and working class, who bear the greatest tax burden. The French research team highlighted in very real terms, the enormous distance that exisists between these groups in all social and economic spheres.

    It was clear that the French news team along with all the French politicions and financial experts who took part in the broadcast were highly damning of Jersey and other off shore tax avoidance centers .

    It came over very loud and clear that Jersey’s days (and Jersey is not alone in this) are numbered in terms of its fraudulent and morally corrupt financial activities.

    Reporting from France


    Sorry China looks as if the deal will soon be off!

  4. Anonymous

    Whilst I despise the finance industry in Jersey, I am also a realist.
    The rich who run this island have seen to it that finance gets every advantage.
    Think about that when you next pay GST.
    Finance has a vice-like grip on this Island, very comparable to the Barclays.
    (Kenneth Williams’ explanation of “Barclays” is very adapt)
    IF finance is shut down, even slightly, it won’t just be the people with small appendages driving flash motors who suffer.
    It will be YOU and ME.
    Money that filters down pays our wages.
    They know this and use it to put pressure on the States, not that much is needed!.

  5. Anonymous

    Lets not forget the Mcquires!

    They live in France and in the Toulouse area. They shouldnt be difficult to locate with a name like that.

  6. Anonymous


    Who is the controller that is waht I ponder, you claim that there is a concerted effort to besmirch the work and reputation of Power and Harper, I would go along with that theory – but who has enginered such skull duggery and why?

    Why would any single and powerful person engineer such smoke screens, and why do they fear the actualities of this tragedy unfolding. WHY?

    Why has Wendy Kinnard disappeared from the radar? What does she have to say about the handling of this affair? I think that as Ms Kinard took political office, she should feel duty bound to stand up and be counted and I find it most odd that she has left the stage!

    I live in Grouville and I knew some of the victims of HDLG, I remember them as the children they were and not the haunted adults they appear to have become, it has moved me greatly to think that whilst some of us enjoyed the innocence of childhood – they were robbed not once by loosing family members but twice by being abused whilst in ‘care’.

    As a consequence of your blog I was looking back at those times and I ed remember the man that ran the donkeys on Gorey Common, now deceased I think – the wiser kids never went near his lorry but some did…….I wonder if he has come up in any investigation, because with hindsight that man preyed on innocent childrenn mainly girls!

    If I as a 9 year old was aware that he was sinister who else was.and what did they do about it?

  7. One Day

    The ruling by Jack Straw on the reporting on family courts will not apply in Jersey. The JEP state there has been no change in the law here and as we are a separate juristiction it would have to be changed by the States. So can this be something that can be brought before a States Sitting, and why when in law Jersey references laws to English cases is there unlikely to be a change? In principle we could then reference a case where the media are allowed to report and use that case for reference in a Court of Law in Jersey. When they can report on criminal case involving a child, surely they can see that other cases should be reported on and available for public scrutiny as it would be in the public’s interest to view how various departments operate to see if their actions are just and lawful. It would infact give greater protection to families that are being treated unfairly and most that would be abusing children in their care would have already been dealt with through the criminal courts where thay are allowed to report on such matters.

  8. Anonymous

    n. pl. plu·toc·ra·cies

    1. Government by the wealthy.

    2. A wealthy class that controls a government.

    3. A government or state in which the wealthy rule.

    Isn’t this what we have in Jersey. There is a contingent minority that own most of the land here. Most of these families have a strong link with La Rue des Voleur (That is what my good, kind Grandpa used to call it, not the bad, ugly, Grandpa who used to kick my Dad around, most people know it as Hill Street but of course they have moved out into the high rise area now which I refer to as Gotham City.),
    and “The Rag” and the tv media.

    I lived in St Martin for a while and knew some of the HDLG children whilst living there. I am trying to remember who was in power in that Parish at the time I lived there which was at the time the Beast was roaming. I can remember some of them but no clue as to who would have known what was going on, I was only ten at the time.

    I don’t mind if the Finance Centre caves in, as Sen Stuart Syvret said on a previous post. There are things worse than being poor.

