A brief post on the collapse of the Jersey establishment.

Remember – how quickly the Soviet Union collapsed.

Let’s hope a similar process happens to the Jersey oligarchy.

Sorry for not posting for nearly a week. It’s been desperate; I’m absolutely knackered.

For those of you who haven’t heard, the vote of no-confidence against the Jersey Council of Ministers is now written and tabled.

See? I took more notice of your opinions on my poll than Frank & Co ever do of the public.

The vote has zero chance of success, of course, but it should serve extremely well as a litmus test – which voters can note when they come to the ballot-box during Jersey’s general election later this year.

In addition to the vote of no-confidence – the Jersey oligarchy are beset with woes – 98% of which are entirely of their own making.

The Jersey oligarchy – being an oligarchy – always wins. Well, that is certainly what they, in their hubris, have come to believe. But I’ve always thought that fate had to catch up with them one day; that they would collapse under the weight of their own decadence like ancient Rome.

And that is what’s happening now.

OK, they aren’t capable of seeing it yet. They know things are pretty difficult for them at present – but they assume they’ll just hunker down in the bunker and tough it out – like they always do – then everything will return to business as usual.

Sorry guys – it aint happening this time.

The fates converge.

Jersey’s toxic waste dump – err – sorry “£330 million Waterfront site” – has been a hot topic here. It’s all too complex for me to go into right now – but basically, name any aspect of a development strategy – and I’ll show you something the Council of Ministers has messed-up – disastrously.

And remember – these people are supposed to be no-nonsense “business men”.

As I remarked on another web site, my cat would be a superior candidate in the forthcoming elections.

He sleeps far more elegantly than States members do when they are slumped in the chamber after a good ‘lunch’. He’s also a good deal more attractive to look at than the average Jersey politician. But – he’s choosy about the company he keeps, so I don’t think he would like it much.

As you may have seen from other sites, a fourth arrest has now been made in connection with the Jersey child abuse disaster.

Give thanks to Lenny Harper and his team.

This arrest is the first of a person who is a current States of Jersey employee.

His name is Danny Wherry – a former police officer, voluntary child “protection” worker – and then – for many years – a senior figure in Jersey’s children’s service. .

If you had any experience of, or contact with, this man when you were in care – or if you know anyone else who has – please, please contact the States of Jersey Police. Or, if you don’t want to speak to the police, contact me. (+44 (0) 1534 610833.)

The arrest of Wherry is merely the first – hopefully – of a number of people currently still within the jersey civil service – or those who retired comparatively recently.

You know who you are – you bastards.

They’re coming for you.

The fates have caught up with you – just as they have with the broader Jersey establishment.



  1. Anonymous


    There is so much news today I don’t know where to start – but thought this posting on ITJ was interesting and pertinent to the current climate:

    “Any States member who denies knowledge of Harcourts outstanding lawsuits is lying.

    Deerglen (A Harcourt subsiduary), are being pursued LOCALLY for upwards of £5,000,000.00.

    “The dogs on the street”, know that Deerglen, (One man and a wheelbarrow four years ago), are owned by Harcourt. The MD, Louis Parr has been bragging in local pubs about how much money he will make “WHEN”, he starts work on the new financial quarter.”

    Then there is the child abuse fiasco – it’s getting closer and closer to the major protagonists – about time too. We sit and wait with anticipation for justice to be done.

    And then there is the civil service and other states pay – wow I didn’t realise just how much we are all paying for these idiots for the privilege to cock things up so much. I thought there were set grades for each staff level so how come some are paid so much more than the top grade. mmm…. something doesn’t quite add up here.

    And finally and probably most importantly – because of your well timed proposition of no confidence vote in the council of ministers and the other censure motion you and your fellow members have never had such an opportunity to depose the current council of ministers for their absolute and total ineptitude. The people of Jersey are behind you but we are also all watching and will remember how members vote – my advice to them is choose wisely as we the public hold your future in our hands come October.

    All in all a good day to expose the corruption, concealment and true colours of our little rock and at last perhaps to feel the tide is turning.

  2. voiceforchildren


    Didn’t Andrew Williamson say none of our children are at risk? if Wherry is still employed in “childcare” wouldn’t he be a risk?

