Almost certainly not.

Guess what?

No you couldn’t guess it – because that would involve being able to conceive of such lunacy. And – as we all know – you just couldn’t make it up.

Jimmy Perchard – Health & Social Services Minister is messing himself.

You see – tomorrow is his first time at taking questions without notice.

And if that wasn’t bad enough – he will be delivering a statement concerning the avoidable death of Elizabeth Rourke – and all the lies and concealments engaged in by his senior managers.

A statement written for him by –?

Yep – Mike Pollard.

And Ministers are subject to questions on statements.

So – in addition to facing questions without notice – during a time when the toxic and dangerous boil of H & SS management has erupted into public view – he also has to give – and be questioned on – the statement concerning the tragedy.

Now – let me ask you a question?

Which States member do you think Jimmy and the rest of the oligarchy are most terrified of?

Especially in connection with this subject?

Yes – it’s me.

So – guess what?

I received a telephone call at around 5.00pm today from Juliette Gallichan – the Chair of the Privileges & Procedures Committee – to inform me – “as a matter of courtesy” – that she would be raising a Matter of Privilege against me – an arcane and obscure parliamentary catch-all phrase – which, so far as I can tell, simply furnishes a majority of elected members with the tools to oppress a minority of elected members – thus usurping the voting public.

This action is going to be taken against me – early in tomorrow’s meeting – with a view to getting me suspended from the States – so that I won’t be in the chamber to question Jimmy when that part of the agenda comes around.

“Clever”, no?

It is in such acts of stupidity we can see why Jersey has gone to hell on a handcart.

What – you may ask – is the awful and momentous “offence” I have committed to incur this action against me?

Well – in addition to being generally disrespectful towards most of our politicians, which is exactly what most of my constituents want me to be – I revealed in a blog posting some remarks which were made during a secret States debate.

This – apparently – being an appalling offence.

So – just in case they vote to have me assassinated or something – let me just remind you what it was I revealed.

I made public the fact that the Chief executive Officer of the States of Jersey – Bill Ogley – head civil servant – had destroyed the contemporaneous, hand-written notes taken during the unlawful suspension action against Graham Power – the Chief Constable of the States of Jersey Police Force.

This fact was revealed in the debate by Simon Crowcroft – but more significantly – it was accepted – to his great credit – by the present Home Affairs Minister that the destruction of evidence had taken place – and that he was “horrified” when he learnt of that occurrence.

In virtually all respectable legislatures – these debates would not be secret – but as it was – I felt the public had a right to know just what their £300,000 top civil servant does for their tax payments – especially when it concerns the mounting of an illegal political coup de etat against the Chief of the Police Force.

Therefore – Jersey’s wonderful legislature, have become terribly cross about the fact that I told you the truth concerning the farrago of oppression against our Police Chief – which means – in “The Jersey Way” mode – this becomes a means of having me thrown out of the States – so I can’t question Jimmy Perchard – about the fact that his organisation unlawfully killed a person.

And that his senior management repeatedly lied about it.

The States of Jersey?

Don’t you just love them?


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