Do You Get Either

From Jersey’s Establishment

And its Media?

Well – what a welcome back I’ve received. At least, that is, from the public.

Naturally every aspect of power in Jersey has greeted my return with the predictable noxious tide of hatred and fear.

Jolly good.

I haven’t lost my touch then.

Of course – how the Jersey establishment’s media were going to handle these events was always going to make a fascinating study – so in this blog-posting I’ll be touching upon, as I do occasionally, some of the lies, spin and propaganda of Jersey’s mainstream media – or msm – as it’s known these days.

My apologies if I haven’t responded to your e-mails yet – there’re just so many, and so much to do in preparation for the campaign, which starts on Tuesday.

Whilst I was working in London, I wrote in one blog-posting about the personal costs of having to fight – singlehandedly – against the corrupt Jersey establishment; not an aspect of doing politics that I often write about. I suppose a useful metaphor is to imagine two Stuart Syvrets. The ordinary human being – and then the person who has to encase himself in a kind of suit of armour in order to withstand Jersey politics.

So – before I armour-up and swing into battle – some personal words.

I’m extremely grateful to all of the people who turned-out to our meeting on Monday night. Looking at the photos – and the video footage that Channel Television won’t show – there were probably around 250 people at peak attendance, and the overwhelming feeling was one of support for me and the survivors.

After months and years of having to fight a hard war – one that should not be necessary if our establishment were civilised human beings – we do need the occasional moral-boost. The survivors and I had no idea at all how many people would come, nor what their views would be. But to have received such support from so many people reminds us that how the Jersey oligarchy think and act – does not reflect the attitude of the great majority of decent islanders.

So – do I now feel as though I want to try and get back to ‘business as usual’?

Do I just want to get re-elected – and carry on – much as I did before?


I do not.

I tried to explain why that was in my previous posting, where I wrote:

“If you believe – that in the year 2010 – the traditional “Jersey Way” of dealing with scandals – waiting until the dust has settled, then just brushing it all under the carpet when no one is looking – is the correct approach, then do not place your cross next to my name.

I do not want your vote.”

I meant that when I wrote it – and I mean it even more now.

And the reason I have that view, is that – after twenty years of abuse, lies, obstructions and oppressions from the Jersey oligarchy – I’m not at all interested in enduring anymore of the same.

Jersey’s community, its welfare and its future have been betrayed – and virtually ruined during the last four decades by the entrenched establishment.

I have no intention of seeking re-election – just to join the States again as a token rebel.

A questioner at Monday’s public meeting asked me how I would work with the existing States members if I was re-elected.

I will work with them – to the extent that duty and public necessity require.

But I am not seeking to re-enter politics to work with these people.

I’m seeking to re-enter politics – to remove them.

Jersey’s next general election is in October 2011.

Should I be re-elected in this by-election – between now and 2011 – a number of concerned islanders – who share a common resolution to finally rid us of these clowns – will contest the 2011 election on a party-political basis.

As I said at Monday’s meeting, in answer to the question – “why do the Jersey establishment hate you so much?” – after a moment’s hesitation – I replied, ‘my honesty’.

I have always told it like it is – and the Jersey oligarchy hate that.

So, as is my habit – I am being quite honest with readers now – when I say, unless you want a new, more honest, transparent and accountable style of government after 2011 – do not vote for me in this by-election.

From a personal perspective – I just don’t need it – any more.

I have been repeatedly lied about by the Jersey establishment.

I have been obstructed.

I have had my reports and propositions to the States blocked and censored.

I have been illegally excluded from the States for 6 months – back in 1996 – simply for pointing out the fact that a former Senator was engaging in an act of straightforward brazen corruption.

I have been consistently smeared, misrepresented and excluded by Jersey’s mainstream media.

I have had criminal acts committed against me.

I have been subjected to unlawful police surveillance and harassment.

Illegal police raids.

Unlawful searches of my home – conducted without a search warrant.

Unlawful imprisonment in a tiny, windowless police-cell for over seven hours.

Prosecuted – for publishing the truth – as though we were a banana-republic.

Been denied legal representation.

Having my relationship destroyed by the illegal police harassment.

Being denied access to the evidence I need to prove my defence.

Being threatened with being shot through the head with a 9mm pistol.

Being promised that I’m going to have my “face slashed with a (expletive deleted) Stanley knife.”

Having to leave Jersey – to avoid more of the above criminal police abuses – so that I could obtain and publish further public interest information on behalf of my constituents.

And – when I return – be immediately subjected to the same old banana-republic lies and nonsense from Jersey’s media.

I have given the best twenty years of my life – from 25 to 45 – to this island – have been honest and diligent – yet have had nothing but hell in return – and have nothing to show for it.