    I am of the opinion the Williamson report (if it ever does get to see the light of day) won’t be worth wiping ones arse with.

    As for the vote of no confidence, I and am sure many more, will be watching very closely to see who votes pour or contre.

    I have been asking my deputy IAN (GST 28) GORST to take a vote of no confidence against senator MIKE (GST 28) VIBERT and Senator FRANK (GST 28) HARRISON WALKER to the States for several months now.

    He has either completely ignored the e-mails or completely ignored my request, wonder which way he will be voting!!?

    Keep up the good work Stuart, have you noticed the propaganda machine (JEP) have been starting to look a little bit “balanced” with their reporting lately?

    I think it would be fair to say arses are twitching!!

  3. Anonymous

    I shall listen to the no confidence debate but like Stuart don’t expect it to succeed – it will however be interesting to see how the vote goes.

    I have a few questions that SS may wish to answer re the financing debate.

    1. Did Sean Power speak up about the Nevada law suit during the debate or not?

    2. Was the Price Waterhouse report witheld from the assembly?

    3. Has WEB seen an in principle offer letter from AIB to Harcourt re the development.

    4. Who will underwrite the Bank guarantees.

    5. Are the whole council of ministers economical with the truth or is it just FW?

    The Irish Times this week reported that Harcourt had sold a 30million property in central London…………I wonder why they are liquidating assets……………I wonder if the States of Jersey ( ie you and me ) will be expected to underwrite the bank guarantees………..??

    Power to The People………………keep up the good work………………

  4. Davros Le Sueur

    Bravo Stuart!

    You are proof that a vote is not wasted when its for the right person.

    Lets hope the ‘big’fish get caught as well.
    Also, a culprit being dead is no reason for hiding the truth.

    Keep up the fight you and Lenny have decent Jersey on your side.

  5. Anonymous

    True, much of what appears to be happening in Jersey is worrying. Many valid points made on this and other sites. Others in my view less so but that’s the value of open debate and free speech in a democracy-still the least worst form of government.
    However, to publicise the name of a person who has merely been arrested when he has not been charged is nothing short of hypocritical and arrogant in extremis. This isn’t the only site where this person has been named and spoken about with an air of the presumption of guilt. Well publicised objections to inadequate separation of executive and judicial functions in Jersey do not sound good coming from someone who has used his poition as a politician to sit himself as judge and jury (and detective?). Bad move. I’m appalled. It remains to be seen whether the person concerned is eventually deemed guilty of anything (by a jury, not by a blogger). Words fail me. THis naming has been obscene.

  6. Stuart Syvret

    Re naming of Danny Wherry.

    Sorry – but I make no apologies for naming Wherry.

    I did, in fact, name him in a blog some time ago. Here is the quote:

    “Then things become even more despicable.

    Many of the victims were called to an utterly bizarre evening meeting at the Social Services’ headquarters – where they were confronted, as they describe it – “with a table full of adults”.

    This assemblage of Social Services finest was led by one Danny Wherry.

    Remember that name for future reference as well – Danny Wherry.”

    And I think there is a good deal of confusion in your argument.

    Wherry has been released without charge this morning – but what may not be clear from the press stories is that he has been released “pending further enquiries”.

    He is still – very much – in the frame for various issues.

    Turning to your argument – re separation of powers, you appear not to have noticed that I’m not a police officer, I’m not a prosecutor – and I’m most certainly not a member of the judiciary.

    Therefore – I don’t have to be ‘impartial or objective’. That isn’t my job.

    My job is to represent my constituents in the best ways I think I can. And I have a significant number of constituents who are victims of the Jersey child abuse disaster, in one way or another.

    These are people who have been treated like dirt, ignored, ridiculed, betrayed and denied justice; many of them have wrecked lives. Indeed – some are no longer with us – having committed suicide.

    No one in the jersey establishment – over the decades – has properly represented these people. So I am damn well doing everything in my power to compensate in some small way for that sustained, past failure by the authorities in Jersey.

    Remember – I’m not in any way part of the policing or judicial apparatus of Jersey – so I don’t need to be neutral. And having spoken with many victims in the course of the last 16 months – people of all ages from several generations – I am in a position to know a good deal about these cases which is not yet in the public domain, including a variety of documentary evidence.

