[First posted on 2nd October 2008 – four years ‘PS’ (Pre-Savile) – From the archive on the Jersey child-abuse atrocities.]



A Cautionary storey.

And a Deeply Troubling Question.

Before I get into this post, I have to say I am addressing issues that some readers will find personally upsetting.

It is a long post – but, I feel, its length is merited given the importance of the subject.

I have written at such length, partly in the hope that many of those victims and witnesses who are out there – but who have so far chosen not to contact the police – will reconsider. Others have taken their courage in their hands – but they need the support of those who shared or witnessed their experiences.

These are the contact details:

States of Jersey Police: Historical Child Abuse Investigation.

Tel: 0800 735 7777.

NSPCC – UK-based dedicated helpline:

From within UK: 0800 169 1173.

From outside UK: +44 (0) 2078 257 489.

Should you wish to contact me, these are the details:


In a recent post I ran a Readers’ Quiz in which the question was ‘guess the identity of “The Pinball Wizard”?’

Sure enough – readers rapidly came up with the goods and correctly identified “The Pinball Wizard” as being recently retired Chief Executive officer of Jersey’s Education department – Tom McKeon.

So why did McKeon earn this nickname amongst a very substantial cohort of people who were in child custody during the 1980’s?

Well – in the early 1980’s McKeon was the Head of the then child secure unit, known as Les Chenes; this place having gradually taken over child imprisonment responsibilities from the infamous Haute de la Garenne, which closed in 1986.

While McKeon was the Head of the “school” – as it was euphemistically known – his Deputy Head was Mario Lundy.

McKeon, miraculously, worked his way up the Education hierarchy to become its Chief Officer – a position from which he retired only last Christmas. And – wouldn’t you know it – his side-kick, Lundy, followed the same career arc – and replaced McKeon as the Chief Officer of Education at the beginning of this year.

Now before going on – if you’re a Jersey tax-payer – bear in mind the following facts:

Both of these characters will have been – and still is in Lundy’s case – on a salary of circa £150,000 per annum – plus vast, two-thirds, final salary pension.

Just absorb the thought of those astronomical funds coming out of your pockets in tax – whilst you read the rest of this post.

Tom McKeon and Mario Lundy were both in the habit of routinely committing savage, violent assaults on the male children in their care.

And so ‘normalised’ were both men to this criminal conduct they thought nothing of blithely carrying out such assaults on an open basis – in front of other witnesses – children and adults.

And we are not talking about the occasional slap on the wrist or tweaked ear.

McKeon was known as “The Pinball Wizard” because such was his calculated propensity for violent child abuse – he even had the furniture in his office at Les Chenes arranged in such a way as to afford a nice, clear run-up to the walls of the room.

He was then able to grab children by the arm, take a run-up – and swing them –wrestling-fashion – so that the child would smash savagely against the walls.

Bouncing children off the walls and furniture in this way gave rise to the nick-name “The Pinball Wizard”.

So bad were some of these assaults, the sounds of the impacts and the screams of the children would be heard in other parts of the building.

But the assaults on children were not confined only to the office. Punching, pushing and slapping children was regarded as perfectly normal, acceptable conduct.

For example – on one occasion a female member of staff, wrongly, as it transpired, thought that a £5 note had been taken from her handbag. She went to McKeon and complained.

This is what happened.

McKeon stormed into the classroom where a number of children were having a lesson. These children were sat on high stools – of the kind you might find in a school science lab.

Amongst these children there happened to be a particular, troubled child – who was articulate and argumentative – and therefore particularly hated by McKeon & Lundy.

McKeon stormed up to this child – and punched him full in the face with a haymaker of a right-hook. The child in question was knocked flying backwards by the force of the punch, off the stool where he had been sitting.

As he lay, dazed, on the ground, McKeon then – to use the words of the victim himself – “he put a foot on my chest and kind of stood on me to keep me on the floor – and he was, like, screaming – I mean really screaming, you could see the purple veins bulging in his neck – “this is what we do to scum like you!””

This kind of behaviour from McKeon – recently retired Chief Officer of Education – was routine.

Just as it was for Mario Lundy – the present Chief Officer of Education.

Lundy committed violent assaults of a similar nature to those described above. He would be in the habit of punching children, slamming them against walls and doors, slapping them, grabbing them by the hair and generally treating them in an abusive manner.

For example, when Lundy was accompanying some children to the old swimming pool at Fort Regent, a child misbehaved – and was violently slapped around the head and then thrown to the floor by Lundy – with sufficient violence to break the child’s arm.

The child was taken to Accident and Emergency – where staff were told the injury “had been caused by an accident during sports at school.”

As a further illustration of just how ‘normalised’ violence against children was to Lundy, consider this.

A grown man – who is a survivor of Haute de la Garenne – explained this incident to me. This man’s son was a pupil at Granville School – by which time Lundy had become the Head Master of that institution. The man’s son had misbehaved in some way, so the man and his son had to go and see Lundy in his office to speak about the son’s behaviour.

Lundy – in the open presence of this child’s father – threatened to punch the child in the face. He made this threat of direct violence against this child in front of his father.

In addition to the routine, violent conduct of McKeon and Lundy themselves – both men tolerated – indeed, actively supported – similar conduct on the part of other members of staff.

For example, one Derek Carter, who worked at Les Chenes, was in the habit of using a tray to beat children over the head with. The same man was known to be commonly drunk during daytime working hours – yet McKeon & Lundy permitted him to drive the minibus in this state – it, apparently, being of no concern to them that this criminal conduct could lead to a crash in which many children might be killed and injured.

Tom McKeon and Mario Lundy are – for the type of violence described above – both suspects within the core-group of abusers being investigated by the States of Jersey Police.

And there are further examples of reprehensible behaviour on the part of McKeon – which I will return to later.

Much of the information described above, which has been made known to the Police, was uncovered by me during 2007 – in which period McKeon was still the Chief Officer of Education, and Lundy his deputy.

Let us now turn our consideration upon the conduct of present Education Minister – Senator Mike Vibert.

So, events are, by this stage in the latter half of 2007, in the political sphere. During September of that year, I was dismissed as Health & Social Services Minister on the supposed grounds that by “publicly criticising Jersey’s child “protection” apparatus, I was “undermining staff morale””.

I had made the first ever public utterance to the effect that things had gone very badly wrong in Jersey’s child “protection” system when I gave an honest answer to a question I was asked in the island’s parliament in July. I concluded my answer by saying words to the effect, “if I’m being asked do I have any confidence in Jersey’s child protection systems, honestly, I have to say no; and I’m going to commission an independent enquiry.”

I had spent much of the first half of 2007 conducting my own enquiries as Minister, so by the time that question was asked of me – I had accumulated through my own efforts, knowledge of some serious issues.

Though I didn’t know it at the time – my answer had caused wide-spread panic and fear amongst the ranks of Jersey’s senior civil service. People like Lundy & McKeon – and the Directorate Manager of Social Services, Marnie Baudains – will have known perfectly well the kind of issues I was uncovering – so immediately set about engineering my dismissal in a terrified effort to maintain the culture of concealment.

They thought – “get rid of Syvret – there will be a bit of a political fuss, but that won’t be our problem – and once he is out of the way, and the dust has settled, everything can go back to business as usual.”

A key fact which must be born in mind is that, at this stage – none of us – not me, not the civil servants, not the other Ministers – were aware of the covert Police investigation. Back in the summer of 2007, it still appeared to the civil servants that if they could remove me from Office – the cover-ups could continue.

To this end they lobbied senior civil service colleagues – not least the States Chief Executive, Bill Ogley – to make it plain to the other Ministers that I was “upsetting staff”. In addition to this, Baudians also wrote a three-page letter – and got the then Chair of the Jersey Child Protection Committee [the child-abuse concealing Iris Le Feuvre] to sign it – which demanded my sacking because I was – supposedly – “undermining staff morale” – and “placing children at greater risk by publicly criticising the service.”

It should be noted that every single respectable child protection agency the length of the nation, rightly, takes the opposite view – which is that it’s always preferable that anyone aware of breakdowns in child protection systems should speak out.

“Secrets” are the friends of abusers – openness and transparency are the friends of vulnerable children.

That the Directorate Manager of Social Services – THE civil servant with key responsibility for child protection – could so brazenly write such lies speaks volumes about just how the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster was able to occur – and was able to be covered-up for all those decades.

Amongst the issues I was exposing – thanks to the brave efforts of Simon Bellwood – was the institutional abuse of children at Greenfields, by which children would be subjected to weeks and months of punitive and coercive solitary confinement. This conduct against children is – unambiguously – criminal.

A clear breach of the Children (Jersey) Law 1969 and the Children (Jersey) Law 2002.

Thus the efforts of people like Baudians and others to conceal the truth of this illegal practice was a straightforward attempted perversion of the course of justice.

