And Who May Never be Found.

Jersey Media Reports the “End of the Murder Enquiry”.

A person left a comment on my blog, which I reproduce below this post.

I’m asked for information concerning reports which have appeared in the Jersey media to the effect that “the Police have dropped the murder enquiry”.

As I have explained on many previous occasions in this blog, the Jersey media are totally crap.

So – yes, the Jersey Evening Post splashed a huge headline to the effect that the murder investigation had been abandoned.

This tragic attempt to rubbish the work of the Police was laughable in a strange kind of way, as it served as further evidence – as though it were needed – of The Rag desperately trying to push the Jersey establishment agenda.

And BBC Jersey – in marked contrast – please note – to the BBC at national level – is also crap.

Indeed, it seems to pursue the very same agenda as the JEP.

So – sure enough – the thrust of the BBC Jersey headline was ‘murder enquiry called off.’

So what, then, is the truth?

The murder enquiry has not been called off.

What the States of Jersey Police, in fact, announced was that the fragment of a child’s skull had proven impossible to date accurately, but the best forensics could say was that it may be early 20th century.

So they couldn’t regard it as evidence of murder in respect of their investigation into historic abuse since 1945.

But – the Police have announced today that they have found further bone fragments and children’s teeth in their excavation of one of the punishment cellars.

This is also not to lose sight of the fact – before the JEP pops too many Champaign corks at a Police “failure” – that the fragment of skull previously found may still have come from a murdered child – but maybe from 80 years ago? If so, that child remains every bit as much a tragic victim as the more recent victims.

To be clear, the scene remains the site of an ongoing enquiry into potential homicides with further digs being undertaken.

The Police are to bring in ground-penetrating radar to continue their work.

One might have gleaned this from reading the small print of the local Jersey media, or listening closely – but you could be forgiven for having gained the impression that the investigation into possible murders was over – if you just relied on the headlines.

Personally – I really, really hope that there were no child killings related to that place.

If the Police were ultimately happy to conclude – categorically- that no deaths had occurred – that would be a weight off my mind.

Knowing what many of the surviving victims went through – having listened to them – the thought of what any murdered children must have gone though makes me feel cold with horror.

This is just my opinion – not an ‘informed’ comment – but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Police did not find any human remains which could be definitively linked to child killings at Haute de la Garrene.

But that inability to find definitive evidence for murders does not mean that they didn’t happen.

A great deal of re-construction work has been undertaken at the site over the decades. Grounds, floors, basements etc have been altered, dug out and changed. Much of this work may have been perfectly innocent.

But some of it may have been undertaken precisely to disguise, destroy, scatter or remove the remains of the children.

And we have the recent discovery of two large pits which were dug in the late 1970’s by a contractor. He was employed to dig two deep pits in the grounds – and then come back the next day and re-fill them again.

He asked what the purpose of this strange task was, and he was told “that’s none of your concern.”

When he returned the next day to fill them, about a metre of lime had been placed in the bottom.

Now – why would the institution go to the expense of employing a man with a digger – to come and excavate two deep pits in the lawn behind the building – put a metre-odd of lime in the bottom of each pit overnight – and then have the man come back the next day to refill the holes and level-off the ground?

What is the usual reason why people dig deep pits and put a load of lime in them?

Of course – there could – possibly – be an innocent explanation for this most strange conduct.

But you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to think of decidedly non-innocent explanations.

Given the propensity of lime to break-down human remains.

So if – and I accept it is an “if” – the purpose of these pits was to dispose of the remains of killed children – the lime may have destroyed them.

Even if the remnants of children were disposed of in these holes – there may now simply be no trace of them.

But there are other, evidenced, reasons why no definitive remains may be found.

And I’m sorry if this upsets people – but I feel it should be known.

A workman – a possibly very important witness – came to me with information.

Information which I quickly passed onto the States of Jersey Police Force.

He came to me first as he hadn’t had an entirely happy experience with the police in years gone by.

He explained to me what he had seen, and even provided a written explanation – and drew a map of the site – on which he pin-pointed the areas which troubled him.

Some years ago – I won’t be definitive for legal reasons – he was driving trucks to and from Haute de la Garrene during one of its various phases of “renovation”.

The loads consisted of rubble, earth, hardcore, builders waste and similar materials. During one of these journeys, he saw a significant number of bones amongst the rubble he was to take for disposal.