    Truth Will Out

  9. Anonymous


    In my view it is easy to misunderstand Machiavelli. The Prince is a brutal exposition of realpolitik but in The Discourses he argues for democracy and the republican state so he is probably still a bit too liberal for the average States member.
    As for Mekon le Sueur, Pip Ozouf and Little Al they do not seem to believe in democracy at all and this is the troika at the heart of policy making for the next three years!
    Of the three, Pip is firmly in the policy driving seat. He has added Deputy Chief Minister to his role at the Treasury and armed with his neo Thatcherite ideas it is going to be full speed ahead on the Esplanade Quarter and expansion of the finance industry.
    This is definitely the man to watch and worth a punt for the next ‘Big Cheese’!

  10. Anonymous

    “Interestingly, the program also denoted quite a period of time contrasting the life style of the rich and wealthy middle class who in fact pay little or no tax in relation to their incomes”

    It brings to mind how Eliot Ness managed to bring down that other gangster, Al Capone! Praise the Lord for taxes, because they always leave a paper trail – very useful for ronnding up wicked gangsters! Hee hee hee, I bet those idiots will be burning the candle trying like mad to cook the books, but you can’t work that well under stress, they’ll make mistakes, LIKE THE MISTAKES STAFFORD SOCIAL SERVICES AND STAFFORD POLICE MADE WHEN THEY TRIED TO COVER UP HOW I HAD BEEN TREATED AS A CHILD!

    In the end, crime does not pay – criminals always get found out in the end.


  11. Anonymous

    “The ruling by Jack Straw on the reporting on family courts will not apply in Jersey.”

    Bridget Prentice was on Woman’s Hour this morning, lying, oops, I mean talking to Jenni Murray about the SECRET (they hate it when I say that!) family courts, I’ll say it again, SECRET FAMILY COURTS!

    The “interview” was a complete farce. Jenni Murray was so obviously reading from a list of questions that Bridget Prentice had written herself. It made me choke on my cornflakes, in my opinion it is the worst case of political control freakery since the unmusical-chairs-Frank-doesn’t-want-to -sit-next-to-that-nasty-wasty-Stuart-Syvret attempted chair removing incident. Bridget Prentice is STILL insisting that it is the children who voted to keep the family courts secret, even though I have blasted that argument to pieces in a series of letters between her, Jack Straw and myself! I’d LOVE to know what she did to Jenni Murry – was it hypnotism – did she take Paul McKenna to the “interview” to do a little NLP on Jenny or what? Mind you, I expect Paul is far too busy with the training of the next batch of Cafcass/Social Service clones to be wasting any time on such fluffiness.


  12. Anonymous

    Tax avoidance and evasion by residents in Jersey

    I think it is fair to say that tax avoidance and evasion have been an endemic part of the Jersey way for decades.
    During the the latter decades of the 20th century the money was rolling into the Jersey exchequer and with a regular healthy surplus every year the States became a bit lax at squeezing tax payers.
    So the really wealthy have their sweetheart deals with the revenue but there was plenty more.
    The middle class were cushioned with interest relief on mortgages and other loans, no tax on capital gains etc.
    There were exemptions for benefits in kind that allowed employees to avoid tax on accommodation, meals etc. Not a lot you might think but it was a huge perk in the hotel industry.
    Claiming for a wife and children that were supposedly resident in Jersey but really living in your home country was common and some claimed child benefit as well!
    With the absence of a PAYE system working two or three part time jobs and only declaring one was a commonplace.
    The States are now quite hard up so over the last few years we have seen the arrival of ITIS, tax on benefits in kind, the phased removal of mortgage interest relief etc under ’20 means 20′.
    All taxation and benefit systems are fiendishly complicated and offer oppurtunities for the clever or criminal to avoid or evade tax or claim for things they are not entitled to.
    Jersey is not unique in this respect!

