In Action Once Again

In All Its Toxic Inglory.

Well – was that fun?

A reader asked if we can do another quiz – guess the identity of The Pinball Wizard. I think that’s a great idea – but don’t send in your suggestions just yet, I’ll do a dedicated blog on that most fascinating of topics.

What a knowledgeable set of readers I have. A big response – lot’s of very accurate hints – and the correct answer from a reader.

The identity of “The Two States Members” who were able to so readily persuade Jersey Attorney General William Bailhache into pulling the prosecution against a man who had admitted the offences against him – under oath – in court?

Not only are both ‘active politicians’ – both are involved in elections – right now.

They are:

Deputy Colin Egre of St. Peter.

Deputy Sarah Ferguson of St. Brelade.

These two Jersey politicians exhibited “The Jersey Way” – in a text-book example of all that is rotten, stagnant and corrupt in Jersey politics.

There may well be a number of people in Jersey who believe that there’s nothing wrong with “The Jersey Way” – as displayed in this – and many other similar cases.

They’ll agree with the bent cop who phoned me up last November – and spent 20 minutes trying to convince me that there was nothing at all wrong with a bit of graft.

‘Selling a bit of number plate data? Taking bribes from people in exchange for information? Using your policing position to obtain sexual ‘favours’?

‘Nah – nothing wrong with that. That’s The Jersey Way of doing things.’

‘A bit of you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours. It helps people to get along OK.’

‘These bloody “outsiders” – bringing their damn rules and bureaucracy to Jersey with them? They just don’t understand how we do things in Jersey.’

To any Jersey resident who is persuaded by such view – I say four words:

Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.

Just how were such atrocities able to happen – and remain unexposed – and unpunished – for decade after decade – after decade?

Could it be anything to do with the knee-jerk closing-of-ranks?

The nepotistic giving of improper support and protection to colleagues, constituents, family members and friends?


The abuse of power to help one’s own little clan?

The Culture of Concealment?

Yes – it is. The very culture of implacable mutual support, cover-up and privileged treatment – The Jersey Way – underpinned and enabled the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.

And whilst the case of these two States members and the Attorney General – using their privileged positions to abandon charges against a man who had already admitted to committing the offences – in court and under oath – does not involve child protection issues – the underlying syndrome is the same.

We are already pretty familiar with Attorney General Bill Bailhache, and his various misfeasances. So let us, for the time being take a look at the two States members concerned.

Bill Bailhache deserves a dedicated post of his own in the near-future. Let’s face it – it was quite bad enough that two politicians should intercede in this manner – but far – far – worse that they were even entertained by the AG – let alone gain agreement from him.

Jersey’s elections are underway now, and both politicians are seeking re-election. But not only re-election to their present seats; each is seeking ‘promotion’ to higher positions.

Deputy Egre is seeking election to the position of Constable of St. Peter.

Deputy Ferguson is seeking election to the position of Senator.

And what are we, then, to make of these two candidatures?

Deputy Ferguson is seeking election on a platform of “high standards of performance”. “Efficiency”. “The application of proper standards of regulation and discipline”.

But the reality is that this Jersey politician will intervene in a quite extraordinary manner – to gain favourable treatment for a constituent of hers – who had plainly been engaging in criminal activity.

But this being Jersey – the complete disconnect between the spin, the public appearance – and the seedy reality is remarkable.

But it’s even worse in the case of Deputy Egre. The ancient post of parish Constable – to which he seeks election. – carries with it the leadership of the parish’s honorary police force. The parish constable still – to this day – is a seriously empowered police officer.

Yet this man – who would seek to become Constable of St. Peter – makes private interventions on behalf of his associates to Jersey’s Attorney General – in what was a successful attempt to prevent his acquaintance from facing justice.

Deputies Sarah Ferguson and Colin Egre – each seeking election to higher public office, but both doing so on a platform utterly incompatible with their day-to-day conduct.

You couldn’t make it up.


126 thoughts on ““THE TWO STATES MEMBERS”:

  1. Anonymous

    The good news.

    I can use my vote against Ferguson and will.

    The bad news.

    I don’t live in St Peter so I can’t do the same to Egre. We will have to leave it to the residents of that parish to see him out.

  2. voiceforchildren

    Well these hustings are going to be intersting. I know what questions I am going to ask some of the candidates, but must admit up until now these two have flown under my radar. Thanks Stuart I now have them in my sites!

  3. Anonymous

    Ferguson should withdraw from the Senatorial campaign AND RESIGN immediately!!

    Egre should also resign.

  4. Anonymous

    How about some ‘anyone but …’ candidates?
    So many people don’t vote because they feel it makes no difference, the same old faces always get back in.
    But what if a candidate was to say vote for me to keep them out?
    E.G. an ‘anyone but ozouf’ candidate who stands with no other policies but the promise to immediately resign their seat if elected.
    I think the option of voting some states members out might attract new people to the polling booth.

  5. Anonymous

    Fergusun is bad news, she uses her influence with the honary police in St Brelade to assist friends in parish hall enquirys

    And where there are two sides to an alleggation the people she speaks for are given prefarential treatment

    She is also a bully!

  6. Stuart Syvret

    It was some months ago now – but I did say in a post that I wouldn’t be tolerating racism and weird cult stuff.

    So don’t bother submitting stuff about shape-shifting space-aliens and all that cobblers here. This is a serious site.


  7. Anonymous

    Candidate Ferguson – oh yes the Deputy who wanted to spend £250,000 of taxpayers money on a feasibility study to tarmac St Aubins Bay for £7 million.
    £7million for a carpark or £7million for more poorly planned waterfront development.

    Yes – she has really made her mark

    Candidate Egre – didn’t he embroil himself in an employment tribunal which featured a relative

    That leaves 19 candidates to vote for

  8. TonyTheProf

    Ferguson was going to stand as Constable but changed her mind to stand as Deputy so that the JDA candidate was opposed, because otherwise he’d have got in!

  9. Anonymous

    Doodle Von Strudel Here.
    Well Well Well,I would of never of guessed.
    What’s going to happen next.
    Wot are you going to Tell us Next, i can’t wait for your next Blog.
    we are going to have to call this Harper Gate. Wot do you think.
    They will never admit to this, wot can they say to us voters that will justify there actions,
    They must Read your Blog or get told about it, i wonder if they will sleep tonight.
    I would love to be in the States tomorrow, It’ll be so much fun seeing they faces.
    We need more states members like you, I’ve not aways been on your side, but I’ve seen the error in my ways.
    Read you next time. Keep it up.

  10. Anonymous

    The more that come forward the more chance you have of breaking down the walls of ignorance…

    Who to contact…
    Police say it is vital that any alleged victims still unidentified contact the incident room as soon as possible on 0800 735 7777.