He remarked on this to his foreman, who blithely asserted they were ‘animal bones’, and ‘not to worry about it’.

Trucks with this kind of inert waste – rubble, and so forth – would be driven to the various land reclamation sites which extend out from around St. Helier’s harbour.

There the loads would be dumped – amongst hundreds of thousands of tonnes of similar waste from the island’s construction industry.

These in-filing operations go on for years – until we have an area of new land.

Land of sufficient depth and elevation to cope with Jersey’s 13 metre tides.

If the broken and scattered remains of children were dug out from where they had been hidden by their killers – and taken within trucks of rubble and dumped down amongst the accumulated debris of decades in St. Helier’s land reclamation sites – then they are lost to us.


Their very existence almost passed from human knowledge.

Now I cannot set eyes on the vast areas of these land reclamation sites and not ask the question –

‘Are you in there – somewhere?

Are the once animate fragments of your brief existence scattered and settled?

Amongst the builders’ rubble, old paint cans, asbestos and toxic incinerator ash?’

I like to imagine myself as a rational thinker. I’m not religious, and I don’t believe in mystical powers. But as I look out over St. Helier’s ‘Waterfront’ – and ponder the accreted depth of land beneath roads, office-blocks, industrial sheds, fuel tanks, night clubs and fast-food joints – I cannot but wish for the existence of some kind of psychic power – a means of reaching back across time and between the realms of life and death – and just, somehow, searching for them – emotionally reaching out to any children there.

Just searching – and trying to reach out to them.

But in reality – I just look at those vast sedimentations, grown like a cancer around St. Helier, and think it possible that children, abandoned, perhaps, who’s existence was never even recorded – who may have lived a short life – suffered appallingly – then been murdered – may lay in fragments amongst the filth – waiting for that inevitable release brought by rising and eroding tides. Perhaps within decades.

Are – or are not – the remains of killed children scattered and hidden?

The Police may simply be – ultimately – unable to answer that question.

One way or the other.

The investigation into possible homicides may reach an inconclusive terminus.

We may simply never know.

And it’s the not-knowing I find hard.

So – just in case – whenever I look at St. Helier’s land reclamations sites – I try, in my non-religious way – to offer out a silent thought. As though acknowledging that this may be the resting-place of children could briefly bring some kind of balm to the wounds by which they were removed from this life.

Vanished and forgotten children may not lay fragmented through these dumps – but equally – they might.

We just may never know.


Comment from Elaine

Can Stuart, or any of the readers of this very blog, perhaps confirm or deny what I was told a couple of days ago;

I do not live in Jersey, nor do I listen over Internet to local radio stations, however, my sister told me that she definitely heard it said on BBC Radio Jersey that the murder inquiry at H de la G has been called off. I.e. finished, over and done with. How can this be possible?

Did anyone else hear this? Sorry to use your wonderful blog as a questioning board Stuart, but very little news is getting out from Jersey now, and all I seem to get is whatever goes on Sky, which I know is generally very accurate, or whatever text messages I get from family and friends who are still there.

Also, I recently read an article, can’t remember if it may have been from the rag online, that Jersey prison is not adequate for the amount of prisoners it holds today. This is something I have been very concerned about, as if there are so many ‘accused’ to be arrested and tried, will they all get sent home at the end of it cos there is no room to put them where they belong, behind bars?

From a very concerned Elaine.

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  1. Frank

    Any normal person who would like to consider themselves a human being would only be concerned that the truth came to light and that the victims got proper support .Is it possible for members of the Jersey establishment to be checked out to see whether they have a soul or is it that they have something to hide , as their defensiveness seems to imply .
    By the way did you get a response from Jack Straw ? Maybe I missed it.

  2. Anonymous


    The local media may be silent but 21400 unique readers are reading your blog and continue to comment

    Your blog is important in an island without legal access to information and a partisan media. It’s good to have such a facility

    I hope that the blog and its popularity is hitting JEP sales.

    The investigation continues,inevitably there are more questions being raised and so we await the findings however distasteful they may be. I too hope there are no deaths, the emerging stories of abuse are bad enough without the issue of children suffering violent deaths.

    In the face of media silence
    I shall continue to spread the word about accessing your blog.

    You have friends on the island and you are not alone.

