The Jersey Oligarchy Rages Against the Dying of the Light,

Against all respectable law and precedent.

And in so doing, batters the credibility of Jersey.

Pre-Script – Jersey’s Attorney General.

When writing this blog post this morning, I alerted readers to the fact that The Rag would be carrying a substantive interview with Jersey’s Attorney General. Sure enough – said screed of neo-Victorian paternalism duly appeared.

As you might have guessed – I plan to write a detailed post in response to the interview.

And having now read it – I can say that won’t be a difficult task.

William Bailhache’s assertions are so lame and vacuous that they almost elicit pity.

And even more crucial – and startling given the gravity of the situation – is not what is said in the interview – but that which is not said.

The core, fundamental principles of good jurisprudence. The very insurmountable obstacles he, and the system of which he is a part, just cannot overcome.

They sit ignored and unaddressed – just as the proverbial elephant in the room.

To borrow a phrase from the great Swedish poet, Tomas Transtromer, the real issues and questions remain:

“Unanswered – and vehement – like the telephone ringing in the dark.”

There is, however, one useful and revealing feature of the interview. On page 9 of The Rag, there is a photo of William Bailhache which accompanies the interview.

If you are able to get hold of a copy of The Rag – take a good, long look at that photo. Absorb that face; read what is revealed by those eyes.

It is fear. Fear, self-doubt and uncertainty.

It is the expression of a lost and frightened schoolboy.

The face of a man who is, perhaps, just beginning to grasp just how far out of his depth he is.

Read the post below – and wait for my detailed analysis of the assertions of Bill.


The Lies of The Rag.

The mouthpiece of the Jersey oligarchy is the island’s only newspaper, the Jersey Evening Post. And the “voice” which issues from said orifice is to be principally found in the leader comments – the editorial comments – that The Rag is wont to produce – usually liberally supplemented with an extensive range of fake, manufactured letters.

The JEP – AKA, The Rag – leader comments are the ‘authoritative’ representation of the objectives, ‘integrity’, ‘intelligence’ and ‘rationality’ of the Jersey establishment.

You want to gain an accurate assessment of the ethics and intellectual capacity of Jersey’s oligarchy?

Just read the JEP leader comments. For here is to be found the true voice of unopposed, entrenched power in Jersey.

Reading The Rag’s comments is, therefore, a very good gauge of just how particularly stupid and unethical the Jersey oligarchy is being at any given point. (usually, extremely.)

The editorial comment of this Friday is such a splendid example of stupidity, mendacity, ignorance, straight-forward lies and McCarthyite agitprop – that I thought I’d share it with you – along with a deconstruction, as I did in respect of the load of laughable cobblers The Rag spouted in response to the tragic garbage that was the Williamson report.

I analyse the leader comment in this post – just so you can savour the marvellous conflation of stupidity and lies which so well reflects the “opinions” and “thoughts” of our Glorious Leaders here in Jersey.

But what is any rational, honest, thinking person to make of such mendacious and harmful garbage?

Let’s take a stroll through the Hieronymus Bosch-world of the Jersey establishment, gripped as they are in some kind of final dreaming, in the darkness of which they seek to fend-off the black fact of The End.

And we can, perhaps, best do that by analysing the situation from their own perspective – on their own terms.

Imagine: you’re a younger, reasonably intelligent, supporter of the Jersey oligarchy. You work in a bank – and draw a big, fat salary; or perhaps you’re an accountant – certain to climb up the tree of advancement into a world of riches – which, of course requires this island to remain attractive and credible to Jersey’s off-shore clients.

Or maybe you’re a lawyer rolling in the riches delivered by the island’s finance industry; in fact – perhaps you’re an Advocate, maybe – very lucratively – working as a senior partner in one of the island’s many law firms.

Perhaps you’re a property speculator – dependent on continuing inward investment into Jersey – to keep your property deals going. Maybe you are a major shareholder in one of the big construction firms in Jersey?

Or a proprietor of a swanky restaurant. Maybe an owner of one of the many Jewellery shops which are found up and down St. Helier’s main shopping area.

Perhaps your livelihood depends on selling £100,000 cars? Or multi-million pound yachts?

It may happen that your family are traditional landowners, able to cash your chips – big time – by selling your family’s old farm houses to tax-exiles. Or by wangling development permission to rake in millions of pounds by developing your farm-land.

Perchance, your just one of those individuals – or Families – which own loads of very lucrative town properties, residential and commercial, from which you make an idle fortune because of the demand for your product, which is accommodation.

If you fit into one, or several, of the above-categories – you will be doing handsomely from, and with, the present status quo. Money’s rolling in – whether you ‘earn it’ by working as a lawyer or banker – or whether it just falls into your lap through happy inheritance of family real estate.

Naturally enough – you very much want the above-described commercial opportunities to continue. Business as normal. Steady-as-she-goes. No rocking of the boat.

You’re an acolyte of that famous Jersey cult – “stability”.

If you fit into the above-described categories – you want – you need – Jersey to remain respectable; credible; a modern, functioning democracy. You want the island to have a low-key, yet respectable, world image. The last thing you need is controversy – or to see the island’s reputation going down the pan and the place becoming – at best, a laughing-stock – at worst, something far grimmer.

You really need all this present very distasteful controversy to end, and for the island to re-establish some kind of respectable reputation and standing

Status-quo – business as usual. That’s what you want – that’s what you believe would be best for Jersey.

Then why – in the name of Christ – do you support the collection of dingbats, neo-Victorians, nutters, propagandists, clowns, ignoramuses and halfwits who have “led” Jersey ever-deeper into this mess – the island’s greatest ever peace-time crisis?

Because if you support and agree with the Bailhache Brothers, Big Frank & Co., The Rag, the immensely expensive – yet crap – and wholly unaccountable – Jersey senior civil service – that is what you are doing; supporting an inchoate hotchpotch of the insular, the eccentric, the ignorant.

Generally, a collective – gripped by text-book Groupthink – who support and encourage each other into ever greater acts of folly; people who are at the bottom of that proverbial hole – yet who just keep on digging.

And we have at our disposal a prime exhibit of evidence which proves the above – courtesy of Friday’s JEP leader comment.

