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Sorry, I just haven’t had time to write a detailed account of today’s forthcoming TV documentary.

In essence, the spin of the Jersey establishment has been to claim that there have been no cover-ups; the any serious incidents of abuse were a long time ago at a long since closed institution.

They also claim that I had provided them with “no evidence”.

Essentially – the line of the Jersey oligarchy is:

“Yes, abuse has happened here – as it does in every community, and we will bring the guilty to justice. But it is untrue to say that there are any fundamental structural failings in Jersey’s system of government and its public administration.

The case exposed in the BBC film tonight destroys that argument.

Systemic cover-ups – concealment – appaling abuse – torture – sexual assault.

All documented in evidence – and most powerfully – the direct testimony of the victims.

Watch the truth.

Tonight – BBC 1 southwest regions. 7.30. ‘Inside-out’.

Sunday – a further program: 12.30, southwest regions part of the ‘Politics Show’.

Please watch – we owe it to the victims.

Stuart Syvret

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  1. Anonymous

    We just wanted you to know that you have a huge amount of support. There are so many people here in Jersey who are fed up with the continuing fiascos and the ineptitude of underqualified immoral idiots in the states of Jersey whose only agendas are greed and self-promotion.
    You have an incredible amount of support from the ordinary people of Jersey and we are proud that someone has the courage to speak out.
    We really think that it’s high time a show of unity is arranged for all people who are unhappy with the Jersey establishment and the way the island is run to get together and send a message to those who think they can rule without being questioned.

  2. Anonymous

    Woolton Vale remand home in Liverpool had a similar cell were children were dragged into and beaten.It was on the same road as John Lennons aunty,Menlove Avenue.Atherton Old Hall near Manchester also had a regime of systematic child abuse.

  3. Anonymous

    Mr Syvret

    A big thanks for your hard work recently, it is so refreshing to see someone stand up to our Chief Minister in the public eye.
    I must also congratulate the Chief Ministers press staff on their speed and graceful swift exit from the press conference on Thursday, very professional in front of the worlds media!
    Jersey IS behind you all the way.

    Thanks again.

  4. Sally

    Thank you Mr Syvret for being the one to stand up for those poor victims – at whatever cost to yourself.

    For something so horrendous as this to carry on for so long, definately smack of a cover up or at the very least, diabolical indifference!! I know where my money lays!!

    I will be watching the program.

  5. Anonymous

    And so now yet another home has come to light with allegations of abuse on Jersey…..
    And what locals tell me that is not in the news is other children participated in abusing each other. Quite sickening, really.

    Bravo to you for your efforts and your documentary, sir.

    And do get some sleep, please! 🙂

    JP – US

  6. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart & Team, as we are sure, as you say you do have a team of like minded and dedicated individuals with you; we would just like to add our support and encouragement to you during these very difficult and testing times. We have never needed the balance you provide to our lopsided political scene as much as we do now. We, like many, are shocked and appauled at the position Senator Walker and colleagues (we read with dismay the recent open questions reporting from the States and responses of the house) have taken over recent issues, particularly in relation to their desperate attempts to save face rather than provide comfort and empathy to the overwhelming number of victims who live among us. We pray a vote of no confidence in our current house of Ministers is lodged at the very earliest opportunity, so that we may move forward with finding an elected assembly for whom Child protection is a priority and not an inconvenience. We pray for your strength and ongoing committment to our Island.

  7. A Holiday In The Sun

    Tonight the J.E.P. failed to list the local abuse-related content of this programme, instead showing it to be about deaths linked to a power station.

    Accidental I’m sure…..

  8. Anonymous

    Interesting documentary, I was surprised how much time was devoted to Les Chennes as I knew it but all in all worth watching.

    It surprises me that Shaft (aka Walker) uses a defence stance that you only began making statements after the police were making their own secret inquiries. SECRET. A fact of which he seems to have mis-understood. If they were secret how would you have known they were being held and therefore what is the point, unless political of making such a statement. If you did know they were making enquiries please enlighten us.

    Despite the comments from some who believe you are acting purely from a political point of view I feel you have every right to have your beliefs (for want of a better word)vindicated and the opportunity to prove yourself. It is such a shame that it has had to happen in circumstances that no decent person would want to be associated with.

    I wish you all the best in your future with the states and hope this finally brings an end to the Oligarchy rule. I just wish it could have been under different circumstances. It has always been a huge bug bear of mine that in other countries the people rise up against these scum and oust them whereas we are too pc to do it.

    Lastly and not least I will point out that if I had voted (had I felt it would make a difference) I would have voted for yourself, however that i only because there were two options. I am not sure you would be the best person to run the island I think you are best suited as someone pointing out the deception that happens in the old boys club.

    Sorry to remain anonymous on the post but i have my reasons but it does show the strength of your integrity that you choose to allow anonymous posters to slate you also. Note:All comments must be approved by the blog author.

    P.S. Dont shaft Jersey just put those despicable members of the Jersey mafia in the position they belong.

  9. Anonymous

    Having seen this evenings inside out report I am appauled at the the way in which a member of staff was sacked when he brought his concerns forward. But am in no way suprised at the approach taken by the establishment there as they are lead primarily by the old staff of Le Chene. The rooms also looked very accomadating but just like a bugsey malone charade they also look very different when striped down to little more than a box. The approach is military in nature and lock up is a tool they use to control the children there.
    I have seen the system in use and it is frightening to see such an approach on children who are in essence already contained by the perimeter wall. That said though the design of the building would have been passed to include all these features and all equipment so it can’t have been concealed by those planning and constructing the place?

    It comes down to balance but I would like to know exactly how it should be run and check it against my observations. I would guess my observations would be better matched to the gentlemen that was sacked for standing out against a well established management team who may have wanted it to be run the way they wanted so to exert the same power over the children they used to in the 80’s?