But for all that – my efforts being recognised by decent people – and knowing within one’s self that one has done the best one could – are great sources of strength.

But could I continue in the same manner – for years into the future? No – I could not.

Which is why – I either leave Jersey politics – or I change Jersey politics.

And if I am to leave Jersey politics – whilst fearful for Jersey’s future – given the gravity of the challenges the island faces and the intrinsic intellectual and ethical bankruptcy of its polity – personally – it will be a release.

So – that’s my personal perspective.

Now, for the rest of this blog posting – I put on the metaphorical suit of armour, and enter political battle mode.

Whilst there is so much of it – we can barely scratch the surface in one posting, we are taking a look at the anatomy of the spin of the Jersey oligarchy; something we’ll be doing throughout the election – so don’t worry if I don’t cover it all now.

There’ll be plenty of further analysis.

When perusing the Jersey oligarchy’s media – and in particular their multi-trolled web site comment sections – I can do so for reasons of pure entertainment. Because – whilst no thinking person I know believes such comments to be representative of the broad opinion of Jersey people – even if it so happened they were – I’m personally indifferent to the electoral outcome that such views might deliver.

I mean – what can one do – other than simply laugh at Channel Television when, having sent a full crew to film most of Monday’s meeting – they then make zero reference to it – the meeting having been an immense success – to the great distress of CTV’s bosses and their friends Philip Ozouf and Frank Walker.

Indeed – Eric Blakely was even reduced to lying to complaining members of the public, by falsely claiming that broadcasting regulations prevented any reference to the meeting – because a by-election is going to occur. It, apparently, eluding him that no such regulation takes effect until the election process has begun.

But – since then – he must have remembered that the restrictions didn’t actually apply until next Tuesday evening – because he broadcast a news item tonight featuring an interview with a declared candidate.

Oh well – I’m sure – now that he has remembered – viewers will be able to see the report of Monday’s meeting during the CTV bulletin tomorrow evening?

And what could the innocent reader of The Rag have learnt of the meeting – had they not been present?

Certainly not the true numbers of attending members of the public; nor the fact that 98% of the questions asked and comments made were favourable.

Nor – fascinatingly – that both Mark and I made specific references to the vast economic and fiscal challenges faced by Jersey.

Huge financial problems – that are the very fruits – of the self-same establishment, who have conned the Jersey public into thinking that they are the “safe pairs of hands” who know how to mange financial and economic policies well.

They didn’t – and don’t – of course – as anyone with a modicum of sense can see when considering the history of Jersey’s financial leadership.

Who has been in charge of the purse-strings during the last four decades?

Who has been managing and planning Jersey’s economy and public finances?

People such as Reg Jeune, Pierre Horsfall, Frank Walker, Terry Le Sueur and Philip Ozouf.

The result?

Not only does Jersey face a financial black-hole – we face a financial black-hole every bit as bad as the rest of the world – precisely because those clowns responsible for Jersey’s economic mess – are adherents of the very political and financial philosophies that have brought the world to ruination through the re-cycled debt-based hallucinated economy that’s disintegrating about the aggregate ears of the world’s financiers.

Not that that will bother most of them, given they’ve made their fortunes, cashed their chips – and sailed happily into the sunset – leaving us – the world’s plebs, to stagger around, trying to shoulder the wreckage.

I’m told there was recently a luxury yacht show in Jersey, at which various pirates of the cerberean gathered to display and barter the wages of their buccaneering sorties across the vast ocean of pixilated nothingness, the stormy sea of raging electrons that swell and break across the computer screens of Tokyo, London and New York that we are told is something called “The World Economy” but which we could more usefully understand as a blank spot on one of those old maps, marked only with the words “Here be Monsters”.

The assembled tribes of gaudy privateers were seeking to display, through such vulgar excess, their ‘bravery’ and ‘skill’ at helming the vessels of credit default swaps, collateralized debt obligations and various skiffs for the laundering thereof, across an oceanic frontier of grifterdom and Ponzi schemes previously unimagined in human history.

But, even though the vast black-hole that now grows where once the pyramid-scheme of the globalised economy stood – with all the strength of an £9.50 tent from Millets – we still have this real difficulty with the entity known as “reality”. That thing which we’re going to have to become acquainted with as, even whilst I write, it devours pension funds, jobs, health-provision, and currencies – and, frankly, God knows what else.

But in the meantime – we were able to stroll along some of our property – St. Helier’s harbour – and gaze wistfully at just how big a lump of crassness £20 million can buy you – and fantasise about us maybe, one day, “getting lucky” – and being up there – midst the toxic fibreglass and plethora of navigational electronics you don’t know how to operate – double gin and tonic in one hand – and woman young enough to be your daughter in the other – whilst the bamboozled hordes who you’ve conned, look adoringly upwards.