She is amongst those I have given formal statements against – to the States of Jersey Police Force.

Incidentally – she too is costing Jersey taxpayers a substantial sum in salary – around £120,000 per annum – plus pension.

Now we come to Mike Vibert – and why no decent person should ever vote for him again.

As Health & Social Services Minister, I was one third of the “Corporate Parent” – the States entity which has responsibility for all matters concerning children. The Other two thirds were the Home Affairs Minister, Wendy Kinnard – and the Education Minister, Mike Vibert.

One might imagine that any politician with some kind of responsibility for child protection – as Senators Kinnard and Vibert had – would be implacable in their determination to investigate and expose any system-failures in child protection?

That if a colleague raised serious concerns – they’d support that colleague in getting to the truth?

But – this is Jersey. Whilst all of the Council of Ministers needed no second invitation to do me down politically – two Ministers in particular were rabid and vociferous in their demands that I should be sacked. Kinnard quickly realised the error of her ways and found excuses to be “conflicted”. So who were the two Ministers who were desperate that the civil service should win their battle to eliminate a democratically elected Minister who was exposing their malfeasances?

Mike Vibert and Philip Ozouf.

Ozouf’s reasons were purely Political. As a rabid, devil-take-the-hindmost Thatcherite, hard Right-winger – he applied no greater consideration to the subject than as a means of eliminating me. He certainly deserves to not be re-elected for putting partisan Political opportunism over and above something so fundamental as child protection.

Looking back over events, you may well ask, ‘Philip Ozouf? I didn’t think he had played any prominent role in events.’ And you could be forgiven for having that perception.

For Philip is the arch-manipulator; the person who likes to be “the power behind the throne” – a Machiavellian schemer who strives to be meticulously careful in keeping his own head below the parapet – whilst driving forward and manipulating others to do his dirty work. So he made sure his name was not publicly associated with the controversy – just as he did in an earlier episode, when he manipulated others into a state of near-crises – because I had written a satirical open-letter.

It is, perhaps, also worth noting that Philip Ozouf is the campaign organiser for the [covert]Jersey Establishment Party. He is to the Jersey establishment what Peter Mandelson was to New Labour back in 1997. He spins, and co-ordinates which Establishment candidates will be standing in which district. For example, Alan MacLean was one of his great successes three years ago. You have to hand it to him – it must take some doing to get a predominantly poor, working-class district to elect a multi-millionaire property speculator like MacLean.

But as I said – Ozouf’s role in this matter was purely “Political”; it was simple opportunism on his part.

But what of Mike Vibert – the Senator presently seeking re-election – and current Education Minister? The man with all that responsibility for the island’s children?

Vibert is, essentially, thick. It’s not for nothing that he is known as Mike – ‘12 careers and all of them failures’ – Vibert. Admittedly, there is some poetic licence in the figure 12 – but the essential point remains.

But in this matter, his intrinsic stupidity was also heavily coloured by the fact that he is a former teacher himself – so would instinctively be on the side of the staff – as opposed to being on the side of the children.

He was desperate to keep a lid on things; to avoid any controversy – and, like most other politicians, not make an enemy of the senior civil service. The smooth and untroubled career of Mike Vibert was his overriding consideration.

But as the Minster for Education, no less – and as one third of the “Corporate Parent” – his instinctive desire to place his own and his civil servants’ interests over and above those of vulnerable children is simply beyond forgivable.

Who could forget his high-profile spin and, frankly, lies – in attempting to pretend there was nothing wrong with the so-called “Grand Prix” system of coercive and punitive long-term solitary confinement as used against already vulnerable children?

Throughout this episode Vibert has exhibited a rabid determination to carry on conning the public into thinking that nothing has gone wrong. Be it the solitary confinement of children, senior civil servants allowing staff to “resign” when they should have been sacked and prosecuted for child protection offences, the transportation of children in the same prison van as adult prisoners – or the investigation of the criminal conduct of his senior civil servants – at every stage he has sought to cover-up the truth.

Frankly, I find it difficult to comprehend such behaviour from any politician with any kind of concern for children. As one third of the Corporate Parent – and as the Minster with responsibility for Social Services – it would have been the easiest thing in the world for me to have ignored the problems, disregarded the whistle-blowers and survivors, maintain the culture of concealment – and to have given a dishonest answer to that fateful question I was asked in the States – back in July 2007.

But I didn’t. Instead I did what I believed to be right and honest and in the best interests of children. I told the truth, and in so doing I became the first States member ever to identify the disastrous, decades-long failure of the island’s child protection apparatus.

But rather than join with me and support me, people like Vibert preferred to be on the side of the cover-up merchants; those immensely expensive senior civil servants that your hard-earned money goes to.

Until this episode began, I’d had no particularly major rows with Vibert and I had no dramatic difference with him over political policy. So what I say is not based upon a history of animosity – it is simply my honest opinion.

Mike Vibert has – sadly – shown himself to be utterly unfit and unreliable to hold any public Office.

Should he still be a States member at the conclusion of these elections – it will serve as proof of that wise old saying, ‘people get the government they deserve’.

And it is not as though the revelations of the Police investigation – and all that has passed since 2007 – has caused the slightest modification of his behaviour.

On the contrary – as I will explain.

I stated earlier that McKeon and Lundy are both key suspects in the historic child abuse investigation – this for the appalling violence they inflicted on children.

The Police regard the allegations as well-evidenced and credible – and to that end, recently issued a Disclosure Notice to Lundy’s employers – the States – that he is under serious investigation for violent child abuse.

On the 22nd September, I drew this fact to the attention of Bill Ogley – the ultimate head of the civil service – and to Senator Mike Vibert – the Minister for Education.

Not only have both men refused to acknowledge the facts – both have refused to even suspend Lundy from his post, pending the outcome of the investigations.

Ask yourself this question:

What kind of Education Minister keeps in post – will not even suspend – a Chief Officer of the Education department – who is under investigation for child abuse?

I trust islanders will know the answer to that question – and come to their own judgments.

Setting aside the child abuse controversy – there are, as I said earlier, further examples of unethical behaviour on the part of the recently retired Chief Officer of Education, Tom McKeon.

I would not normally refer to such a subject; my views are essentially liberal, and I consider that which takes place in people’s private lives to be a matter for them. It is for this reason that I do not publish on this site the various ‘personal’ issues of other public figures which are made known to me.

However, as what I’m about to explain involves the senior civil service in various ways, it is a matter of inescapable public importance. As well as being a further illustration of “The Jersey Way” at work.

Those who have followed this saga closely will be familiar with the case of Simon Bellwood, the courageous whistle-blower. Around late 2006, early 2007 – he was oppressed by “the system”, and was unjustly driven out of his job by the established senior civil service.

A key figure in this episode was one Madeline Davies – a senior HR civil servant in the Education department.

Whilst – by some margin – the role she played in oppressing Simon Bellwood was the worst, there are many examples of her utter ineptitude and incompetence in the job for which Jersey tax-payers employ her.

So how did she secure this post – when – as is widely known amongst the decent middle ranks of the civil service – there were far superior candidates available?

It was a mystifying appointment – given that she was manifestly unqualified for the job – and even had no prior experience in HR.

Even more fascinatingly – in direct contravention of States policies – the post was not advertised throughout the civil service – and even more extraordinarily – no interviews were held.

So why did McKeon go to such extraordinary and highly irregular lengths to secure this post for Ms. Davies, a decision which mystified other staff?

[I have edited this post at this point following a request which I consider to be legitimate. However, the key point concerning the ethical bankruptcy of McKeon remains unchanged.]

McKeon was having a long-standing affair with an assistant director, Elizabeth Middleton.

And McKeon was using tax-payer provided resources to enable him and Middleton to engauge in what were ficticious “work” activities – which were merely a smoke-screen for McKeon’s and Middleton’s clandestine affair.

It is one thing for relationships to break-down and people find other partners – but quite another matter when one engauges in such utterly reprehensible behaviour as using work-time – and public money – to enable the deception. [End of edit.]

Utterly unforgivable.

Madeline Davies – being a close friend of Ms. Middleton – knew everything about the secret affair – hence her securing the lucrative – tax-payer funded job – for which she is manifestly unqualified, and in which she is plainly incompetent.

Wheels within wheels. “The Jersey Way”.

It is this kind of ethically bankrupt chicanery – senior civil servants working the system to their own ends, rather than honestly serving the public – which underpins the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster – and a significant number of other failings of public administration in this island.

An incompetent HR manger – only in post because her close friend is having an affair with the Chief Officer – a man with a history of violent child abuse; an HR manager who then goes on to participate in the unlawful dismissal and oppression of Simon Bellwood – who was simply trying to do the right thing for vulnerable kids.