    Walk tall Stuart – you’ve earned the right

  3. Anonymous


    Cellars, bone fragments, blood stained items, lime pits, shackles, children’s milk teeth, concrete bath, all within a 100m radius, plus victim testimony, establishment collusion :-

    The whole is greater than the sum of the parts methinks

  4. Anonymous

    Two points, Stuart:

    1. An American psychologist (L. Shengold) wrote a research paper in (?) 1979 entitled, “Soul Murder” – the victims might understand this emotive description.

    2. A commmon means of child disposal is by burning, usually after accelerants being used. Some Jersey residents might have their memories jogged by this, e.g unexplained fires; weird rumours. Jersey has the hallmarks of this nadir.

    Those who help trauma survivors will have heard of this many times from their patients/clients.

    Also, Stuart, ask the victims about the night terrors that they have had for years.

  5. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart

    The Daily Telegraph seems to be a consistent reporter of ongoing findings in the Haut De La Garenne case.

    Not a paper I would normally support, but in this case it is usually first with the most up to date news.

    Almost makes me want to be a capitalist.

  6. Anonymous

    “As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air – however slight – lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.” – William O. Douglas (1898-1980)

  7. Krakow Crapaud

    The media in Jersey are, and always have been, vexatious.

    They attempt to control conscience and consciousness through deceit and intimidation.

    The people of Jersey have been failed historically by a system that puts money before all else.

    The media and government of Jersey now see this failure of especially the vulnerable, weak or ill, as the natural order of things which needs to be maintained.

    It will be maintained on May the first as once again many will be forced to beg for money to buy decent food and clothing.

    Over the years I have realised that the Jersey secret is to make people believe that even the most basic of human rights are actually only granted them by the benevolence and generosity of the wealthy and privileged. The media are the perfect tool.

  8. Anonymous

    We are in darkness, who will shine a light to lead us out?.

    We will shine our own light and lead ourselves out of the dark,there are many of us who can and will shine that light. We will never give up the fight, we can fight back in many ways, everyone mail the JEP and tell them your feelings, batter them with mails, show your support and tell them that you will never give up.

    Also sign this petition and get everyone you know to sign it.

    Jim Browne

  9. Anonymous

    Contact from the UK mainland to say that there is a full page feature in “The Times” today (Wednesday)on the investigation on Jersey. This expresses concern at a number of matters, including the actions of the Bailiff in appointing a convicted paedophile to the Police.

    It also covers the pits at the former home and the fact that lime was used in these.

    Stuart is mentioned too and given full marks for his efforts.

    There has been good coverage before in this paper and I take it that Murdoch is not a Freemason, or establishment lackey.

    I have read the other comments and wondered how it could be that children have “disappeared”. Were there no records kept of children entering the home? How did they fail to maintain registers and get away with it as well as the rest?

  10. Stuart Syvret

    Re: “Two points”

    You speak of fire being a common means of destroying the bodies of children.

    I didn’t put this in the blog post – these things are upsetting enough as it is.

    But – the same witness, the man who contacted me and drew a map of the site, was also emphatic about the frequent lighting of bonfires at Haute de la Garrene in the 1970’s.

    He recalled that he, and other people he knew, had remarked upon the strangely frequent lighting of large fires in a particular location of the site.

    At the far side of the field behind the building – about as far away from the road as one could get in the grounds of the place.

    Where it would be pretty much impossible for any casual passer-by in the lane to see what it was that was being consigned to the flames.

    As I said with the lime pits – there might be an innocent explanation for the weekly lighting of substantial fires at the distant rear of the institution.

    But it isn’t difficult to think of other reasons.


  11. Anonymous

    Re: the fires, Stuart:

    The residua is usually then buried so there will be forensic bits to discover, but, as I empahisised, the evidence is in the repressed memories of the victims. “Repressed” because such were so traumatic. There are scientific means to access this, and have been available for well over a decade – the police don’t understand this! I have helped many such survivors who would readily identifiable in the jersey cohort.

  12. Anonymous

    “As I said with the lime pits – there might be an innocent explanation for the weekly lighting of substantial fires at the distant rear of the institution.