So lets have a close, analytical look at it; a dig into the subtext – and a re-analysis of the truth. And remember this editorial Rag comment is THE VOICE of the Jersey establishment. We’ll give it a close reading – section by section – and whilst doing so we will stand back from the issues and ask ourselves, ‘who is taking the more de-stabilising, threatening, eccentric, unsustainable and dangerous approach to this island, its public administration and its reputation and standing:

Me – or our insular and ignorant establishment?

The leader comment in question is titled: “A Threat of Constitutional Disruption”, and its target is the legal action John Hemming, MP and I have initiated against UK Justice Secretary, Jack Straw.

Aside from being the customary amalgam of lies, ignorance and stupidity, the essential thrust of the comment is that Jersey is currently a qua paradise; our establishment and all their works are wondrous examples of wisdom; all the bad publicity is the foul work of an evil national media – and that people like me don’t care about this community – we just want to smash it; for reasons never quite explained.

Except, perhaps, when Erstwhile JEP boss – and Jersey Chief Minister, Senator Frank Walker – blurted-out, during one of his frequent diatribes of personal abuse at me, that I was simply “trying to shaft Jersey internationally”.

The great irony of that now internationally infamous remark being that “the shafting” of Jersey’s reputation was actually being caused by people like Frank Walker, Phil Bailhache, William Bailhache, Philip Ozouf and the JEP.

So let’s make an examination of The Rag’s comment.

It begins:

“It is undeniable that the present investigation into alleged historical child abuse at Haut de la Garenne and elsewhere has cast a dark shadow over Jersey and its people.”

This spin and propaganda is so elementary it would be an embarrassment in a communist dictatorship. For in this phrase we see both those great spin ‘trigger-words’ used “Jersey” and “its people.”

Patriotism in the use of ‘Jersey’, and – plus forte – THE PEOPLE.

This phrase could just as well read as a propaganda statement from North Korea –

“It is undeniable that the present investigation into nuclear weapons casts an international slur upon the great people’s republic of North Korea and upon her enlightened and peace-loving people!”

It really is that absurd – beyond parody. So, remember – if you have a vast wealth-stream accruing from Jersey’s present status – this is the kind of stupid and insular crap which threatens your wealth by making Jersey look a laughing-stock.

But it gets worse; next we come to this:

“However, in spite of what some critics seem determined to assert neither the great majority of Islanders nor our political and legal establishments can be damned by awful events which, as far as we can tell, unfolded decades ago and clearly involved a restricted number of people.”

I mean what can you say to this? How much more comically absurd do you want your propaganda? How much more laugh-out-loud crassness and absurdity do we need for it to become one of those parodies of Pravda we read in Private Eye magazine?

“In spite of what some critics seem determined to assert neither the great majority of Islanders”?

“in spite” – “critics”! – Ooh! God preserve us from “critics”!

“The great majority of islanders”?

Did you see what they’ve done there? Clever, no?

Cast a “patriotic” Groupthink, communal identity throw of the dice.

The theory is – The Rag hopes – that Jersey people are somehow ignorant and stupid enough to buy into this; to identify with our establishment. They want people to read their shameful garbage and think, “Ooh – those dreadful “critics” are attacking me – attacking us – as Jersey people! Well – the world’s media – and campaigners of international repute – they can all be damned! We’re Jersey people and we won’t be attacked!”

Actually – one has to wonder if Frank’s spin-doctors didn’t take lessons from North Korea. The crass, ‘patriotism’ card being played for all its worth.

I mean – just look at the “skill”! See how “the great majority of islanders” become juxtaposed as a concept – right, nestled-up to – “our political and legal establishments”.

So – you’re a part of the “great majority of ordinary islanders” – and here you are – being misappropriated and used as somehow analogous to, and supportive of, Big Frank & Co. and the rest of the oligarchs.

Are you happy with that? Do think it’s OK for The Rag – with no authority whatsoever – to associate you with, and assign your support to, a manifestly incompetent and generally despised group of politicians?

The Rag isn’t quite so stupid – though close – as to imagine many people would go along with being described as Frank Walker’s and Philip Bailhache’s ‘infantry’ – which is why the play the “patriotism” card – that famous “last refuge of the scoundrel”.

But as any thinking person will see – immediately – the straightforward lies in the paragraph from The Rag comment are an insult to the intelligence; a ‘straw-man’ argument.

The JEP lies that critics are determined to assert that the great majority of islanders should be ‘damned’ for the awful events.


No critic, nor survivor, no campaigner, no politician – not even any national media – have stated that the ordinary people of Jersey are to be dammed for the awful events.

This spin – which has been used throughout this whole wretched episode by our oligarchy – is simply a lie. Far from anyone depicting the ordinary people of Jersey as being in any way condoning of, or in someway responsible for, the atrocities – it has been universally said that child abuse, sadly, happens everywhere; there is nothing unique about Jersey.

But what has been said is that our “political” and our “legal” establishments have been – and are – fundamentally flawed. Which is simply a stone-fact, of the kind that could only be denied by an idiot. How else could one view decades upon decades of concealed child abuse to be anything other than the product of a legal and political system utterly broken and stagnant? An entire apparatus of public administration which failed so disastrously to manifest even remotely effective ‘checks and balances’?

Which is why – as it’s so obvious and undeniable – the Jersey oligarchy and its Rag desperately attempt to conjoin the inescapable legal and political establishment failures – with some fictitious failure of the island’s people. It’s text-book propagandist opinion-management; try and make people identify themselves with a political establishment under attack; make them feel it’s them under attack as well – and there you have your propagandised army.

Then we come to assertions which have left the mere sphere of transparent propaganda – and have simply become outright, crude lies.

The Rag says this:

“Awful events which, as far as we can tell, unfolded decades ago and clearly involved a restricted number of people.”

This is such shameful rubbish; it’s difficult to know where to start. Well, let’s start with the two words in the phrase which are true: “awful events”.

The rest of the sentence is simply brazen lies, intended to con the average Jersey person into believing that the atrocities were (a) – committed decades ago, and (b) – only involved a “restricted number of people” – and therefore are, by implication, nothing much to get worked-up about these days.

I suppose the lesser of these two lies is the reference to ‘restricted numbers of people’. What – exactly – is this phrase supposed to mean? Maybe that there were 37 child batterers, 24 child rapist and 17 sodomists of children? You tell me?

Are we supposed to assume that these figures – or some such similar figures – reduce the atrocities to a comparatively minor and trivial event?

Maybe if there were only 15 rapists of children, that’d be OK in JEP-world?