    There is also an NSPCC helpline on 0800 169 1173 within Jersey, or + 44 (0)20 7825 7489 from outside.

  11. Anonymous

    Well here’s another vote against Ferguson being as I am in St Brelades so there’s 2…..

    Egre is a disgrace too, goody two shoes doing his bit for the Battle of Flowers helping on the parade days so it looks good on the CV, all these people want is a gong in the end but basically they are bloody busybodies thinking they can do something better than anyone else. THose of you in St Peter – vote against him!!!!

  12. Kraków Crapaud

    Judging by comments, there seems to be some acceptance of these actions by elected members Ferguson & Egre. The Jersey media should offer them the opportunty to explain their actions, there should be an immediate ‘Independant Enquiry’ as these actions certainly breach the code of conduct for States Members.
    Finally & very simply; wasn’t this Illegal?

  13. Anonymous

    More “world class” administration from the ne’redowells that run this tainted paradise. To be fair, the pair are easy targets; the real villains are much smarter & not up to such “misdemeanors”.

    A leading international finance centre, where not one penny or cent of a bank deposit is guaranteed by the presiding government.

    You couldn’t make it up…

  14. Anonymous

    Perverting the course of justice.

    Definition – Conduct intended to or actually obstructing initiation, progress or outcome of civil or criminal proceedings.

    “The independence of the court from political interference was one of the pillars of democracy.” Sir Philip Bailhache – 15th September 2008

  15. jim browne

    Nice pics those.

    Pic number 6. ‘Mmmm you look like a nice boy’

    Pic 13. ‘Are you sure you don’t want some sweeties’

    Jim Browne

  16. Anonymous

    The reason for that is they know that if and when the stock market crashes they would never be able to replace peoples’ money so why both making a token stand? I bet most people don’t realise that the banks overhere are separate from their uk counterparts and should a local branch go under they don’t have to bail it out. Its nice to know you bank with a big bank over here! No one in finance likes to mention this, they probably think it is best not to worry people with something that is “unlikely” to happen. I never keep much money in any bank here for this very reason.

  17. Anonymous

    Relevent excerpts from the Code of Conduct for States Members.

    Holders of public office should take decisions solely in terms of the public interest. They should not do so in order to gain financial or OTHER MATERIAL BENEFITS for themselves, their family and FREINDS, their business colleagues or any voluntary or charitable organization they are involved with.

    Holders of public office are accountable for their decisions and actions TO THE PUBLIC and must submit themselves to whatever scrutiny is appropriate to their office.

    Holders of public office should be as open as possible about all the decisions AND ACTIONS THAT THEY TAKE. They should give reasons for their decisions.

    Holders of public office have a duty to declare any private interests relating to their public duties.

    Elected members should base their conduct on a consideration of the public interest, avoid conflict between personal interest and the public interest and resolve any conflict between the 2, at once, and in favour of the public interest.

    Elected members should at all times conduct themselves in a manner which will tend to maintain and strengthen the public’s trust and confidence in the integrity of the States of Jersey and shall endeavour, in the course of their public and private conduct, not to act in a manner which would bring the States, or its Members generally, into disrepute.

    Seems that questions should be asked of these two monkeys…

  18. Anonymous

    So what happens next Stuart? How are these two politicians held accountable for their actions?

  19. Anonymous

    Let me get this straight.

    In the rag Fergie says “My parishioner had expressed concerns about the conduct of a case against her brother. I considered that the appropriate course to take was to discuss the matter with the appropriate person in charge, who was the AG”

    No Fergie, not good enough. If your parishioner had concerns about the conduct of the case the appropriate course was to point that person in the direction of her brother’s lawyer for it is he that can raise it in court.

    What you did was to interfere.

    Quite simply, if the police had the evidence and authority from the Crown to charge it must be because they believed the case to be strong. So why decide not to charge him?

    Furthermore, why then decide to charge only when Lenny threatens to go to the press?

    And Egre, it sounds like all you wanted to do was to ‘clarify matters’. How does that turn into a double U turn by the AG?

    Someone is telling wee porkies.

  20. Anonymous

    “If you’re distracted by an election sign – you shouldn’t be driving”

    Says Guy de Faye who can’t drive…

    Wise words from an expert.

  21. Anonymous

    Interesting story from South Africa today with some parallels to our case in Jersey.

    South Africa’s President Thabo Mbeki has condemned critics within his own African National Congress party who are calling for his resignation.

    He denied suggestions that he intervened in the corruption case against the ANC leader Jacob Zuma.

    He is coming under pressure to step down following a court ruling that said there had been political interference in Mr Zuma’s trial.

    Mr Mbeki’s position has been weakened after the suggestion of political meddling in the prosecution of Mr Zuma.

    Last week a High Court judge ruled that the decision to prosecute was invalid.

    But on Friday, Mr Mbeki denied he had any involvement in the decision by state prosecutors to appeal against last week’s ruling.

    “We would like to state, for the record, that the NDPP [National Directorate of Public Prosecutions] neither met nor communicated with the president or any official in the presidency before making its determination,” a statement from the president’s office said.

    Sounds familiar doesn’t it, except of course that Ferguson and Egre did meet with our ‘National Directorate of Public Prosecutions’.

    At least South Africa understand (even if they don’t practice it) that politicians cannot involve themselves in the criminal process of others.

  22. voiceforchildren


    Just another quick “have my say” They are publishing some of them now, but I have taken to copying and pasting them on here by habit now.

    Anyway it is my “have your say” to a letter written by June Somebody.
    I’ve copied and pasted my reply but to read the letter you’ll have to go to their site.

    Incidently should anybody wish to see Senator Mike (GST28) doing his impression of a “rabbit caught in the headlights” I have it on my blog.

    “Abuse Inquiry what can be gained by tarring everyone with the same brush”?

    Just to correct June it never “turned out to be a piece of coconut” it could still very well be a piece of skull.

    I do however understand how she might believe it “turned out to be a piece of coconut”. That might just be down to a piece of local “JOURNALISM”. The JEP’s headlines read something like “skull might be coconut”. Some cynics might say they were attempting to discredit Lenny Harper and make a “big deal” of one possibility.

    The truth is June the forensic team don’t know what it is. As much as it could be a piece of coconut, it could equally be the remains of a Childs skull. Maybe you didn’t understand that from the JEP’S report on it. That is down to the possibility of two scenario’s.

    1) You do not pay attention to what you are reading.

    2) poor “JOURNALISM” on behalf of the JEP by not being able to publish the story from an impartial and objective manner

  23. Anonymous

    I recall an article in the rag sometime last year when Egre was having a dig at the States Police. He asked for anyone having complaints against the SOJP to contact him. I do not recall ever seeing a follow up. He also changed his religion a few years ago! A strange character!