Is it any wonder we in Jersey have this disaster on our hands?

But – as I said at the head of this post, there is a deeply – deeply – troubling question, which all decent people must reflect upon.

I have described how vulnerable children in care – frequently already the victims of inadequate homes, drunken parents, domestic neglect or abuse – would be further violently abused and treated like filth by people like McKeon and Lundy.

When you take children from already troubled circumstances – and then subject them to yet more – and frequently worse – abuse, the result is most unlikely to be positive.

On the contrary – most of the children who suffer such experiences will become even more damaged and dysfunctional.

Many of the children who had the great misfortune to fall into Jersey’s soi disant child “protection” system are not here to tell their stories – because they are dead.

Usually through suicide – but also drug overdoses and alcoholism.

So many children – in the “care” of the States – who needed protection and nurturing – yet who were betrayed and further harmed by Jersey’s very expensive and self-serving civil service.

Of those who survive, some – despite the States of Jersey – have managed to make some kind of life for themselves – but, alas, many others are the wreckage of society. In many cases languishing in prison.

I am aware of two men – now in jail – with, undeniably, a lot of very ‘bad-form’ behind them – theft, drugs, serious violence – and in one case, a killing.

This is the profoundly troubling question I referred to.

One of these two men was the child punched in the head by Tom McKeon and knocked to the floor.

The other – who is serving life for murder – was subjected to the same kind of treatment.

Whilst many will view these two men as simply ‘villains’ – who deserve the condemnation of society – let us remember – these two troubled, violent men were children once.

Children; 13 year-olds – from already troubled backgrounds – who needed love and support – not savage assaults at the hands of civil servants.

Of course – we cannot say for sure – but these two men – and many others like them – might have descended into a life of crime – quite regardless of how they were treated as children.

But by the same token – had they received some care and nurturing – they might not now be largely permanent inmates of the custodial system – and might not have left such a trail of victims and harm behind them.

In fact, I would hope no decent person could reasonably expect children to be treated in such ways – and to emerge from the experience as well-adjusted human beings.

POST-SCRIPT: after I first published this posting, a family member of one of the two child victims of violence I refer to here, left the following comment:

“My brother, who was adopted in circumstances beyond my mother’s control, turned up at our home when i was about 11, around 1982, with a few friends from Les Chenes telling us of the violence they were suffering at the hands of Lundy, McKeon and Carter. I will always remember mum saying ‘tell someone about it’ and my brother saying ‘who’s going to believe us’. My brother is the ‘killer’ as mentioned on the post and a quote from a letter of his is ‘in a way, I have to thank people like Mario Lundy for teaching me discipline and refining my later life talents’”

In this post I have explained in detail just how poisonous, corrupt and toxic public administration is in Jersey.

So I repeat the request I made at the beginning of this post – if you are a survivor, a victim – or a witness – to any of these atrocities against children – please contact the Police, the NSPCC – or even me, in strict confidence if you wish.

I know – for a fact – there are people out there who will recognise absolutely what I have described in this post – but who now have settled lives, very successful lives in some cases – and just don’t want to revisit the issues and get involved.

I appeal to you – please – speak to the Police. Now is the time for everyone to take a stand – and contribute to the rooting-out of such barbarism.

And to those of you who have no direct personal experiences of such things – remember – you’re still involved. It is your taxes which are flooding into the bank-accounts of people like McKeon, Lundy and Marnie Baudians.

Now is the time – finally – to repair public administration in Jersey.

Please – speak out.



  1. Anonymous

    well what more can be said except all those involved in the abuse and the susequent cover up should be made accountable for their actions, they should step down from their overpaid positions and pay the price of their past.

  2. Anonymous

    Just how many members of the civil service have the police got the goods on?

    and will “TOM MCKEON AND MARIO LUNDY:” be arrested and charged or will mighty AG step in again?

  3. Anonymous

    “What kind of Education Minister keeps in post – will not even suspend – a Chief Officer of the Education department – who is under investigation for child abuse?”

    Unbelievable! They don’t even bother to hide the utter contempt they feel for the children that they are looking after!


  4. Anonymous


    An explosive and disturbing post. I am not commenting on the veracity of your allegations, but should these “namings” not be left until charges are brought?

    Do you ever consider the wives, and (much more importantly) the totally innocent children of those you accuse? How old they are, whether they may subsequently be bullied?

    If they are charged the families will be traumatised anyway, but do you have the right to do it before then?

  5. Anonymous

    This is a shocking post, and if true, and I can’t see why you would post lies, what are the authorities doing to bring the culprits to justice?

    So many people I have spoken to have doubts about anything coming from the child abuse enquiry. Is it any wonder they have these opinions when people hear things like you have published above?

    If these people have done what is alleged, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent by the police and should in my opinion be in prison and have their work pensions taken away from them. These pensions should then be paid to those who had suffered. If these things are true it might explain why we have many social problems in a “life enriching” island called Jersey.

  6. Anonymous

    “Do you ever consider the wives, and (much more importantly) the totally innocent children of those you accuse? How old they are, whether they may subsequently be bullied?”

    The way I see it is that the way these proceedings have been conducted so far has been an utter disgrace. I think I would want to weigh up consideration for those innocent wives and children against the innocent children who are even now still at risk of abuse, and, if the burnt bones are anything to go by, even death. I think it is preferable to be bullied than to be raped and murdered.


  7. voiceforchildren


    Thank you so much for this post and I believe it is not only commendable of you to bring these issues into the public domain, as a democratically elected representative for the people of Jersey, I believe it is your duty.

    What you have revealed (I’m very sorry to say) comes as no suprise to me at all which doesn’t make it any less frightening!

    Child abuse, as I’m sure you are only too aware, takes many forms. Unfortunately unless it is in the form of sexual abuse, it is barely recognised and is regarded as “going with the territory”.

    If true, what you have described has happened to these children, then I would say, the assaults (in comparison) are relatively minor to the trauma and emotional damage that would have been inflicted on these kids. The very people who are there to teach you right from wrong, the very people who are there to educate you and mould you into a responsible contributor to society, the very people you are taught, by your parents, to respect and trust, are effectively physically and emotionally abusing you!

    As you might be aware I have e-mailed Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert and have asked him for some kind of confirmation or denial of these horrific allegations concerning “the pinball wizard” and his successor. He just will not do or say anything that might reassure me, as a parent of two children in the education system, that I have nothing to worry about.

    I can not emphasise enough how we, the ordinary Jersey citizen, need some kind of outside intervention to expose what appears to have been allowed to go on in our “education” and “care” system and very likely is still quite rampant.

    To all the victims of child abuse I would like to echo Stuarts plea. Please come forward, help expose what has been/is going on.

    Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert, Tom McKeon, Mario Lundy and all other party’s mentioned in Senator Syvret’s blog, you owe it to the children and parents of this island to “publicly” address these horrifying allegations.

    Stuart you have my utmost repect for the work you are doing. If it wasn’t for you, and your blog, things could be carrying on as “normal” in our “education” and “care” system and we would all be none the wiser!

    Keep up the good work and if I, my wife or my child can be of any help exposing any of the people mentioned in your blog consider us at your disposal.

    Although I am unable to be of much help at all, my wife and child might be able to shed some light on things!!

  8. The Moving Finger

    Having witnessed some of the loaded pro establishment questions at the hustings, is it not time that others stood up and asked the awkward questions?

    One at St Peter was with the sole purpose of pointing out Ferguson was a woman in a desperate grab for the woman’s vote.
    Another tried to put the younger candidates like Macon and Tadier in a poor light.

    We need more hecklers.
    Don’t let the establishment candidates stand up and spout their propaganda and then politely clap.

    DON’T CLAP if you think they are wrong.

    Remember St Saviour is going out live on Radio and St Helier is being filmed.

    Are YOU prepared to stand by and watch as your future is manipulated by the
    Establishment (Oligarchy) GST voting candidates?

    Do you really want Mike Vibert in charge of Educashun?

    Well do something about it!

  9. Stuart Syvret

    Allegations and Charging

    Sadly – on the evidence so far – no significant figures are going to be charged.

    It is plain that the Attorney General, William Bailhache is doing all he possible can to minimise the scope and scale of any charges and prosecutions.

    I fear that so many of this kids – so many of these victims – the closest they’re going to get to some kind of justice is by me naming their abusers on this sight.

    But in any event – once a person charged – the sub judice rule comes into effect – so comments about the allegations become impossible at that point.


  10. Anonymous

    God Bless You Stuart for having the cojones to put all this out in the open. You are a legend.

  11. Anonymous

    I just want to put out a plea for anyone who has anything at all to shed light on these things to come forward and contact Stuart.