And what, really, are we supposed to do when confronted with the phrase “restricted numbers”?

“Restricted numbers” could be the population of China. It would be restricted to the nationals of that country. That is not an attack on China – merely an illustration of the utter intellectual bankruptcy exhibited by the Jersey oligarchy in, (a) using such a meaninglessly unquantifiable phrase, and, (b) – expecting people to swallow such garbage as though they were fools.

But by far-and-away the most startling lie in the paragraph quoted is that the atrocities “happened decades ago”.

To be sure, some of them did, indeed, happen decades ago. But what the Jersey Evening Post, its editors, subs, hacks and owners would have you believe is that all the cases of abuse happened decades ago; that at some indeterminate point in the past – years ago – things changed – so we don’t have to worry about the system in recent times or presently.

Let us be clear about two things; even if this assertion by The Rag were not a demonstrable, evidenced lie; a complete and shameless fiction – and that the abuses did stop – say – 25 or 30 years ago – would that make it OK? Or would it, perhaps, at least mean it could be regarded as some trivially distant thing that we really needn’t get too bothered about?

Of course not – and only the kind of ethically bankrupt, lying, unprincipled, ignorant spivs who write The Rag editorials could possibly think otherwise.

I have come to know older survivors – I have learnt of their wrecked lives. Even if all atrocities against children had, miraculously, ceased 30 years ago – still, the suffering of those in their 60’s and 70’s would, alone, be sufficient reason for anger and a wish to see justice.

But remember now – the Jersey Evening Post is the island’s only newspaper; the only regular print media in a self-governing jurisdiction. You might imagine that power, that responsibility, would temper the partisan extremism we see in some national newspapers?

Not a bit of it.

For here we have Jersey’s only newspaper brazenly lying to it’s readership, the people of Jersey – by trying to con and mislead the people of this island into thinking that no abuses – or other crimes concerning children – have been committed in recent times; that everything in the garden is rosy today – and if anything bad did happen – it was “decades ago”.

The Jersey Evening Post knows its assertion to be a lie – because it has in its possession ample evidence of far more recent abuses. For example, the Victoria College abuses which took place for years – until the late 1990’s. I gave The Rag the Sharp report which exposed these things.

The Blanche Pierre group-home abuses thought the 1980’s; I too gave the JEP hard, impeccable, documentary evidence of this episode last September.

The use of manifestly unlawful polices such as the punitive and coercive use of lengthy periods of solitary confinement against already vulnerable children; solitary confinement which could go on for months.

The so-called “Grand Prix” policy document, which describes this solitary confinement policy, was furnished to the JEP last year by me. The punitive and coercive use of solitary confinement against children was only stopped about 2 years ago – following the efforts of Simon Bellwood.

The policy was manifestly illegal – a straightforward criminal offence – engaged in by the States of Jersey until recently – and still to this day, the JEP goes along with the lie that ‘there was no problem’ – and even suggests that the only child abuses occurred “decades ago”.

The plain and evidenced fact is that child abuse, of all descriptions, was endemic in public sector provision in Jersey for decades upon decades – and it only stopped very recently – because people like Simon and I – in the teeth of opposition from The Rag and the rest of the oligarchy – made a stand against it.

The next phase of The Rag’s editorial is truly wondrous to behold:

“It is possible that the Haut de la Garenne scandal could produce lasting effects that go beyond the scars that it will leave on the collective psyche of this Island. If Senator Stuart Syvret’s attempt to force the hand of British Justice Minister Jack Straw through a legal action calling for the intervention of English judges and prosecutors were to be successful, a constitutional precedent would be established.”

I think any decent, thinking person has got the picture by now, so I won’t labour the points; let’s just have a quick look at this garbage:

“Scars on the collective psyche of the island”?!?!

Sorry? Come again?

Doesn’t it occur to any of the senior maggots who work at The Rag that what they imagine to be “collective scars on the psyche of the island” – even if they were to exist, which I don’t accept, because as explained previously, the vast majority of ordinary islanders are not associated with the atrocities, so have absolutely nothing to feel any shame for – that such hypothetical “collective scars on the island’s psyche” would be of minute significance compared to the psychological scars of the survivors – indeed, the scars on those who didn’t survive.

Perhaps the Jersey Evening Post considers any slight embarrassment or irritation on the part of the shysters in blazers it represents to be a far graver matter than the battered wreckage of a life so shattered and in turmoil the person concerned leapt to their death from the top of Patriotic Street Car Park?

Or perhaps the scars on the psyche of Michael O’Connell who – at the age of 14 – died, through what at the time was deemed ‘suicide’, by hanging from a tree in a lane in the parish of Trinity – in 1966?

“The collective psych of the island”. Its things like this which make me wish I could embrace religion. Then I’d be able to comfort myself in some small way with the thought that these Jersey oligarchy spivs are going to burn in hell for eternity.

Returning to the merely mundanely wrong, The Rag asserts that the legal action initiated by John Hemming, MP and me, against UK justice Minister Jack Straw, would cause “a constitutional precedent to be established”.

No – it wouldn’t.

There are dozens of well-evidenced precedents for UK intervention into the internal affairs of the island. As one might expect, I have been giving these matters some research. The assertion that the UK has neither the responsibility nor the power to intervene is so manifestly fictitious as to be laughable.

Just consider what such a contemptuous and brazen lie says of Jersey’s only “newspaper”?

It must mean they regard their readers as a load of utter fools.

For if UK intervention in the name of the good administration of justice would be “unprecedented” – why, then did the authorities in London sack – strip of Office – a Jersey Deputy Bailiff as recently as 1992?

They did it because they have the responsibility – and they have the power.

And many, many islanders will remember that 1992 controversy. As I said – the Jersey Evening Post must really think its readers bloody stupid if The Rag believes such a matter has been forgotten about.

This is The Rag’s next paragraph:

“But this would be no mere formality of interest only to constitutional experts and students of an arcane area of the law. It would rock one of the foundations of a relationship with the Crown, and therefore Britain, which has stood the test of the past 800 years. That foundation is the Island’s legal independence – its right to operate a justice system that is separate and distinct from that of the UK and has its own courts, its own presiding judges and its own legal infrastructure.”

The ignorance, stupidity and dishonesty behind this assertion are almost surprising.