  24. Anonymous

    Stuart an interesting point has arisen would you be so kind as to clarify something for me as I don’t want anyone to break any laws and get in trouble for this.

    My question is as follows:-

    Can anyone drive around with a sticker in their car saying:- “Please don’t vote for so and so”.
    or please don’t vote for the GST 28

    Is it also possible for a land owner to put up such a sign on their property?

    I can’t see why not,but you know how bureaucratic this island is.
    I don’t want anyone getting in trouble for expressing their own opinions. What do you think? Would you have to be run past the Bailiff or his brother the A.G. for a ruling as to the legality?

    As the elections are nearly upon us could you look into this as soon as practically possible. Sorry to ask I know you are extremely busy dealing with the child abuse issue.

    Thank you,
    a concerned islander.

  25. Anonymous

    Isn’t there something missing here………..whose details were extracted and why?

    Data protection law was broken…..hmmm…………aside from the other issues.

    Does the person/ persons whose data was lifted and revealed have a say in the issue?

    Do they even know thattheir data was viewed?

    More than one way to skin a fat cat!

  26. voiceforchildren

    Matty P fan club.

    Thanks for letting me know about my blogs omission on the BBC.

    I have e mailed Ryan and he has replied. He thought as my son was going to start blogging and I am starting a “news” blog that I wasn’t going to carry on with voiceforchildren. He is going to put it on the list Monday.

    The reason I am keeping voiceforchildren is that my “news” blog is going to be “fair and balanced” journalism (to the best of my ability). Voiceforchildren is not and will not be balanced against horrific injustices and atrcity’s commited by our “ruling eite” and their media

  27. Anonymous

    Doodle Von Strudel Here.
    “We were doing our parish Duty”???
    HarperGate goes on another day.
    They only came out this morning because you named them, so they had to get there side out to the General Public in the RAG,because all the general public believes the RAG so it will be all right. No more will be said about it.
    Sorry but the people who read your Blog will no the real reason, they have SHAT themselves.
    I said yesterday they will be up all night. Getting they story right.
    Well at lest we now no that Mr Harper was right & who the two were.
    So now we no this happened once &
    not so long ago, why should WE not believe it did not happen before.
    We don’t get the truth from the RAG or the BBC (some times), but we have you the most popular Senator in there to get the truth out into the public.
    I bet there’s a lot of High up people out there who must be DISGUSSED in the double standards that our Government have ?.
    Something must be going on for two Deputies to get involved in a Court case.
    This is NOT the “JERSEY WAY” that any average person gets off of they local Deputies if they get them selves in trouble.
    We can’t even afford a Solicitor over here. Let alone talk to the Attorney General.
    “MY parishioner had expressed concerns about the conduct of a case against her brother”.!!!!!!
    SHE then goes straight to the Attorney General. Police then get told to drop the charges.!!!!!!
    Well as some people would say “YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP”.!!!!
    The thing is it’s TRUE.
    If they get back in i will be so PISSED OFF put politely.
    Sorry for going on, but my blood is boiling, got to go & get Blood pressure Tablet.
    Read you again.

  28. Anonymous

    About the health agreement – am I the only one who smells another cover up/under the carpet job. There is something very fishy going on with that. I think they have cocked up again – our world class civil service! It is being very carefully spun though by, of course, Mike Pollard, ex journalist, king of spin, with Shenton in collusion. Rumour has it, he wants to go for the next Chief Minister. It maybe quite good if that happens, perhaps, they will give you your Health Minister job back. As we all know – you were robbed of that.

  29. Anonymous

    How about if we all wrote to the AG requesting confirmation that our personal data had not been handed to Mr Boschat?

    How about we approach our friendly politician and ask them to seek confrmation that our personal data had not been handed to Mr Boschat?

    How about we approach Emma Martins because we are worried that our personal data may have been involved in the Boschat case?

    How about the authorities look up WHITE COLLAR CRIME!

  30. Anonymous

    My answer to the questions are as follows:-

    Can anyone drive around with a sticker in their car saying:- “Please don’t vote for so and so”.
    or please don’t vote for the GST 28 Is it also possible for a land owner to put up such a sign on their property?

    No, it is not illegal as long as there is nothing defamatory or offensive on the sign.

    Thinking about it, it might actually be a very good and novel campaign!

    Come on islanders print off some posters and stick them on your properties and in your cars naming the GST28 casndidates and urging your fellow voters NOT to vote for them.

  31. Anonymous

    19/09/1941 – Nazi’s force German Jews, 6 and over to wear Jewish stars

    now tell me do what did our War time leaders do to save the Jews on our island from the death camps

    Long live the memory of Norman Le Brocq and the Liberation Movement

  32. Anonymous

    craupaud in exile says.

    Anonymous quoted:

    The reason for that is they know that if and when the stock market crashes they would never be able to replace peoples’ money so why both making a token stand? I bet most people don’t realise that the banks overhere are separate from their uk counterparts and should a local branch go under they don’t have to bail it out. Its nice to know you bank with a big bank over here! No one in finance likes to mention this, they probably think it is best not to worry people with something that is “unlikely” to happen. I never keep much money in any bank here for this very reason.

    I woke up to the fact.
    And I have already moved ALL my money out of Jersey, Thanks for tip….

    Phew..That was close….

  33. Anonymous

    Re. Lawyers back Island’s judges

    Of course Advocate Olsen is going to back the island’s judges.

    He is a magistrate after all!!

    He is backing himself.

    Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas do they?

  34. Anonymous

    Candidate Egre – didn’t he embroil himself in an employment tribunal which featured a relative?

    Indeed he did – most of it being reported in the JEP at the time. Egre’s son was the data protection officer at H&SS, but had handed in his notice and was about to start work at Family Nursing. Before he started he was fired for inappropriate use of the H&SS computer systems. Some of this “inappropriate use” was apparently related to honorary police work. This caused Family Nursing to back out of employing him and fire their own data protection officer on the same grounds. It was also alleged that the two were having an affair (which they denied). Father Egre certainly did step in to the fray. Family Nursing lost the case on procedural grounds. Interestingly, young Egre had apparently tried and failed to get the main States data protection job, but failed due to “inconsistencies” in his CV and at his interview. No-one bothered to tell H&SS however (due to data protection issues no doubt – ha!)

    Of course all of this happened whilst Stuart was our H&SS president, but how much got through to him only he can tell us. Whether this has anything to do with the current suspension of Family Nursing’s chief exec, one can also only surmise.

    Some of you might also remember Egre senior being banned from the airport for conducting his own private fire safety surveys, and his son being banned for trying to take over the traffic management on a problem day. He ended up in an argument with the airport police because he wouldn’t accept that he (as an Honorary policeman) had no jurisdiction in the airport grounds. One can only wonder what will happen at the airport if Egre becomes Constable.

