(Nah – only kidding.)

Really sorry, dear readers, for the silence on these pages; I’ve been cuffed n’ stuffed by the forces of darkness – and have had to spend days undergoing interrogation, sensory deprivation, psychological torture and water boarding. OK – I made that last one up – but it oh so easily could come to pass.

So many worried people have left comments, sent me e-mails and left telephone messages – asking, ‘are you OK, Stuart? Have they had you in the slammer? Have they threatened you into silence?’

Oh so many people – with a disturbingly accurate take on the true nature of power in Jersey.

Since I last blogged – it seems like years ago – I’ve been put through the ringer – and no mistake.

Cross-examination, duplicitous interrogation, deliberately misleading information fed to me, cross and double-cross, scheming, plots and dummy moves – all designed to sow the seeds of confusion, doubt and chaos.

Actually – it was the build-up to the States assembly electing the Ministers who will form the cabinet for the next three years.

But look – it felt like torture, OK?

Phone calls from politicians X & Y & Z – saying they were – then were not – then were again – and then not again – seeking this – or that position. Or they were supporting A or B politician – but only if they were offered an Assistant Minister post by said individuals – but even then intended to secretly vote for someone else.

Day – and night. Changing from hour to hour – just when you thought you were orientated – when they had lulled you into a false sense of security – suddenly everyone’s’ position would shift again; is it day? Is it night? Who do I trust? Everyone? No one? When will it all end?

This psychological torture culminated today – in me having to undergo the appalling ordeal of being a candidate for the position of Home Affairs Minister – with an hour and a half’s notice so my lunch time was spent vaguely trying to think of something moderately cogent to say in my speech, and in answer to the questions.

I pleaded with several other States members to challenge for the post – but after all kinds of wrangling and horse-trading – suddenly – there was no one to challenge Ian Le Marquand.

So faced with the prospect of him becoming Home Affairs Minister – with his appalling attitude to jailing children – and just walking into the position without challenge – I had no choice other than to oppose him.

Actually, to my astonishment, I got 18 votes out of the 53 – having predicted I’d get 8 votes. When contesting these positions, each candidate makes their opening 10 minute speech, and is then questioned for 20 minutes – whilst your opponents wait in a room in the precincts, where they can’t hear what you’ve said; this to avoid an unfair advantage to those who are last to make their pitch.

I didn’t hear, therefore, any of Senator Le Marquand’s speech or his answers – but I’m informed by other members and many of the listening public, that his performance was extraordinarily lame.

I’ll have to check out Hansard once it’s published.

So – there you go.

I could, hypothetically, have suddenly become the politician responsible for policing and law enforcement.

As I said in my introductory speech – when I’m arrested for the – supposed and alleged – breaches of the Official Secrets Act – or whatever the nonsense is – I promise I won’t issues a Ministerial order to let me go.

No – I would just have got one of my esteemed colleagues to go and have private, secret meeting with Attorney General Bill Bailhache – and bingo! I’d be free!

Err – well, maybe not – in my particular case.

But you get the idea.

I have to say, It’s very touching to get so many messages – enquiring after my welfare – and asking me to hurry up and write some more of “this vile blog” (c. Frank Walker).

But contrary to the oligarchy propaganda – generating these effusions is something I only do in spare time. And as explained – things have been somewhat chaotic and demanding this last week or so.

So thanks for your support – and don’t worry about me. I’ll only be silenced when the Jersey oligarchy have me sleeping with the fishes.

Which could be tomorrow night.

Only joking.

(I hope)


127 thoughts on “WRITTEN FROM THE INSIDE.

  1. Anonymous

    “Actually, to my astonishment, I got 18 votes out of the 53 – having predicted I’d get 8 votes.”

    You’ll get even more support than that when more people wake up to the truth.

    And don’t worry about becoming fish food – you have angels watching over you night and day – I know you’re not a Christian believer but some of us lot are and we’re praying for your protection!


  2. Anonymous

    Ben Shenton will be laughing his doctor evil socks off.
    He’s jumping ship from health just before the impact of our loss of the reciprocal agreement hits.

    Well good riddance I say!

    We need someone decisive, intelligent, not afraid to think outside of the box to deal with our shaky health service.

    Oh shit, it’s Routier.

    The human equivalent of a nodding dog car ornament.

  3. Anonymous

    Ahhh, sweet.
    Ozouf minor has finally got the chance to show us his worth.
    A proper job at last.
    Proof that you can make it without talent, intelligence, charm or even really understanding whats going on.
    Just keep quoting the tory lines from the eighties and enough people will be fooled.

  4. Anonymous

    “No – I would just have got one of my esteemed colleagues to go and have private, secret meeting with Attorney General Bill Bailhache – and bingo! I’d be free!”.

    Aha Stuart – I see the smirk on your face – there is more truth to this than meets the eye me believes. I hear it is not only Willie B that has turned a blind eye in recent times in relation to the same colleague! We shall wait with interest on developments.

  5. Anonymous

    I see the Deputy of St Peter wanted an assistant minister position on Home Affairs – he and Ian le Marquand?? I don’t think so!

  6. Anonymous

    No careful hypothesis this, but I suggest that the new house will have a leftist leaning minority of 20 – I have deduced this from past behaviour – usually about 13 voting against Toryite policy, with the new blood and a good wind blowing from the East I am raising that 13 minority to 20!

    Changing the topic slightly.Sark, well what a turn up – the gallant Barclay Brothers challenge the feudal system in the ECHR and bring democracy to Sark, they then dictate through their very own newspaper The Brechou Times who the people should vote for and lowhen then desired democratic vote does not go their way, they spit the dummy and close their businesses ovenight……ah well thats Oligarch democracy for you!

  7. Anonymous

    Carrie let me explain where I am coming from. Stuart Syvret Simon Bellwood Lenny Harper and Grahame Power have all lost there jobs for trying to bring the abuse victims some justice. The whole island are asking where are the abuse victims in all this? why aren’t they sticking up for any of these men why are the abuse victims so quiet? The Oligarchy employ Warcup Gradwell and a fu++en tooth fairy to completely rubbish all the work done by these truly couragous individuals and lo and behold up pop the abuse victims singing the praises of these lot. I am only telliing you what people on the street are saying. It looks like you have kicked the very people who have sacrificed everything for the abuse suvivors in the teeth. I nstead or aswell as praising warcup gradwell and the tooth fairy you might just say something publicly positive about the very people who have sacrificed so much for you.