    Even if you were not sexually abused, or even abused yourself, but just witnessed abuse, sexual or physical. You might be thinking that your own experience is so slight that it won’t make any difference. Please don’t worry about that, because the more people come forward with their own personal accounts of what went on, however slight, the clearer the bigger picture of what was happening at this horrible place will be.


  12. Anonymous

    McKeon and Lundy…

    How come officers involved in the current investigations are saying that its winding down and that there will be no more arrests when stuff like this is still coming out?

    Mind you theres a M Lundy at the golf club-so he’ll be fine!.

  13. Anonymous


    Because of the often rabid and unwarranted “social stigma” that is attached anyone following the mere suggestion that a person has conducted ANY form of child abuse I have a question…

    Im curious to know if there are an legal measures being taken against you by people who have been named, time and time again, on your site?.

    I know if I had been wrongly accused of something in the public domain Id want to redress the matter quickly and as thoroughly as possible!

    For example-surely Danny Wherry must want to clear ANY lingering suspicions his friends and neighbours may have that his(second?) arrest on suspicion of child abuse was all a huge “misunderstanding”?.

    The comments made on your blog today,if untrue, would have a terrible effect on the lives of Mario Lundy and Tom Mckeon, not to mention their families and loved ones?…so they too MUST be anxious to put the record straight?.

    Come on gentlemen…the silence is deafening!

  14. Anonymous

    Stuart I have just read your post on the appalling alledged behavior of civil servants against”Children”

    To read of the alleged abuse to young children who may have all-ready suffered in there home inviroment prior to there incarceration is horiffic

    To learn that people who are being investigated by the Police for abusing “children” are not under suspension from there post is an absolute disgrace

    If a low ranking civil servant were to breach the rules governing there employment they would be suspended imediatly until all invetigations were completed

    “The rules of employment for civil servants are very clear on this” and the allegations made in this case would I believe come under the heading of “Gross Misconduct”

    Why do the rules not apply to those at the top? the whole matter is an absolute disgrace

    What role does the trade union play, if any in protecting these people?

  15. Stuart Syvret

    Legal Actions

    I can state plainly that throughout this entire episode I have not received so much as one – single – solitary letter threatening a defamation action against me.

    From anyone.

    And in the event that I should receive such a letter in the future – my reply will be “see you court.”

    And yes – recently Danny Wherry was arrested for the second time. Although released for the time-being – my understanding is that he is still under very close and serious investigation.


  16. Kraków Crapaud

    There must be many people out there, especially politicians, police, civil servants & journalists that know about these incredible revelations & more, who feel they cannot do or say anything.

    I am not talking about the victims but those who support the abusers by doing nothing.

    It is never too late to do the right thing, it just gets more difficult the longer you leave it.

    It’s hard to believe that this is happening on our island isn’t it?

    Seems more like something you read in the news from Africa, South America or the Far East, but its time we faced up to the truth that its here & now in Jersey.


  17. uruisg


    You have shown huge courage and commitment in documenting the layers of abuse – abuse of children, abuse of power, abuse of fairness and justice, abuse of democracy. You have fearlessly named names and none of these people has dared to challenge you in court.

    You have also amply demonstrated the malign power of the local media, but couldn’t the power of the national media now be turned in your favour to pursue the cause of justice in Jersey? Do they read your blog? Maybe they think that to most of their readers events on Jersey are so remote as to hardly register, but surely there are enough people in the UK who believe passionately in justice – wherever in the world – to make it worth the effort for some branch of the UK media to put serious resources into a campaign for justice in Jersey.

    Frankly I am ashamed as a UK citizen (albeit in Scotland) that this does not seem to have happened.

  18. Anonymous

    “I can state plainly that throughout this entire episode I have not received so much as one – single – solitary letter threatening a defamation action against me.

    From anyone.”

    Well, the silence speaks for itself.


  19. Anonymous

    “There must be many people out there, especially politicians, police, civil servants & journalists that know about these incredible revelations & more, who feel they cannot do or say anything.”

    Many of us have written to Jack Straw. He was responding to my letters concerning the two American psychologists Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager and their involvement in the secret family courts, but he didn’t really answer my question, and he certainly does not seem to want to talk about Haut de la Garenne or Pindown at all. It’s funny, because he could have told me that a report was made about the Pindown scandal, it’s peculiar that I was not directed to that report, but it was left for another abuse survivor to point out the existance of that report, rather than the professional people who had a duty of care towards me. I do find that very odd, you would think they would be falling over themselves to help me, rather than giving me the cold shoulder.

    I will write another letter to Jack Straw.


  20. Anonymous

    My brother, who was adopted in circumstances beyond my mother’s control, turned up at our home when i was about 11, around 1982, with a few friends from Les Chenes telling us of the violence they were suffering at the hands of Lundy, McKeon and Carter. I will always remember mum saying ‘tell someone about it’ and my brother saying ‘who’s going to believe us’. My brother is the ‘killer’ as mentioned on the post and a quote from a letter of his is ‘in a way, I have to thank people like Mario Lundy for teaching me discipline and refining my later life talents’

  21. Anonymous

    Zoompad – you speak so much sense as always!

    I held back for months after the HDLG story broke. partly because I felt traumatised and scared and partly because I thought I had not witnessed much and was not a victim as such. When I did eventually come forward I was told that what I had to say was really important. I was interviewed by the Historic Abuse Team team with great sensitivity and respect and was made to feel that I had helped a great many people with my statement. These officers are willing to see you in your home in the strictest confidence and you can call on them for support afterwards if need be.

    So if you were in Haut De La Garenne or any kind of “care” home in Jersey, don’t be afraid to come forward and tell them ANYTHING you know however small it may seem. It doesn’t matter how lomg ago you were there – the victims of these apalling crimes need your help now.

    Thankyou for your courage in naming these people Stuart. The AG will not be allowed to sit on this for much longer I feel.


  22. voiceforchildren

    Just a quick up date on the JEP boycott this Friday.

    To my horror I have dicovered I actually know FOUR people who buy it!! I have managed to convince them to boycott it on Friday and have pointed 2 of them to your blogsite.

  23. Anonymous

    Zoompad – I think your comments on this blog have shown you to be an amazingly impressive person – but:

    “I think it is preferable to be bullied than to be raped and murdered”.

    So obviously true, but TM and ML have not been accused, let alone found guilty of rape and murder. If these cases get to court, how many potential jurors will have to be dismissed because they answer the question “have you read Stuart Syvret’s blog” with a yes?

  24. Anonymous

    Isn’t it amazing how many sadistic pervs choose careers as teachers and guardians of the innocent! I went to St Helier Boys school in the late 60’s early seventies and there was a man there who took great delight in caning boys until they bled.

    His class room was on the 1st floor of the science block. And, when he used to cane you he would make you stand or should I say bend over in the doorway to hiss class room. He would then pace out his route of attack which took him to the far wall of the hallway at the top of the stairwell (15/20ft).

    He would then run full pelt and hit hard and mean! He actually shook with anger (or pleasure) as his cane bit into the flesh of his victim and, as well as the poor lads legs turning red as blood flowed from his open wounds, the person `ministering’ the torture would turn red also with whatever it was he was getting off on! Sick or what! Bet he’s retired now on a big fat pension! Jersey seems to be a magnet for all these sicko’s. Must be because they know they have the full protection of the law!

  25. Anonymous

    Chilling and evil

    The assurances that no child in the current system is at risk rings very hollow.

    Perhaps readers of your blog will take the time to ring Bill Ogley and ask for an explanation.

  26. Anonymous

    “So obviously true, but TM and ML have not been accused, let alone found guilty of rape and murder. If these cases get to court, how many potential jurors will have to be dismissed because they answer the question “have you read Stuart Syvret’s blog” with a yes?”

    True. It’s like a win win situation for them, isn’t it? Cover it up and the b*stards get away with it, name and shame them and the b*stards get away with it.

    I’m a Christian and I believe in miracles (sorry Stuart, I know what your views are and I don’t blame you either, the way the churches are behaving regarding child abuse it’s a wonder anyone still goes any more, I’m afraid I don’t) only thing I can think to do is to keep praying for a miracle – I won my own court case and they said I had no chance, so I reckon that was one miracle already, no harm in asking God for another!

    And I’ll write that letter to Jack Straw.


  27. Anonymous

    If these cases get to court, how many potential jurors will have to be dismissed because they answer the question “have you read Stuart Syvret’s blog” with a yes?”

    None, because no-one has been charged yet. IF the cases come to court then you mustn’t comment but up until then it’s crusading journalism.

    Personally I don’t think it’s going to happen in a Jersey court anyway. Maybe not even in the U.K. (maybe Jack Straw has a trust fund here) but that’s fine because I would love to see this go to the European courts.
    The E.U. verdict will be impartial and final, no way out.

    Who knows they might even like to ask frank and friends why they tried to derail the investigations? Because that might not be seen as a crime here but it is in the rest of the world.