  35. Stuart Syvret

    Please note the fact that I have begun to receive a few random, un-evidenced attacks against candidates in this year’s senatorial election.

    Unless of direct relevance to a specific post – or a matter of significant public interest – (Sarah Ferguson, for example) I will, as a general rule, not be allowing any such attacks through.

    My comments section would rapidly become a war zone with supporters of many candidates attacking and counter-attacking here.

    I don’t want my site to go down that path. Let’s face it – there are enough other fora out there for that kind of activity.

    I’m not, actually, a candidate in these elections as a few comments have suggested or asked. The reason for this is that the Island’s parliament has 12 Senators, each elected by the whole island, for a 6 year term of office. The island has elections every three years, so the Senatorial seats are split, so that 6 come up for election every 3 years. I was amongst the 6 elected in 2005, so still I have 3 years to.

    I will – be assured – in the course of the elections, be offering my views on candidates as the election progresses. I’m not certain what approach I’ll take yet, but I thought I’d produce three broad lists:

    Those I strongly recommend voting for.

    Those I didn’t feel able to offer a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to.

    Those I feel it would be preferable to be tortured to death than to vote for.

    It will be the last of these three categories to which I’ll be applying most attention.

    Who knows? These elections could even be fun.


  36. Anonymous

    I note in passing the tunnel that one of Ozouf’s election posters has been suitably defaced.

    I am already sick of seeing his face at every round-about.

  37. Anonymous

    If any of you little buggers get caught by the police vandalising Ozouf’s election posters please call either Sarah Ferguson or Colin Egre.

    They will have a wee chat with the relevant authorities on your behalf and it will all be fine.

  38. Anonymous

    Defacing posters – nah, the election box is what counts.

    Shame we can’t vote out certain civil servants who have tolerated the provision of poor services.

    As for the allegations of perversion of justice………the voters will decide.

    How awful that the Bailiff demonstrates he is able to be influenced by political forces

    All seems very seedy once again

  39. Anonymous

    Craupaud in exile asks,

    Is it true that frank walkers wife and cohen’s wife sit on the board of directors of dandora or are shareholders ??

  40. Anonymous

    I have a question.
    If our bank accounts are unprotected from a financial disaster, how about private pension plans?
    Actually i’ve got two questions, the other one is, if we do lose this reciprocal agreement would we still be referred to the U.K. for serious illnesses ,cancer and heart attacks etc.

  41. Anonymous

    interesting comment about FW and FC’s wives and Dandara – is it true? Any one got the answer. God, that would be facinating. There would have to be a vote of no confidence in both these people surely – planning minister in bed with FW, Mrs FW, hiown s wife and Dandara – ooh nasty.

    Frank’s yacht should be have been called ‘see you suckers’

    If it is true, it is as you say SSS, you couldn’t make it up.

  42. Stuart Syvret

    The Wives of Frank Walker & Freddy Cohen

    So far as I’m aware – this rumour is not correct. I’ve never seen any evidence to suggest that either man or their spouses are involved with DandIRA – err – sorry, Dandara.

    You know – if you really want to start examining extremely dubious business associations, conflicts of interest and the blending and overlapping of political power with one’s business interests – I think Frank’s two predecessors would be a good place to start.


  43. Anonymous

    Put it this way if a Jersey branch of a UK bank fails there would be serious problems for the Jersey government, look what happened with Northern Rock and it finally got bailed out. I wouldn’t want to be the establishment when this happens, riots would be an understatement. You can get away with virtually anything, but take peoples money away and the shit would truely hit the fan. I’d say the establishment would risk serious personal injury from outraged islanders who had been lulled into a false sense of security by useless promises.

    Pensions I believe are a waste of money as they are not viable long term. A private pension is dependent on the stock market so not much chance here as is your work pension as is your old age pension as well. Oh dear there goes retirement for future generations. People living too long now, not enough young people to pay for the baby boomers, globalisation forcing down wages, stock markets in turmoil, dodgy financial markets and products allowed by morally bankrupt governments, the rich abusing their position re taxes, and this is without take into account future wars, disease some manmade, climatic disasters and meteorites from outer space. We don’t have a clue as to what is out in space beyond our little area anyway. I’d say the future is a bit uncertain with a selection, or all the above to contend with, what do others think?

    The financial clowns over here keep saying alls well and we are immune to global events but I don’t think so. The island is on borrowed time as regards finance, the world will only tolerate the draining of world money to tax havens/finance centres for a little while longer.

  44. Anonymous

    They call it their control, their politics, their law, their three legged beast.

    you need to kick away at least one of their legs.

  45. Anonymous

    Investor protection is not a new subject it is merely topical because of the dire state of the economy.

    When I was in Banking customers often asked if their money was’protected’………..the Bank had a statement to the effect that if the Jersey subsiduary went down the UK parent company would bail it out ………

    At that time it did not seem possible that a ‘BIG’ UK bank may fail………….that was pre globalisation……….I think the autorities will have to introduce some form of investor protection……………maybe they are already in talks wih AIG to insure Jersey Ltd.ha ha!

  46. Anonymous

    States of Jersey Police
    Baseline Revisit 2008
    Page 8

    Her Majesty’s Inspector was pleased to be informed that discussions to consider the introduction of
    governance arrangements along the lines of a UK police authority had commenced. This
    development of corporate governance arrangements will provide a clear delineation between that of
    the law enforcement agencies and politicians.

    I copied the above froma report on SOJP website – can you expand o the statement Stuart?

  47. Anonymous

    A previous comment asked:

    “Actually i’ve got two questions, the other one is, if we do lose this reciprocal agreement would we still be referred to the U.K. for serious illnesses ,cancer and heart attacks etc.”

    Can I as a a UK tax payer, paying VAT of 17.5% and tax higher than 20% point out that the public accounts of your health fund show there is over £50 million in the pot. (as published on the States of Jersey website) Why does Jersey expect us to subsidise a very rich island? You can afford to pay for NHS treatment!

  48. Anonymous

    Then that means that Jersey bank subsideries are indeed left to fend for themselves and the government is as much use as a chocolate fire guard in the eventuality of a local branch going down. I think people in general should be made aware of this, it is a disgrace to think this could well happen in the near future. I bet when it does the government would say we didn’t think this was possible or, we were unaware that this could happen. Would the rainy day fund even cover one bank over here in the eventually of collapse?

    I think Stuart should do a piece about this important topic when he has time. It would be nice to know what he thinks about this ommission. I myself never trust insurance companies to bail anyone out in times of trouble look at AIG.

    Remember finance and capitalism are great when the bubble is expanding they are not great/don’t work when it pops! In my view this money thing is engineered to part the poor from their hard earned money so the rich can have it. I’d even go so far as to say those running the planet will know exactly when the next collapse is due to set in and the actual day! Remember things don’t happen by mistake.