  10. Anonymous

    I live in England and am formally from Jersey. My friends in the UK have commented on recent events as they see it (from an outside perspective) and it might be of some interest to you to know that it is you they remember from the media reports they have viewed and applaud and support what you have done so far and support you in speaking out. Good luck with the long and difficult battle before you – you have much support.

  11. Anonymous

    Now is the time for a show for a show of solidarity a rally in the Royal Square is called for

  12. andrew gottrel

    i just wanted to thank you for all you are doing for oar island i can assure you most of the island is behind you 1oo per cent the way you are being treated is disgusting and childish please dont give up politics your island needs you
    kind regards
    Andrew Gottrel

  13. Adrian


    You have a great deal of support both inside and outside of the Island, it is a great shame that some of our other politicians will not speak out about the way things are done by the Establishment as most people know the truth doesn’t matter over here money does.
    I only hope when people open there eyes to what is really happening we will have change for the better in the Island.Thank you for your hard work.

  14. Anonymous

    Dear Mr Syvret,

    I would like to thank you so much for you hard work and courageous fight for the truth to come out about the atrocious acts that we discover now.

    I was fortunate enough to be raised in a family that gave me not only security but also love. The idea that these defenceless children who had already the misfortune to started their life without the love of a family, were denied the basic right to a decent childhood and have been subjected to such barbarous acts by those who were in charge of them is totally intolerable and reminds us of the darkest time our societies have known.

    The world need people like you.

    Thanks again and may justice prevails.

    Anne – France

  15. Anonymous

    Walker increasingly appears to be a nasty piece of work, and frankly accusing you of bullying tactics calls the words ‘pot’, ‘kettle’ and ‘black’ promptly to mind.

    Wish I could have seen this evening’s documentary, but we don’t get the South-West version in Cambridge, even on iPlayer.

    I couldn’t believe the way in which you were ousted from your position as Minister – shame only fifteen or so were more attached to duty than office, voting in your favour. Can you imagine how the press would react in the UK if a whistleblower was conveniently dismissed from Cabinet back to the backbenches soon after shedding light on cover-ups? It was such a blatant, ill-conceived manoevre that it is difficult to comprehend peoples’ blind acceptance of the action. Yet most hardly questioned it.

    Keep going, Mr. Syvret, you are the thorn in the side of a hitherto complacent government. You are among the few who can try to make them accountable. Once you have sorted out these shocking failures, I think you need to start being the trailblazer on other issues (carbon emmissions, over-building, planning cover-ups, etc.) but for the moment you have only one thing to focus on.

    Good luck.

  16. Anonymous

    Keep going, Stuart!

    My family and I support you all the way!

    Thank God that you have the courage and strength of your convictions to stand up to Bully-Boy Walker and the rest of his gang.

  17. Andy Fortune

    I echo many others in saying that you have a huge amount of support. Someone of your integrity, bravery, intelligence and just sheer ability is needed in this island’s time of need.

    When your Christmas address towards the victims of abuse was shouted down in the states, it resulted in your sacking as a minister. Yet now there are services in church now to do exactly the same thing. Are they stopped or shouted down now? No, because a body a has been found!!

    You are a phenomenally strong person who is more than happy to put everything on the line for your beliefs, the kind of person who we need more of and the kind of person I wish I was more!

    Who is “shafting” Jersey internationally? The outspoken, “dissaffected” senator, who has stood by his morals throughout this whole embarrassment, or the man who is a proven liar, just ask Mr Paxman!

    Keep going Senator, you have a huge amount of support, I just wish the Cheif minister elections were somewhat more democratic!

  18. Anonymous

    Mr Syvret,
    I am a Jerseyman, now living in the UK.
    I have just watched Inside Out – via BBC Iplayer.
    It is absolutely clear, in my opinion, that there has been a cover up – and probably a series of them.
    What is more depressing is the fact that the cover up continues – viz. the disgraceful denial by Walker on Newsnight about the ‘shaft Jersey’ remark and the sham press conference where it was clear to anyone watching that the sole intention was to discredit yourself. I also found his use of the phrase ‘whistle blowing’ interesting. Those points, coupled with the fact that he refused to appear on the programme, indicate to me that there is a cover up still going on.
    This is an attempt at spin undertaken by people who are incompetent, unprofessional and uncaring. I work in the media myself and, frankly, the UK press are amazed at the way this is being handled – at the attempts to divert issues by focusing on local politics.
    All the way through this the Establishment have put the ‘image’ of Jersey before the interests of the victims – and seem to be happy to continue to do so. This, in the midst of horrific discoveries, is simply disgraceful. The blame culture is in full swing – and you seem to be the primary target.
    I have been severely disheartened too, to discover that some friends in Jersey seem to be of the ‘let us look after our own affairs’ mentality – I’m not suggesting that they would condone a cover up, but they resent outside investigation and ‘interference’.
    Let’s be quite clear about this – it’s already apparent that this is going to be the biggest case of sustained and systematic child abuse in UK history. Tragically we already have one victim who has died – and I pray we find no more.
    So it’s vital that you continue your quest for the truth and it’s very heartening to read the support you have received from so many. Particularly from Jersey men and women who, unlike myself, still live on the Island.
    Please continue this blog … and your search for the truth.

  19. jimbo

    Oh Woolton Vale AKA Menlove Avenue, I remember the hole in the wall in the celler where the shoes were kept. Hi Mr Senior, hope to bump into you one day (Git)

  20. Anonymous


    I lived all my life in Jersey abused and for the first time in my life able to speak about ‘the secrets’, Social Services were no where to be seen and people like myself lost ‘our childhood’ may it never happen again.

    Be strong and thank you!


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