    Anaconda le Cornu

  13. Anonymous

    If I remember correctly the HDLG child abuse atrocities(and possible murders) have connections to the UK government via uk local government – who sent children in their ‘care’ to HDLG for ‘holiday’s. The lobbying body and national ‘voice’ for Local government/authorities in the UK is called the Local Government Association (LGA).

  14. Anonymous

    Stuart I see in the vile rag online you and lanny harper have joined forces. What about graham power isn’t he part of the team? It would be a far stronger team with him in it.

  15. Anonymous

    From Times On Line: No murder at the mansion.
    Harper told reporters: “Police officers became concerned at the number of people in positions of authority who were being connected with peodophile crimes”.

  16. futuatcher

    look forward to your critique of the Times article. I wondered why Simon de Bruxelles didn’t write the piece, seeing as though he’s local is is their SW correspondent. The latter did have a piece on Sark, and was there to interview residents there. So maybe he was too busy. But then, most of the Hume article stemmed from the press conference of Walker & Lewis in November, so why run the article on that day? Maybe the paper felt the need for such a piece after feeling stung by the no deaths revelation. Especially as it could be that the editors weren’t initially interested in sending a reporter, but were persuaded on the Sunday.

    I didn’t quiet get his digg at you about an email. Maybe he doesn’t like you, as he included no quote from yourself. He did include comments from Sean Power & Colin Egre. Can see why Power, as his letter (to BBC was it?) states his position (no need for UK judges, real threat id from within), but Egre? I haven’t seen Egre make any comment about the abuse investigation, or try and do anything about it. Maybe he has in the Chamber.

    Straight away i wondered how much research Hume had done. Pedantic, i know, but i would say HDLG was in the east, not the leafy north.

  17. Anonymous

    “No murder at the mansion” – sound like a perfect reason why the Jersey Police should be brought back under political control! I bet le Marquand is rubbing his hands with glee?

    Sounds as if the author of this very one sided load of tosh is a fully paid up member of the JEP (Jersey Establishment Party). No doubt we will soon be reading on the `times on-line’ that Wacup has hard evidence that it really was the tooth fairy you know!

    But he will wait to announce this until Father Christmas has deliverd him exactly what he wrote asking dear old Santa for – a new rank as chief of Jersey police, along with an enormouse raise in pay!

    Its amaising how cheep some people consider the price of thier honour.

  18. Anonymous


    Philip Francis Cyril Ozouf becomes the most dangerous man in Jersey.

    Quite simple.

  19. Anonymous

    “Police officers became concerned at the number of people in positions of
    authority who were being connected with paedophile crimes,”

    The most fundamentally truthful thing in all of this mess is that statement alone!!!!

  20. Anonymous

    “If I remember correctly the HDLG child abuse atrocities(and possible murders) have connections to the UK government via uk local government – who sent children in their ‘care’ to HDLG for ‘holiday’s. The lobbying body and national ‘voice’ for Local government/authorities in the UK is called the Local Government Association (LGA).”

    Thank you!


  21. Anonymous

    We need to know who these people in positions of authority are and how strong the links are as well as evidence how tenuous are the links and how strong is the evidence collated so far and how close the people responsible are to being outed…

  22. Antje Seeger BLOG

    Dear Senator Syvret !
    I want to assure you,that also the international public still continue watching what will happen at the present time and in the future on the States of Jersey !
    I think,there are lots of Jersey citizens,who are proud to have YOU,-such a correct and brave SENATOR !!
    Antje Alexandra

  23. Anonymous

    Stuart, some of your readers may be aware that I had intended to give out white ribbons in town tomorrow to anyone who would like to show their support to the child abuse victims however, I believe that a peaceful march may very well happen in February next year and in light of this I have decided not to give the ribbons out tomorrow and instead use them in February where I feel it would have a greater impact.


  24. Anonymous

    Mr Rose (journalist of The Sunday Mail), and Mr Walker (Ex Chief Minister), have denied knowing about leaked emails, these two guys are experianced in doing this.
    But is Jimmy Perchard (who is unavailable for comment at present), able to keep up?