  49. Anonymous

    A question for you Stuart.
    Others have said Frank Walker is a Guernseyman.
    Any truth in this?

  50. Anonymous

    Millionaire Philip Ozouf is desperate to get back in.
    like Stuart say he has not done a real day’s work in his life.

    This man will destroy Jersey if we let him.

    Please Stuart, I KNOW you can help!

  51. Anonymous

    Personal Statement by Deputy Sarah Ferguson and the Deputy of St Peter.

    An article has appeared in the Jersey Evening Post today and we feel that Members are entitled to an explanation.

    In January this year we became aware that a case was to be brought against a local businessman by the States of Jersey Police. The proposed charge was under Article 4 of the Computer Misuse (Jersey) Law 1995. The businessman is a constituent of the Deputy of St Peter.

    The businessman had lodged an official complaint against a police officer in 2007. As is normal practice, investigation of this complaint was suspended whilst the Court proceedings took their course.

    My parishioner had expressed her concerns about the conduct of the case against her brother, the local businessman. It was our considered opinion that there was a significant risk of a major miscarriage of justice and we could not just stand by.

    We considered that the appropriate course was to discuss the matter with the person in charge, who is the Attorney General. As former centeniers, we are aware that such concerns should be discussed with the Attorney General. As politicians we are aware that the scope for a politician to represent a constituent in relation to the criminal process is very limited. The decisions are a matter for the prosecution and the Court.

    Together with the Deputy of St Peter, I expressed my concerns to the Attorney General. The Attorney General decided to review the file and subsequently decided that the prosecution should be brought. The gentleman concerned was charged soon afterwards.

    It would be inappropriate to make any further comments.

    We consider that it is part of our role as politicians to investigate and question any matter where we consider that our constituents face injustice and we make no apologies for this. It would be a dereliction of our duty as elected representatives if we did not question and investigate.

    Sarah Ferguson and Collin Egre
    20 September 2008

  52. cancer

    Amazing … “you couldn’t make it up”. Stuart can, of course, and Moderate out any comments that disagree with his perceptions.

  53. Anonymous

    In my view if Ozouf gets back in you can forget the old Jersey, it will be finance and big business nothing else will count. He is a rich man who doesn’t understand what the normal/poorer majority are going through hence his approval of GST. He will be a seemless follow on from Walker and Le Sueur for big business and the rich. He is itching to be numer one.

    I believe the rulers think the lower echerlons must be kept in check and that he is an appropriate man to do this.

    I say tax the rich more and don’t let them get away with it. If you aren’t stupid you will get rid of the rulers chosen candidates. If you are you can expect to get more of the same. There are more poorer people than rich so how come a minority rules the roost and pulls the strings? Come on you lower orders get your wo/men in to do what you want. The rich can go elsewhere and take advantage other poor people I’ve had enough! Remember the government is here to serve the majority not the minority.

    Everyone is the same no one is superior to anyone else many of the rich seem to think money puts then above the plebs, it doesn’t but they are too arrogant to know this.

  54. Anonymous

    Sorry, it is not the role of the politician to interfere with judicial proceedings.
    To do so leads to allegations of undue influence and perverting the course of justice.
    The guy had a lawyer why does he need to political allies to see the AG?

  55. Anonymous

    “…there was a significant risk of a major miscarriage of justice and we could not just stand by.”

    This beggars belief! It is so corrupt.

    It is an admission that they used their political position to influence the AG.

    What ordinary member of the public can go directly to him and complain that there was going to be a miscarriage of justice IF a person was to be charged.

    This is entirely what the court system is for – and the court of appeal if that fails. To prevent miscarriages of justice.

    Oh well, no need for a justice system when we have the likes of these two to sort out miscarriages.

    If they are so into justice being done properly, why aren’t they doing what they can for the abuse victims?

  56. Anonymous

    Can anyone say what their legal precedent is for taking such action sub-judice?

    I can’t think of this happening in any democratic jurisdiction.

    The AG could not have been too convinced – he charged them when lenny Harper threatened to go public.

    Come on now. There either was a case against Boshat or there wasn’t.

  57. Anonymous

    “It was our considered opinion that there was a significant risk of a major miscarriage of justice”

    A major miscarriage of justice?

    Consider this.

    According to Lenny Harper, Boschat had admitted the offence on oath in court proceedings.

    On this basis, the evidential test is satisfied. But what of the public interest?

    Whether the case was one where it was not in the public interest to prosecute, which I am not convinced about, that does not consitute a miscarriage of justice. Indeed, it could be argued that where charges are not brought against a man who has admitted an offence on oath, the miscarriage of justice is against the public, not the accused.

    Unjustifiable interference, as much as they protest.

  58. Stuart Syvret


    Haven’t been paying much attention, have we?

    The two politicians concerned have publicly confessed in a joint statement – as reproduced in the comments above.

    Or are they making it up too?


  59. Res Nullius

    Ozouf does seem a bit desperate actually. It is a few weeks away from the elections and he is desperately putting his mug-shot up at every junction.

    I was looking forward to an Indian Summer.

    Now I hope it pisses down for the next three weeks or so just to give his posters a good soaking.

    It reminds me of a line in the Robert de Niro film Taxi Driver..

    “One day a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the sidewalk”

    (best said in a New York accent)

  60. Res Nullius


    I find it hilarious that someone, who clearly sides with the oli’s, chooses a name of a disease which touches all our lives and is associated with pain and suffering.

    You couldn’t make it up…

    .. but of course you did.

  61. Anonymous

    I have to laugh at JTM’s rabid support of Senator Ozouf. Is he related to him or something? This is the same Senator that is bringing in busines from the likes of China. No wonder Jersey is going down the tubes. Does no one care about what is happening in place like Tibet? Is it all down to money and nothing else? Jersey is morally bankrupt if this is the real view from the finance industry.

  62. cancer

    @ Res nullius: I really don’t remember why I chose “Cancer”; probably because I smoke, which inevitably makes me a BAD person. I also happen to own a politically-incorrect motor vehicle, so perhaps I should be hung from the “Frog on a Stick” at Charing Cross as well. And, FYI, I don’t side with the “olis”: far from it. I have a jaundiced view of most politicians, both here and on the mainland – egotism is one adjective that immediately springs to mind.

    @ Stuart: Yes, I had indeed read the previous posts on one of my rare visits here as one of the 56,000 or whatever the number is. Your latest “campaign” appears to suggest that politicians should not attempt to represent their consitituents, and to approach the AG with their concerns in a specific case.

    Your solution would, presumably, be to do nothing, and let the SOJP and the AG proceed. Or would you use Media publicity or a Blog as a alternative process?