The relationship with the Crown has existed for over 800 years because – err – we are, like, a Crown dependency you know. We do not, in fact, have some God-given right to “operate” our own “justice system”. Indeed – we don’t operate our own justice system. Our prosecutory and judicial apparatus works under the good name of the Crown. For sure that relationship with the Crown has existed for 800 years – but the implicit notion that it has always been plain-sailing – and that the Crown – either in its own name or in more recent centuries in the name of the monarch’s government – has always agreed with the island’ oligarchy – and has not intervened – is palpably absurd.

The Rag ‘forgets’, apparently, to remind its readers that, actually, the Law officers such as the Attorney General and the Solicitor General are appointed by London – as are the senior judges, such as the Bailiff and Deputy Bailiff.

The Crown – via it’s government hires these people – the Crown – via its government can fire them.

The next passage of The Rag’s editorial comment runs thus:

“This is not to say that the imposition of English judges would mark the immediate end of our status as a Crown Dependency – in fact, there are occasions when, for reasons of its own, the Royal Court calls in UK assistance in certain cases – but it would signal that the established order is not beyond challenge. It would, moreover, offer encouragement to those who can hardly contain their eagerness to challenge our political autonomy.”

“It is impossible to say how far Senator Syvret’s case, which is also pressed in conjunction with Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming, will progress, although comments reportedly made by the Justice Minister’s department suggest that there will be little appetite for disturbing a status quo to which it has expressed commitment in the recent past and of which it is likely to mount its own defence.”

As is already well-exampled via a number of precedents, what The Rag refers to as the “established order” has – as a matter of demonstrable fact – frequently involved, over an historic period – Crown intervention.

The use of such intervention, when necessary, as in the present cases, is actually a part of the “established order”. At risk of repetition – we are a Crown Dependency – our administration of justice is happy to wear the cloak of the Crown – but a part of the package is ultimate Crown responsibility. It has ever been thus in our 800-plus years of semi-autonomy.

It’s truly quite startling that the Jersey Evening Post can treat its readers with such contempt as to lie to them quite so brazenly.

The Rag maybe right – who knows – as to the ultimate outcome of the legal action; but certain facts are established beyond any credible argument.

London has certain responsibilities for the Crown Dependencies – the good administration of justice being one of them.

London also has responsibility for compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights by the Crown Dependencies.

London, does, therefore, have the concomitant powers, given the responsibilities it – un-arguably – carries, to intervene if necessary.

London has so intervened in the past.

There is but one remotely plausible argument London could mount – though I’m far from convinced they will bother; unlike the JEP – I don’t see – when the chips are done – the UK government dying in a ditch just to protect the Jersey oligarchy. That argument is that – ‘OK – we could intervene – the precedents and powers are certainly there – but we don’t want to because we don’t think a threshold judicial breakdown has been reached which merits intervention.

But – for this argument to work – the government’s layers would have to overturn centuries of jurisprudence, case-law and modern ECHR convention Rights.

An implacable and immovable foundation-stone of the good administration of justice is that justice must be seen to be done. It is not sufficient for there to be a perception of a conflict of interests on the part of some judge, court-clerk, prosecutor or jurist – and to say ‘well, that just doesn’t matter, because they are fine chaps who can be relied upon to do the right thing’.

There can not even be the merest suspicion of a conflict of interests, or of bias.

These are not ideas of mine. Such established principles are the result of centuries of the good administration of justice.

So – what relevance is this core, legal principle to the present Jersey situation? Neither the prosecution service – nor the judiciary of Jersey can remotely even approach meeting that standard; of appearing to be objective and impartial.

The administration of justice – not capable of achieving something as rudimentary and fundamental as the appearance of objectivity? Ipso facto fundamental breakdown in the good administration of justice. Therefore unavoidable grounds for UK intervention.

The Rag concludes with this:

“It is, though, highly unlikely that the Senator is unaware of the possible far-reaching consequences of his foray into the English courts and of its potential for spurring a catastrophic reordering of not only the legal but also the political, social and economic life of the Island.”

As just described, seeking the intervention of the UK courts has proven to be a regrettable necessity – because of Jersey oligarchy intransigence, and the customary prevarication from London officials.

I would far prefer not to be doing this; not to be engaging in such actions. But I have no choice. It is plain that my constituents will not get, good, objective, justice if things are left to the Jersey oligarchy.

So the need for such intervention – the cause of such actions – is not some whim or wish of mine. Those who have brought us to this pass are the senior Jersey oligarchy figures, such as the Bailhache Brothers – and those who perform as uncritical cheer-leaders for them – such as The Rag.

They are the cause of this crisis – not the survivors, not the whistle-blowers, not the witnesses, not the national media and not me.

Only a fool or a liar could possible come to any conclusion other than that the Jersey oligarchy has – entirely – been the author of its own misfortune in this matter.

A little humility, a little common sense – even a vague grasp of established jurisprudence – and the legal crises need not have happened at all.

Instead – even now – we get yet more of the tragi-comic North Korea-style rabid propaganda and lies which would have us believe that the abuse survivors – seeking something as basic and fundamental as their Article 6 Rights under the ECHR – a fair determination of their civil rights before an ‘objective and impartial tribunal’ are going to cause a “catastrophic reordering” of the “economic life of the island.”

But no. It’s the island’s Half-witted oligarchs, their media, like The Rag, the abusers and the cover-up merchants who are to blame for any crises.

And when the island’s only newspaper – in the year 2008 – can still cling to such laughably transparent lies – can we really be surprised at the mess the island finds itself in?

I fear we’ll have yet more evidence of that fact this Saturday, as the JEP is carrying a substantive interview with the Attorney General, William Bailhache, the man who has prevented suspects from being charged; from being extradited – and who was the senior partner of a law firm, Bailhache LaBesse, which, in 1998, catastrophically failed to properly represent the victims of an infamous abuse episode.

The inescapable and implacably conflicted position this places him in is not credibly deniable – and has been pointed out to him – on several occasions. Yet his response is to, essentially, argue against all established jurisprudence and authority on the subject of the appearance of conflict.

He is also the brother of the Bailiff, Philip Bailhache, Jersey’s chief judge. This being the Philip Bailhache who delivered a truly extraordinary political rant on Jersey’s Liberation Day in which he attacked the investigation of child abuse and the national media.

I began this post by describing those categories of people who would very much wish Jersey to retain its customary standing and economic prosperity.