    Mario Bundy

  8. Anonymous

    Another exciting day in the States of Jersey, I can’t wait for Terry Le Main to get outed as Minister for Housing, I am hopeful that Alan Breckon will get the job, in fact anyone but Terry ‘my doodr is always open’Le Main!

  9. Anonymous


    I can always tell when you’ve left a remark on this thread, as a really horrible bad eggy farty stench oozes out of the computer.

    Where are the abuse survivors? Being tricked and lied to, of course. The nasty pack of wolves in sheeps clothing have surrounded them and are stopping them getting near the people who want to help them.

    Divide and conquer, the idiot masonic way to deal with all these embarressing little problems. Yes, I know all about that, I’ve had a taste of it myself. Divide and conquer, create chaos and confusion, turn them all against each other. It won’t work this time, praise the Lord!

    You’ve run out of rope this time. Let the Lord judge you, let the Lord God deal with you.

    The Lord works out everything for his own ends – even the wicked for a day of disaster.

    Praise the Lord!


  10. Kraków Crapaud

    Please Stuart,

    A proposition needs to be brought in the States of Jersey TODAY to offer help to the People of Sark & her new government.

    They are fellow islanders & friends.

  11. Senator Stuart Syvret

    The Extraordinary Events in Sark

    Yes – a message of support has already been expressed to the people of Sark by the States of Jersey this morning.

    This follows the bizarre spectacle of the people of Sark voting for “the wrong people” – to the obvious displeasure of the billionaire Barclay brothers – and then waking up in the morning to discover that a range of Sark businesses, owned by the Barclays, have been closed overnight – throwing 150 people into immediate unemployment.

    What the hell did the Barclays think there were doing?

    Who on Earth advised them in this matter?

    I always imagined they’d get their sought-after constitutional reforms through eventually – but recognised it would take them a few more years.

    Boy – have they ever blown that?

    By spitting the dummy in this absurd manner they’ve let the mask slip – and shown their true faces.

    Consequently – what support they did have will now vanish.

    In a few more years – they might, gradually, have earned the trust & support of the community – but that prospect is toast now – and no mistake.

    I always thought that Sark did, in fact, have to embrace some modern concepts – like democracy, you know?

    But it is now absolutely clear that the Barclays’ objective was to overthrow the traditional feudalism – and merely supplant it with capitalist feudalism – with them in control.

    I really did wonder whether I was listening to some vizier, transported from medieval Persia, speaking on behalf of his potentates, when their lawyer said “THE PEOPLE OF SARK HAVE REAPED WHAT THEY HAVE SOWN!!!”

    Well – the true nature of what was on offer having now been shown – frankly, the people of Sark have gathered a wise harvest. I dread to think how things would have gone had the population allowed themselves to be bribed into obedience.

    Times will be economically hard for the 700 population of the island – but the community will survive and pull through.

    There are worse fates than being poor.


  12. Anonymous

    Great Democracy in Sark.

    The Barclays throw their rattles out of the pram and the island suffers.
    This because the millionaire scum did not get their own way in a democratic election.

  13. Anonymous

    Mario, you seem like an intelligent man so I will try and make myself clearer. I attended the meeting to try and get more victims and witnesses to come forward. The more evidence we have the better the chances are of getting convictions and if we get convictions against those who were employed by the States of Jersey the better the chances are of Stuart, Simon Lenny, Graham and so forth being vindicated. Is this not what we all want together with justice for all the victims?

    I have been here all along, I have written several entries on Stuarts blog, indeed I have given Simon via Stuarts blog the name of my ex Husband who worked with Lundy in Le Chene and who to my knowledge lost his job for trying to defend the children from abuse. I have spoken with Stuart on a few occasions giving what information I can to try and help so how dare you say that I am kicking these people in the teeth, nothing could be further from the truth!!

    Indecently, I believe that all care leavers were given an invite to the press release but no one seemed to be bothered or perhaps they were too scared and if you look closely at all the press releases of that appeal you will see that I did not utter not one solitary word, indeed I did not know what was going to be said, so perhaps I was stitched up!! But I would do it again if it will help the cause and perhaps if there is a next time I might even give my own thoughts on this whole sorry, farcical affair, but boy would they have some editing to do first!!!

    I am a victim who will never see justice, someone who had their innocence taken away at the age of eight years old, being brutally beaten from the age of four years old, constantly being told that you are a nobody but I am somebody and I am staying here to help fight for the justice of all the victims, both past, present and future. I have five beautiful Grandchildren and God help anyone who would try and hurt them.


  14. Anonymous

    A Bible verse especially for Barclays:

    “Whoever trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous will thrive like a green leaf”


  15. Anonymous


    “I am a victim who will never see justice”

    Oh yes you will!!!!!

    Justice is coming.



  16. TonyTheProf

    I was glad to see most of the positions were elected. You got more votes that Geoff Southern against Philip Ozouf! Look forward to reading your speech in Hansard.

  17. Anonymous

    Amazing that they choose a plank like Reed over a quality candidate such as Deputy Le Herrisier.

    One good thing though Routier is toast!

  18. uruisg

    I have just watched `Sun, Sea and Satan’ : Haut de la Garenne, Jersey, An Uncensored Cutting Edge Adult Documentary by Award Winning Film Director Bill Maloney.

    Bill is the presenter as well as the director. He has a powerful and very personal emotional reaction to the Haut de la Garenne allegations. He does not set out to produce hard evidence, so I suspect his film is of limited value in the cause of justice for the victims.

    His approach is, in part, to highlight illustrative details that support the impression that something is just not right on Jersey. One of these in particular I found truly chilling. Several times he shows shots of `ornamental’ statues in the garden of an expensive-looking house, which he demonstrates is little over 2 minutes drive from HDLG. The statues are deeply disturbing. One is of a very young child with an enormous phallus in his/her mouth. This is clearly visible from the road. This is surely an example of 3-dimensional child pornography and almost certainly illegal. Yet the owner is happy to flaunt this at the roadside as if to say, “I am untouchable”. I cannot imagine this happening anywhere in the UK.

    I don’t live on Jersey, so know nothing about the location of these `ornaments’. But, if it is still there, apparently on a busy road, hundreds of people must see it every day, and many of them will know who lives in the house.

