Carrie Modral’s Press Statement

On Behalf of Survivors.

I reproduce below a statement, written, and delivered by Carrie Modral on behalf of Jersey survivors.

As difficult as it was for her to do, Carrie and a number of the Jersey survivors felt compelled to respond publicly to what had been over two weeks of extraordinary spin, nonsense, propaganda and falsehoods from Mick Gradwell – a flood of garbage cheerfully, very extensively – and uncritically – reported by the Jersey media.

Following Lenny’s retirement, the Jersey oligarchy recruited Gradwell to, ostensibly, take forward the historic abuse investigation. However, Gradwell and the recently recruited Deputy Chief Constable, David Warcup – with the collusion of Jersey oligarchy politicians and civil servants – mounted a coup against the Chief Constable Graham Power.

At the same time as the unlawful suspension was enacted without warning against Mr. Power in November 2008 – Warcup and Gradwell held a press conference in which they delivered a five page press release – written in conjunction with Frank Walker’s spin-doctors – that contained errors, omissions – and a number of demonstrable, brazen lies. The object of their exercise was to undermine and destroy the credibility of the preceding two years of detailed, professional, police investigation.

At the time I did try to find any other examples of police officers coming into a major investigation which had been on-going for two years – and then, within a matter of weeks of their arrival, holding a press conference for the sole purpose of trashing the previous two years of hard work by colleagues.

I couldn’t find one.

The actions of Warcup and Gradwell – in giving a press-conference expressly designed to destroy the viability of the investigation – remains without precedent in British policing.

So obviously flawed were the things Gradwell and Warcup said that day, that I wrote a detailed e-mail to them, in which I asked some serious questions on behalf of my constituents. You can read that e-mail in my archive.

On the 13th November 2008, I posted the e-mail on this blog, under the heading, “37 Questions for Officers Warcup & Gradwell.”

I never did get answers to even one of those 37 questions.

The questions all seemed pretty obvious to me – yet the entire Jersey media failed to challenge the two officers – and instead simply passively regurgitated their nonsense.

Pretty much as the Jersey media recently did for two solid weeks when reproducing Gradwell’s departing propaganda.

We can now see – thanks to the detailed, evidenced response by Lenny Harper in the previous posting – that Gradwell, with the enthusiastic support of the local hacks, was feeding a pack of lies to the people of this community.

In years gone by, the Jersey oligarchy would have got away with this – but now we are in the era of citizen media. Thanks to the World Wide Web, we have been able to read the facts as described in Lenny’s posting.

And we are able to read what some of the Jersey survivors think of Gradwell – and the descent into incompetence and failure of the child abuse investigation over the last 12 months under his ‘leadership’.

David Warcup’s position is simply untenable. He has participated in the unlawful, politically motivated suspension of the Chief Constable, Graham Power. He has pro-actively worked to undermine and bury the child abuse investigation. He has trashed the work of police colleagues. He has, by his own admission, destroyed evidence. He is despised by at least two-thirds of his officers in the States of Jersey Police Force. And he has thrown his lot in with the entrenched local political establishment – at least half of whom would be in jail for a variety of offences in any normal, functioning democracy.

Mick Gradwell has retired – having accomplished his mission.

But I’ve recently discovered some very, very interesting facts concerning Gradwell’s ‘policing’ activities during his time in Jersey. Facts which I shall write about in the coming days.

In the meantime, read Carrie’s statement which I reproduce below. Notice how the survivors trusted and respected the police investigation when it was being led by Lenny Harper.

And notice just how much anger and mistrust they feel towards the police investigation since it became a shambles under Gradwell’s leadership during the last 12 months.

Once again, I’d like to thank Lenny for writing his guest-posting – and taking the time and trouble to answer readers’ questions. Later this week I will assemble all of Lenny’s answers and place them in a posting, for ease of access.


Statement by Carrie Modral on Behalf of Jersey Survivors

For the past 2 years or so the people of Jersey have lived with the horrors of the unfolding story of Haut de la Garenne and related matters. We, on the other hand, the so called “victims of historic child abuse” have lived with the horrors for decades.

