Jersey Story in the Sunday Times Magazine.

Just a brief post to advise people to get a copy of today’s Sunday Times. The magazine has an article by David James-Smith which deals with the Jersey child abuse disaster.


This is the web address for the article.

(Sorry, it won’t all fit on one line.)


I’m going to do a much fuller post later today, in which I will explain the relevance of the Committee minute from 1999, which the Jersey Evening Post were so very pleased with.

God, they never learn.

As evidence, it actually doesn’t work in the Jersey establishment’s favour.

On the contrary.

You know, being an uppity scum-bag prole with no education has always had a curious advantage for me in my battles in Jersey. These people always underestimate me, just like they would any working-class person.

They assume that because you can’t say ‘backside’ in Latin – or that your spelling & grammar are crap – this shows you to be unintelligent, and thus easily messed around.

Well – that prejudice suites my purposes just fine.

Check out my post later today.


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  1. Anonymous


    I read the report in the JEP that the little girl who died had a rare heart condition and there was nothing that the GPs, doctors and nurses or hospital staff could have done to save her.

    The following questions comes to mind:
    If the child had had a treatable disease would she have died?

    What training have the GPs undertaken to remain competent in the treatment of children? Is it up to date?

    Why was a deteriorating child left on Robin ward?

    How many paediatric intensive care staff are employed by the hospital?

    Do the Robin ward staff have their certificates of competence in advanced life support?

    Has a paediatric cardiologist been consulted in this case?

    The family need answers to these questions, otherwise it smacks of a whitewash.

  2. Anonymous

    A well balanced article which just tells the facts. I remember the O’Connell boys, they were rough and violent, now I know why, how bloody awful that this abuse happened and ruined their lives, someone has to pay for this, and the Macquires are still at large in France!!

  3. Anonymous

    I believe what the Care Leavers Association say about the defence saying that survivors can ‘Get Their Stories Right’ when they go to this kind of meeting, I also believe that are right not to discuss personal Experiences whilst survivors where in care.
    I have had my court case going on for years now and these are the type of things the defence tried their best to get me on, they tried to say that I had spoken to old friends from the care system, I had false memory syndrome, and I was just after money. I have refused money from them many times, its not about money its about Justice.

    I just like the Care Leavers Assoc, have worked with survivors of Care abuse for some years now and even I have to be careful of what I say to them incase I am accused of ‘Putting words into their mouths’

    The press will not touch us with a dirty stick for some reason, I have send my press release to every leading newspaper in the UK and not one has replied to me, but I will not give up after 12 years of fighting.

    If you go to this meeting, don’t be afraid of being Judged for what happened to you, these people are only there to help you and they will never judge you for what happened.

    This is YOUR time to now fight back, so make the best from it as you can.

    Jim Browne
    Fire in Ice 2005 Liverpool.

  4. Anonymous

    Just read the times report real journalism, there is enough on there to fire the spark of any “investigative journalist” could you ask you friends at the JEP if they know of any?

    Re; the post from anonymous about the little girl Holly that tragically died. I agree all the questions you posed should be answered and more!

    I take it the expert that investigated her death was sanctioned by the states of Jersey and lo and behold everything is tickaty boo and nothing could have been done to save her.

    Shouldn’t Holly’s mother have the opportunity of an “independent” investigation? You only have to look at the Andrew Williamson debacle to show the type of “experts” and “investigations” the States of jersey commission.

    When I say “you only have to look at” I mean it would be nice to look at. Has anybody seen the Williamson report? All I’ve heard is that he has concluded no child is at risk of harm in our childcare over here.

    It is my strong belief he is batting for Frankie and his report will only be fit for wipeing your arse with.

    My heart goes out to Hollys mother, having to contend with the death of ones own child must bring about pain and anguish beyond comprehension. The loss of your loved one or husband must be almost as unbareable. This poor woman has gone through both and to top it off she’ll most likely never get the answers and closure she deserves. The only people that can give her this is THE STATES OF JERSEY. what do you reckon her chances are?

    I only hope people vote with their feet at the next elections, keep up the good work Stuart and always bare in mind the legacy you are creating, all the work you are doing is going in the annuls of history. What, in many years to come, will historians make of our States and just as importantly our media?

    Your work will inspire others in future generations and will give people courage to fight against the odds and unite against oppressive regimes. GOD BLESS YOU MATE.

  5. Anonymous

    It’s enough to make you sick the way the other politicians have kept silent over the entire affair. Thank goodness for Stuart, keep on saying it how it is.

  6. Anonymous


    What is slowly unfolding is that a lot of people knew about the problems but did nothing.

    There seems to be little requirement to act with integrity amongst civil servants.