    It is a terrifying cameo of how some people feel able to conduct themselves, quite openly.

  19. Anonymous

    The pornographic statues -please will someone go and check these things out and find out whose house they belong to, thanks.


  20. Anonymous

    Re the statue near HDLG, yes the statue is still there, it is on a busy road near where i live. people drive past it every day, i dunno I had seen it and did a double take, but dismissed the connotations you have said and tried to think there must be another explanation??!! I thought it must be a flute or something? I dont know, I will look again more closely.

  21. Nemesis

    Just a suggestion – how about replicating these statues on Gorey hill and placing them in the Royal Square just to see how much offence they cause as they have been offending me for years – is this an example of the Jersey way?

  22. Anonymous

    Tonight’s rag,(free copy), motoring section pages 42 & 43, interview with Frank Walker.

    “Are you a good driver?”

    FW: ‘Of course. Fiona doesn’t think so, but she doesn’t dare say so!…..’

  23. Anonymous

    Simon Bellwood will be in the square tomorrow Saturday 13th (flogging oak products) if anyone want to go and give him some encouragement.


  24. One Day

    I think everyone knows whos house it is, there’s a sad innocent little boy lost statue sitting on the top of a gate, it has always reminded my mum of her time in HDLG and of all the sad little innocent boys there.

  25. Anonymous

    These statues are probably copies of statues from antiquity.
    As such they are not viewed as pornographic in the eyes of the law.
    I would not choose to have them in my garden but I doubt that it is illegal.
    A quick look through art books concentrating on Greek or Indian art will quickly find carvings depicting acts that would get you a healthy prison sentence today.

  26. Anonymous

    How sad, it’s Friday night again! You know, it has taken me the best part of 35 yrs to even broach the subject of the physical, physiological and sexual abuse I experienced as a child at the hands of adults in Jersey.

    However, having had some experience of Warcups methods it will take me another 70 yrs before I would feel ready to trust the SOJP (or the honorary scum also)!

    Oh, they were all so well connected, drove the right cars or, knew the right people/copper/s (honorary or otherwise).

    I suspect that the majority of people who have been violated as children in jersey know exactly what I am talking about. I remember Jeff le M, taking me to meet his mates ( I was 13/14 yrs old) . Oh so middle class. Ever so Jersey! Even whilst raping mem (or trying to) they kept the plumb in the gob!

    Andy Baker (Paisnel) if he were alive could tell you what went on. But even here on this site the subject is taboo!

    I like many, other’s on this god forsaken rock knew Paisnel, Tillbrook, Wateridge, Jeff le Marquand etc, etc. There are many others too! Who, because they are dead(like the Very Rev Peter Manton member of the STATES OF JERSEY who, Like many other establishement figures, enjoyed raping 12-14 year old girls) who can not be brought to trial.

    Chin up, when its all over and everybody can sleep soundly at night we can always turn ( or should that be return) to our nightmares!

    Sleep tight all of you Christians, do gooders and the rest of you f…..g two faced hypocrites!


  27. Anonymous


    The Statues in Gorey are not the problem! The people who erect them are not the problem!

    The authorities in Jersey are the problem! You will always have sicko’s in any society!

    Howver, as stated above the real problem is likes of FW et al who protect them!

  28. Anonymous

    I often wondered why Le Herrisier did not go further? He seemed to be on the edge of denouncing the SoJ for what it was and, then he stopped?

    If he reads this blog, may I ask what happened??

    It is clear in his M.A thesis that he wanted to say more! Read it if you will. Its worth it from an historical perspective!

    Oh yes, as a child who was a bused whilst in the care of SoJ, I have followed local politics all of my like and, have preyed to god many times for someone like Stuart!

    Have faith! We are winning you know. Have no doubt that the SoJ as we are used to it are dead!

  29. Anonymous

    It could be argued that events in Sark are a fine example of what happens when an island community becomes overly reliant on a single source of money.

    Of course that could never happen here, we have the finance industry….

  30. Anonymous

    How lovely to see Ben Shenton skipping alongside TLS on their way to the states this morning.
    I wonder if they have made up yet?

  31. Anonymous

    It seems Jim Perchard dreams of a new general hospital at night.

    No one else has asked for one and millions and millions of pounds have been spent upgrading in the time he has been assistant minister.

    Should we be worried?

    Does he have access to pills, is that where it came from?

  32. Anonymous

    Congratulations Stuart, I see you have hit 90,000 readers. Your blog will soon be bigger than Jersey!

  33. Anonymous

    I remember back, I remember when
    I must have been about 9 or 10
    I remember walking down Bath Street,
    down Bath Street just to meet …
    Jeff Le Marquand
    Jeff Le Marquand
    Jeff Le Marquand
    Jeff Le Marquand

    I didn’t want to try on frocks
    I didn’t want to try on socks
    all I wanted was a pair of Docks
    all I wanted was a pair of Docks from …
    Jeff Le Marquand
    Jeff Le Marquand
    Jeff Le Marquand
    Jeff Le Marquand

    I felt I was in a cocoon
    when I went into the changing room
    things were happening far too soon
    I was in the changing room with …
    Jeff Le Marquand
    Jeff Le Marquand
    Jeff Le Marquand
    Jeff Le Marquand

    I felt I was so out of place
    and not in tune with the human race
    I couldn’t really stand the pace
    looking into that smiling face of …
    Jeff Le Marquand
    Jeff Le Marquand
    Jeff Le Marquand
    Jeff Le Marquand

    Jeff Le Marquand
    Jeff Le Marquand
    Jeff Le Marquand
    Jeff Le Marquand
    Jeff Le Mar-quand

  34. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart

    Stepping back from the wilderness, or is the wilderness coming to you?

    In the last two days you have received 18 then 19 votes from the assembly.

    Do you think that enough are beginning to realise that the island needs someone with the intelligence and power of oratory that only you seem to be able to offer?

    Are we at last beginning to see a constructive and coherent opposition to the baaing sheeple herd that follow the oligarchy into their Alice in Wonderland existence of unreality?

    Oh please for the good of those without a voice make it so.

    Listening to the shockingly poor content of the states debate over the past two days, I despair and dread the next three years. Jersey truly does not believe in a meritocracy, this is unfortunate, because we really are going to need talent and intelligence to see us through some difficult times.

