A Reader’s quiz.

Just a very brief post.

I thought by way of a little entertainment in these grim times, we’d hold a reader’s quiz.

Read through the dynamite transcript of Lenny Harper’s exclusive interview with the BBC – as re-produced in my previous post.

Observe this section in particular, in which Lenny is speaking of the general and widespread corruption which dominates in Jersey. This particular incident didn’t involve child protection – but sadly, it’s the very self-same syndrome behind this episode.

Lenny Harper: What I found particularly distasteful was the involvement of some of the local politicians, who sided with corrupt Police officers and their associates, even to the extent of interfering in the charging process.

I think it’s fairly well documented that we were due to charge this businessman, and we were due to charge him with an offence which he admitted under oath in court, in which he admitted inciting a Police Officer to carry out illegal checks on computer systems. We eventually got the authority from the legal advisors to charge him with the offence of inciting this Police Officer to commit the illegal computer transactions. We were due to charge him at six o’clock one evening. At five thirty, two local politicians who were friends of his went to see the Attorney General. As a result of that we received a phone call from the Attorney General instructing us not to charge.

BBC: Do you know that it was a result of that, or is that just your belief?

Lenny Harper: Yes I’ve had conversations with the Attorney General about it. The consequence was that we received instruction not to charge.These two politicians had been involved throughout this series of enquiries and in fact were two of the politicians who criticised us for wasting public money.

BBC: Are they still in government? Are they still active politicians?

Lenny Harper: They’re still active politicians, yes.

So – here is your question:

Who were the two politicians referred to by Lenny?

The two politicians who so easily gained full co-operation and compliance from Jersey’s Attorney General, William Bailhache – when it came to the leveraged abandonment of charges – which the man had already admitted under oath in court?

Hell – it’s remarkable.

I can’t get Bill Bailhache to answer rudimentary questions on behalf of my constituents – but establishment politicians can get him – at the drop of a hat – to pull the charges against an individual – who’d already admitted the offences – under oath – in court.

But – anyway – let’s entertain ourselves with a guess-the-identity-quiz.

And, yes – before you ask – I’ve got the goods. ;.)

I’m just curious to see how widespread this knowledge is amongst our community.

Just who are these two active politicians – who can so readily persuade Jersey’s Attorney General to pervert the course of justice?

So come on – take a shot at identifying the two politicians in question.


50 thoughts on “THE “TWO POLITICIANS”:

  1. Kraków Crapaud

    I honestly don’t have a clue who the two Jersey businessmen are nor the policeman, but I am in Kraków and news from Jersey is neither consistent nor dependable.
    It is inconceivable that Lenny Harper should invent such a fantastic story, indeed as you would say: “You couldn’t make it up!”
    How is it possible that Attorney General Bailhache has not been questioned about this?
    Why, when BBC Jersey interviewed Frank Walker today did they not ask him?
    Is this sort of behaviour acceptable to Deputy police chief David Warcup?
    Where is the enquiry, where are the journalists?
    Why on earth aren’t Jersey politicians demanding to know the truth?

  2. Jersey247


    Could you put a few clues in some questions that might help us by way perhaps of a simple quiz – at moment I haven’t got a clue – but it is a pretty disgraceful state of affairs

  3. voiceforchildren

    I don’t know who the two polticians are. If they were covering up child abuse I would have a much better idea!!

    Why have they not been named and shamed? Will you be revealing their identity on here? Or is it possible for the public to look at any records in the public domain to find out who they are?
    Are they up for election?

  4. Anonymous

    I have absolutely no idea, but just relish the thought that it were Ozouf and Routier. That would give a real prospect for none of the restanding senators getting back in.

  5. Anonymous

    I can’t really narrow it down as there are so many that it could be.

    No doubt they will come out of the woodwork and stand by their actions, (NOT) they were probbaly just acting on behalf of their constitutent – who they know to be a good bloke…….just like the paedophile hobby bobby.

    We dont need legislation or have to adhere to rigurous checks and balances because we have ‘The Jersey Way’

    Does the case involve a constituent involved in the periphery of the car trade chance?

  6. Anonymous


    I think readers might have a better idea of what this is about, if you clarified the meaning of what “the illegal use of computer systems”. Would I be right in thinking that owners of low-digit number plates were being identified by the policeman and then approached by a third party to buy them?

    Talking of the police, what happened when you contacted them with your “confession for the corporate, institutional child abuses which took place.” What on earth did they do?