  28. Anonymous


    An overall drop in sales can be explained away to head office, ‘it’s the credit crunch’, ‘everyone loves our online version’ and so on.

    But a weekly plunge in sales will show up pretty quickly.
    The owners of the jep may not care about what the paper prints but they will care about the money it makes.
    Let’s leave fridays jep in the shop every week until we get an unbiased newspaper.

  29. Anonymous


    Surely if what you say is correct, ML must be suspended pending the outcome of the police investigation?

    If indeed the police have released a disclosure note to the employer how can they have failed to act on this!!

    My fear is the fact they haven’t exposes the truth of the matter, those at the heart of government are so sure that this will not go to court – (the AG strikes again) that there is no need to suspend. Business as usual. Keep your heads down boys, let the moment pass then we can all just get back to normal. The good old Jersey Way. What a shocking, despicable way to run a society.

    What do we do? Well for a start parents of children currently in the education system in Jersey should be contacting Bill Ogley, the States chief officer and demanding confirmation that no such police disclosure notice has been received about the chief officer of education. If a disclosure notice has been provided then they must request his immediate suspension surely??

    This is another Victoria College type cover up. Frank and Bill, this is on your watch. Take the appropriate action before you are castigated in some future inquiry.

    Stuart have you given this to the UK press? Another blast at Jersey would keep the pressure on.

  30. Anonymous

    One thing that Terry le Sueur can look forward to if he becomes the island’s new Chief Minister is that the political pressure will be on from day one.
    With no electoral mandate at all and with colleagues like Perchard, Ozouf and Ferguson he will be a dead man walking.
    We have had Frank Walker’s do nothing and drift administration for three years but the world economy was booming during this time.
    The island now faces a world wide economic crisis with a potential political leader that lacks the authority to run his own bath.

  31. Anonymous

    What exactly is a Disclosure Notice? Is it an intent to investigate? Is it some kind of informal preamble leading up to an arrest and charge?
    Is it a word of advice from one golf-club member to another to prepare yourself?

  32. Anonymous

    Someone here seems to presume that Ozouf and Ferguson will still be politians in 12 days time.

    I wouldn’t be so brave!

  33. Anonymous

    Vibert & McKeon were a formidable double act. It was like they thrived on power and the feeling of control it gave them.

    I had the misfortune to be a dissenting voice in the death star that was and is ESC. The viciousness with which Vibert’s will was metered out by McKeon was something I’d never come across in the whole of my professional career.

    That McKeon has now been revealed as a bully and a thug sadly comes as little surprise.

    What I don’t understand is why others didn’t feel able to dissent in such an abusive environment. Why could they not see what a danger these two posed? Why was this not challenged both from inside government and the civil service?

    Well done Stuart. Reading your latest post has had a hugely important and positive effect on me. It has answered many questions and doubts I had about my own ability and judgement. I was beginning to feel that maybe I had been wrong to challenge their underhand policies and dubious connections.

  34. Anonymous

    Stuart, according to the 2007 census based statistics, there are 91,321 living in Jersey.

    Your blog has got 68,882 unique site users. That’s creeping up to the entire Jersey population!


  35. Anonymous

    What would be the point of legal action against Stuart? I for one have saved copies of blog entries like this one, and there are thousands of ways of making sure it will always be online for people to discover. The web cannot be silenced!
    And Stuart has little to lose, so they can’t extract thousands in damages from him! This is why it is vitally important to support this champion of our rights and justice, and see if we can persuade him to continue the fight for as long as possible. We’re with you Stuart.
    You may not believe in God, but I’m sure He believes in you 🙂
    (even if ‘God’ is just our collective goodness (i.e. the Holy Spirit part of the Trinity) and organised religion is a control-freak crock of cr**)

  36. Anonymous

    Don’t buy the JEP, how many times do I have to tell everyone? You are supporting the establishment by buying it. If you disagree with the establishment don’t buy it! They have been shown to publish fake letters what else do they do that we are unaware of?

    Also get all of the GST 28 ministers out that you can. 2 have fallen by the wayside so get the rest out as soon as possible or get ready to have your income severly cut so that the rich and big business can have an easy time.

    Anyone who voted in GST is not interested in the ordinary person and therefore should be removed by the ordinary people. Many of the GST 28 are rich so they don’t need the job anyway, so give it to someone who needs it and will help the majority. No more Tories in centre clothing!

    Well done to Stuart for exposing what is really going on in Jersey, its ashame the rag can’t do their job properly.

  37. Anonymous

    “organised religion is a control-freak crock of cr**”

    I’ve written to the Archbishop of Canterbury and York plus other bishops, gone to church after church after church and CLEARLY showed these people what is going on, the goverment consultation document titled “Family Justice – the operation of the family court” dated 2005, pointed out the use of a particular piece of medical scientific theory that is used all over the UK in every town and addressed in that consultation. I have shown all these people pictures and background of the man who invented this medical scientific theory, shown them quotations from this man’s own published books, such as these little beauties:

    “Pedophilia may enhance the survival of the human species by serving “procreative purposes.”

    “Pedophilia “is a widespread and accepted practice among literally billions of people.”

    “Children are naturally sexual and may initiate sexual encounters by “seducing” the adult” .

    “If the sexual relationship is discovered, ” the child is likely to fabricate so that the adult will be blamed for the initiation .”

    “Sex abuse is not necessarily traumatic; the determinant as to whether sexual molestation will be traumatic to the child, is the social attitude toward these encounters”.

    “Older children may be helped to appreciate that sexual encounters between an adult and a child are not universally considered to be reprehensible acts. The child might be told about other societies in which such behavior was and is considered normal. The child might be helped to appreciate the wisdom of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, who said, “Nothing’s either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

    …and so on, there are plenty more in this vile vile vile pervert’s 40 volumes of pseudo scientific cartload of crap to fuel a bonfire big enough to roast a whole barrelload of potatoes.

    I have shown all of this and loads more to all of those people I mentioned, I sent them discs and I know they got them because I’ve had acknowledgements for them, and yet why has absolutly nothing been done? Why did Senatu and Williams raise this matter in the last Synod? They aired gay rights, well what about showing a bit of concern for children’s rights as well – at least in equal measure.

    They’re not bothered at all and I find that deeply disturbing. It’s the entire nation’s children at risk.


  38. Anonymous

    I have this feeling that if Ozouf et al lose in the Senatorial round they will be coming round for a second bite at the cherry in the Deputy elections.
    The system is designed to produce an establishment majority with its ridiculous rules, timings and gerrymandered boundaries.
    If the establishment Senatorial candidates lose there will still be enough woodentops and rightwingers amongst the Constables and Deputys to put le Sueur in as Chief Minister.
    However the government will slip further under the control of the civil servants as the average standard of Ministers drops yet further.

  39. voiceforchildren

    Re the comments about the RAG.
    Let’s not just single them out. The fact remains that one of our democratically elected representatives (Senator Syvret) appears to have exposed the possibility of child abuse in our education department and possible cover up.

    I have heard absolutely nothing about this in ANY of our local media.

    To my mind this is a huge news story that deserves to be in the public domain. I fail to see how none of our local “journalists” can see any kind of a story in it!!

    I have 2 children in the education system and what I have read on here has frightened me shitl-ss, but not suprised me one iota.

    Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert has refused to answer any of my questions and has threatened me with the police IF i CARRY ON “HARRASSING” him. That’s a news story in itself!!!!!!!

    Could anybody explain to me why NONE of our “journalists” have picked up on any of this?

    It does appear the rag’s role in goverment “spin” is now common knowledge. But what about the local BBC, CTV and Channel 103?

    Here we have “the father of the house” most senoir politician claiming civil servants, ex civil servants and an education minister possibly being involved in child abuse and cover up and nothing mentioned whatsoever in our local media???????? Stuart, “you really couldn’t make it up”!!!

    I urge everybody to e-mail our local media and ask why they don’t see fit to bring any of this into the public domain.

    I also urge everybody to e-mail Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert to see if he will confirm or deny any of these allegations. But don’t ask too many questions because he might call the police on you for harrassment!!!

  40. Anonymous

    re `minister – ing the wood’. You got it in one!

    That man out to face trial for grave and criminal asault on defencless children!

  41. Anonymous

    “Could anybody explain to me why NONE of our “journalists” have picked up on any of this?

    It does appear the rag’s role in goverment “spin” is now common knowledge. But what about the local BBC, CTV and Channel 103?”

    Well, you have to ask yourself who is at the helm of these organisations to get the answer to that question. And seeing who is pally with who.

    That Benny Hill chase music will be a good soundtrack as background for the eventual trials of these people. That Gary Glitter, “Do you want to be in my gang?” song springs to mind for this media reluctance to spill the beans over these rum goings on.