    But it isn’t difficult to think of other reasons”


    I find it frustrating to drip feed as I have been doing here for a few weeks, but it seems the only way. Historically, police have tended to produce evidence fot the jury trial and omit that which may damage the case by being so unbelievable – to the jury! So no one gets to know the full extent of severe abuse of our children – therefore, the children have to shoulder the burden of their own abuse; and thus increase their huge guilt with serious repercussions.

    BTW, you might find that things will hot up for you if you resolutely persevere with this! Frightened VIPs become very nasty. A pathogonomic feature.

  13. Anonymous

    why are all the other deputies and senators
    so quiet? Why are they not challenging the
    obvious cover ups and bad practice of recent
    events? They were voted in to represent the
    people because they were trusted and yet their
    silence is deafening. Where is their integrity?
    do they hope that if they keep their heads down
    this will all go away?

  14. Dan

    Just reading a new article written by Patrick Muirhead, the former Channel TV news reader/reporter.

    “After seven years as a BBC Radio 4 newsreader, I was briefly the anchorman of the nightly local ITV news in the Channel Islands, an experience etched in my memory as dismal, embarrassing and shaming. I was shackled from pursuing any punchy journalism in a laughably amateurish TV outfit for fear of upsetting the station’s friends, outmanoeuvred by an ambitious co-host and unwelcome in an island where I was an outsider.”

    Link to story:

    I only wish he’d found out what the local media is like, before taking a job with them!

  15. Mike

    Muirhead admitted several years ago that, for different reasons, he was useless while at Channel TV:-

    “But from the outset I was spectacularly unsuited to the work: my eyesight was so poor that I had to squint to read the teleprompt, thus appearing to resemble a leering Wilfred Brambell rather than the silvery host of the small screen; I was so deaf that I constantly missed vital cues whispered into my earpiece, such as when to speak, when to shut up and where to look. I could have been caught staring into space 100 times had not my co-host covertly jabbed my thigh behind our little smoked-glass coffee table. These failings flustered me, were embarrassing and made me bratty. Quickly I became the brittle egomaniac of TV fable, so uneasy was I about fouling up.”

  16. Anonymous

    The situation is harrowing and sickening enough as it is, yet still little happening as far as arrests, or at least people being questioned. Why the delays? Who is being protected? Why are they being protected?

    The victims seek justice and so does everyone else on their behalf. It is an outrage.

    What appalls me is the potential numbers of children who may have been subjected to the abuse, or worse. I was thinking about the scale of it and how it would be possible to establish the numbers with some precision. It would be possible to look at the children whose births were registered in Jersey in the years in question. Quite a time scale in fact. Then look at the marriages for girls and deaths for both sexes. I should think this could be done quite easily using computers using the births, marriages and deaths database. In addition,the names of children born in Jersey could be published with an appeal for all of these to report their whereabouts/existence today. This should cover the children who left the island and would not be reflected in these records.

    Any other ideas? A genealogist might be bale to offer some suggestions on tracing people.

    I don’t suggest this would be 100% accurate but it could give a clue as to how many there are missing.

  17. Anonymous

    Re: births, etc.

    Some children at the nadir (I strongly suspect that there is a continuum of severe abuse in all of this) do not have birth certificates. It is certain that family doctors will be involved. The key is who they are. I bet some of the survivors know of some?

  18. Anonymous


    Will we read an upcoming JEP report that islanders are forced to choose between the expense of future protection from known paedophiles and ongoing police investigation of past paedophilia? That seems to be the implication of the current issue.

    A betting person might do well predicting establishment plans to block further disclosures at Haut de la Garenne.


  19. Anonymous


    We can now see the cover up starting to come into force, Lenny Harper going off the Job and a new guy taking over, the same guy who was invovled in Operation Rose here on the mainland, Bryn Estyn, need i say anymore.

    Jim Browne

  20. Anonymous

    Re: the betting person

    I soon as I read that the hugely impressive Lenny Harper went to see the senior police bosses in London I knew the writing was on the wall: The inquiry will be truncated just like the West case in Gloucester. The ACPO is the pits in child abuse – it must be some sort of political influence, somehow? Now if you had a few terrorist bombers in Jersey I am sure they would do a good job!

  21. Anonymous


    What are the facts about forthcoming arrests? There are a lot of rumours circulating but nothing yet from “our Lenny”

    I do not believe that it is part of police procedure to announce to the press that arrests will be made in one week’s time.
    I appreciate that Mike Pollard allowed a paedophile to resign and return to the UK but I cannot see a police force alerting potential suspects in this manner.