  7. Stuart Syvret

    Clues and Hints for the Stuart Syvret Reader’s Quiz!

    Wow – good response already.

    It’s obviously a question which is intriguing a lot of people.

    I’ll monitor the responses and maybe give a few more clues today.

    But, for now – here goes.

    A number of names have been suggested by readers already: it isn’t any of those named so far.

    Back to the drawing-board, then.

    And I’ll say just this for the time being. Some of the questions and hints put by a couple of reader’s suggest to me that they’re pretty well-informed. ;.)

    Keep ya suggestions coming!


  8. Anonymous

    two clues:-

    Policeman (now ex) Sean Osmand
    Businessman – Roy Boschat (tow truck operator)

  9. Anonymous

    Is there a bonus point for revealing the link between Mr Boschat and the polititians?

    Other than just being ‘friends’.

  10. TonyTheProf

    Ok, someone close to the Attorney General, so possibly someone (a) with legal connections – but there are none in the States (b) an Old Victorian – several in the States, including Freddie Cohen, John Le Fondre (too young I would think), Guy de Faye (but who’d take notice of him!). (c) Lastly anyone who might have had dodgy business practices like the fellow who sold my sister a camper van back in the 1980s, and told her not to worry about the cc of the engine being less than on the registration document, as she would be able to pay less road tax on it (when we had road tax)!

  11. Stuart Syvret

    Ooh! – You’re getting very close!

    Clearly – you’re a very knowledgeable lot!

    OK – we’ve identified the business man in question – but we still don’t have the correct identity of the two politicians yet, so carry on trying!

    Some of those clues are near-giveaways.

    And YES! There is a bonus point available for anyone who draws-out connections between the playas – to use gangster-speak.

    So do give us a clue about what connects the two politicians with Mr. Boschat, which makes them more than just ‘friends’?

    This is fun. I should do this kind of thing more often.


  12. Anonymous

    As a brief aside, I heard something recently which made me giggle. Can anyone confirm the following….

    Jersey has a Transport Minister…

    ….who can’t drive…

    Please someone tell me this is true!!!

  13. Anonymous

    A pure shot in the dark…

    Boschat was a St Saviour Centenier and so during his tenure was under the ‘command’ of the Connetable of the day Ozouf (snr).

    He would have therefore known all the wealthy and powerful of the parish.

    Ozouf Jnr?

  14. Anonymous

    Roy Boschat was accused of bribing a policeman to win lucrative States contracts.

    It had been alleged that he offered police officers free holidays and other bribes so that they would call him first to remove illegally parked and crash-damaged vehicles.

  15. Anonymous

    I like quizzes!

    Can we have another clue though? Does one of them have anything to do with buses and computers?


  16. Anonymous

    Terry le Sueur ?
    Was he at De La salle ?
    Is there a connection between TLS, DLS, and wots his name Jeff L. M.?
    Yes jeff who fondled me as a kid…

  17. Anonymous

    Funny how the BBC didn’t exactly bust a gut to report on the bent copper story computer story isn’t it? They nibbled round the edges!

    They devoted a massive amount of time and energy on trailing one of the Big Brother contenders and it isn’t even a BBC programnme! I’m sure people really want to know if their children are going to be safe or not rather than all this tittletattle. Do they think we are all stupid?

    I thought the BBC was supposed to have won accolades for their news coverage. I have to go to the Internet to find out anything, the TV news is a dead loss and the BBC is worst of all.


  18. Anonymous

    “Asked whether there had been pressure to limit the scope of his investigation, Harper, who is from Northern Ireland and has served in Jersey for almost six years, said: “There has been stacks of it. Mainly from ex-cops, corrupt cops who have got friends in among senior politicians on the island.”

  19. Anonymous

    Harper, 56, said the attempts to block his investigation arose from an earlier attack he had mounted on police corruption.

    He was responsible for sacking a “hard core” of officers who had allegedly demanded sexual favours from members of the public and taken holidays paid for by Jersey businessmen. Boschat

  20. Anonymous

    Can the next quiz please be The Pinball Wizard – Who was he and what is he doing with himself today?

  21. Stuart Syvret

    Things are getting clearer!

    We’ve now well-established the Boschat connection.

    But I’m afraid no-one has yet mentioned the correct identity of the infamous “Two Politicians”. The suggestions above are not on-target, I’m afraid.