    So am I going to be soft on the accused people? No Damn Way.


  7. Anonymous

    Headlines in last night’s JEP…”DON’T BLAME ME”….

    I have always thought that a good boss should give credit and encouragement to all those under him, who do something well. Also, he should take the blame for anything they do wrong. Frank and his Council of Ministers should and must take the blame for what has gone wrong, not only with the Waterfront most recently, but also with the child abuse horrors. Frank’s comment, used as the headline last night, was immature, flippant and not what we, the ordinary islanders, would expect of a chief minister.

    I wish you luck with the vote of ‘no confidence’. I hope you win and it will be good riddance to bad rubbish.

    The Council of Ministers are nothing but an embarrassment to this Island, a council completely out of their depth.

    Keep up the good work Stuart!!!

  8. Krakow Crapaud

    Re: They will collapse under the weight of their own decadence like ancient Rome.

    A state of moral or artistic decline or deterioration.Yup!

    Well said Stuart, I’ve been mumbling and grumbling about decadence in Jersey probably since 11K arrived, I can’t remember.

    It’s hard to keep up with all that’s going on from Kraków, but most noticeable are the Jersey media’s inconsistency and the greed and arrogance that is evident within the SOJ, shame.

    People here can’t believe that Jersey would allow anyone to go without. It does deny logic that that a place that boasts so much wealth cares so little for it’s people.

    I met someone recently who works for a recruitment firm here, their job is to source people from all over the world to work in Jersey’s finance industry. Why? Save money I guess.

  9. Anonymous

    WHY do you have a link to Planet Jersey on your blog????
    They are anti Lenny Harper, deny the abuse scandle and are extremly right wing and establishment / financed biased.

  10. Stuart Syvret

    Re “Don’t Blame Me”.

    I understand where you’re coming from; certainly – for all kinds of reasons – Frank & Co. are a busted flush – and we should be rid of them.

    But you argue that politicians should take the blame when their staff get it wrong. And, certainly, that is the traditional view.

    But I don’t think it is a view which has sufficient sophistication to adequately serve the public good.

    Politicians should – most certainly – be accountable for their errors. But – very highly paid, so-called experts should also be accountable for their own errors.

    This just doesn’t happen at present – and, believe me, it just isn’t serving the public good.

    Child protection disaster? Toxic ash dumping? Where were the professional who should have prevented these things? How many of them were ever held to account?

    Looking at the history of the ash dumping, the senior culpable officers were largely unconcerned about the controversy – because they knew perfectly well that if things got too hot – the public could be placated through the catharsis of terminating the career of some mug and dupe of a politician.

    And they – the very expensive clowns actually reasonable for the gross professional errors – would carry on as usual – drawing their vast salaries, accruing their vast pensions – and carrying on making the same balls-ups as before.

    That’s how it works in reality – and it most certainly aint in the public good.

    Frank’s Chief Executive, Bill Ogely, earns approaching £250,000 per annum. That’s an awful lot of tax-payers money.

    Money he is paid for his supposed professionalism and skills.

    Whatever blame attaches to Walker over the Waterfront disaster – Ogley also carries the can – indeed, given that he is the very expensive “professional” at the heart of Big Frank’s team – he should actually carry most of the culpability.

    He should be sacked. He won’t be, of course. As I’ve remarked elsewhere – one of Frank’s greatest deficiencies is his complete inability to hold civil servants to account.

    Of course – there is an obvious danger of going to the opposite extreme – in which politicians are able to make gross errors – and simply axe a couple of civil servants to sate public anger. The solution is for everyone – politicians, expensive professionals and the public – to all understand the appropriate distribution or responsibility – and expectations.

    Personally – if I’m spending £250,000 of tax-payers money on a so-called professional – I expect them to perform accordingly.

    But, as I’m saying – don’t let irresponsible and incompetent civil servants hide behind politicians.


  11. Stuart Syvret

    Re Planet Jersey

    I have the link because I like to be reasonably plural and accommodating of differing opinions – within the bounds of reason.

    I will have a look at Planet Jersey. I don’t want to take the link off – but if they are posting material which is utterly preposterous, I’ll have to reconsider.