    From my perception of the speeches and contributions over the past few days I think we would have been been better placed to face the next three years with the following:

    Chief Minister – Alan Breckon

    Economic and development – Mike Higgins

    Home Affairs – Stuart Syvret

    Education – Roy Le Herissier

    H&SS – Paul Routier

    Housing – (not Terry Le Main)- hopefully if Breckon had got the top job someone else would have stood??

    Not a complete sweep but definitely a more inclusive ‘people’s parliament’ than that we will have to endure for the next three years. (that’s if we survive it!!)

    Just some thoughts from a despairing voter who did not want the current encumbents .

  35. Anonymous

    To Carrie. I think you are missing the point entirely The Jersey care leavers are publicly supporting the tooth fairy et al. Thus in the eyes of the public are giving them credability and spitting in the face of Senator syvret simon bellwood david warcup grahame power and lenny harper. These are the people who have fought for the jersey care leavers and lost there jobs for it. The first public appearence we see of jcla is of them supporting the people who are shafting them. Why if you have faith in lenny harper stuart etc. don’t you publicly say so? I have spoken with some care leavers who strongly disagree with what you and erin are doing and are not speaking for them. You have very poor leadership and when you are shafted by the tooth fairy et al who are you going to turn to? It looks like everybody can see you are being made fools of by warcup and the rag except for you.

    mario bundy.

  36. Anonymous

    I thought you handled the pitch against Juliete Gallichan superbly, the question and answer session was handled very well, your answers were very succinct! Jim Perchard loathes you so much it is almost palpable, but he is no match for you!
    I just wonder what keeps you going as the hard core of Toryites have the assembly sewn up, it is disappointing as a voyeur to hear one after another of the progressives knocked back in their attempts to get into positions of perceived power….just what keeps you going as you must realise that it is all going their way yet again!…………..?????
    How can TLS possibly call this new group of ministers inclusive, the man is deluded……sadly though the results of this week mirror what the majority of the 40% that turned out wanted…………….as I have said before on this blog.we are an island of Daily Mail readers!

  37. Anonymous

    Two things I couldn’t beleive

    Mike Higgins gve an incredible speech in his pitch for Economic Development Minister, it is not often such a well qualified person has been in the running for such a post.

    Alan Maclean got it……………unbeleivable!

  38. Anonymous

    I can’t believe that our States members voted for someone who has such a low academic record as Senator Perchard.
    Despite an excellent private education, he has failed to gain any meaningful academic qualifications whatsoever – not even at O-level (GCSE) standard.
    I find it worrying that the minister’s literacy skills are so low especially with regard to reading, punctuation and spelling that a family member was drafted in to write his speech and help with his letter writing when he stood for Deputy in St. Martin.

    The worrying aspect of this is that it is likely that Senator Perchard will become so heavily reliant on his civil servants to write speeches, responses to questions in the chamber and letters that his role will be reduced to nothing more than a mere mouthpiece.

  39. Anonymous

    That statue at Gorey is all about perceiption, I consider the owner to be a good man, he may be homosexual but so what…….it does not follow that he is a pervert.

    If the owner was ‘straight’ how would you evaluate the statue?

  40. Anonymous

    When researching Camilla Batmangelidh and Kids Company, I came across this fascinating article by Johann Hari:
    Now we have proof ‘tough’ policies fail kids.

    Please spare 5 minutes to read it and pass the web address onto your friends. The implications are not only relevant to youth work and youth justice, but also to parents, early years practitioners, health visitors, social services, the wider community, social policy etc.


  41. Anonymous

    Mario, I think it is you who is missing the point and, as I have said previously, the only way we can move forward is through the correct channels and that means going to the police whether you trust them or not and I most certainly do not trust the new additions especially after the way they have treated Lenny Harper and Graham Power, but we must get more people coming forward to add weight to our cause and if that means playing them at their own game, so be it.

    Thank you for the compliment, but I am not a leader, only a follower trying to do the right thing, oh and by the way, I do agree with one of the things you are accusing me of, yes I would spit in the face of David Warcup if I were not a lady.

    In response to your question about talking out publicly, for legal reasons, most of the victims have been told not to go public about anything to do with the ongoing abuse investigation as this could jeopardise their case and quite rightly, they are keeping quiet, for now anyway!!!!

    End of thread

    Zoompad, you always bring a smile to my face, hang in there you are an absolute rock and an inspiration to everyone!

    Stuart, now that there is a new Government in house, do you think that there is a better chance of getting convictions so desperately needed or is FW still puppeteering from behind the scenes?


  42. One Day

    I don t think anyone has said anything about the statues owner’s sexual preferences, have they? Just personal opinions of what they perceive the statues represent.

  43. One Day

    Just a thought – some of the abuse survivours may have forgotten names as different personalities cope with abuse different ways. Some block it out and try to prentend it did not happen, and in doing so names have been forgotten, wrapped up in a box so to speak. The difficulty they now face is even when they want to come forward, how can they say who did what to them. Perhaps when and if the charges are brought against these people, the names may come back to these victims and then they too can come forward.

  44. Anonymous

    re: filthy statues

    The kiddy fellatio one is not on Gorey Hill where the ornate gates are. It is near the end of La Long Rue, closer to St.Martin’s village.

    On the current phone book map it’s in square F5 on page 37, near ‘Devon Villa’ – quite a way away from Gorey!

    I fail to see any reasonable distinction between ancient art and modern filthy photos when the subject matter is like that.

  45. Anonymous

    RE Jimmy Perchard

    I don’t think he will last long – there is plenty of ‘stuff’ about to kick off with regard to H&SS!! Think that they will make mince meat out of him. Watch this space! Also, I don’t think that we have heard the last of Simon Bellwood, as I said watch this (or these) spaces!!!!

  46. rico sorda

    HI Stuart.

    I have been discussing the JEP leader over on planetjersey about there shocking editorial on friday 12th dec. I have decided to comment on your blog for the first time because of mario bundy.. I understand where he is coming from and i also understand how the care leavers are stuck in the middle in my opinion being used by the sojp..
    Carrie its good to read your comments, and i really hope you have a plan B up your sleeves. i believe the investigation will close next year with no further arrests, but in the meantime can all of stuarts blog readers turn there attention to fridays JEP editorial this is where the problems lies..