  42. Anonymous

    Hello Stewart

    Another astounding, frightening, gobsmacking post. God, it makes me feel sick to the stomach.

    Something else astonishes me though, and it’s the fact that this was posted over 24 hours ago and there have only been 47 comments so far!!!!!

    The Jersey Way really does run deep, doesn’t it?

    I would have thought you should have had thousands of comments expressing disgust by now.

  43. Anonymous

    No! Nobody will take action against Stuart because, they are guilty. And the last thing they want is to enter a court of law where, evidence will be produced against them!

    And, I’m also pretty sure that the last thing Phil and Bill want, is to prosocute their mates!

    So really, Stuart has got very little to fear!

  44. Anonymous

    In the rag tonight (which I didn’t pay for) ‘The Plank’ Vibert sets out his aims should he be re-elected. One of them was to “see much more done for families with very young children…”

    That is the fiction.

    These are the facts…..

    The Plank voted AGAINST REMOVAL of GST from Children’s clothes

    The Plank voted AGAINST REMOVAL of GST from School books.

    The Plank voted AGAINST REMOVAL of GST from School uniforms.

    The Plank voted FOR the removal of free school milk for children.

    Go figure that one out!!!

    Give him your X at your peril.

  45. Anonymous

    “What would be the point of legal action against Stuart? I for one have saved copies of blog entries like this one, and there are thousands of ways of making sure it will always be online for people to discover. The web cannot be silenced!”

    And even if it was, I’ve got two massive pieces of cardboard in my shed, perfect for making a nice big sandwich board. I’ll walk round the streets wearing one of them, if I have to. We were all gagged as kids, and they’re not going to get away with that game any more.


  46. Anonymous

    I cannot believe that there is nothing about this on the media or on any of the local blogs. Surely this is a huge scandal but it is being buried. The government, the judiciary and the media are a disgrace.

  47. Anonymous

    For your blogger that urged a bouycot of the RAG today – I have not bought one and will try to keep it up!

  48. Anonymous

    Says it all doesn’t it? You have named names and I don’t doubt what you have said. Its about time we had an independent investigate to get the truth out about all this. If these people are guilty they should be stripped of their pensions and made to pay reparations to the victims and spend a lengthy spell at H.M’s pleasure. Will anything happen? With the way things are done in Jersey it looks unlikely but everyone must push for it. A good way to help will be to vote all establishment figures out who are up for re-election. A change of government would make it harder for any cover ups to continue.

    Remember it is everyones duty to get rid of those who don’t care about the average person because if you don’t you will suffer the consequences of your inactions. If you want the landed gentry running your government for big business, the rich etc vote for the likes of Ozouf and McLean. They are doing an excellent job at this, but the consequences have been GST, high cost of living, lack of compassion for those less well off, and general lack of interest in anything not in their sphere of existance. Do they care about GST? Of cause not it doesn’t affect them as they are cushioned from its affects.

    GST affects me and I’m sick of those with money sponging off of the rest of us. Let them pay their dues, or if they bleat about it, let them go elsewhere and sponge off of someone else.

    Also give up buying the JEP as it is the authorities mouth piece, only interested in things that don’t put those in power in a bad light. You will also be helping the environment as Jersey needs to cut its waste. Think green ban the JEP and do everyone in Jersey a favour, except those with vested interests.

    Help yourself and others vote the GST 28 out and ban the JEP to help save the environment. Change your government and save the environment for a sustainable future what could be better?

  49. Anonymous

    Out of our candidates who r running for senatorial election,is there one with integrity who can take up the baton and strength to get to the bottom of this atrocity. This is a test for them, do they care or is this all just about winning a place with the establishment. If you care, you willnot let this pass as if nothing has been uncovered. Whoever is brave enough to acknowledge this will certainly get my vote and probably a good few more from the readers of this blog. Come on, forget your manifesto promises and do something worthwhile and right now.

  50. Anonymous

    Over one hundred people have come forward and said they were abused.

    Childrens remains have been found arond the area where the alleged abuse took place.

    But yet thats not enough for the states or the islands media ‘to risk our international reputation'(thats code for the finance industry for anyone reading this off island) by uncovering the truth.

    So there you go, the islands authorities would rather let the murder and abuse of children go uninvestigated and unpunished for the sake of the finance business.

  51. Anonymous

    So another Friday night and here I am Chears to you all and, p!ss on you that stole my innocents, my life my humanity my love!

    Unless you have been serously sexualy/physicaly/humanely abused you do not know!!!

    You know! If it was not for my kids I don’t think I could go on! I do it for them! But god it hurts to know that the scum that hurt me have escaped justice!

    Writing from excile

  52. Anonymous

    Well done those of you who didn’t buy the J(aundiced) E(vil) P(ropaganda) today.

    But Stuart i’m afraid I must disagree with you on one point in this article. That’s the bit where you call ozouf ‘a thatcherite and hard right winger’. If this were true he would surely have fought tooth and nail to oppose (in what was basically a massive susidy to the finance industry) getting rid of the corporate tax which used to make the island so much money. He would have rubbished the idea that it was a necessary move to keep the finance industry and pointed out that government should stay out of business at all times. But he didn’t, so this leads me to believe he’s a bit of an interventionist leftie at heart.

  53. Anonymous

    Why the local media are so quite. The Masons perhaps? Maybe all the talk about Mason power was not just talk after all? Common Esther where are you?

  54. Smokin Jo

    Great post Stuart 🙂

    Much food for thought and information to digest.

    I wonder who will be counting the votes in a couple of weeks time? A bit of a worry but we do live in a democratic society after all. I trust our politicians whole heartedly………………..NOT!
    Time will tell on this one I guess. What I do know is that more local people than ever will be out voting in force to assist with the removal of the money grabbing, manipulative, abusive scum we have at the helm at the moment. So enjoy it FW & Co while you can…the clock is ticking and where coming to get you…

  55. Stuart Syvret

    I will not be publishing any form of racism or other prejudice on this site.

    So please stop wasting your time – whoever it is submits the bigotry.

    If readers want to really lay into those in power – you can do so on this site in anonymity. But there is a world of difference between “Political” criticism and insults – and bigotry.

    Anything which seems remotely redolent of hate-crime will not be tolerated on this site.


  56. Anonymous

    Everyone just drop an email to Mike Vibert to ask about diclosure notice on Mario Lundy, it is our right to know for the sake of our children – I have.

  57. Anonymous

    Stuart wrote:
    “It is, perhaps, also worth noting that Philip Ozouf is the campaign organiser for the Jersey Establishment Party. He is to the Jersey establishment what Peter Mandelson was to New Labour back in 1997.”

    Actually, at the hustings, he seems to be more and more closely resembling Tony Blair – not at the beginning of his career, when some had high hopes that “things could only get better” but near the end when he was blustering about the weapons of mass destruction. Maybe this identification of him as Blair will be rather like the effect of Dr Who’s whispered comment about prime Minister Harriet Jones – don’t you think she looks tired? which ended her career…

    p.s. Who is Alastair Campbell in all this?

  58. Anonymous

    I think you are going along with the fantasy politics of the Jersey establishment there.
    Frank Walker loves to be bracketed with Gordon Brown, Alex Salmon et al.
    A world class statesman bestriding the world stage!
    I reckon down at the Victoria Club they place bets on the next string of idiocy they can get the Chief Minister to utter.
    As for Pip Ozouf, I doubt that Peter Mandelson would let him empty the bins or man the photocopier in the UK Ministry of Spin.

  59. Anonymous


    Would you consider ramping up your site politically as the election date draws near – Please –

  60. The Moving Finger

    “Anonymous said…

    The Plank voted AGAINST REMOVAL of GST from Children’s clothes

    The Plank voted AGAINST REMOVAL of GST from School books.

    The Plank voted AGAINST REMOVAL of GST from School uniforms.

    The Plank voted FOR the removal of free school milk for children.”
    Cut and paste from my blog – Fame at lasst GRIN also proof that we bloggers can make a difference!

    I have not mentioned this thread as I am concentrating on taking votes away from the GST candidates, OZOUF, VIBERT, ROUTIER, MACLEAN, FERGUSON and TROY

  61. The Moving Finger

    “p.s. Who is Alastair Campbell in all this?”

    According to the comments accidentally left on one of Ozouf’s speeches on his website.

    it is somebody called Andrew!

  62. Anonymous

    I am appalled by what I see here, but sadly, unsurprised.Drive the vermin into the sea-the toxic part preferably!and start bombarding the paper’s websites, the real papers not the Rag!


  63. Anonymous

    I am really looking forward to your Christmas speech as father of the house. Do you think you will have the same thing happened to you this year as what happened last year?