But the year is 2008 – for God’s sake. Do you seriously imagine that a jurisdiction without an independent prosecution service, without an independent judiciary, with only one “newspaper – which churns out such contemptible, dishonest, ignorant and actively damaging garbage – can remain stable and respectable, in the eyes of the modern world?

Do you not see a danger of us becoming ever more regarded as some deeply strange and concerning banana republic – with similar degrees of “credibility”?

You will read another screed of fantastical garbage from the Attorney General in this Saturday’s JEP.

If you want Jersey to prosper, to remain respectable and credible – the time has come for bankers, accountants, lawyers – to discreetly yet firmly – tell the Bailhache Brothers and Frank & Co – and The Rag, for that matter, to come to their senses.

If some – very rapid – changes can be made to see that my constituents get good, objective justice, then great. There’ll be no need for legal battles and greater controversy can be avoided.

But unless those out there who have power and influence in Jersey can make these insular, ignorant, silly little men wake up and smell the coffee – then we are guaranteed yet more spectacular black farce – and all of the collateral damage which will flow from it.


41 thoughts on “TRAGEDY AND FARCE

  1. donchais

    “No critic, nor survivor, no campaigner, no politician – not even any national media – have stated that the ordinary people of Jersey are to be dammed for the awful events.”

    “Only a fool or a liar could possible come to any conclusion other than that the Jersey oligarchy has – entirely – been the author of its own misfortune in this matter.”


  2. Smokin Jo

    A wonderful in depth post that has me chomping at the bit for more!

    The oligarchy overstepped the mark long ago and have reached the point of no return. The only line of defence they have now is attack (which they say is the best form of defence) but the point they have missed is that there was nothing to defend in the first place, apart from one thing…their own pockets.

    The fact is, the majority of the people of Jersey are not just a bunch of “country bumpkins” and “role over Tony’s” and do have minds of their own and are not being fooled by the propaganda being spurted from every orifice of the establishment and its media. In fact, most of the people of Jersey are laughing at our politicians and media (Bailiff included) and are tired of hearing the same old tripe with very little or no action being taken…cue the Bailiff…what on earth is he doing and why is it taking so long to fire up the carriage of justice for the HDLG victims? We all know why. FW infamously stated to the media not so long ago “there will be no cover up”. But that’s all we have seen since this investigation began.

    This is 2008, not 1948 and the people of Jersey will welcome UK intervention with open arms to see justice done, regardless of what the JEP and its spin-doctors publish.

  3. Anonymous

    I wish the word `alleged’ would be dropped when used in relation to child abuse in Jersey!

    There is nothing `alleged about the `grand prix system’. It is fact that children were abused!

    Similarly, there is nothing alleged about the remains of at least five dead children.

    Whether these children were alive or dead when they were butched and then burnt is not known! But what is cristaline is that there is nothing `alleged’ about the abuse here! It is established fact!

    Unless of course one does not consider the criminal dimembering and burning of a child abuse?

  4. Anonymous

    Every person who has been abused or mistreated in recent times should take legal action against the JEP.

  5. The Moving Finger

    I am proud to say that I never buy the Jersey Establishment Post.

    It is about time a new paper came into being. Thing is of course that will cause a blow to the PR machine that we all pay for.
    What a joke that is, in itself!

    I welcome intervention and if its via the Court of Human Rights, so be it.

    Read what Lenny has said and then think – can we trust that justice will be done in-house!

    keep going Stuart!

  6. Anonymous

    These extracts from The Rag beggar belief! No it is not “alleged” abuse as a former comment said. It makes no difference if it happened five, ten or fifty years ago because a number of people (restricted or not) ruined or ended the lives of children who were troubled, unwanted, some already abused, vulnerable and in some cases had learning disabilities. My memories of Haut De la Garenne go back 4 decades but still affect me now. Through counselling I now understand that they have not only affected me but my partner and my children too. Survivors do not all live in isolation (though some find it hard to make relationships). What happened to us is like dropping a pebble into a pond. The ripples spead out and affect everyone and will continue to do so until we see the people who have done these wicked things brought to justice. Then – maybe then – we can finally gain some peace of mind!

  7. Anonymous

    Senator Syvret, you could prove to be a powerful catalyst for a new “open” party politics, if you would only allow yourself to do so, and finally decide if you want to continue political life as a “defunct back-bencher” or use the political system you are elected to and beat the “oligarchy” at its own game.

    With enough good men standing side-by-side as political allies with yourself as the catalyst to finally control the house from the inside rather than yourself (and the people of Jersey) being a “defunct back-bencher” looking in from the outside!

    No man is an island Senator Syvret (or as an island represented by just one man!), your self-imposed isolation as a politician is obvious, your political will and ability is not in dispute (personally and politically, I love what you stand for!), for if it were, they (the oligarchy) would have easily managed to get rid of you many years ago!

    What do I think, well, with current events, the time is ripe for change, and there is only one figure head Jersey people will follow, and that is you!

    I just hope this figure-head throws down his blunt sword, and truly represent this island with an even sharper tool, a controlling vote in the house………………….

    Senator Syvret, “you will not win unless you yourself form a party and control the house”!

    Should you think otherwise, you are deluding yourself, and those following you!


  8. Anonymous

    I concer with Jack here you are the spark stuart and for the firework to go off you most lite the touchpaper I only know one person who would, couild and should do that and thats you…

  9. Anonymous

    Brilliant piece deconstructing that editorial Stuart! While what follows happens all over the world, I get the feeling from talking to people from other places that in Jersey there is a tendency greater than elsewhere to identify with the position you find yourself in.

    If you are one of the “oligarchy” who dominate Jersey and someone attacks what you do, have done, your values or your methods, your reaction is to cry out that your attacker is attacking Jersey, or the Jersey people. These oligarchs, in some way seem to actually believe that they personally ARE JERSEY. Somewhere in their diseased psyches, a switch has flipped and caused massive megalomania, colossal vanity and a kind of innocent, wounded, arrogance that conflates their personalities with the Island they live in. In a similar way to how Hitler (oops, I mentioned the war) came to believe that he was the soul of the Aryan people and the expression of the peoples will, and other “leaders” throughout history have been able to condemn millions to death in wars to further some ideology of their own, the Jersey oligarchs have had their self-image corrupted by power.