    I will await a statement from the police. Probably have to read it in the Times because the “rag” won’t give it space.

    I suspect that the police investigation is ongoing and we need to wait.

    Don’t worry, I am sure the Bailiff will be available to provide advice to the police should they need it.

    Has anybody noticed the continued silence by the rag on the police investigation.
    Does anybody else notice that they are concentrating on billion pound bridges to France (how much does that work out per islander). No doubt the idea will be floated for the tax payer to pay for a feasibility study.

    Note to politicians, why would the French want to build a bridge to this rock? Then there is the rag’s other big story – bull semen imports; My God will that attract GST!

    This island – life enriching or what!

  22. Anonymous

    Simon Bellwood’s recent revelations on Mike Pollard’s behaviour are truly awful. (refer to his blog 20/4/04, Senator Syvret my views3)

    The blog is difficult to read but the nuggets of information coming from that blog are very thought provoking.

    Last year you were accused by the deputy CEO of being mentally unbalanced. Your email demonstrates your fair-minded and just approach.

    It appears that 3 senior civil servants kept a minister in the dark on child protection issues. The same individuals also abused their position and spoke as the corporate parent which is clearly not their role.
    Did you get any of the information you requested and are you prepared to publish it.

    How many politicians knew of these facts when you were removed from office?

  23. Anonymous


    Heard an interview with Lennie Harper’s replacement on Radio Jersey this morning. Felt very uneasy after this. He seemed a little too slick for my liking, whole lot of stuff about listening to people on the island, how welcome he has been made etc, etc. I’m concerned he’s been seduced by the lifestyle and gone native already and he hasn’t even arrived yet!

    Perhaps I’m being unfair, but I’ve seen it happen to so many others.

    Lets hope it is not Lennie Harper – Haut La Garenne RIP

  24. Anonymous

    & said CEO, O.V. & defender of I. Le F now finds himself Acting Director at Planning, working for an I. Le F endorsed, O.V. Planning (& Environment) Minister.

    The Jersey Way.

  25. Anonymous

    Waiting for a reply from Jack Straw is lik4e waiting for the next millenium to come round. I asked Jack Straw why a paedophile was allowed to contribute towards a government consultation paper on the family courts. I wrote to Bridget Prentice for some answers to the same question. That was in January and I’m still waiting.

    Time for another letter, I guess, registered post, so that I know it was recieved. At least I’m giving the Post Office plenty of business!

    from Zoompad

  26. Anonymous


    Just seen front page of todays JEP. There’s a photograph of someone who’s retiring from St Marks hostel. This establishment apparently supports teenagers with problems.

    In the back row of the photograph is none other than Anton Skinner.

    Has the man no shame!

  27. Anonymous


    Over the last couple of months your blog has provided information about children’s services in the island.

    To aid public confidence in the service we have a plethora of review and inquiry set up. There is also one person suspended.

    Mike Pollard and his colleagues have been shown to be complicit in the poor standards. They have acted at all times to maintain the culture that is so obviously entrenched. It seems that it is not just the children’s service and H&SS is not adhering to high standards.

    In the hospital in the last few weeks we have heard of the problems of dirty wards. One ward in particular – Corbiere seems to have real problems. The JEP reports dutifully that there is an active programme to close the wards to allow them to be deep cleaned.
    The hospital spokesperson states that it has been difficult to keep the wards clean because tiles are chipped and wall paper is peeling.

    Is there no programme of maintanence to avoid such problems? Surely the hospital is responsible under the health and safety law. How many people are picking up infections in the hospital and suffering the consequences?
    Can we have the hospital’s policy on the prevention of infection?
    Can we also have the hospital’s records of compliance with it’s policy?
    To what standard did Corbiere ward comply over the last five years?

    Is it correct that the person leading the project to clean the hospital is the ward sister on Corbiere? What training has this person had in infection control and safe estate management?

    The hospital is also in the news about equipment failure which resulted in the death of a patient.
    How does Richard Lane know at this stage that it was equipment failure?
    Why does he not mention human error?
    Has an investigation been launched and can we have the report?
    Perhaps we could look at record of safety in this area. How does the hospital compare to UK standards? Is there a record of compliance with standards?