  64. Anonymous

    I have started bombing the world press:
    “read Senator Stuart Syvret’s blog
    find out what really goes on in Jersey!
    and tell us why the world press has not grabbed this stuff and exposed these vermin, and the sick joke which is Jersey’s legal system.”
    I would suggest the right wing press first as they would love to embarrass Jack Straw etc over their inaction re Jersey, Zoompad’s letters etc.
    Hopefully some reporter will sense a big career moment and chase it up.

  65. uruisg

    I wonder if Jack Straw is waiting for the outcome of the Jersey election. If a `new order’ emerges there will be momentum for Jersey to solve its own problems. If the old regime retains power he will take it there is no mandate for his intervention. Either way, he sits on his hands…

  66. The Moving Finger

    “I wonder if Jack Straw is waiting for the outcome of the Jersey election”

    Personally, I doubt Jack Straw gives a stuff about Jersey.
    Too much to worry about with the death of Labour.
    You never know there may be somebody else in his job soon!

    It is a disgrace that people like Jack Straw and Alistair Darling represent the Labour party.
    Bevan must be spinning in his grav!

  67. Anonymous

    The Deafening Silence

    I think it is now obvious that my warnings of a few weeks ago are occurring. In the UK it is linked to MAPPA, but really it is ACPO and SS getting together to close things down by their well-practiced method of total avoidance and silence (possibly lnked to the civil service rtaher than pliticians – more paedophiles there). Stuart will know what is going on behind the scenes, but I expect they will be playing lip service to him, which must be making him feel very frustrated as it’s like grappling with smoke; thus making him more confrontational (good for him:)). I hope I am wrong, but SS are devious buggers, and the police are simply dumb and compliant – just look at their entrance requirements and in-the-box thinking as well as focus on pensions!


  68. Anonymous

    Stuart, you wrote:

    “he (Mike Vibert)is a former teacher himself – so would instinctively be on the side of the staff – as opposed to being on the side of the children.”

    You must realise that is a ridiculous generalisation. I am a teacher myself and there is NO WAY I would automatically classify a child’s complaints as “make-believe” or blatant lies. It is too sensitive a topic to just ‘assume’. However, you have to be careful because children sometimes tend to paint a horrific picture that is very remote from the truth. You just do not want to start a witch hunt, do you? This does not imply, though, that the case should not be investigated – and definitely not covered up as happens regularly here in Jersey!

    Having said all that, I am 100% with you on Mike Vibert; he IS thick, and I know of too many cases where he has covered up for people (for whatever reason). Surely, there is no way he will get re-elected, will he ? The man is an incompetent court jester anyway!

  69. Anonymous

    What can anyone say about Ian le Marquand?

    Years as a magistrate and he found no problems in the police and the prison during that time!

    Will the Pip, Bill and Ian show prosecute anyone for abuse if he gets his mitts on the Home Dept portfolio?

  70. Anonymous

    Mke Vibert electioneers on the positive side of the education system in Jersey and conveniently brushes aside the FACT that certain students admitted to Highlands College lack basic lieracy skills – these are 16 and 17 year old students that have passed through our education system.

    THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, these young people have been failed by our system – how many of them are there? – what socio-economic backgrounds are they from? How many of tehse people have left school and are in employment or probably unemployed?

    Mike Vibert should address these issues and not paint the picture that all in the garden is rosy, reading the contents of this blog illustrate what type of politician we have up for election, he should actually stand down – never mind offering himself up for re-election!

  71. Anonymous

    I know this isn’t your game Senator, but I was watching the Archbishop of Canterbury discussing his new book on Dostoevsky.In his mild and clever way he remarked that “a society will be judged by the way it treats it’s children”
    And Jersey? Damnation I’d say to the Jersey Oligarchy.Perhaps the Archbishop can help arrange it.


  72. Anonymous

    “TOM MCKEON AND MARIO LUNDY:” Should both be arrested as soon as possible even if the Bayleaf attempts to stop it as that will show his hand yet again…

    Just why??? have these people not faced the law??

    What is wrong with the people of Jersey??

    Don’t they realise the damage that is being done to Jersey’s reputation for being the ideal holiday???

    Its is not the abuses that has caused this because if the civil servants dealt with the abuse correctly then things would at least getting done and healing for the victims would have started as well as ALL those involved would be in prison of facing some kind of discipline, The Island of Jersey could settle down knowing their own children were safe and those who would place them in danger were dealt with in a lawful manner.

    The fact that those in power on your Island have put every obstacle they could think of in the way of police investigations, the fact that more laws have been comprehensively broken since this story came to light and the law breakers are those who are the law makers.

    Your leaders and their words stink and the rest of the world can smell it!!!

    People of Jersey you know there is only one way that you can put this behind you and its now time to do so, if not your beautiful Island will never be allowed to escape the legacy your leaders have given you.

    Dont vote for them again!!!! Its that simple!!!!

  73. Anonymous

    I wonder if any of the candidates up for re-election would like to apologise to the victims child abuse at the next hustings?
    Not on behalf of the entire government but just as individual members of the states.

    Especially now that an independent report found that ‘the pits’ system was illegal.
    I know we’re supposed to call them the ‘historic’ cases but the practices at Greenfields took place under these peoples watch. AND mike vibert tried to defend them! ‘Look everyone! Theres pretty pictures on these concrete walls!’

  74. voiceforchildren


    Got a couple of questions for you and hope you can find the time to answer them.

    Firstly do you use your “” email address for this site? The reason I ask is Senator Mike (GST 28) Vibert is telling me he is not recieving any e-mails from me and they must be getting blocked as spam mail by the States. Mario (one of us is a liar) Lundy hasn’t reponded to ANY of my e-mails.

    So is it correct if my e-mails are being blocked as spam by the States you would not recieve them also?

    Another question I’d like to ask concerns Christy Tucker from the BBC. I find her very approachable, extremely friendly and I must say not unattractive.

    However I did approach her the other night and asked her why the BBC had not reported anything on your allegations regarding “the pinball wizard” Mario (one of us is a liar) Lundy and Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert.

    She told me it was because the allegations needed to be researched and they don’t have the resources.

    Now I believe your allegations should be “major” mainstream news and something that has to be in the public domain but Christy doesn’t appear to be that worried about it and she was chatting to Mike (GST28) Vibert at the hustings for about 10mins the other night.

    I suggested to her a good “talkback” panel would be yourself and Chris Bright on the subject of local media, to which she agreed with me, but said you are unwilling to to appear as a guest of the local BBC.

    I suggested she tried inviting the pair of you. Should she do this, would you agree to be a guest?

    I’m quite sure one wouldn’t describe Christy as an “investagitive” journalist or perhaps not even a “news hound” (although possibly)

    Do you believe she is a journalist trying to do her job but being prevented by the Oligarchy, so just “rolls with the punches” in order to keep in work.
    Or would you say she is a willing “Ollie Dolly”?

  75. Anonymous

    Good luck with the police statement and admission of States guilt Stuart…… what we need is for the story to hit a peak right at election time, so that the electorate feels maximum disgust for the CoM as they make their way to the ballot box 🙂

  76. Anonymous

    Going back to your father of the house Christmas address that was so domonsrously shouted down. Wasn’t Terry le Main one of the loudest voices of the day?
    Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that Terry and Madeline Davies and a whole group of other friends go on golfing trips to France together. Cosy

  77. Anonymous

    “Could anybody explain to me why NONE of our “journalists” have picked up on any of this?

    Mario Lundy’s daughter is a reporter on the JEP, could this be one reason?

  78. Anonymous

    Another question I’d like to ask concerns Christy Tucker from the BBC. I find her very approachable, extremely friendly and I must say not unattractive.

    “However I did approach her the other night and asked her why the BBC had not reported anything on your allegations regarding “the pinball wizard” Mario (one of us is a liar) Lundy and Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert.

    She told me it was because the allegations needed to be researched and they don’t have the resources.”

    They don’t have the resources? BULLSH*T!!!!
    I just paid my licence fee a couple of weeks ago – they are raking it in! All they need is a man with a van and a camera – I never heard such a feeble excuse!


  79. Ryan Morrison

    Anonymous – BBC Jersey is a tiny station – we have about 30 members of staff – that is to produce twelve hours of radio per day, two nightly television bulletins, a website as well as administration.

    The truth is – we really don’t have enough resources at BBC Jersey to put the time it would take to research a story like this to the extent it would be approve for publication by the legal team – but there are BBC teams in the UK that do have the time and resources and I’m sure they’re working on the story.

    If you have any questions just send me an e-mail and I’ll try to answer them – or at least get you an answer if I can.

    Obviously I’m posting this in a personal capacity as somebody who happens to work as a BBC Jersey Journalist and not on behalf of the BBC in Jersey.

  80. voiceforchildren


    Who are you trying to kid?
    I don’t wish to appear unfair to you but if you insist on putting yourself in the firing line then you might just deserve it.