    Are you/we ready to do all that it takes to get justice on this island..Im posting under my real name.. nothing to loose nothing to fear.

    respect to all


  47. Anonymous

    That statue at Gorey is all about perception,

    If the owner was ‘straight’ how would you evaluate the statue?

    You don’t have to be a homosexual to be a child abuser you foolish person.

    many straight men abuse young boys out of envy and not lust alone.

    It looks like the statue is used as a message system one day it’s a girl with pig tails the next it is a boy with baseball cap.

    Any person who has such a statue of a child doing what those statutes are doing needs their collar felt and put in prison as it is perverse and homosexual or heterosexual

  48. uruisg

    Can anyone confirm whether the story of Bill Maloney (maker of “Sun Sea and Satan”) having been murdered in New York is true or not?

    This story is reported here but I have seen no other reports.

    Also there is a posting, seemingly from Bill, made yesterday here.

    So is the murder story a hoax?

  49. Anonymous

    Excellent article by Johann Hart posted by anon at 13-00 hours 12dec. Has anyone got the e-mail of Ian Le Marquand or all states members if that is possible and i will forward the article.

  50. Anonymous

    I can’t believe some people! A statue of child doing that although its not child abuse in it’s self, nevertheless it does send out a strange message does it not?

    And perhaps this message is what it’s all about!!!

    Maybe this is the Jersey way!!! Or is it the way of some in Jersey???

    Yes the fact that the owner of the house is a “Nice Man” actually means something to you and any others like you who think its ok to have such a deplorable figurine displayed anywhere let alone out in public where other children may come across it.

    I suppose this is what is acceptable in the “Jersey Way. Shame on you and those who have not went to this place and destroyed the status…

  51. Ammaelliah

    Mario Bundy,

    You would do as well as to not leave your condescending, patronising, blatantly inaccurate statements on this blog. They do not make for pleasant reading.

    Perhaps you ought to re-read the statements you have made and imagine that they are aimed and addressed to you, imagine how that would make you feel. (this is what is known as being empathetic)

    You make Carrie out to be some kind of idiot who’s doing what she is for the attention or the fun of it. You have got it so very wrong.

    You don’t strike me as a particularly intelligent person. Or a very nice one either. I can’t deny you your right to comment, as God gave you freedom of speech, but be careful about what you say and how you state things.

    If you knew Carrie personally I am certain you would not be (as I perceive you to be,) attacking her over her actions. I can say this because I know that she has done what she has because she feels it is the right thing to do by all. It has not been easy and she has not enjoyed it.

    Your narrow mindedness and poison tongue have sent yet more ripples of hurt and anguish to my family. Please do not continue to dig yourself a hole by way of taking digs at my mother.

    When you reply to this message take your mask off and tell me who you really are. I want a word with you.

    My name is Ammaelliah Dannielle Foott and I am proud to call Carrie Modral my mother.

  52. Anonymous

    It would be nice if the Jersey care leavers group would speak up in support of Stuart and Lenny Harper. As previous posters have commented the JCL appear to have sided with those who seem to be trying to wind down the investigations.

    “indeed I did not know what was going to be said, so perhaps I was stitched up!”

    I think you were.

  53. Anonymous


    Rather than casting aspertions here, if anyone believes there is something offensive on display call the police and complain. It’s easy to do and once a complaint is lodged in the system some form of action will have to be taken.
    If the police say it’s alright well then, lets concentrate on more important subjects.

  54. Anonymous

    I would suggest that anyone who is offended by this statue writes to the relevant Constable.
    He may decide to have a word with the owner and it will be moved to a place that is out of the public view.
    As far as I know the owner has not commited an offence so locking him up is out of the question.

  55. Anonymous

    Mario Lundy we all know about. Ted Bundy was an American serial killer. What exactly is Mario Bundy trying to convey in his choice of pseudonym?

  56. Anonymous

    Jersey police!!! “easy to do and once a complaint is lodged in the system some form of action will have to be taken.”

    Some has completely failed to take any notice as to what has been going on the island of Jersey.

    Tell the police and you will hounded and threatened and made to feel an outsider in your own community you mean.

    People have been telling the police on Jersey for decades and perves that were allowed to work within the police were hiding it and even still abusing children themselves after being welcomed to being a police officer even when those in higher positions knew that they were paedophiles.

    Who you trying to kid???

    The victims and survivors of the abuses of jersey have no faith in any police or civil servant employed and coached by the establishment.

  57. Anonymous

    “As far as I know the owner has not committed an offence so locking him up is out of the question.”

    Obviously written by a person who cant distinguish between not breaking the law and not being morally decent. Oh that is the “Jersey Way” for some!!!

  58. Anonymous

    “Senator Perchard’s excellent private education”

    Would the commenter please eleborate as to where JP got his excellent private education?

  59. Anonymous

    If people are that outraged by these offending statues, then they should ask all the pensioners they know NOT to cash the £100 Xmas donations that the ‘statues’ owners has given out for the third year running, as a way of protest.

  60. Anonymous

    Paying the old people to allow you to be a pervert? I have heard some stupidity but this takes the biscuit.

    Oh I give too charity so its ok for me to have statues of children sucking a male phallus in my garden!!!

    You sir are quite mad…

  61. Anonymous

    “As far as I know the owner has not committed an offence so locking him up is out of the question.”

    Obviously written by a person who cant distinguish between not breaking the law and not being morally decent. Oh that is the “Jersey Way” for some!!!

    I am not standing up for the ‘Jersey Way’.
    I am expressing my opinion as to the probable legality of possessing and displaying the statues.
    That has nothing to do with my own personal views on the subject.
    In my opinion the law in the UK is more liberal with regard to the display of nudity and sexual acts than Jersey and the display of the statues would be legal in the UK.
    As I said in my previous post, if you are offended complain to the Constable.
    If he is not aware of the situation he will have to investigate and arrive at an opinion.

  62. Anonymous

    Ammellia and Carrie this is the last time i will post and can not reveal my indentity. I will make a couple of points to you. Carrie you have said you do not trust the new investigation team and do not believe you will see justice through them yet you go all over the local media asking victims to come forward. What do you think those victims will think of you when they don’t get justice? You haven’t seemed to be able to grasp i am on your side i want you to get justice and from behind the scenes am doing everything i can to make sure you get justice. I am in a position to help get you that justice which is why i can’t reveal my indentity. If you want my opinion you are being played big time. If you want some advice take to the streets in a peaceful protest and involve the national and international media. You must believe me i am on your side and only want to see you get justice. The route you are currently taking will not get you that justice. I wish you all the luck in the world and will do what i can for you.
    Mario Bundy.