  12. TonyB

    Just to mention, the information naming Danny Wherry is public domain – the Mirror and the Sun both carry the story in their online and print editions.

  13. Anonymous

    its not just no confidence in this lot

    but in how we have been governed for the last 100 years

    the role during the occupation, the treatment of equal pay, equality, low paymigrant workers, and of course children in care

  14. Anonymous

    the day of the vote start the day at a place of historical importance

    maybe the memorial to slave workers, and end the day somewhere equally important

    your making history, thats why the speech is so important

    maybe you could do it to camera for the web after you deliever it

    respect the past
    honour the future

  15. Anonymous

    Re; Don’t blame me…

    I take your point Stuart and of course you are right. The highly paid ‘experts’ you refer to and the senior civil servants are also bosses of their various departments and should of course be held accountable for their own work and that of their staff.

    An old friend once defined the word ‘expert’ to me. ‘Ex’ is an unknown quantity and a ‘spert’ is a drip under pressure!!

    Jersey seems to have quite a few of those at the moment.

    Keep going Stuart, we need you and take care.

  16. Anonymous


    You and Simon have been accused of stamping on people’s rights.

    It is worth reminding readers of your post on 6th May (Child abuse disaster).

    Remember The Maguires – a couple employed to look after children and did so through a regime of abuse. This infamous couple escaped prosecution and have been allowed to enjoy a retirement in France. No doubt funded by the tax payer by the continued payment of a States occupational pension. What happened to the children?

    ….”Many of the victims were called to an utterly bizarre evening meeting at the Social Services’ headquarters – where they were confronted, as they describe it – “with a table full of adults”.

    This assemblage of Social Services finest was led by one Danny Wherry.

    Remember that name for future reference as well – Danny Wherry.

    At this meeting the young victims present were told that the case against the McGuires was having to be dropped for “lack of evidence”, and that “the trial would be too stressful for the victims to endure.”

    This was, of course, a total and despicable pack of lies.

    A pack of lies, the motivation for which was concealing a scandal – and protecting senior civil servants from some hard questions as to how the abuse was able to continue unchecked for so many years.

    And had these young victims had even remotely competent – and even faintly ethical -legal representation, they would have been told it was lies, and that they could – and should – insist on the case against the McGuires continuing.

    But they were not told this. They were not correctly advised.”

    Where is their justice?

  17. Anonymous

    I thought the States got the summer off. Why is Frank on holiday during the States sitting?

  18. Anonymous

    Stuart, I’d be interested in your view of Sean Power’s silence and non voting during the Waterfront debate.

    He had knowledge about the Nevada lawsuits which he knew was authentic. Surely he should have stood up in the debate and made it absolutely clear that this was the case? In which case the debate may have been stopped before going any further and resulting in this mess?

    OK, so he emailed Walker, Le Sueur and Ozouf previously, but seeing that that hadn’t had any effect, you would have hoped that he should have had the guts and respect for his constituents to bring it up in the debate instead of saying quiet? Am I missing something?

    Also, The JEP reported that they had this information on the eve of the debate. Why the hell didn’t they see it as being in the Island’s interest to email every States Member immediately and contact FW and the other Ministers by phone?

    By not doing that, we are now faced with having to try to get a rescindment which may not be easy.

  19. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart,

    Maybe you can’t say, but I would like to know if UK’s ACPO exerted any undue influence on Lenny Harper. I take it for granted that they did – a reason I hold him in such high esteem. But what will happen to the investigation when he retires?


  20. Krakow Crapaud

    Meltdown! Has indefinite detention without charge got anything to do with the establishment’s fear of social unrest, dare I say it, upheaval? I can’t think of any other rationale that could be behind such a strange move.
    Dissidents arrested headlines on the way?
    Thisisjersey also has an article on you Stuart and your vote of no confidence in the Council of Ministers. A photo of Frank included though he is not even mentioned.
    Anyone know where he is?

  21. Anonymous


    On the Radio 4 Today programme this morning John Humphries stated that tomorrow is the anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta that enshrined the principle of Habeas Corpus (the right to appeal against unlawful imprisonment) into English constitutional Law.

    Increasing the length of detention without charge to 42 days in the UK almost brought down the Brown government.