We are a group of people only because we all share a similar dreadful experience. We were all innocent children but we are as different from one another as any other people in society. We all had our own individual characters, ambitions and abilities.

Some of us have survived our experience better than others. Some have found happiness with our own families but some have found personal relationships impossible to achieve. Others sadly have succumbed to despair. But, we were all damaged in some way as a result of the abuse that we suffered whilst in the care of the States of Jersey.

When the States of Jersey Police announced 2 years ago that investigations were being commenced into child abuse allegations at various care homes, we responded with some reluctance to the call to come forward with our testimonies.

Many of us have tried to make complaints to officials about our abuse in the past, but have not been believed or have been further humiliated or worse. To re-live the experiences of our childhood abuse, even amongst family and friends, is an extremely stressful experience and it is not something that we undertake with any enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, we were given every assurance by Lenny Harper and his Police team that our experiences would be treated seriously and would be properly investigated and so far as we are aware, the investigations by Lenny Harper and his team were carried out with care and sympathetically.

We had no reason at all to believe that the Jersey Police were not managing our cases in a professional manner. We were at all times kept informed of the progress of our individual cases and we were led to believe that those who had abused us would be prosecuted where ever possible. We had no complaints about our treatment by the States of Jersey Police whilst Lenny Harper was in charge of the investigations.

However, since Lenny Harper retired, we have found that the States of Jersey Police have consistently failed to communicate directly with us, or to keep us informed of progress on our individual cases or the investigation in general.

On the contrary, we have repeatedly discovered through the media that the standards of Police conduct are hotly disputed; that there are allegations of incompetence and malpractice and such information has not been the result of casual rumour, but the deliberate outpourings of the most Senior Police Officers themselves. And most of us have learned, by the same means that more and more cases have been abandoned and that now, only one or two prosecutions might yet be initiated, but we do not know which these might be, if any. There have only been three cases taken to Court to date, all of which came back with a guilty verdict and all as a result of the work carried out by Lenny Harper and his team.

During the past 2 years we have had the most private and painful details of our lives broadcast world-wide. These details have been discussed, analysed, argued and fought over, in public, by police officers, politicians, lawyers, journalists and every Tom, Dick or Harry. Our emotions have been mangled. Our dignity stripped bare and our reputations and motivations called into question.

We did not and do not deserve such treatment.

During the past two weeks the public of Jersey has been exposed to a barrage of information, via the Jersey media, from, and interviews with, retiring police officer Gradwell which has totally rubbished the credibility of the entire investigation carried out by Lenny Harper and his team. In addition, the public have been told that the enormous expenditure is not justified.

All this has taken place in an Island where the Chief of Police is suspended from duty for reasons which have not been made public and our Political and Judicial heads seem to take every opportunity to discredit us, our complaints or the manner in which these have been dealt with. Yet, nobody made any official attempt to warn us that these things were likely to happen or that our cases might have been handled with such incompetence. Nobody has offered us even the hint of an apology that such things have been allowed to happen. They should all hang their heads in shame.

Once again, we who were abused as children and at every turn when we sought help have been treated with contempt by the Jersey Police and other island authorities. We have been humiliated yet again and are now presented in the public mind as the cause of many problems whereas we are, in fact the totally innocent victims.

Now, the investigation is in disarray. But our lives are more damaged than they were 2 years ago because we have dared to trust in the Jersey Judicial system and to co-operate with the Jersey Police, we are being abused all over again.

We are reluctant to offer any public statement on these matters because every word that is uttered only adds to our grief and the discontent among our families and friends. We are also aware that enquiries still continue and we do not want to say anything that could harm these cases.

But we want the public of Jersey to understand that we did not wish for any of these things to happen. We have only sought to achieve justice for the wrongs committed against us when we were children whist in the care of the States of Jersey and we have been let down very, very badly, all over again.

May God forgive you.

Carrie Modral

8th September, 2009.

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