But such pacifying strolls could only be taken along certain parts of our property – because other parts of our property down at the harbour, have been security-fenced off – made into a gated-community where those who have shorted half of your pension-fund out of existence, and ‘settled’ the ‘ownership’ of their companies outside of Jersey – thus paying zero tax here – are able to park their galleons, frigates and triremes – suitably distant from the unwashed mob who were dumb enough to have paid £25 million to build this pirates’ enclave in the first place.

And if one gazed carefully enough into this restricted realm of floating robber-barons – one could catch a distant glimpse of Frank Walker – and his £40 million yacht.

I was reminded of the reports I received of this scene, when asked whether the salary I was paid when working in London for six months represented good value for money for Jersey tax-payers.

The answer to that question is “yes it does” – as I have done more meaningful and important investigative journalism during those six months – than all of Jersey’s mainstream media has – combined – in all of the post-war years.

Researching – obtaining – and publishing – on behalf of cohorts of my constituents, for example, the survivors of the Blanch Pierre child abuse atrocity – the rock-solid evidence that proves they were criminally betrayed by the Jersey authorities – three times over.

In 1990.

In 1998.

In 2008.

And – additionally – obtaining and publishing a lot of other evidence besides.

For example – the four reports of the Association of Chief Police Officers.

All of which prove that the historic abuse investigation was perfectly well-run and professional.

Contrary to the lies of the Jersey oligarchy and its mainstream media.

Hard, documented evidence – that I would not have been able to obtain in Jersey – and nor would I have been able to publish from Jersey – because I would have been subjected to further unlawful massed police-raids, arrests – searches without a search warrant – and would have been jailed – again.

That is why such work had to be conducted from London.

Personally – I’m pretty confident – and those constituents of mine – who were tortured, battered and raped as children – are absolutely confident – that having done that vital work – work that every single other States member – combined – in all the last thirty years has not even attempted to do – does, actually, represent very good value for money.

But, I’m a very strong believer in value for money. I believe tax-payers should, indeed, be able to see what their money is spent on – and to be able to determine whether that expenditure meets their wishes.

Which is why – when thinking of Big Frank’s very expensive yacht – I just couldn’t help but wonder what percentage of it has been paid for by you?

Because – for a very – very – long time – many, many decades in fact – the law has required that public notices – such as those by the States and the parishes – must be published in the Jersey Gazette section of the Jersey Evening Post. Now – of course – maybe fifty years ago – when there was no other ready means of publishing important facts – such a law might have been necessary. But those days were over – a very long time ago, and such a cost-burden on tax and rate-payers has been redundant for many, many years.

But having a law that makes it compulsory for the States and the parishes – to pay extortionate sums of money to the Jersey Evening Post – year in – and year out – to print official notices in their gazette section, means that vast fortunes of cash have been siphoned-off from tax-payers – and rate-payers – and placed into the bank-accounts of Guiton Group share-holders over the decades. Of course – in theory – the company was sold to ownership outside of Jersey a few years ago. They do say a bit of luck is required to succeed in business, and Frank and his fellow shareholders were blessed with good fortune – as that sale occurred shortly before the ‘Zero/10’ tax era began, thus making the sale commercially attractive, and the then owners neatly avoiding the impending “look-through” provisions of the new tax regime. Some people are just born lucky, I guess.

But anyway – that change in ownership status doesn’t make things any better for Jersey tax and rate-payers. On the contrary. At least when The Rag was owned locally – we, the general public, were taking some tax from the company (I hope) by way of small recompense for the vast sums of money we’ve poured into it over the decades. But now – with the JEP being ‘owned’ off-island – we don’t even get that.

Which is why – I hope when those lucky few were able to catch a distant glimpse of Frank Walker’s multi-million pound gin-palace – they wondered – “which parts of that have I paid for?”

The luxury, en-suit bathrooms?

The gold-plated taps?

The Jacuzzi?

The on-board cinema?

Because – over the decades – all those millions of pounds that have gone from tax and rate payers’ pockets – to subsidise Frank’s business empire – have certainly paid for some of it.

Do you think that was good value for your money?

I see my mistake now.

Perhaps if I had just clocked-on at the States – to doze contentedly – and used my last six-months pay to spend on a diamond-encrusted cricket-bat – instead of working to expose child abusers – I’d have satisfied the “values” of the Jersey oligarchy?

Oh well – I never did understand the intricacies of “The Jersey Way”.

But – let’s hope most decent islanders don’t share those toxic attitudes of our ruling establishment?

This by-election is – in effect – the referendum which answers that question.

And because of the stage I personally have reached with Jersey politics – I have a simple message for the bad guys:

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.


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