The people have spoken!

Read the analysis tomorrow.

But just to be going on with – consider:

530 votes.

470 ‘yes’.

60 ‘no’.

That’s 88.68% of those voting wanting to be rid of Big Frank.

So what happens next?

Watch this space.


15 thoughts on “THE VERDICT IS IN!

  1. Anonymous

    Please could you post asap.
    Jersey Boy barred from because he asked finance questions.
    Please get people to boycott this shame of a website.
    Thanks JB.
    Please read my questions and see their reasoned answers!

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart,

    How sure are you that the 470 ‘yes’ votes are entitled to vote in Jersey?

    They might have an opinion on the matter, but unless they are on the electoral roll in Jersey, their opinion doesn’t count for much.

    I could answer any poll on Bush/Mugabe/Putin but I’m not in a position to do anything about it.

  3. Anonymous

    No surprises here. It’s just a shame that Frank and his cronies will keep their clammy fists tight around the levers of power in this island no matter what we say. The answer is get out and VOTE FOR CHANGE!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Wehn the news first broke on the uk mainland we had a rush of policemen suddenly taking their own lives. I wonder if any of these cops had any links with Jersey???

  5. Davros Le Sueur

    Frankie will be going anyway.
    The vote should be against the whole council.
    If Frankie goes who do we get?
    Le Sueur, Ozouf??
    Frying pan fire maybe?

    Jersey Boy, join the club, same thing happened to me.
    See you on IsThisJersey!

  6. Anonymous

    Lets just treat this as an PR exercise, okay, so FW is not popular, but who is going to replace him? much the same I should imagine.
    Jersey Boy banned from planet Jersey, yes, I thought that a bit odd, I tried to comment but that site was locked and no more comments, purely for having an opinion which PJ thought was inflammatory, they started shouting! what is going on!

  7. Anonymous

    People that get barred from Planet Jersey have only themselves to blame because they break the rules!

    Stuart, if people want Frank Walker removed, how can this be done when he due to stand down in October anyway?


  8. Anonymous

    I agree that a vote to oust the whole council of ministers is much more appealing – I also agree that it seems a pointless exercise as FW goes in October anyway – however it would give the electorate a sound idea of who is and who is not a Frakiefile! Oh silly me the majority of the electorate are so satisfied with our politicians they wont take much notice, the right wing press will distort any reporting of such a motion and will as usual direct some venom towards the SS!

  9. Anonymous


    You seem to have a virus on the blog from the disaffected planet jersey crowd. JTM clearly hasn’t read your blog properly and doesn’t understand that the purpose of putting a vote of no confidence in Frank Walker is to identify those in the States who will be standing again for election that vote against your no confidence proposition. This in turn can inform voting intentions in October

    Hope your blog doesn’t descend into the nonsense exchanges on PJ. The reason you are so popular is that most of the commentators have something sensible and intelligent to say. Some thing that is sadly missing in the other island media and alternative forums.

  10. Anonymous

    The purpose of the vote of confidence is to ascertain whether States members support Frank.

    This provides further information on for the electorate as to whether they feel they can vote for the individual

  11. Anonymous


    Please let’s not get distracted by a local spate on another blogsite

    Planet Jersey – yawn

  12. Anonymous

    Jersey tests confirm remains find
    2 hours ago

    Detectives investigating allegations of abuse at a former Jersey children’s home said new tests had proved “beyond doubt” that the remains of more than one child had been found.

    Expert examination of five teeth unearthed in a cellar at Haut de la Garenne over the last week revealed that most had come out after death and from at least two sources.

    Police have now recovered a total of 10 teeth and at least 30 charred human bone fragments, indicating that homicide had taken place with the victims’ bodies possibly cremated in a fireplace.

    Forensic tests on the latest dental finds revealed that most were “very unlikely to have come our naturally before death,” a police statement read.

    It added: “Additionally, there were two teeth which were the same in the five, which means that beyond doubt there were teeth from at least two children.”

    It confirms earlier tests completed on the first five teeth discovered in the underground chamber.

    The context of the finds suggests that the teeth were put in the cellar after the 1940s but detectives have yet to conclude how or why they came to be there.

    “Once again though, we must have concerns at the fact that in a children’s home where we have allegations of awful abuse, we are finding only the remains of children and not adults,” police on the island said.

    Of the bone fragments unearthed, tests have found that some were cut while others burnt.

    Speaking earlier this month, deputy chief officer Lenny Harper, who is in charge of the investigation, said: “A lot of bones appear to have some degree of burning to them, a number were found in and around where we believe was a fireplace in the cellar area.”

  13. Anonymous

    Re: comment by ‘anonymous’
    ”How sure are you that the 470 ‘yes’ votes are entitled to vote in Jersey?”

    Just because I voted from an EU country should not disqualify me from voting that scum out.

    I am Jersey born and bred, and have the inclusion in my passport that denies me any rights in the EC. So what am I? A non entity?

    Had you considered that some of us ‘true’ Jersey people who live in other countries may well be tempted to come back to our homeland if there was major change in politics?

    Although I am no longer on the electoral roll, I should still have the right to my opinion, as I have no actual rights to live europe, thanks to the Jersey Government.

    There are many more like me out there, so just because we voted from a ‘non’ Jersey IP address should not exclude us. Our voices need to be heard too. Consider why we are in other countries and not in our homeland anymore.

    Thanks Stuart for all you are doing. I may be afar, but I am beside you all the way.


  14. Anonymous

    “the best lack all conviction and the worst are filled with passionate intensity”

    What can it all mean?

    Keep it up Stuart-you’re doing the righteous deed

  15. Anonymous

    Reply to Elaine: “So what am I? A non entity?”

    Of course not. But, technically, Stuarts’s forthcoming vote of no confidence is brought on behalf of the current electorate only. Your passport is irrelevant for the purposes of this discussion.


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