  63. Anonymous


    You are right to be proud of your mother.She is amazing! Carrie has always supported Lenny Harper and Stuart. She, like the rest of us care leavers has had no choice in the change of leadership in the Jersey Police but we still hope and pray for justice. We are not at liberty to talk about our experiences to anyone (even to each other) as we are witnesses and victims and what keeps us going is the hope of our day in court.

    I still feel greatly supported by Lenny Harper and by Stuart – this blog keeps me hanging on in there! I also feel supported by Zoompad, Carrie, Krakov Crapaud and all the other people who believe in us.

    All the same I really do want to appeal to anyone who is reading this blog who has evidence and has not come forward yet. Don’t be afraid to call the Historic Abuse Team. It is run by the same officers who worked with Lenny and they will listen to you and treat you with respect. For the sake of the rest of us please do it now!

  64. Anonymous

    Yeah and here you can express your opinion unlike the “RAG” in turn I can express my opinion which I do!!! You see this is democracy something that Jersey doesn’t have isn’t it wonderful, to feel free to express oneself within the realms of normal discourse?

    However I still think!!! In my opinion that it “Those statues are wrong and the owner is just as wrong in thinking that there ok in some way!!! Even if he pays for his perversions. In my opinion that is…

  65. Anonymous

    if you are phoned by the police and asked
    1) are you a victim of HDG
    2) are you interested in compensation
    what are your answers going to be???
    I only ask because this is what has been asked to me…
    this is why so much mud has been slung into the water of the historic abuse case.
    It is this reason that there are now people making up things and taking away the focus on the true victims.
    Please support the true victims and dont give false evidence.
    even if you think that someone is abuser but dont have the proof – giving false evidence is a crime!!!

  66. Anonymous

    The statue,

    I think the statue is important in the fact that it, & supporting comments, give the impression that displaying an image of a young girl giving a blow job is perfectly acceptable in Jersey, also that dependending on who the owner is it’s not important whether or not it’s illegal.

    Dismissing people who think there is something wrong with laughing in the face of all those who were sexually abused as children, as homophobic, is beyond contempt.

    According to Pink News: “Senator Philip Ozouf, Jersey’s Minister for Economic Development, is the island’s only openly gay politician.”

    Nobody in Jersey seems to have a problem with his sexuality only his politics. So what happens now if you disagree with Minister Ozouf?

    Does that also label you as homophobic?

  67. Anonymous

    “The victims and survivors of the abuses of jersey have no faith in any police or civil servant employed and coached by the establishment.”

    I second that statement. I had been giving the police information on my ex-partner over a period of years. They lost my file.
    Witnesses have told me that the girlfriend after me also endured his violence, just like the women who came before me.
    Its not just child abuse, elder abuse,vulnerable people abuse, domestic violence, stalking, bullying in the work place….its all rife on this island because it is the Jersey Way not to tackle it and to hide it under the carpet.
    Similarly it is not the Jersey Way to speak out about it, because you fear that your job is on the line or your family will be threatened further or you won’t get that planning permission or your child into the school of your choice. The fate of whistle blowers is proof of that fact.

  68. Anonymous

    If people are that outraged by these offending statues, then they should ask all the pensioners they know NOT to cash the £100 Xmas donations that the ‘statues’ owners has given out for the third year running, as a way of protest.

    How many more times do we have to stress that the disgusting statue IS NOT ON GOREY HILL!!?

    Mr. K is innocent.

  69. Anonymous

    “Paying the old people to allow you to be a pervert? I have heard some stupidity but this takes the biscuit.

    Oh I give too charity so its ok for me to have statues of children sucking a male phallus in my garden!!!

    You sir are quite mad… “

    Please tell me where I said it was OK to display offending statues becuase the owner gives to charity. I have read and re read my post and as far as I can see, I was merely pointing out in case any of the readers were pensioners and were unaware where their cheques came from, in case they wanted to make a moral decision and return it. Unless they have double standards of course.

    You sir or madam, shouldn’t be so quick to make assumptions!

  70. Anonymous

    Re – trust the Police!

    I ran away from HdlG on several occasions. Each time it was the police that hunted me down with thier pack of dogs and, before taking me back to be placed in detention for a week or so, they always gave me a good kicking! Yeah, grown men against a 12 – 13 year old child!

    Unfortunatly, Warcup and his attempt at discrediting lenny Harper and Power, brings back to many bad memories of the Jersey coruption that was rife within the Police then (1970s) and looks as if it has returned again!

    Trust the Police under Warcup’ leadership? Never, Never.

  71. Anonymous

    “Mr. K is innocent.”

    Ask the Portuguese guy how his scrotum is and say that again.

    Anyway “Mr K” HAS a very dodgy statue at the entrance to his house.

    Giving out money does not make you a Saint!

  72. Anonymous

    Re-earlier comment-
    Isn’t organizing a peaceful protest a good idea? -with National media coverage to bring attention to getting justice for the survivers of abuse.
    I have been reading this blog and wanting to do something or help in some way .I think this would be an excellent way of demonstrating the numbers of people who want to show their support-and remind people who have forgotten-that very little has been done. .

  73. Anonymous

    A poster mentioned the

    “Very Rev Peter Manton “
    What happened to The abuse going on at The Sea Cadets,?
    My statement to the cover up people at JP was during Manton´s reign during 1960´s.
    I have noticed that there has not been many posts concerning Sea Cadets, So tere was no Abuse at all?

  74. Anonymous

    Re Anonymous who said: “How sad, it’s Friday night again! You know, it has taken me the best part of 35 yrs to even broach the subject…”

    Any chance you could email me at dscerveau@yahoo.co.uk? I was a friend of Andy Baker’s and I’m interested in your comment.


  75. Anonymous

    Thank you to those of you who have supported and continue to support my mum and all of the care leavers.

    To clarify, as it currently stands, she will not have her day in court and there has been nothing ‘just’ in the system for her.

    I remind you all that Joan and Richard Bonner, my foster grandparents, were not prosecuted for their vile acts. (remember the circumstances avec Danny (the fence erector) Scaife et al?)