    A slight weakness in your case is that many people would differentiate the type of abuse suffered at Haut de la Garenne, which was torture and rape for selfish satisfaction with no concern for the victims from that at Greenfields, which was done for very different motives – controlling and punishing difficult behaviour in the belief (almost certainly mistaken) that it would do some good either for the victim or for the general discipline and stability of the facility.

  10. Anonymous

    The greediocracy is coming to an end, in the form of a rotten myxyed rabbit hanging by a frayed cord from the branch of a Quercus ilex, it will shortly take the drop to the dune, for consumption by ants.

    See ya!

  11. Anonymous

    A further way in which the current regime have messed it all up for themselves is the move to ministerial government. Since time immemorial Jersey has boasted of the political stability that was the upside of the old ponderous committee system. Now the tail is wildly wagging the dog.

    David Rotherham

  12. Smokin Jo

    It is obvious that the Bailiff and his Jurats cannot handle the size of the HDLG case (made clear by the lack of arrests and convictions so far especially as the body of evidence against the accused is so conclusive). Surely bringing in UK judges would help speed up the conviction process and help strengthen our ties with the UK government. Unless of course, the Bailiff has something to hide? Come on Phil, admitting that you cannot cope with the size of this investigation is nothing to be ashamed of.

  13. Anonymous

    “Justice needs to be seen to be done”

    The only way to get this right is for you Stuart with your natural intelligence and wit, to stand behind your words.

    One simply can not protest about these issues loud enough and if you do, like you are Stuart then at least give all those who would vote for you the democratic chance to see you as leader.

    You have picked up the baton of people like Ghandi, Mandela! It is time to let all those in Jersey know your going to keep this hope alive and stand a proud man with the real majority of your beautiful island.

  14. Corrupt Camden Council

    Maybe Stuart doesn’t want to be a ‘leader’ of a party and govern Jersey but does want to see a much needed change of attitute within the Jersy ‘government’ and justice to be had for all those who have suffered these horrendous abuses.

    I believe Stuart is doing all he can to bring about justice for the victims of these heinous crimes and it appears that some posters of this blog are putting way to much on his shoulders to carry.

    You are doing a very noble and honourable thing Stuart, and it is natural that some people will want you to run the Jersey government.You have to ask yourself whether your shoulders are wide enough to carry the burden – because much will be expected of you and you will be judged.

    Take good care

  15. Anonymous

    Corrupt Camden Council said…
    Maybe Stuart doesn’t want to be a ‘leader’ of a party

    Yes your right and we are all entitled to our own opinion.

    isn’t democracy great shame its not that way on Jersey?

  16. Anonymous

    Well the JEP did learn a lot from its Nazi friends during the war about how to run a good propoganda compaign.

    I wonder if they still have any of those Nazi posters that they printed during the occupation. You know, the ones that demonized the Jews and the resistance movement, and which told everyone to inform on and betray them to the Germans, so that they could be cought and sent to extermination camps!

    As I said! They had good teacher’s when it comes to dressing up lies and betraying the good people of Jersey!

  17. Anonymous

    Those in Jersey who think the The Historic abuse and torture of the vulnerable should let to lie and left in the past.

    Where would we be if we all done that?

    We would also say the same about the death camps and medical torture labs of the German occupiers of Jersey.

    And the holocaust was in the past and we should forget it too, or dropping the H-bomb was in the past so we should not dredge it up!

    The problem with that is: We will not learn to deal with the future if we don’t learn from the past.

  18. voiceforchildren


    An abuse survivor (Marina?) had the courage to contact the BBC phone in today. She asked Senator Len Norman if he supported the abuse survivors campaign.

    He gave her a very “party line” answer and failed to say if he does “support” the victims.

    I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that he is a “supporter”. That being the case I would like to ask you, him or anybody just exactly what he has done to support the victims of abuse. In fact could I ask just exactly, besides yourself, what has any of our States members done to “support” the victims.

    When I say “support” I mean actively, phisically done something for them. That doesn’t include the odd “soundbite” offering them sympathy. I think it is safe to say sympathy is not at the top of their wish list. I think it is also safe to say they want answers, justice and closure, so what have ANY of our States members done to help bring them this?

    Surely the Jersey Care Leavers Association must have been sent some letters with offers of support from some members of our goverment?

  19. Anonymous

    As unforgiveable as our government’s attitude towards child protection is, their performance on this issue MUST be seen as a benchmark in context reference other local & wider concerns.

    The morally bankrupt, self-serving, Jersey gravy-train appears to be on the brink of a derailment.

    THEY do not care about the populus, only their own comfort.

    OV fascists.

  20. Stuart Syvret

    An Abuse Survivor

    Voiceforchildren heard an abuse survivor call-in to BBC Jersey (the only BBC out-post on the face of the planet to have ‘gone native’.)

    BBC Jersey run a two-hour phone-in program on Sunday mornings. The usual format is to have two studio guests – usually, but not always, two politicians – and members of the public call-in to express their views and ask questions.

    Yesterday, one of the guests was Senator Len Norman. An abuse survivor called-in to ask if he supported the survivors. The answer he gave was, by all accounts, extremely equivocal. I’m not in the least surprised. Indeed, the ‘position’ of most States members on the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster merits a post of its own. So I’ll deal with the subject in detail in my next post.

    Whilst responding, I should just point out I have removed a comment; I had some response comments which considered the remark to be distasteful. Upon reviewing it, I was inclined to agree. If you submitted the remark, don’t take it personally.


  21. Krakow Crapaud

    RE: BBC Jersey (the only BBC out-post on the face of the planet to have ‘gone native’.)

    Stuart I have to disagree, if they had gone native they might at least take the trouble to pronounce Jersey names correctly.

    No, my impression is garden parties at Government House and educating the natives in the wisdom and benevolence of Her Majesty and her representatives to the glorification of Empire.

    Yeah, they missed the boat.


  22. Anonymous

    “Channel Islands under occupation”

    “While the German occupiers effectively ruled the islands, the civilian administration remained in the hands of a superior council headed by the Bailiff.”

    and nothing has changed since!!!

  23. Anonymous

    Frst off I wonder how many people actually read the Leader?

    I consider the content to be the personal opinions of the editor written to a market that is conservative in outlook, we are after all an island of Dail Mail readers, sad but true!

    Talking of a collective consciouness is in teresting however if and when islanders display such a phenonom it will be when as an island we turn our backs on the victims of abuse and deny them an independant judicial proccess.