  25. Senator Stuart Syvret

    The Rag & The RCP – an unholy alliance.

    Yes – the editorial in today’s JEP is really rather splendid.

    Demolishing it is a simple matter – and I will incorporate its destruction in my forthcoming blog post dealing with the article by Mick Hume.

    This seems logical – as both, essentially, exhibit the same intellectual bankruptcy and dishonesty.

    It is actually quite good to see The Rag nailing its colours to the mast in such a do or die effort.

    They have staked all – their credibility, well, what little of it they possess – upon maintaining this fiction. Therefore the collateral damage they’re going to sustain will be all the greater.

    You know things have reached a desperate pass – when The Rag finds itself in league with the tatty remnants of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

    Watch this space.


  26. Anonymous

    Just to remind readers of what we are all up against: Margaret hodge (‘Nu’Labour/no-morals) MP for Barking, when leader of Islington Council ignored plea’s from council staff to investigate the abuse of children in Islington ‘care’ homes.

    Demetrious Panton a victim of the the child abuse in Islington council childrens ‘homes’ later spoke out about the abuse and was publically denounced as “an extremely disturbed person” by ms hodge – says it all about the type of people we the ‘little insignificant’ people are dealing with.

  27. Les Dirouilles

    -Demetrious Panton a victim of the the child abuse in Islington council childrens ‘homes’ later spoke out about the abuse and was publically denounced as “an extremely disturbed person” by ms hodge-

    Of course abused children are disturbed & become disturbed adults.

    What the **** do you expect?

    If this is the excuse the crown officers & ag are using for the lack of reliable evidence & therefore lack of prosecutions, we truly do live in a sick society!

  28. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart

    I am now getting threatening solicitors letters with reference to my blog


    I am surviving on partial disablement and have nothing of value? Wonder what could one expect to get out of me. Better book the cell next to yours me thinks, lol.

  29. Póló

    The Jersey Evening Post is weird.

    They don’t seem to accept comments even when they have none.

    This is perverse blogger logic on a grand scale.

  30. Anonymous

    Re: Ms Hodge’s comments about a victim of abuse being “extremely disturbed” and therefore not a credible witness – I agree with the poster who said what the **** do you expect?

    If it were ever possible it would be interesting to see how the victims (I refuse to say alleged!) of child abuse in Jersey progressed with their lives. Like most care leavers very few will have reached their full educational potential. Due to inevitable attachment problems (little or no parental input and often a succession of “care” homes and foster parents) many may have had problems making lasting relationships with partners and even their own children. I know for a fact that many had problems getting meaningful employment and a large number have sought comfort from alcohol and other substances. Not surprisingly many have ended up in spending time in the “care” of the prison service and other institutions.

    It is the abuse that disturbs people and the fact that they don’t get the justice they deserve that makes them more angry and frustrated. Everyone deserves a hearing – whatever their mental status!

    I look forward to meeting you in February, Carrie. I hope there are hundreds (if not thousands) of us there wearing white ribbons

  31. Anonymous

    I was
    looking for a quote
    like the one Stuart placed at the bottom of his posting and found the page with quotes from the same person and I found it so hard to pick one when almost all of them could be used in relation to the establishment have a look they either tell you what they are like or what they try to do or the complete opposite.

  32. Anonymous

    That Leader in the JEP is just plain garbage, it is merely the rantings of the editor, his personal take on the events and sends a clear indication to the Rags readership that further coverage shall continue to be slanted in favour of whoever favours the notion that the ‘police’ initially in charge of the operation got it all wrong!

    The Leader makes me wonder if the editor has had full accesss to all witness statements and to the full investigation to date.

    How can he make such a vitriolic attack on Harper and Power and why should he even think it is timely to do so?

    I think it is perhaps the most disgraceful piece of journalism I have seen in teh Rag for years!

  33. Anonymous

    No. The most disgraceful piece of journalism is the one sided attack on Harper,in Friday’s JEP: E-Mails were leaked, says Harper.

  34. Anonymous

    I’m not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it.
    Niccolo Machiavelli


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