    I remind you that her case was closed and that she was told this was the end of the road where she was concerned. (This is not to say that certain officials didn’t give it all they had, I believe they did)

    And so you see, there is no help that you can give her, other than to continue with your messages of support for her and for others. To admire her courage and steely determination in the face of adversity. For her belief that for others justice will eventually be done and that she will be there for and with you all until the end.

    Morale is low at this time. As we approach Christmas it may get harder still for some of you. I will have you all in my thoughts and prayers, as I do everyday.

    For the record, I too am a care leaver and I will say that my time in care was not all bad. In making this statement I ask that all of you reading this recognise that behaviour breeds behaviour. Help to break the cycle- if you are able to, by coming forward and saying what you have to say. You are not alone.

    Love and light to you all,


  76. Anonymous

    The house in St Martin, which openly flaunt these grotesque plaster statues of children is not mr Ks It is before you get to Ransoms and is called Charnwood
    The plaster children seem to be wearing different hats yet again to the two scenes pie and mash filmed.
    Someone goes to a great deal of trouble to arrange this very disturbing little scene. Why has no one complained? They are very disturbing.

  77. Anonymous

    Dan I love you so much and if Daughters were flowers I would pick you every time.

    Yes, a peaceful protest sounds like a very good idea to me. I am in the process of making hundreds of white ribbons which symbolises hope, support and peace and which I intend to give out in town next Saturday to anyone who wants to show their support to the victims by wearing one. Perhaps something can be organised around this? Just a thought and if anyone would like to start the ball rolling……………as I said before, I am not a leader, just a follower so over to you guys!!

    Mario, as my Daughter has said, my case has been closed so unfortunately, unless you can persuade my brother Stephen Drakes to go to the police and tell the truth you cannot help me, but thank you.


  78. Anonymous

    Please don’t give up hope that justice will not be had – there is always the option of private prosecution against the child abusers and perverts.

    Best of luck and take care.

  79. Anonymous

    I have been following this blog for some time now and occasionally post here.

    I was physically abused from the age of 4 to 8. In that time I was made to watch my sister repeatedly raped by my Mother’s boyfriend. She was 3 years old when this first started. I had to watch as this monster held my Mother by her hair and punch her repeatedly in the face until the monster was standing there with a fistful of her hair in his hand. I was dangled over a 12 storey balcony by my feet, beaten within an inch of my life simply for… I don’t even now what for!

    It took me 25 years, a failed marriage and dozens of failed relationships before I came to terms with what happened to me. 25 years of feeling guilty that I did nothing to help my Sister and my Mum. I hated my Mother for not getting us out of there. As I understand it now, she was terrified, and believed that the monster would kill all of us if we spoke out or ran away.

    I eventually got help from a counsellor and my life changed from that point onwards. I has seen two before her and they were rubbish. I was lucky to find a counsellor who knew here stuff and managed to get to the crux of the problem (it’s not always so obvious and when you discover what it is, bingo). Despite my failings in my personal relationships with people (especially men), I have always immersed myself into my work and have in a measured way become successful. My sister became a Police Officer (not SOJP), married for over ten years with two beautiful children. My Mother found a man who adores her and is very happy.

    My point? The person who abused us and almost ruined our lives completely is Philip Polanskie. He has never been punished for what he did and we have never seen justice. But that did not stop us from getting on with our lives. The journey has been incredibly difficult, but we have managed it.

    Seeking justice is not the be all and end all. It will not turn your life around. Only you can do that.
    Don’t rely on the vile corrupt Governments, Councils and police services in your area to do it for you.

    N.B. Our story is in no way unique. We are in no way special. There are thousands of families out there that have gone through the same process.

  80. Anonymous

    Something odd about the last paragraph in Occasional thoughts blog, Friday 12th posting.
    I say “believed”

  81. voiceforchildren

    Count me in on the peaceful protest/march. The “white march” in Belguim attracted the wordls media and the silence of the march was mind numbingly powerful.

    Carrie I will be in town on Saturday to support you and if you need any help making the ribbons I would be only too pleased to help there also.

    Is it too short notice to arrange a “white march” for Saturday? If not email me and I will help organise and promote it as I’m sure a lot of other readers of this Blog would.

    You have the support of the public and almost the entire online community you are truly courages, and deserve support, justice and closure not hollow sympathy.


  82. Anonymous

    “Re – trust the Police!”

    Sorry I can see how you thought i meant that.
    When i suggested reporting the statues to the police it was meant more as a test of our system and to cause the statues owner a of grief.
    Obviously I don’t expect anything to come of it but if no-one reports these things officially then the police will say they didn’t know they were there.
    Making a report removes that defence. If the statues stay it’s because they think there is nothing wrong with them.

  83. Anonymous

    did you ever receive an answer to your questions about the dating techniques used on the bones discovered at HDLG?

  84. Anonymous

    Peaceful demonstration idea – as a regular reader of this blog who has never been to Jersey, I would welcome some guidance. IF your peaceful demo gets off the ground, would you want non-islanders who support your cause to be there, or would that just give the oligarchy a PR opportunity to suggest that the demo was mainly outside agitators and lacked local support?

    I am a long way from Jersey but might well make the effort to go if the date was possible for me, but I would respect the wishes of those who know far better than me whether this would be helpful.

  85. Anonymous

    “I am not standing up for the ‘Jersey Way’.
    I am expressing my opinion as to the probable legality of possessing and displaying the statues.
    That has nothing to do with my own personal views on the subject.”

    Playing devils advocate may have it place but not when the issues at hand are as we all should know are to do with the depiction of your children engaged in acts that children should not be weather on not this is your poinion is not the point the fact that it does appear that some people think there is nothing wrong with it is the problems….

  86. uruisg

    Anonymous said…

    Something odd about the last paragraph in Occasional thoughts blog, Friday 12th posting.
    I say “believed”

    I wrote “believed” because there is an unsubstantiated report that Bill Maloney was murdered in New York last month. I suspect – and hope – this is some kind of hoax, but as yet have no confirmation one way or the other.

  87. Anonymous

    I am so relieved that my parents fell out with part of our family because a particular member did not visit again until I was a teenager. They did not know that I was being molested as an infant and never did find out. My parents were very loving people but very poor and hardworking they had enough to worry about. I guarded my own back from that time on and avoided anyone who I suspected was likely to take advantage of me. I loved my parents and wanted to save them from these facts.