    Bill The Bayleaf ( sorry I can’t resist that title) said in his JEP interview that he could COULD appoint an outside judiciary but did not deem it necessary – well I think it is necessary and I have had enough of the paternalism that is dictated, preached and delivered by this oligarchy, for the sake of our collective consciouness Bayleaf ..DO THE DECENT THING………….the time is drawing near

  24. Anonymous

    “Bill The Bayleaf ( sorry I can’t resist that title) said in his JEP interview that he could COULD appoint an outside judiciary but did not deem it necessary -“

    I would like somebody appointed without his input.
    No funny handshakes,etc.

  25. Anonymous

    Jersey abuse compensation claims blocked
    Compensation claims from victims of the Jersey sexual abuse scandal are being blocked by the island’s government.

    By Jon Swaine
    Last Updated: 9:19AM BST 26 Aug 2008

    Jersey’s legal authorities are refusing to consider compensation for sexual abuse allegedly carried out between the 1960s and 1980s Photo: GETTY
    Talks between island authorities and the lawyers of dozens of victims of abuse at the former Haut de la Garenne care home have broken down after no agreement was reached on the establishment of a legal basis for damages, which could cost Jersey tens of millions of pounds.

    The disagreement centres on the fact that while courts in England and Wales have lifted a former bar on claims for damages in historic abuse cases, Jersey’s legal system has made no such adjustment.

    Jersey’s legal authorities are therefore refusing to consider compensation for sexual abuse allegedly carried out between the 1960s and 1980s, saying they can only do so for incidents that occurred after May 1991. And civil courts on the island insist that compensation claims be made within three months of a victim turning 18.

    Tracey Emmott, a child abuse lawyer, who is representing some of the victims, said: “The situation seems to have reached an impasse.”

    “I hope [it will be] temporary, until Jersey introduces changes to the law,” Ms Emmott added. “This kind of situation was never envisaged when laws involving personal injury were drawn up.”

    Ms Emmott has written to the Jersey Attorney General, William Bailhache, saying that more must be done to bring about settlements, and that a “board of address” should be established similar to that which sat after comparable cases in Ireland and Canada.

    Last week, Lenny Harper, the retired former head of the investigation, criticised the island’s legal system, which he said had consistently delayed his team’s pursuit of prosecutions and was being held in “contempt” by the victims.

    John Hemming, a Liberal Democrat MP, and Stuart Syvret, a Jersey Senator, have applied for judicial review of the “failure” of the British Government to “enforce the rule of law” on the island.

  26. Anonymous

    Frank Walker, 26th February:

    “There is no hiding place in Jersey for anyone who abused children or, who in any way may have colluded with that abuse, and no stone will be left unturned to bring them to justice.”

    Lennie Harper, 8th August:

    “I can quite clearly say that the investigation is being held up. There are people on the island who just don’t want us going down the route of this inquiry. I don’t think they are involved in child abuse, it’s more like an old-boy network.”

  27. Anonymous

    A part of a pile of crap pulped put of the orifice of the rag

    “Of at least equal importance is the absolute assurance given by Mr Bailhache of the seriousness with which the allegations are being taken and the importance attached to the rights and well-being of the victims.”

    What a load of tripe” Bailhache has constantly shown that he is against any outing in public of the maters related to the child abuse investigation.

    He stopped speeches meant to give some solidarity and understanding of what these people went through when they were children.

    He along with his brother installed a police officer who they both knew to be an active paedophile. Interfered with legitimate police inquiries and even prevented the lawful prosecutions of people involved.

    “Absolute assurance given by Mr Bailhache”

    This means nothing to the victims and many islanders, whose faith in justice on the island has reached a critical point where they can only see that the countless attempts to disrupt ongoing investigations, Threatening of witnesses and victims, not to mention sacking those who would dare challenge the status quo of the island.

    The leaders of Jersey are the lowest of the low and don’t deserve to lead a dog let alone an island who has prospered beyond that of countries a great deal larger than Jersey.

    The people (That is All of the people have not shared in this prosperity and in fact have became more and more impoverished with the ghetto estates and marginalised poor being the butt of every excuse when the middle classes get miffed at those above because they feel themselves to be on a downward spiral at the same time.

    The people are not with you Mr Bailhache!!! They don’t trust you Mr Bailhache, or Mr Walker and I would say the majority of other civil servant who knew about and heard about the abuses but turned a blind eye and then turned native in an effort to protect their own necks.

    (Stuart has often said “You couldn’t make it up.” And he is so right.

  28. Smokin Jo

    Jersey abuse compensation claims blocked.

    Compensation claims from victims of the Jersey sexual abuse scandal are being blocked by the island’s government.

    “The disagreement centres on the fact that while courts in England and Wales have lifted a former bar on claims for damages in historic abuse cases, Jersey’s legal system has made no such adjustment.”

    “Jersey’s legal authorities are therefore refusing to consider compensation for sexual abuse allegedly carried out between the 1960s and 1980s, saying they can only do so for incidents that occurred after May 1991. And civil courts on the island insist that compensation claims be made within three months of a victim turning 18.”

    How convenient. Cover up after cover up after cover up. It’s almost as if the authorities new the HDLG case was coming…
    FW and co must really believe that they are the reluctant messiahs and we the peeps are the zombies from Night of the Living Dead. Whoops, my arms have just fallen off!

  29. Anonymous

    With regard to compensation! The victims could always take legal action against the States of Jersey!

    After all, the people who sufferd in German consentration camps have sued and won against many governments who took exactly the same stance as The States of Jersey are now doing (no compensation)! After all, It is the States of Jersey who are ultimatly responsible for the care and wellbeing of individuels whilst in thier care!

    I think that if the `States of Jersey were taken to the European courts, The Bailliach Bros Mafia Inc, along with Walker et al will find themselves having to take a pay cut! Sorry lads, you’ll have to make do with ordinary Moet next year, and just dream of when you bathed in Dom Perignon!

    Although, the millions you have ripped off the ordinary people of Jersey for over the years, ought to have assured that you have a pretty well stocked cellar to see you through the lean time!

  30. Anonymous

    No abuse charges for elderly couple

    An elderly couple who were accused of abusing children in their care will NOT face charges.

    The Attorney General has reviewed the case and sought advice from lawyers and decided not to pursue the claims of three alleged victims.

    On 24th June, 2008 a man and a woman were arrested on suspicion of criminal assaults against children and released without charge.