    I’m glad that you share Senator Kinnard’s total confidence in the SOJP. No doubt you will be able to cite the numbers of SOJP officers who have been suspended in recent years to prove that their are indeed keeping their house in perfect order, and that the public have nothing to fear from the Guardians of The Law.

  63. Stuart Syvret


    In point of fact, “my campaign”, as you put, can be considered a single campaign with one objective; namely rooting-out corruption, nepotism, incompetence and cover-ups in the public sector.

    Of course politicians should represent their constituents. But there are appropriate ways and means of doing so. Interfering with decisions to prosecute crosses – by a very large distance – the boundary from appropriate representation to the simple abuse of power, connections and privilege.

    If my best friend came to me and said they were going to get prosecuted for criminal offences, and asked if I would go to the AG to try and persuade him to not prosecute – I’d say, “sorry – we may well be good friends, but I just can’t do that.”

    As I said, and as has been pointed out by others – when matters are in the prosecutory, judicial sphere, it is for the many appropriate safeguards and mechanisms within that sphere to intercede in cases of miscarriage of justice. It is not for politicians to interfere.

    I’m afraid your argument concerning the number of police officers suspended does not run in your favour. In years gone by – corruption was endemic in the police force – today, it is being rooted-out. When I see police officers being suspended, sacked or prosecuted, I think “good. We know the expected safeguards are working and that the police force of today is not tolerating corrupt practices.”


  64. cancer

    Stuart, I agree that “rooting out” in the SOJP is a positive step. However, “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? {I admit to having to look that up!]. Senator Kinnard supports fully the actions of Mr Power and Mr Harper, so that’s OK? Nobody should take any further interest in what the SOJP do, or how they do it? I’m not totally convinced here, Senator.

    As to “interfering with decisions to prosecute”, I do believe you stretch your argument a little far [as is your wont]. The published letter used the term “discuss with the AG” and emphasised that it was a matter for the AG and the Court. And the AG, having listened, reviewed the file and went ahead with the prosecution.

    Still, if you want an unquestioning society, where everything the SOJP says must be true, we could dispense with the Court altogether.

    We shall never agree, of course, so please feel free to move on.

  65. Stuart Syvret


    The point remains – if there is wrong-doing in evidence-gathering and the assembling of cases against individuals by the police – the judicial processes are there precisely to act as the appropriate safe-guard.

    Dispense with the court? On the contrary – court is the appropriate forum to act as a check and balance on the police.

    What the AG has been doing over all these months is precisely what you criticise; dispensing with all that tiresome court business, and, effectively, just deciding himself who is or isn’t guilty.

    Of course the SOJP should be properly regulated and under the oversight of an independent authority.

    An authority which should – in no bloody way – involve politicians.


  66. Anonymous

    Agree. Egre should stand down. Cant believe this man proposes to stand for constable. What a joke. With his history! He was in the Hon.Pol. – I remember JEP report when he was thrown out. Something to do with his Constable – long way back – Him and his sidekick son i think – the same son as was embroiled in the data protection saga not so long ago. And what about the headway charity rumour – didnt he get fired from heading that too? This bloke is unreal. Dont his st peterites have memories? He was involved in the airport too at some time – i hear from a cousin of mine who was at the parish hall nomination the other week that he was something high up in the airport but rumour has it he was sacked from that. And this man wants to head his parish – glad im not in the west any longer. Trouble is he will have a voice in states. what is this island coming to. I hear his sidekick son was manipulating the older folk into wearing egre rosettes so it looked good for the jep photo. Egre should have stayed in the RAF he bangs on about – or was he fired from there too?! Might just go along to st peter husting out of interest . . . surely someome will challenge this bloke. Over 2 u stuart!

  67. cancer

    Ah, Stuart, those despised politicians again.

    I bet you’ll be glad when your Term of Office is over, and you can shake off the stain on your otherwise perfect character, and concentrate full-time on your Blog without the need to be en default when that despised Institution is sitting.

    No doubt tens of thousands of Islanders will regret your departure, after you have represented them so well and for so long. However, you have suffered long enough, Stuart. You have bigger and better things to do. i wonder what that might be?

  68. Anonymous

    It’s funny when I was arrested by the police my Member of Parliament didn’t come rushing to my aid with questions of miscarriage of justice…

    It is obvious why they went to see the AG!!!

    (Cancer) perfectly appropriate I would say also.

  69. Stuart Syvret


    Oh dear. Your argument is decaying into ‘straw-man’ territory.

    I have never ever claimed to have a “perfect character”; on the contrary, on this blog and other sites, I have advised people not place their trust in individual characters. We’ve seen just what a mess ‘personality-politics’ makes of things.

    As a human being I am fallible, and would never – have never – made any claim to some kind of perfection. Such non-existent ‘claims’ are simply a false accusation made against me by people like you.

    I say let there be an end to personality politics – and let us embrace policy-politics. Let us have political parties – not the customary “cult of the personality” which has been such a toxin to Jersey over the decades.

    Yes – so far as my own life is concerned – I do, indeed, have bigger and better things to do. Being a States member – as well as being deeply unpleasant, brings with it no job-security, not even so much as a rudimentary pension. So even if I wasn’t disgusted by the whole, wretched shambles – I’d have to jack it in come what may, because I just can’t afford it. I could have worked half as hard at my own cabinet –making business – and have job security, assets, a decent income, etc, etc.

    Instead, I’m forced to witness manifestly incompetent, lying, extraordinarily dangerous civil servants – with sufficiently evidenced grounds to be sacked 5 times over – pulling in £125 per annum of tax payers’ money – plus big, fat final salary pension.

    Thanks – but no thanks.

    You clearly believe the ship of fools as traditionally manned and sailed will do just fine. Good luck to you – and everyone else. You’re sure going to need it.


  70. cancer

    Curious that so many here here seems anti-Egre. From what I’ve heard it’s more a case of “The Establishment” not liking him very much because he ISN’T Establishment.

    Like the Airport, where he was apparently unwanted because he told the truth – that it was dangerous and badly-managed.

    Oooh – wearing rosettes at Election time? How naughty! We won’t mention the put-up opponent who, I understand, was distributing leaflets a fortnight before the Nomination meeting?

  71. cancer

    Ah, Stuart – you and I find common ground at last!

    The Civil Servants, rulers of our lives and the Politicians notionally [and usually ineffectually] set over them.

    I’m not sure that Party Politics is the answer to that, but I do share your view that the imported and superbly over-paid Civil Service is an issue. I would, of course, include Senior Management at SOJP and Health, but then you know only too well how superbly they perform [at taxpayers expense], and were presumably powerless to affect matters in your department. Or is it just OTHER departments that have problems?

    The challenge is to find Civil Servants of the required quality from a small Island population, where Government has to run something akin [in terms of population and responsibilities] to a Borough Council in the UK [OK, with a few add-ons, I will concede].