    There is no clamour from the Island’s public for these people to resign. We appear to be immune to corruption as long as it doesn’t affect us personally.
    Is this what we want for the Island’s children?

    We haven’t heard from Professor Williamson for a long period of time. If he has any shred of professionalism and decency he should give the States their money back and walk away. The report is paid for by the States and it would be difficult to avoid the pressure to tow the party line. Report that all is well and hope to God it is!

    Why is it that nobody in the judiciary, Education, Health or the Chief Minister’s office has been called to account in this sad saga of mismanagement and abuse.

    Is it that the Island simply doesn’t care?

    I do hope Frank Walker is not rewarded with an honour following his retirement from politics. He leaves the Island with a strong, expensive civil service that is dedicated to self interest and self promotion.

    Thank you Frank – it’s good to know that my taxes are being used to prop up corrupt self serving civil servants.

    Frank probably sleeps well at night, unlike a lot of children and former residents who suffered “historic” abuse that didn’t happen on his watch.

    Somebody get me a sick bucket, apathy is making me ill.

  7. Dan

    I’d like to know when the States Officer’s responsible for Blanche Pierre are going to be investigated, and asked for a public explanation as to why Jane and Alan Maguire were able to get away with what they have done to former resident children in that home.

  8. Anonymous


    What is it going to take for people in this island to wake up and acknowledge what is going on. Many words have been said by the JEP, Frank Walker and others about what all this bad publicity is doing to Jersey and people shout “we’re not all like that”, “This isn’t the Jersey I know and love”, well I say to them PROVE IT, hollow words mean nothing.

    The “Jersey Way” is not a quaint and endearing harking back to some nostalgic “Temps Passe”. It is corrupt and malevolent and does not serve the people of the island, who are being blinded by those in power to believe in a fairy tale (worth remembering that fairy tales usually have a sinister subtext).

    Neither is it an acceptable cultural norm, that often evokes the response to any criticism “well there’s a boat out in the morning”
    Female circumcism is a cultural norm but it is also a violation of human rights.

    We pride ourselves in living in a democracy – what kind of democracy is it that only last week continued the outrageous practice of allowing the chief minister to be elected on a secret ballot. I cant see any evidence that things are going to change.

  9. Anonymous


    This work that you have been doing is brilliant you are helping to bring justice thank you, Please could you give us some information as to the outcome of the Andrew Williamson report. Frank Walker promised that the report would be printed in full without being edited ! so where is it? any people that have met with Andrew Williamson will be thinking that they have just wasted their time !


  10. Anonymous

    Saw the comment about Frankie’s honour.
    There is a rumour that he is to be made a ,Sir, sic)as the first retiring Chief Minister.

    I would encourage everybody to contact the UK awards committee and protest about ANY possible honour for that man.

  11. Anonymous


    I absolutely agree with previous commentator re independent reports. There is no independence in Jersey, the investigations are requested by those who should be investigated, paid by their department, carried out to their terms of reference and draft reports sent back for “revision” if they don’t follow the party line.

    External scrutiny is the only way forward.

  12. Anonymous


    In a previous comment, Zoompad talked about medical records being mislaid.

    In Jersey, when complaints arrive in the hospital about clinicians, these clinicians are allowed to examine the records they made.

    I have watched a consultant tear out pages from the record and throw them in the bin.

    This has also happened in the hospital when senior managers have been asked to mislay hospital records of a married spouse who needed medical attention.

    You can mislay the records but you cannot erase the information from individuals.

    Unfortunately you can create a climate of fear in which silence is the norm. Otherwise you end up in a situation like Simon Bellwood.

  13. Anonymous


    Sometimes, not often I have to confess, I wish I believed in God. Because if I did I would at least have the comfort of knowing that those who do evil (Frank Walker, Mike Pollard, Anton Skinner, the McGuires, those as yet unexposed to name a few) would end up in hell and people like you would probably go on to a much better place.

    In reality I think it’s a load of crap, so basically all we have are these few years to do what we can to make what we have here a better place.

    Keep up the good work, don’t leave the States, you’re more effective in than out.

  14. Anonymous


    Last blogger strikes a chord. I was informed that information I’d collected would be destroyed by a senior politician and civil servants, as there had been a ‘misunderstanding’ about a situation I was looking into. I still have the documents that were to be destroyed, just in case.

    This was several years ago, but at least one of the people involved in the cover up is still in a very high position within government.

  15. Anonymous

    I hope you have made lots of copies of that document and given the copies to lots of people.

    There are so many lies and cover ups, what these people do is to try to cover their tracks with even more lies.

    If a person tries to complain that they have been institutionally abused they are treated like an idiot. If that person is persistant, they try all kinds of dirty tactics to shut the abused person up.

