Stuart Syvret to be Arrested and Charged

For Publishing the Truth.

Eleven Child Rapists and Batterers

To be let-off.

Just a very brief posting – and sadly it might be my last for some time – as I have just learnt that I’m required at Police Headquarters at 5.00 pm this afternoon where I will be arrested and charged with supposed breaches of the Data Protection Law.

I don’t know if I’ll receive unconditional bail – if not, they’ll keep in the slammer overnight – if not longer.

I’m going to try and get there around 4.50 to speak to some of the media if you feel like coming along to watch.

Just to place my supposed gross criminality in context – I’m going to be arrested and charged – one day after Bill Bailhache – Jersey’s Attorney General – announces – without apparent embarrassment – that 11 of the accused child rapists, child batterers and concealers of child abuse are not to be charged and the cases against them dropped.

And to think – some people still labour under the delusion that the administration of justice and proper rule of law actually works in Jersey.

Though, having said that – you just couldn’t pay for stupidity of this grade.

Ironically – as far as I’m aware – as the police have never given me formal notification of any change in circumstances – Bill Bailhache, Emma Martins, Bill Ogley – and a number of similar Jersey oligarchs, remain under criminal investigation for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and misconduct in a public office.

Oh well – pretty handy I guess – being in charge of prosecution decisions – when you’re under investigation.

Right – now what I need are two States members who will go and have a private, secret meeting with Bill Bailhache – and ask him to drop the charges – and there you go!


I mean, if it’s good enough for Roy Boschat to get away with bribing cops – following Deputy Egre and Senator Ferguson going to ask Bailhache to let him off – then it’s good enough for me.

Remember – we’re all equal before the law!

Let me leave you with this observation, made by Harry S. Truman:

“My choice early in life was either to be a piano-player in a whorehouse – or a politician. And to tell the truth – there’s hardly any difference.”

I’m just going outside now. I may be some time.


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