    Still, better to be a big fish in a small pond, perhaps?

  72. 55,142 ways to vote for change

    re: Fergy and Egg-ray
    Since when is it a politician’s role to fly in like a superhero to rescue islanders from the law?

  73. Stuart Syvret


    You’re quite right about the Big-Fish-Small-Pond syndrome which is so clearly visible in Jersey. But it’s not something I ever allowed myself to be deluded by.

    You really can’t have been paying much attention to events so far as my former department is concerned.

    As I learnt during the first-half of last year – before any of the public controversy occurred – far from “performing superbly”, as you put it, most of the senior civil servants in my department were/are actually complete crap – in many cases to the point of being wholly unemployable.

    And they know it.

    Which is why they set about engineering my removal within hours of me giving that honest answer to a question I was asked in the States in July 2007.

    Though I don’t think we’re in complete agreement. The Jersey civil service – too expensive – too big? Yep. Most certainly. But don’t run away with the notion that what will sort it out is the exclusive use of ‘indigenous’ civil servants.

    Whilst by no means do all the outsiders recruited to high posts turn out to be any good – the fact is the mess we have is largely down to indigenous senior civil servants.


  74. cancer

    I’d guess that elected representatives, when suspicious of what’s going on, would ask a few questions in the right places. Not “influence”, as Stuart would have it, but simply ask “What is going on here?”.

    But we all have 100% confidence in the SOJP, and all our other Civil Servants, don’t we. This Blog is primarily about attacking politicians, an creating an ethos of Party Politics, so perhaps we shouldn’t ask those questions.

    @ Stuart – You want Party politics? So the sheep may follow the image of Keir Hardie’s Cap? or worship the Finance Industry at the Altar of Mammon? or vote for the “Party That Promises Everything to Everyone”? Does that actually improve matters? I am already “represented” in the States by an individual who has absolutely no interest in my personal circumstances, and would [I am sure] do absolutely nothing to assist me in times of trouble. I am already effectively dis-enfranchised. How does Party Politics solve that issue?

  75. Anonymous

    Several drugs squad and at least one special branch officer were thrown out of the SOJP in recent times. I believe that one ended up in court and in the other cases, it was deemed that it was not in the public interest to prosecute. The AG and his friends probably not wanting to tarnish Jerseys reputation!

  76. cancer

    @ Stuart – I could suggest that you took far too long to notice that some of your most senior/over-promoted staff were cr@p. And possibly dishonest.

    I will allow you some latitude – it is a big and complex department. However, a politician of your experience should have seen, and known, the MASSIVE inadequacies of some of your senior staff several years ago.

    Fireproof contacts? Who allowed them to happen? Or took no steps to change them?

  77. Stuart Syvret


    I took too long to notice? Maybe – but at least I did notice – unlike all of my predecessors.

    Fire-proof contracts?

    Yes – they certainly are that. And all such contracts, States of Jersey employment practices and standards have been handled centrally for many years.

    In fact – I think if you look closely at the last 18 years – for very substantial passages of that time, it was Frank Walker who had the responsibility for public-sector employment.

    But in truth – underneath that Hard-Man-Of-Business exterior, he always had about as much backbone as a bowl of jelly when it came to challenging or crossing the civil service.


  78. cancer

    One would not wish to comment on cases of improper conduct by the SOJP.

    I am quite sure that Chief Officer Power, his Ministress and the AG have a firm handle on matters. We have all been assured as such on numerous occasions.

    I repeat, “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

    I almost fear the SOJP, and do all in my power to avoid ever having to deal with them.

  79. Anonymous

    Oh dear me Cancer. The “put-up” opponent? As a St Peter resident I received one of those “leaflets”. Interesting. The manifesto – so says the leaflet – which was actually just a postcard – is to follow. The postcard came through the letter box introducing the so called “put-up” candidate. Sounds very much like you are sympathising with Egg-on-his-face-ray – sour grapes maybe that he wont be unopposed as – I understand – he had hoped. Interesting times ahead. I have had no involvement with parish affairs since I moved here from St Helier and – quite honestly – I was happy to receive the introduction from the candidate. I would have been equally as happy to receive one from the Deputy too. I am yet to find out more about him – other than the rumours above – although they do make interesting reading – no smoke without fire as they say!

  80. cancer

    Stuart, several points …

    1. Civil Service structure and management and power is a disaster. I believe we agree on that. Which tends to led me back to SOJP 😉

    2. Party Politics. I do personally believe that “Ministerial Government” is a disaster of the 1st magnitude, and would welcome a return to the bumbling Committees. At least there were a few other perspectives put into the equation, instead of the Minister being told by his Chief Officer what to say.

    I won’t let you off completely, though. How long were you in charge of Health [or at least the political face of Health] and what did YOU do to correct the issues there in respect of YOUR higher Civil Servants?

    I could ask the same of Senator Kinnard in respect of Home Affairs of course, but she’ll be unavailable for comment as usual.

  81. Anonymous

    cancer. Your initials don’t happen to be CW by the way? If not, I guess I’m close (on a certain level – you know what I mean!)

  82. cancer

    Dear “Anonymous 32”,

    I’m nothing even vaguely like CW, I assure you. I’m trying to think of anyone I know with those initials, and am currently completely confused!

    I just have a curious fascination for Stuart, like a rabbit in the headlights. And I do like two-way discussions, instead of one-sided unsubstantiated attacks. The word is “fairness”, I believe – and we all approve of that, I’m sure.

    Anyway, I learned long ago never to chat on the Internet after a glass or two, so I shall leave you to your musings and distortions. I may return tomorrow: the whole “Rocky Horror Show” is quite enlightening, and I’m sure Stuart will tell us all where to go and what to think!

  83. Anonymous

    Stuart and Cancer

    In any functioning democracy there has to be an opposition.

    It’s purpose is to challenge the party in power. Here in Jersey there isn’t any opposition or appropriate challenges. I do not believe that any politician should interfere with judical process
    I fail to see how the inference that the SOJP are potentially corrupt makes the actions of two politicians justifiable. The point of the justice is that it is administered without fear or favour – sadly the events of the last few months indicate that this principle is not robust

    Bottom line – the 2 politicians are out of order !

  84. Stuart Syvret


    Yes – good advice, that. Not to be blogging when you’ve had a glass or two. Physician heal thyself.

    Cancer – I never “tell people what to think”; all I do is contribute to public discourse. People are at perfect liberty to share my views – or not – as they see fit.


  85. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart

    Why do you allow CANCER to prattle on your site he/she is oviously a friend of Ferguson / Egre or an establishment plant!

    The bottom line is that 99% of Jerseys poulation if charged with a criminal offence would not get any assistance from our states members!! and quite rightly so!!!