    A child died in Robin ward, why was the child not in intensive care? Has an investigation been launched, into the decisions that were made in the clinical management of the child? Was the case beyond the competence of the hospital?
    Did the hospital seek advice from experts? Who were those experts?
    What will prevent this happening again?

    There has also been a recent maternal death – however this has not been reported in the JEP. Why is this?

    The hospital does not have to publicise it’s safety record. Nor does it have to undertake external inspection of its performance

    Nobody is accountable if things go wrong, systems are not examined and everything is put down to tragic incidents.

    Mike Pollard and chums continue to receive their salaries and membership of a final pension scheme.

    Is anything going to change?

  28. Anonymous

    I told the police that my medical documents have been tampered with, and my social work records have dissapeared.

    That was 2 years ago. When I asked the policeman that surely it is a crime to tamper with a person’s medical records, the policeman hummed and ahhed and said he didn’t think it was actually a criminal offence to tamper with a person’s medical records. It really upset me, it left me totally devestated.

    I just wonder, are there any laws to protect people like me, or are all the laws of the land simply there to protect abusers?

    I feel like an alien in this country. I don’t think I have any real rights at all. They can do exactly whatever they like, if they want to, and who can stop them?

    from Zoompad

  29. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart,

    If I could give you strength, I would, I have much, yet I still have to learn how to direct it. I am a warrior, I am at home in the forest.

    On Saturday I was lost in the city, the noise, the smoke, the decadence. I ran seven kilometres to see a tree, not my tree, my guide at this time. I put my hands on his trunk and he was roaring with anger and frustration, trying to tear his roots from the soil.

    If I was able, I would go now to my beautiful cliffs, feel the power of the Atlantic swell below, the wind in my hair, the sun on my face and know that, yes, I really do love my island, truly, in my heart and soul.

    You are not alone Stuart and you never will be.


  30. jim browne

    My blood boils when I hear about that hospital in jersey and many questions run through my head. The poor child who died of an alleged blood Poisoning, why was she not flown off the Island to a mainland hospital for help. Did this hospital not owe this child a duty of care. That seems to be the main problem in Jersey, no one gives a duty of care to anyone.

    Come to sunny Jersey they say in the press for your holiday, what happens if you fall ill or have a accident, will they send you to that dirty hospital, looks like I will never go there. The tourist trade may take a big hit now, but I’m sure the JEP will make it all look nice.

    I have this vision of people trying to escape from the Island, but the Jersey establishment won’t allow them as they know too much. They are prisoners in their own homes.

    Lenny Harper should stay where he is and finish the job and not let anyone else take his place, don’t let them pay you off Lenny.

    Keep Richard Webster from your Island the writer of The Secret Of Bryn Estyn, he will turn the story around and tell people that the police are Trawling for victims and many poor workers are being blamed for abuse even though they didn’t do it. He takes the side of the abusers and calls victims liars, he loves using the word ‘Witch Hunt’.

    Going back to what Zoompad said about Socail Service records, I got mine not so long ago, might as well put them in the bin, nothing about me being in care or anything like that, last date was 1998 everything before that was missing.

    All we can do is keep fighting the system like Stuart and the more of us who stand up and be counted the better. We need some good MP’s behind us who will fight and not shy away from their leaders.

    We know the spooks are reading these comments and OUR govenment are not helping us. How many times have we heard an MP stand up in parliment and speak on our behalf, NEVER. How many letters have we recieved back from MP’s saying ‘Not my problem mate, go and see your own MP’ I have loads of them.

    The Pope now tells us he is sorry for what his Crew did to us, bit late now mate, tell that to the victims who killed themselves and their family’s. Saying sorry won’t bring the flocks back into the church.

    Remember people, stand behind Stuart and don’t allow him to fight by himself, we are many if we stand together.

  31. Anonymous

    Jim Browne said;

    ”I have this vision of people trying to escape from the Island, but the Jersey establishment won’t allow them as they know too much. They are prisoners in their own homes.”

    How right you are! However, I did manage to escape, but making a good life elsewhere in Europe is very hard with the inclusion in my passport that states;

    The holder is not entitled to benefit from European Community provisions relating to Employment or Establishment.

    This only being in my passport because I have Jersey parentage, and grand parentage.

    It will not however, ever stop me from supporting Stuart in any way possible, even from afar.

    Bravo Stuart, we are with you all the way.


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