    False memory syndrome is one of them. The man who invented it wrote that it was God’s will for paedophiles to choose their lifestyle. He actually stated that paedophiles must be bolder and more assertive.


  16. TonyB

    Regarding bad medical records kept or edited by consultants (by previous comment), whatever one’s position is on the MMR vaccine, the records of what batch number is given to which child is sloppily kept and often inaccurate – just try to find out. It doesn’t give on confidence in the Medical Officer of Health’s pronouncements if their record keeping is poor to non-existent. If here, is it better elsewhere in the health service?

  17. Anonymous

    Another thing to bear in mind is that very many doctors and others in the medical profession are senior in Freemasonry.

    Watch when a doctor is accused of negligence, or other misdeeds, they all close ranks to protect him.

    Dr Shipman was a Freemason, a fact that isn’t often reported but which enabled him to carry on killing for many years without investigation.

    By the way, any response from Jack Straw (another Freemason)?

    Mason Buster

  18. Anonymous

    Jack Straw?

    I’m STILL waiting for him to reply to the letter which I sent to him on 10th January in which I asked him why a syndrome written by an American deceased paedophile was allowed to influence a Government consultation paper on the secret family courts which enabled the courts to remain closed.

    I sent Jack Straw all the evidence of this.

    I am still waiting for a reply from him and also from Bridget Prentice on this matter. I wrote to Bridget Prentice on 30th January, so I suppose to be fair she hasn’t had as long as Jack Straw to respond.

    I don’t think it’s acceptable for either of them to make me wait for so long for an answer to such important questions, especially bearing in mind the horror I have been through. I don’t really think it is a very nice way to treat a victim of institutional child abuse at all.


  19. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart

    Having read the Times report, in the UK such failures would surely be investigated along the lines of corporate manslaughter.

  20. Anonymous

    Nurse suspended from duty – H&SS declined to comment.

    Well it can’t be theft, sexual abuse, poor practise, physical assualt.

    Such clinicians go to the Nurse Education department to be rehabilitated and returned to employment.

    Good to know Chief Nurse and School of Nursing work together to keep the public safe.

    Well done Rose Naylor and Julie Mesney – you are both credits to nursing

  21. Anonymous

    An award for Frankie? Please that is a sick joke surely? Sadly the reality is there are probably numerous glowing letters of recommendation from all his golfing/dinner party circuit pals sitting in a file up at Gov House already. Per previous comment re protesting on this, it’s not the UK we need to write to but the Governor. His office collates the recommendations locally as to who should go forward for an award and then he writes to Her Majesty. Just one problem. What do you think happens to letters that might put forward a contradictory viewpoint. Hmmm you can guess – do they stay in the file to be considered fairly and squarely? I suspect they will be neatly disregarded and disposed of as being ‘oddballs writing in’. BIN. As the Gov sits round the dinner table every week with the usual crowd of high and mighty no doubt he will also see his friends are duly looked after. I wonder if he is a mason too incidentally? The whole way the honours are conducted are shrouded in secrecy, the decision is made and that’s that and there’s nothing anyone can say otherwise. There’s no way those files would be made public and so we will never know if any objections were ever raised. In fact the whole thing sucks as in amongst the really genuine people who selflessy help others, the rest are puffed-up, self important egotists that get all their friends in high places to wax lyrical about them and vice versa. There’s one way we can test this – let’s all write to the gov supporting Stuart for a gong. Like about 7,000 of us. More letters than Gov House has ever seen before for one person. Do you think he’ll get put forward? Hell he would. I rest my case.

  22. Anonymous


    Just seen this on the ‘Is this Jersey’ website. Apparently Time for Change/Reform gave this to the JEP as an exclusive but guess what – they didn’t print it! What a surprise.

    “On behalf of UNICEF-UK, we welcome the efforts now being made to uncover the horrific history of child abuse in child care institutions in Jersey. Evidence from throughout the world demonstrates that without effective legal protection, coupled with safe, confidential and accessible avenuesthrough which to challenge violations of their rights, children in institutions are extremely vulnerable to abuse. Every child has the right to protection from all forms of violence and abuse. The recent UN
    Study on Violence against Children documents in graphic detail how far we all have to go to ensure the realisation of this right. Hopefully, the outcome of this tragedy in Jersey will be new legislation, effective regulation and inspection mechanisms, training for all staff on children’s rights and the introduction of clear entitlements for children to be heard at all levels in the child care system. Such terrible treatment of children must never be allowed to happen again’.

    Gerison Lansdown
    Vice Chair

    Gerison Lansdown
    30 Ellington Rd
    London N10 3DG
    Tel: 00 44 (0) 20 8444 3594
    Mob: +44 (0) 7793952382
    email: -email-“


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