    It must be totaly unacceptable for political influence to be used to influence a decision in a criminal case

    Ferguson and Egre should do the decent thing and resign, but of course they wont, disgraceful

  86. Stuart Syvret

    In defence of Cancer

    “Stick to plain English”? – Nah – that’s boring. I like a bit of pseudo-intellectual word-play myself. Even did a blog about it a few months back.

    Some of us are just dictionary nerds.

    As far as I’m concerned, there’s a strong element of self-parody behind it. For example, in a States debate I used the phrase “inchoate proschemata”. Howzat?


  87. Stuart Syvret

    Why do I allow Cancer to post?

    Because – within the bounds of reason – and contrary to establishment assertions – I do publish the great majority of hostile comments. Certainly a significantly greater percentage than that of the positive comments I receive – many of which are too personal, or defamatory.

    I do eventually stop trolls posting. You know the kind of stuff – deeply repetitive, boring – and seemingly completely unable to engage with counter-arguments, which leads to a lot of time-wasting which doesn’t advance the discussion.

    But I don’t think Cancer has quite reached that stage yet. I do try and be pluralistic.


  88. cancer

    Oh, good. Only one viewpoint is allowed, “Anonymous 96”. Do please forgive me for “prattling” at the Altar of Syvret.

    Not that you care, of course, but I am not “an Establishment plant” nor a “friend of Ferguson/Egre”. I happen to be a voter on this Island who, in a democracy, is allowed to express an opinion. Is that difficult to understand? Is there something wrong with that?

    If I have used long words like “marmalade” and “wardrobe” I do apologise. English is my language, despite this spell-checker that wants me to insert an American “z” everywhere. The liberal translation from Latin, as Stuart knows only too well [but wouldn’t want to admit, being a “man of the people”, is “Who guards the guards” – otherwise meant as “Who is actually in control of SOJP?”. Just thought I’d mention that.

    [That will teach me to check the computer when I said I was going]

  89. cancer

    “Why do I allow Cancer to post?

    But I don’t think Cancer has quite reached that stage yet. I do try and be pluralistic.

    Free speech – I approve strongly, Stuart!

    My thanks, and see you tomorrow.

    “Cancer”, unlike the innumerable “Anonymous”.

  90. Anonymous

    Recall headline: POLITICAL PRESSURE CLAIM AT TRIBUNAL. ‘Deputy Colin Egre has been accused of exerting political pressure to help his sons lover in her fight against alleged unfair dismissal from a nursing charity’. This was reported JEP January 06. Some people never learn.

  91. Anonymous

    Not that you care, of course, but I am not “an Establishment plant” nor a “friend of Ferguson/Egre”. I happen to be a voter on this Island who, in a democracy, is allowed to express an opinion. Is that difficult to understand? Is there something wrong with that?

    The victims have a right to have their say to.

    But it seems there are those who would wish to silence them.

  92. Paxton

    “I have to laugh at JTM’s rabid support of Senator Ozouf. Is he related to him or something?”

    Ironically, in view of the exposure of “oldboy” and “Jersey way” links between establishment members we see revealed on this blog , JTM has a personal link to Philip Ozouf from his schooldays.

  93. Anonymous

    “Cancer”, unlike the innumerable “Anonymous”.

    Like cancer is a real name! pahh! Piffle, and his blog link goes nowhere.

    just like most cancers its a growth thing and and infestation and bit like the the oligarchs.

  94. Anonymous

    “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes”

    “Who watches the watchmen?”,

    “Who is watching you?”

  95. Anonymous

    Nice to know JTM is linked to Ozouf why doesn’t he admit to a conflict of interests on his forum then and avoid supporting him on evey post? I don’t like hidden bias, things are now becoming clearer….

  96. Anonymous

    Who watches the watches

    The same applies to the judiciary
    The health services
    The dentists
    The GPs
    The childrens service T
    The politicians
    The civil service

    Nobody – we have virtually no regulation in this Island apart from the finance industry, nobody checks or monitors standards

    Next time you go to the dentist/doctor/etc and hand over the money, who checks they are still registered and able to practise?


    Reassurring isn’t it

  97. Anonymous

    Surely after the SHIPMAN case we have some legislation /’best practice code’ in Jeresy …………I ceratinly recall recent cases of doctors being investigated

  98. Stuart Syvret

    The YouTube link to the spoof news broadcast is, I feel, a little too rude for this site.

    Though it was very funny.

    Submit it on some other site; I’m sure people will enjoy it.


  99. Anonymous

    The YouTube link to the spoof news broadcast is, I feel, a little too rude for this site.

    just give us a few key words for youtube then!!!

  100. Anonymous

    That was more than enough stuart. thanks…Can’t have you having all the laughs the oligarchs will complain about it…and they might tax it…

  101. Anonymous

    God, have we all had enough of you cancer or what!

    I agree with the previous anon. (not counting them cancer) how right you are – a growth thing. The name you chose is obviously more appropriate than you initially intended. It’s actually quite horrid to keep reading in some wierd way.

    I think Stuart is well able to hold his own against your intellectual flexing.

    I tell you what Stuart there are many in the Chamber that would have real difficulty in stringing together such an engaging discourse as we read in the blog (you and cancer here) – how the hell do they cope with States papers? I wonder if some can do joined up writing. That’s what really worries me about the quality of the candidates, IQ’s of ameobas in some cases.

  102. Anonymous

    St Peter Constable Hustings tomorrow night. Anyone going to go and ask any leading questions to the candidates?

  103. Anonymous

    Mmm, st peter hustings were interesting. One chap – centenier I think he said he was – asked what the candidates views were on ‘political pressure’ in the event of one of their friends requesting a favour ‘to get them out of jail free’ if you like. Egre huffed and puffed and went into a long drawn out explanation of the Ferguson/Boschat saga exonerating himself from any wrongdoing. But surprise surprise – in true politician style he never actually answered the question! Seems to me he spent much time explaining himself out of ‘black cloud over his head situations’ but failed to give any actual yes or no answers. No surprises there then. The other ‘put up’ I think he has been called did – in my humble uneducated opinion – a smashing job. If I were in St Peter I know whod get my vote thats for certain. Egre made a complete ass of himself – the last question – asked what the candidates had done for the parish – the put up had a list of achievements to be proud of and poor old eggie ummed and aahed, mentioned a few bingo and burger nights then ranted on about what he will do when he is constable. Presumptious piffle paffle. Shot himself in the foot as far as Im concerned. But hey, what do I care, Im not entitled to vote out there but if thats the impression i got then im sure others did too. Good luck JR – based on eggies performance i reckon youll walk it old chap!

  104. Anonymous

    I also see driving throu that lovely parish of st peter today that some of the JR candidate artwork has removed itself to hedges or collapsed in the unexplicably high winds we have had over the last day or two – a bit of egg on your face after the hustings possibly mr eggie?


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