    How timely is this then that it was announced in the JEP today that the Minister for Home Affairs decides without consultation and without notice that the citizens of Jersey can be held in custody without charge indefinitely.

    I’m beginning to believe that we are on the verge of martial law – with the ruling elite dictating with impunity. Or alternatively and perhaps more likely that the civil servants advising the government are trying to increase their stranglehold on society. I can’t believe that a Minister would dream this up all on her own.

    Come on you politicians – see the senior civil servants for what they are – your puppet masters!!

  22. K

    What about this insanity created by Wendy Kinnard? The police can now throw away the key! It’s not enough that Kinnard’s ministerial direction be rescinded, she needs to know, the whole council needs to know that they have stepped so far over the line, this time that there is no coming back from it. I assume the ability to hiold people in custody without charge has been brought in to protect civil servants and policemen from being named in the Haut de la Garenne investigation. By not having to go to a magistrate to get an extension to custody, their identity is protected. So much for a transparent investigation! But it also shows Kinnard’s incompetence, as she obviously hasn’t even considered the fact that she has just destroyed our most fundamental human rights. She’s got to go, they’ve got to go, Ministerial Directions must go.

  23. Anonymous

    I am going back to the naming of a person who was arrested without charge. Is this really fair on him and his family to be named in your blog like this? I brought this up on Planet Jersey yesterday because I thought this is a little mean Stuart. Surely the man deserves to keep face unless charged?

    I also go back to the comment about Planet Jersey being anti this and anti that. People complain about not having freedom of speech as long as it suits them. Planet Jersey has been nothing but a success since it started. I can only gather that the people who hate the forum are part of the 4 that have been barred for breaking the rules.

    Some of the comments about Planet Jersey on the anti finance website isthisjersey can only be described as childish and bitter.

    I see that Stuart is a member of Planet Jersey, but when will he post anything I wonder?????

    Terminator 4

  24. Dan

    If a person is caught dealing drugs, then the Viscounts (Bailiffs) can cease assets and cash from that person when they’re convicted.

    It would only be right, if the same applies to a care worker convicted of abuse.

    They should take back every penny which that person was paid.

    All money and assets seized could go towards compensation for those who were abused.

  25. Anonymous

    Idefinate detention is now in place – Surely our constitution doesn’t allow 800 years of legal principle to be overturned by one person without consultation

    Or can somebody tell me different?

  26. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart

    All very interesting reading.

    Lots of things have come out over the last few months.

    I have a feeling that there are many people within the establishment running scared – nd so they should be!

    So too should senior managers within H&SS, past and present, who should be named and shamed, suspended and prosecuted.

    there could be a roll of honour – the list would go on and on……with the following names as a starter for 10:

    Mike Pollard – CEO – still employed

    Marnie Baudain – Directorate Manager – still employed

    Anton Skinner – Ex Deputy CEO/Head of Childrens Services – retired

    Graham Jenkins – Ex CEO – retired

    James Le Feuvre – just what the hell does he do? – still employed

    Anne Homer – again just what the hell does she do? still employed

    Rose Naylor – Director of Nursing. still employed

    Gloria Le Leivre – ex Directorate Manager. retired

    Mike Tomkinson – ex senior manager. retired

    Ian Dyer – Directorate Manager.

    Mark Littler – Directorate Manager

    Angela Body – Directorate Manager

    There are also a list of clinicians – from the medical director right the way down to consultants in the work place.

    People may ask what on earth these people have to do with the blog and the abuse that has been uncovered.

    Well these people are over paid public servants who spent years feathering their own nest and covering their backs with constant lies and concealment. A breeding ground for history to repeat itself.

    In a word – corruption.

    Stuart current employees should be suspended. I cannot understand why Mike Pollard has not been suspended as it has been shown that he is a liar. Maybe he is in bed with Ogley, Walker & Co? Well there is no maybe about it – is there?

    Ex employees connected with the cover-up should have their pensions suspended too.

    The people of Jersey need to wake up and smell the coffee.

    Public Servants are costing the island a lot of money – and what sort of service are they providing?

    One of concealment, lies and corruption lead by spineless, incompetent people.

    A service to be proud of – I think not.