    Well I’ll hold fire for the minute and say why don’t we just cut out the middle man (you) and go direct to somebody who can speak for the BBC? Could you give us their e-mail address both local and national?

    I will ask has anybody at the local BBC asked anybody at the national BBC if they are or will be covering this horrific tale?

    If you are that under resourced to make a phone-call then give me the number and I’ll do it.

  81. Ryan Morrison

    OK Voiceforchildren – I got a response from my Editor – I asked him why we haven’t covered it or reported it yet.

    I jumped the gun a little bit by just saying we’re too small a station.

    This is what he said – and this doesn’t mean we aren’t researching it or that the news teams in the UK aren’t researching it.

    “Without corroberation, for us to publish such allegations would be both irresponsible and – if the allegations are untrue – libellous.

    “It is absolutely no defence for us to say that we are simply reporting, or quoting what has appeared elsewhere. Before we can safely broadcast such allegations we need to have them verified from at least two separate and independent sources.

    “There are a number of problems with such allegations: Even our broadcasting an interview with the named person where he, or she denies the allegations can be interpreted as libellous unless we can demonstrate a firm foundation of fact for our asking the questions.”

    If we had two people come forward to tell their story to the BBC, independently then we would have something to work from and report.

    Again anyone want to talk or ask questions – If I don’t have the answer I’ll try and find it.

  82. voiceforchildren


    I really don’t want to get into a sparring match with you, least of all on here.

    You read this blog and many others and forums. You know what sort of credibility the local BBC have. I’ve no wish to attack them or you I just want answers.

    I think we can leave it there except for do you or your bosses ever wonder why a carpenter and sacked health minister is hailed as the only investigative journalist over here?

    It says more about the local BBC, well the entire local media for that fact, than could be written in a million words.

  83. Anonymous

    Ryan Morrison said

    ‘Before we can safely broadcast such allegations we need to have them verified from at least two separate and independent sources.’

    From the original article

    The Police regard the allegations as well-evidenced and credible – and to that end, recently issued a Disclosure Notice to Lundy’s employers – the States – that he is under serious investigation for violent child abuse.

    So that doesn’t count?
    Let me get this straight.

    If the police in the UK informed the government that a Chief Officer of the Education department was under ‘serious investigation for violent child abuse’ the national BBC news would not report this until
    ‘ two people come forward to tell their story to the BBC, independently then we would have something to work from and report.’

  84. Anonymous

    you have failed to answer this question Ryan and bbc Jersey is involved with the case as it has people who work at the bbc who are married to some of the suspects.

    Ryan Morrison said

    ‘Before we can safely broadcast such allegations we need to have them verified from at least two separate and independent sources.’

    From the original article

    The Police regard the allegations as well-evidenced and credible – and to that end, recently issued a Disclosure Notice to Lundy’s employers – the States – that he is under serious investigation for violent child abuse.

    So that doesn’t count?
    Let me get this straight.

    If the police in the UK informed the government that a Chief Officer of the Education department was under ‘serious investigation for violent child abuse’ the national BBC news would not report this until
    ‘ two people come forward to tell their story to the BBC, independently then we would have something to work from and report.’

  85. Anonymous


    I recognise and welcome your passion and desire to pursue the truth but your approach is very disturbing and although these two States officers may well be under investigation. Jersey people must continue to have confidence in the Police and the Juridical System without which we would run a serious risk of Moral disaster. I am not sure that your approach has helped the process here other than cause people like me to feel sickend by the accounts you recall particularly because what you say is so personally damaging to people who have proabably genuinely contributed many positive things to the service of Education over the years despite your and other individuals personal feelings towards them.

  86. Stuart Syvret

    Re: Confidence in the Police and the Judicial System.

    I understand exactly what you’re saying – and I oh-so wish it was applicable to the Jersey situation.

    Sadly – it isn’t.

    Though, so far as I’m aware, the States of Jersey Police Force – of today, please note – are performing properly – the Jersey prosecutory and judicial systems manifestly are not.

    Let us be frank – in years gone by the Police Force was a very major part of the problem in Jersey.

    It was riddled with corruption, Masonic influence, partisan politicisation – and even some child abusers.

    So we cannot have blind-faith in a police force.

    But as I said – that observation – to the best of my knowledge – applies to how the States of Jersey Police used to be – not how they are today.

    In fact, I have said many; many times to international journalists in recent months – if the present leadership of the Jersey police force were “indigenous” – none of these investigations would be happening.

    Instead they’d be brushing it under the carpet whilst they concentrated on taking bribes from tow-truck operators and such-like.

    That’s “The Jersey Way” – you see.

    But we can say of today’s Jersey Police Force – they appear to have left the rotten, stagnant, ethically bankrupt “Jersey Way” behind.

    Alas, the same cannot be said of the prosecution system or the judiciary in Jersey.

    I’ve covered these issues many times before, but just to be going on with, consider this.

    All good jurisprudence recognises that the administration of justice must be seen to be complete impartial – there cannot be even the merest suspicion of a conflict of interest.

    This is well-established case-law. It is also an unambiguous Convention Right that the administration of justice must be objective and impartial.

    Yet we have a Director of Public Prosecutions – Attorney General, William Bailhache – who back in 1998 was the senior partner of the Jersey law firm which failed so catastrophically to properly represent the victims of the McGuires.

    The file from the police seeking the extradition of the \McGuires has been on Bill Bailhache’s desk for over 6 months now. He has failed to take the appropriate action – and even refuses to accept the fact that he cannot meet the test of appearing to be objective in the case.

    And the chief judge of Jersey, the Attorney General’s brother, Philip Bailhache – gives a speech on Liberation Day in which he say the “real scandal” is the bad publicity.

    You just couldn’t make this stuff up.

    I wish it wasn’t so – but the Jersey prosecution system and its judiciary are a country mile from the kind of standards you describe.

    As to the perpetrators – I’m sorry – but having “contributed many positive things” – allegedly – over the years, even if true, cannot excuse child abuse.


  87. Michael Hayes

    I was at Grainville When mr Lundy started. I always found him to be really fair and got on with him well. I wasn’t the best behaved child and found myself in his office a few times. He was always firm but understanding and never violent. I had many friends at Le Cien and they alway said the same thing. Even when i see him round today he still remembers me and says hello.

  88. Anonymous

    Right well, where do I start – I found this post interesting reading after a family member showed it to me.
    I do not wish to put my name to this post, just my points of view and conclusions.
    I was living at Les Chennes during the time Mario Lundy was head. I do remember lots of stories about what happened if you did wrong when Tom McKeon run the show. Not that I can remember any individual cases, just the fact that they were stories / rumours etc.
    I would like to start by mentioning the fact I would not say I was ever abused in the care of any staff at Les Chennes. I was locked up many-a-time for misbehaving, (solitary confinement). I was not at Les Chennes due to any court order either. While you say these days that it is wrong against children’s rights etc. There needs to be more discipline as the younger generation are causing mayhem on the streets. Things the public take for granted off young teenagers now were unforgivable in the 1980’s. So is society to lenient now with young teenagers?.

    Also I would like to backup the fact that physical force was used on myself and on others in my presents. I was never thrown against any wall or anything like that. Picked up by my ear or move with my arm high up behind my back, this was a favourite of Mario Lundy. I do remember one time that stands out from one of the named, this was Mr Carter he would use excessive force for the wrong or no reason.

    I would be interested to hear the opinions of staff that were at Les Chennes in the same period who in my opinion were fair and did not use physical force what so ever.

    No disrespect to Senator Syvret these stories from Les Chennes are nothing compared to what happed to children in the other recent cases that have come to light, the real abuse cases. I think more effort should be put into binging them scum bags to justice.

    If young teenagers knew they had to answer to real discipline the streets would be safer and the next generation after them would be brought up to a higher standard of what is right and wrong.

  89. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Anonymous and your time in Les Chenes.

    Thanks for contributing.

    I’d be interested in speaking with you in confidence if you want to e-mail or telephone me.

    A few observations.

    The fact that different children would often have different experiences – even though they were in the same institution at the same time is well-documented.

    some children in HDLG were not abused – many others were.

    What many people fail to understand is that such concepts as “discipline” and “respect” are two-way streets.

    If children are treated in utterly disrespectful ways – and are “disciplined” in ways which would simply be automatically regarded as criminal assault if committed on an adult – then they are most unlikely to develop showing respect for society, or exhibiting their own discipline.

    Children should certain understand and respect the law.

    But what you perhaps do not understand is that the way you and other children were treated – the solitary confinement – the various degrees of violence – was – unambiguously – criminal.

    It was – and still is – against the law to treat children in that manner.

    Like I said – I’d be happy to speak, maybe later this week? My contact details are in the phone book.



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