Where is “Policing” in Jersey?

From:  Stuart Syvret
Date: 9th September 2014  14:11

Subject: Professional Standards Complaints

Chief Officer Bowron

I am formulating a serious Professional Standards Complaint against you in your capacity as Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police Force (SOJP).

The Complaint will also be directed against the Deputy Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police – and its senior command structure in general.

Obviously – these matters cannot be dealt with by any systems or personnel internal to the SOJP.

Given the substance and nature of the Professional Standards Complaints – and the very significant overlap with other factors – and the ultra vires / corrupt conducts of various other public authorities and public officials in Jersey – nor can the Professional Standards Complaints be dealt with by any part of the local polity.

I would be grateful if you would provide me with a fully detailed explanation of the procedures you and the SOJP propose to use in addressing such complaints – and a fully detailed explanation as to the procedure I should adopt in making the complaints?

Thank you for your assistance.

Stuart Syvret

Former Minister for Health & Social Services
Children’s Rights & Patient Safety Campaigner
Independent Journalist


  1. Anon

    The police force under the leadership of Bowron and Taylor is more politicized than it has ever been so you are wasting your time contacting the. You have to stand for election and become the home affairs minister to clean out the rot infesting the police force. Please stand for election Stuart?

  2. Stop talks rubbish

    He can’t stand for election.

    “(h) within the 7 years immediately preceding the date of his or her election, or since his or her election, has been convicted, whether in Jersey or elsewhere, of any offence and ordered to be imprisoned for a period of not less than 3 months, without the option of a fine.”

    If by a miracle he got in they would be fast to bankrupt him anyway.

  3. Stand for our children

    What have you got to loose?

    Please stand for election Mr Syvret.

    Go out and knock on doors, speak to the people, they will vote for you!

  4. JJ

    I will back your complaint, my own complaint will be in soon.
    Send complaints to HMIC as they do cover Jersey while IPCC does not and Jersey’s own police complaints department is a JOKE.

    1. Stuart Syvret

      Well, that’s not entirely correct. There’s my liberty – and my life.

      But in any event – the decision is not about what I as an individual may or may not have left to lose. The more fundamental questions are, “is this imminent process in fact an “effective” election – is it, in fact, “free and fair” – does it have vires as gauged alongside the rights defined in the ECHR – or is it a Potemkin village election – a charade – a fake?”

      There are certain basic conditions – certain factors – that society has to deliver, before an “election” process of that society can be considered to be real, functional, democracy.

      I presume you don’t need those conditions spelt-out?

      Our question is – “does the Crown Dependency of Jersey deliver those conditions-precedent necessary to an effective, real, electoral process?”

      If the answer to that question is “no” – then it is antithetical to the public good to contribute further “credibility” to what is a fake, corrupted cosmetic process .

      For example, societies that have genuine, real, functional democratic processes – do not allow the policing function to fall into private, politicised hands – and allow conflicted parties to use that Police Force to engage in massed, illegal dawn-raids – without a search-warrant – & arrests of the leading opposition member of the legislature.

      Just for example.


      1. Anon

        Does this affect you?

        “(h) within the 7 years immediately preceding the date of his or her election, or since his or her election, has been convicted, whether in Jersey or elsewhere, of any offence and ordered to be imprisoned for a period of not less than 3 months, without the option of a fine.”

  5. Anonymous

    Obviously – these matters cannot be dealt with by any systems or personnel internal to the SOJP.
    The above paragraph you have included will obviously stump Bowron and co….
    They will have to think outside the box!?

    1. Stuart Syvret

      Bowron & co don’t have to – or want to – or need to – “think”.

      Why do you think they got the job?

      They’re merely very well paid actors.

      Just as in “policing” always has been in “The Good Old Days” – in Jersey – a form of theatre. The fourth-wall only breached by such “inconveniences” as actual victims of real – serious – crimes.

      Bleeding battered shattered rape-victims – who became a bit too “uppity” in their expectations of justice.


  6. Leigh LaFon


    The entire government of Jersey owes you a full pardon. Nothing less would start politics on the path to justice. Perhaps the truth will lead there, despite the oligarchy fighting exposure with every means available.


    1. The pardoned and the quashed -under the authority of the British "Clown"

      Hi Elle,

      A “full pardon”
      I don’t think that’s actually what you mean.

      Perhaps “quashed” would be a more appropriate option.

      A “full pardon” is the forgiveness of a crime and the cancellation of penalties. This relates to crimes genuinely perpetrated and then correctly prosecuted by a fair and functioning legal apparatus..

      “Quashed” would be the valid option where there was NO actual crime, due for example to there being a valid public interest defence -such as seeking to protect the public from a suspected killer nurse where the responsible authorities were sweeping it under the carpet to avoid embarrassment and bad publicity.
      It would also relate to convictions set up using conflicted process or individuals or non human rights compliant prosecutions.

      Mr. Syvret seems never to have been motivated by money in the same way as most Jersey people (or people in general) but I suspect that Ex. Health Minister Syvret will eventually be eligible for quite substantial compensation should he wish to pursue it.

      It may actually be that that many of Jersey’s Law Officers, Attorney Generals and Ministers will be requiring a “full pardon” within the next 5 to 15 years ………OK we all know that the Anglo-Jersey Establishment will not prosecute it’s own unless that turns out to be the only way of protecting the crown form it’s failure to discharge it’s responsibilities.

  7. anonymous

    Chief officer Borow had a lovely afternoon watching the air display. How much of our taxes does he get?

  8. Cannot wait to vote out the puppets.


    Given the horrific cyber abuse another blogger who is respected has received, and the complete in action by the States of Jersey police and the home affairs Minister, do you really assume they will take you seriously ?

    Now if it was the wife of Gorst, Bailhache or any states member that would have been dealt with without doubt.

    It is interesting that at the moment that Shaun Wright refuses to stand down, but he is elected and Mike Bowron is employed a subtle difference. What the Police Chief obviously does not grasp, is that by doing nothing publicly, he is tarnishing the reputation of the whole police force, even the good officers.

    Do you think you will get a satisfactory response ?

  9. Frances

    The news from the mainland today is that the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire has resigned over his failures in relation to the Rotherham child abuse cases.

    The press reported yesterday that one of the girls who had been subjected to horrific abuse over a number of years was arrested when she saw one of her main abusers in the town at the weekend. She told him what she thought of him only for Police to arrive and arrest her on what appeared to be some very doubtful grounds indeed. So, it is official, Police protect the abusers and target the victims.

  10. Mandatory Reporting

    “…… There does need to be a shift in the culture of reporting abuse – it should be a criminal offence to cover-up, conceal or ignore known abuse and all professionals working with children should be required to report or face sanctions…..”

    Mandatory reporting is one major thing which will make a difference to child safety in the UK ……… AND in Jersey

    Jersey of course needs to identify and prosecute the abusers still in position within the authorities.


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