  27. Scorpiolady

    To Anon Aka Mean dean alias JTM from Planet Zog.
    You never give up do you ?
    What is really your problem ,do you not have a life outside of your little finance job ?Your Masters must be so proud of your attempts(not)!!
    I think you will find a lot of people boycotted the site,because of he way it was run, it’s moderators including youself left a lot to be desired .Balance was severely lacking.
    The banning and accusations levelled at posters if they did not agree with the pro-establishment tone runs to more than four.
    Witch hunts accusing people without any evidence of using multiple Id’s ,when you clearly do the same .Ever heard that expression ,”walk the talk”.

    Also more important is the fact that questions regarding the “greyStuff” matter were locked ,and hidden ,and never answered .

    So perhaps you would care to explain why a board which claims to be impartial ,is run by a company who specialising in spyware,and probbing of individuals computers ?

    Also on who’s authority are you engaged to do this covert spying?
    Given the present political climate,it is only fair that we have answers to these questions to make an imformed choice whether to post on a a board which has very dubious connections .

    So over to you Big Brother …..

  28. Anonymous

    Planet Jersey have been a success at shutting up anything about finance that they don’t want aired. Any person that doesn’t tow the line is banned. Why have these four people been banned? What have they done wrong? I thought censorship was the JEP’s area! I am not surprised Stuart hasn’t put anything on Planet Jersey. If he does bother I strongly suggest he stays off the finance topic, as anything that comes across as attacking finance will dealt with in the usual way. We mustn’t rock the boat and upset peoples feelings, or make JTM look silly.

    People are not bitter towards Planet Jersey they are just expressing their earnestly held views where they can. I had thought we were in a free society, maybe some people think we are in Zimbabwe? If Planet jersey want respect then they will have to earn it, until then they will be treated as a joke.

  29. Anonymous

    remember the Not The Nine O Clock News sketch arresting a man for wearing a loud shirt in a built up area beginning to sound familiar! Wendy Kinnard what are you thinking of in fact you obviously are incapable of intelligent thought

  30. Matthew Hopkins

    Apologies for the off-topic nature of this comment Stuart, but I’ve grown tired of seeing lies across various sites from people who seem to be connected to Planet Jersey.

    “Planet Jersey has been nothing but a success since it started. I can only gather that the people who hate the forum are part of the 4 that have been barred for breaking the rules.”

    What utter nonsense. Planet Jersey has been chugging along to suit the agenda of forum owner and previous election candidate Adrian Walsh since day one. A number of those banned from the forum have been silenced for asking awkward questions about the attitudes and motives of the forum Staff.

    It’s sad to have watched a forum which initially showed such potential to do good amongst the local online community, decline so quickly into nothing less than an online parallel/parody of Jersey under the Council of Ministers.

  31. Anonymous

    I love the way I am being portrayed as so many people! I must be GOD I am everywhere NOT!

    The people that have been barred from Planet Jersey were for VERY good reason. AHITS, and I have the e-mail evidence threatened the owner of the site. I subsequently got a lawyer to look at his blog and this is why he took it off so quickly and it will continue to be monitored. At least Adrian is not anon like AHITS and has the balls to say ‘this is who I am‘. The others were coming on talking absolute rubbish. We do not want idiots on Planet Jersey and we do not care if all they can do afterwards is make out that the forum is one sided. Anybody that reads the forum can see that we talk about everything without censorship. Even Stuart gets attacked sometimes. If we took such posts off then we would be going one sided. I understand that a load of posts have been taken off from isthisjersey lately. We know because we counted them from a poster who did not agree with the one sidedness of the site. Our STATS are very good. We have support from many areas. Like it or lump it, Planet Jersey is here to stay and if you are barred, stop throwing your toys and try to get a life.


  32. Anonymous

    Who can govern Jersey? Who is fit to? There are those that might do it. Ben Shenton, Simon Crowcroft, Collin Egre, Sean Power, Jackie Hilton, Roy le Herissier. These have abilities.
    Depends how they decide to form up and work together. I think they are an alternative.


  33. Anonymous

    like somebody else said Stuart.
    They slag you,Lenny Harper and anybody who does not tow the COM line, off.
    Please, they are not worthy of a link on your site.

  34. Anonymous

    I think this ‘my forum or blog’ is better war has to stop. If people really want change this Autumn they have to start helping each other.