    The allegations were not of a sexual nature but allegations of using excessive force to children in their care. The investigation was part of the historic child abuse investigation but had no connection with the Haut de la Garenne Children’s Home.

    Independent lawyers were assigned to review the case file, which was received on 18th July, and contained important statements and information not available on 24th June.

    On 6th August the Attorney General received advice in relation to this file from the lawyers.

    Three complainants, who were all in the care of the couple at the time of the alleged offences, which took place between 30 and 40 years ago, alleged that they and other children who were also in their care were subjected to excessive corporal punishment between 1967 and 1977.

    Some of the witnesses, who have been named as victims, deny that the couple ever used any excessive force by way of lawful chastisement or at all, and speak in very positive terms about the quality of care and support which they received from the couple.

    Some of those who have told the police that no violent behaviour took place, and who speak very highly of the couple, include two of the siblings of one of the complainants.

  31. Anonymous

    No prosecution in one Jersey case
    Jersey’s attorney general has decided there is “insufficient evidence” to bring a prosecution in one of six cases related to an historical abuse inquiry.

    A man and a woman were arrested on 24 June but released without charge.
    The allegations were not of a sexual nature and not connected to former children’s home Haut de la Garenne.

    Three cases have resulted in charges; action has yet to be taken on the other two. About 100 people have alleged abuse dating from the 1960s to 1986.


    Attorney General William Bailhache said: “The evidential test has not been passed, and it would be simply wrong to bring the prosecution.”

    The attorney general said: “I realise that this decision will come as a disappointment to the complainants in the case and possibly to others who have made statements to the police or are considering doing so.”

    He said he was making a statement about the case because of criticism about its handling.

    Lenny Harper, the detective who led the historic child abuse inquiry in Jersey, had strongly attacked the island’s legal system.

    In an exclusive interview with the BBC, Mr Harper, who retired from the States of Jersey Police earlier this month,
    blamed “inexplicable delays and decisions” by the States of Jersey lawyers for some cases failing to reach court.

    Mr Bailhache responded, saying: “I am obviously aware that assertions have been made, without any basis or foundation, that justice will not be done in the child abuse investigations that are taking place.

    “Indeed, it is for that reason that I am making this full statement as to why a decision not to prosecute has been taken in this case.”

    Renewed call

    He added that he wanted “all those who have any relevant evidence to give in the current child abuse investigation to contact the police and to make statements”.

    “That is the only way the prosecution will be able to reach a fully informed decision on the evidential test in the various cases that come before us for consideration.”

    Three people have been charged in connection with the inquiry, although more arrests have been made since the last person was charged in May.

    There are more than 80 suspects in the inquiry, which is focused on the Haut de la Garenne former children’s home.

    Jersey Police started an exploratory search of Haut de la Garenne and made their first significant discovery in February, finding what they believed to be a skull fragment.

    So far police have found 65 milk teeth and more than 100 bone fragments at the former home.

  32. Anonymous

    “Mr Bailhache responded saying”…..

    Well BIll, as Stuart would say “you just could not make it up”. If there was no foundations before to doubt your ability to see Justice is done! There bloody well is now!

    You, your brother and Walker and his cronies, are making the good people of Jersey look sick in the eyes of the world!

    You sir are a disgrace! And, along with your brother should resign before your boss fires you, which I’m sure she will do eventually!

    Also, unless Jack Straw intervenes to see justice with regard to the rights and protection of our children is done,as it being cristaline now that the truth is out that Baillhache will not.

    Then he will face the same international condemnation and disgrace as the Bailhache dinisty!

    To use words that Walker would understand, the AG and Bailliff have, `shafted the good people of Jersey and their children on an international level’!

    Yes, this is not about injustices to adults, but, our children! The most vunerable members of our society.

    We know now that the rights of our children to the protection of the law, do not exist in Jersey whilst the the current Bailliff and AG remain in their positions of authority!

    After all, this whole sick affair is about the rape, abuse and probable murder of children! No matter how long ago, the victims were children.

    And Many of those guilty of crimes against these children are still alive and walking the streets, rather facing trial for their evil! I say the Bailhaches’ out and out now!

  33. Anonymous

    Clearly the wholle episode is a complete whitewash, I cannot believe that personalities have taken precedence over fact.

    The facts being that accusations have been made, trained police officers have evaluated the accusations, taken statements and requested that charges be forthcoming. The AG acting as a quasi ‘crown prosecution agent’ has instructed an unprecedented detailed evaluation of the minuate of the evidence and his agent ( HIS AGENT) has suggested that charges be dropped. Quite rightly on the flaky advice of the AG’s legal agent, Lenny Harper attempts to charge and then atthe last hurdle a HOBBY BOBBY halts the procedure – but don’t shoot the messenger.

    Why is this happening – are ‘THEY’ running scared of the cost of trials and compensation?

    Do ‘THEY’ have to halt this process because of the implications for supposedly ‘respectable members of our community’…………….

    Why is thi sactually happening and what can be done about it – this couple should go before a judge and jury, their age is immaterial, how they treated their own children is immaterial.

    Let a court of law decide……….Lenny Harper said that the majority of people on this island were good people,m so what will the great majority do now.

    THIS CANNOT LIE…………..we owe the victims a show of solidarity……………..

    The Care Leavers Association are a pressure group – I understand that there must be a lot of anguish being suffered at the present time by their members, but this injustice must be reversed – how can the good people help you all and help future generations?

  34. Anonymous


    Just a quick one that keeps bothering me….

    Did William Bailhache declare himself “conflicted” when dealing with the Danny Wherry case?…if he didnt then is he in breach of any professional protocols-and is there any way this can be brought into the public domain?

    It is a fact that he and Wherry are members of the same golf club on the Island …..or is that just inconvenient?


  35. Anonymous

    Hmm the grand prix system

    Who was the Politician in charge at the tiemof its instigation and its activity I think the world needs to know.

    It wasn’t you was it Stuart?

    Of course it was – you hypocrite

  36. Anonymous

    There are many things that concern me deeply. I applaud any survivor for speaking out but there are things as a survivor of abuse myself that is bothering me alot which I will not mention here.

    Please provide me with the facts and show me that a child was murdered at the home after 1960 and please provide us all with proof that doesntsuggest it was possibly before that time.

    I look forward to hearing from you Stuart.


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