    Let me give you a further clue. One of them is a Freemason.

    Zoompad, in fairness to the BBC they’ve been very good at regional and national level – television and radio. It’s only really BBC Jersey that’s been crap.

    Keep those suggestions pouring in; I think I might reveal the correct answers after lunch.

    So – come on readers! I want someone to send in the correct answer. ; d)


  22. Anonymous

    Those with police connections…

    Bob Hill – ex cop
    Ben Fox – ex cop
    Jacqui Huet – married to ex-cop

    Any of those?

  23. Anonymous

    I’m looking at this list like a shopping catalogue – it would be lovely if it was the one who had the p-take website arranged about him recently!

  24. Anonymous

    Constable Tom du Feu?
    Deputy Collin Egre?

    (Both represent Boschats parish of St. Peter’s)

  25. Anonymous

    “Syvret you are a sad little man”

    “This is fun. I should do this kind of thing more often.”
    – Stuart Syvret

    He doesn’t sound very sad to me!

  26. Anonymous

    Kraków Crapaud said… “I am in Kraków and news from Jersey is neither consistent nor dependable.”

    Can you buy the JEP in Poland too!!!

  27. Anonymous

    “Syvret you are a sad little man”

    I can think of loads of people who are much sadder than Stuart.

    The children who were locked in those hell holes and tortured. I know how I felt at Chadswell Assessment Centre, cranking my neck in half trying to look at a little bit of the sky through the barred dungeon window, trying to wish upon a star like Jiminy Cricket in Pinnochio, wishing that someone would let me out of the pedofreak infested hell hole.

    Now THAT’S sad!

    Moron!!! Why don’t you go and read the JEP if you’ve nothing better to do, insulting good people who are trying to PROTECT children!!! Huh, it wouldn’t take you very long though, there isn’t any news in it!


  28. Danrok

    I was once ripped off by Boschat, when he was a Centenier (policeman).

    His towing company towed my vehicle, because according to Boschat it was parked too close to a bend.

    I know that it wasn’t, but how could I prove otherwise, given that he had towed it away?

    So, I had to pay him money for towing, a release fee, and fine.

  29. Kraków Crapaud

    Re: Can you buy the JEP in Poland too!!!
    Perish the thought!
    I look at the online version & salt is cheap here.
    BBC IPlayer won’t let me watch the Inside Out programme so if anyone knows where else I could see it I would be grateful.
    Still don’t know who the politicians are & if Stuart names them do you think there will be an enquiry?

  30. Anonymous

    Re towing. I got towed away once in Cambridge! It cost me about £80.00 in total. So, I went to the bank and withdrew it in small change. Mainly 1 & 1/2 pence pieces (god it weighed a tonn).

    Anyhow (knowing it would take a long time for them to count it), I prepaired by taking a good book, sandwiches and a flask of coffee.

    I entered the depot office and, handed the smug looking guy behind the mesh screen my ticket. How do you want to pay he asked, grinning at my me. Cash I answered!

    I waited a moment for him to note this on the reciept, and then vengence! I hauled this heavy holdor onto his counter and said there you go! You what he said? Cash I said!

    I took a seat and, left the rest up to him and his three stoogers who, took the best part of three hours to count it, in between seeing to other people who came to pay their tow fines (and, who I made sure all new about my little bit of revenge).

    Anyhow, eventually, The guy called me over, and said to me…… `now look here sir….you can either sit and wait another three hours for the second shift to recount it when they come on duty or, you can take it to bank, come back with notes and, we will release your car’. I replied by saying. Well, it would be a shame to waste my coffee, sandwiches etc and, I’m just at a good part of my book.

    Sooo, I think I’ll wait whilst they recount it hee hee. I did and it was such a great feeling of revenge. The local rag got hold of the story and published it! Several months later the towing firm pulled out of the city and, towing ceased to exist!

    Just a funny yarn really! I don’t want to give anyone any ideas!!

    writing from excile (ps sorry about spelling etc but, am also a victim of the Jersey education system!)

  31. Anonymous

    The cover up’s of HdG, Victoria College & the Sea Cadets all make sense now!

    How can Senior Child abuses who are also `seniour’ members of the States of Jersey support any investigation that they and thier mates figure in as prime suspects!

    No wonder Phil, Bill & Ben (Walker) want it all hushed up! They are more corupt than any criminal I have ever known (And I have known some heavy duty dudes)!


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