  35. Derek

    Hi Stuart….

    With all the scandal and mis-management by the soj being revealed here, in the jep etc. i am starting to get seriously disillusioned with island life.

    Never have i seen/heard of such a bunch of low-life, money grabbing, heniously incompetent bl**dy idiots!

    From the child abuse enquiry to gst to the states own guantanamo–a-like “behave or we’ll lock you up until we’re back from holiday” debacle these absolute nuggets have behaved in the most abhorrent and arrogant manner…

    When i arrived in the island you always heard of certain peaople in power haveing the proverbial finger in pies, but the truth is actually far more ludicrous!

    I really want to vote in these forthcoming elections but such is my disillisionment that i really dont know what my small parish vote can achieve….especially since i dont know who is lying and who (if any) are telling the truth???

    Sad, but true….

  36. Local Boy In The Photograph

    It’s the ‘anonymous’ bod again…

    Thank you very much for respecting my privacy and for taking the trouble to cut,paste, etc. You did not have to do that.
    I have posted this with a blogging name-
    “Local Boy In the Photograph”.
    At least that way I’m distinguishable.

  37. Res nullius

    Dan “If a person is caught dealing drugs, then the Viscounts (Bailiffs) can cease assets and cash from that person when they’re convicted. It would only be right, if the same applies to a care worker convicted of abuse.”

    Whilst on the face of it you are absolutely right in what you say, a drug dealer can only have confiscated that amount which can be realised to cover the extent of the benefit he or she has received from drug trafficking.

    If, for instance, it can be shown that the dealer has benefited from drug dealing to the tune of £500 and no more, that is all that can be confiscated.

    This law does not apply to offences such as those being investigated because their wealth or asset will not be deemed to be a proceed of their crime.

    However, there are other avenues which can be explored to ‘compensate’ victims.

    The court may award a sum in compensation – usually inadequate. Otherwise it is possible to bring a civil action if the convicted party has assets worth taking.

    The old rule which prevents actions from being bought after a certain amount of years was recently overturned by the House of Lords in a UK rape case where the rapist won the lottery whilst on day release from prison.

    It is quite possible that most of those eventually convicted in this enquiry are likely to own their own house, car, savings etc.

    The older ones are also likely to have paid off their mortgages by now so, with house prices rocketing as they are, the realisable asset is also growing.

    The bottom line is that there are ways and means of tearing a strip of these people.

  38. Anonymous

    Hi. have been reading this blog for a while now with great interest. I was raised in jersey to uk born parents and now live in the uk, having been put off returning when the states decided that i had been away too long and clearly didnt have enough commitment to jersey plc.

    It seems to me that the proverbial mess is hitting the fan – the way jersey is run has seemed wrong to me for many years – as a teen i used to use the term fascist, which although very accurate to describe many govts (jsy, uk, us etc) is a term that i find is tutted at.

    jersey is a microcosm for the world. money rules. prejudices thrive. secrets are held. the island is potentially great, but has been ruined, steadily, by greed… haut de la garenne can be seen as symbolic of that desire for power, that greed, that control, that victoria college clubbability which always stood out to me. bold and honourable attempts at establishing democracy, not just a meaningless vote for, generally, a fat bean in love with himself and looking after him and his boys, have been swiftly dealt with. good people are pilloried and mocked, the island’s public insulted (‘we dont need a party system, its too small’ means no, we would lose our power).

    if ‘the net is closing’ and things are to fall apart, the there is hope. I know that the investigation is moving on, as many people have been spoken to, many other previous cover ups revealed – wait to see how many of those arrested and released were in fact reported years ago, and moved sideways, and the people who blew whistles deliberately kept down.

    when this falls apart, it will be beautiful – not in a vindictive way for i bear the island no ill will, and never could, but beautiful as the jersey people, and the brits, the portuguese and poles who now call it home (and who too often face unacceptable abuse, as i did when jersey kids would innocently repeat what their parents said about us foreigners) will have an island that is not just stunning, but that looks after them, that uses its wealth skills and resources to improve things – how can such a rich island have such a drug problem, such disenfranchsement – because people know they are not represented or deemed useful.

    this will change
    this must change

    keep the good fight going


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