    I know I had a lucky escape and when I approached early teens I met up with him again and he made an advance which I hurriedly escaped from but it left me reeling with panic inside – which I suppressed of course.

    I can’t escape though from the feelings of low self-esteem this left me with for years and to be truthful I still suffer from but I am lucky again because I was fortunate to find a loving husband who knows what happened and is very understanding and helps me through. Isn’t it strange how people who have been molested and abuse time and time again believe it to be there fault. I tell myself time and time again I am NOT AT FAULT AT ALL.

    I only mention this here because I have been following this blog for a few weeks now and although I did not suffer anywhere near the extremes some here did – I can relate to the feelings of anger, depression and isolation you must all feel, especially if you were abused at home and never had a loving family to help take the pain away, which was made worse by the fact that the very people who were paid to look after you abused you in the most horrific way, when you were at your most vulnerable.

    My father was abused by his father, flung from one end of the stable to the next pre-war and had limbs broken. Probably why I never said anything about what happened to me to him because I loved him, (or I was afraid he would murder the offending relative). Father never told me of the abuse he suffered but my mother did. He overcame his difficulties with the love of my mother and was a very wise man indeed. He had dyslexia and could not read. I did not find this out until late in life. He spent five years at war and no one suspected he could not read. He had a lot of anger about his situation as a child but he overcame this with love.

    Please be patient, the truth will out in the end but either way, whatever happens, please be strong and don’t let what has passed destroy you with anger or hate – or the perpetrators will have won. Continue to calmly aim to get justice, make an impression like water slowly dripping on a stone, even granite will succomb.

    From what I can see on here there are a lot of generous and dedicated people trying to do their best for you and who have already sacrificed a lot to bring your plight to the attention of the general public and to the members of our parliament, and to the police. We will eventually find out who are the good ones and who are the bad ones in the uniformed service and the civil service. We are beginning to sift out the badduns aren’t we.

    I am convinced too that there are people working in the background to help you, who have to keep in cognito otherwise their attempts will be in vain.

    Please continue to care and support each other and let the good folk find a way of getting you the justice you deserve.

    I don’t feel confident enough to contact SS by way of his official email address. I know he is trying to get the bigger picture and I might have some small pieces of information I could relay but not sure if they are important or not!

    One piece of information involve an elderly man, who was convicted of sexual assault in his later years, and he and his wife’s early friendship with a high ranking SOJP.

    Truth will out!

  88. Anonymous

    Re: Peaceful march/ protest.

    Poignant dates:
    How about holding it on either
    1st Jan 2009 or 23/24 Feb 2009
    (1st anniversary of the HDLG news)

    Does anyone know if the Bailiff and the Connetable have to be informed? Bit ironic!

  89. Anonymous

    Re those Statues;

    “The house in St Martin, which openly flaunt these grotesque plaster statues of children is not mr Ks It is before you get to Ransoms and is called Charnwood”

    Ok you Jersey sleuths, whose house is this?

    Who lives behind the keyhole of Charnwood and has a peculiar taste in statuary?

  90. Elaine

    Stuart, if you will allow me, I’d like to ask your readers a question, this being with your unique readership surpassing 90,000.

    I did a few little ‘online marketing techniques’ a few months back for your blog, without mentioning it to you, and would like to know from readers here;

    How did you find Stuart’s blog

    1)Recommended by another reader

    2)Search engine (if so, can you elaborate which search engine used and if you can remember what keywords you searched with to get here)

    3)Traffic exchange program or similar (I am particularly interested in this area).

    4)Other means not mentioned above (please elaborate if possible)

    I will not respond to each reply, however, I thank everyone in advance who helps in my little survey, which I am undertaking due to looking at doing more ‘Online Marketing’ for Stuart’s Blog in the near future, if the results prove valid enough (Free of charge of course for such a super gentleman!)

    I am particularly interested in readers from USA, Canada, and Europe, but readers in Jersey please tell also, as all info will help me. Many thanks, and best wishes.

    P.S. I KNOW for sure that a lot of the european media most certainly have not given up on Jersey. Please DO arrange a white march, but absolutely ensure that it is peacefull. Another Greece as is happening now would not gain anything, trust me, avoid anger and violence at all costs. Speak out, by all means, but no violence. The media will come from all over, they are still watching and waiting.

    Also, give allowance for time, as some of us Jersey people who would like to take part, and show our support cannot just fly over at a moment’s notice. Thanks.

  91. Elaine

    To uruisg
    Re: Can anyone confirm whether the story of Bill Maloney (maker of “Sun Sea and Satan”) having been murdered in New York is true or not?

    I found some time to do some research for you, and I am happy to say that he has not been killed. It was all part of the movie, as explained here in a review of the film;

    Billy & Lilly go to New York

    When critically acclaimed maverick film director Bill Maloney went to New York to represent his nominated feature film Lunatic at the New York International film festival, he decided because of his grounded working class background that he would bypass the razzmatazz and glitz generated by the festival, in favor of shooting a documentary film about the under privileged and homeless people on the streets of New York.

    Bill had begun his project in London whilst waiting to hear if he had funding from his company to actually make the New York trip. When the budget news finally came it allowed for only two people.

    So Bill Maloney and his camera woman Lilly Starr took to the streets of London and New York with the passionate intention to highlight this plight.

    Bill’s anti establishment attitude and aggressive style of reporting put fear into the hierarchy of our planet.

    Culminating in the killing of Billy and Lilly.

  92. Anonymous

    Thanks for posting a picture of that statue.

    I think it is quite possibly one of the most disgusting images I have ever seen – it is unmistakable what that baby is portrayed as doing, and who the heck would want such a horrible work of art in their garden?

    It looks Grecian to me, which would not surprise me one bit, as the ancient Greeks were well in to that sort of thing, nude wrestling and boy/man “love” ect.

    If I were a pensioner and the guy who owned that piece of porn stonework offered me £100 I would tell him to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. I wouldn’t want to take any money off the chap who owned that – I’d be worrying how the money had been obtained, for one thing.

    Gnomes, yes – even fishing gnomes from Wilcos. That thing – ugh!


  93. One Day

    Count me in too for the peaceful protest and I know a few others who would join.

    If help is needed on Sat, please get in touch via my blog and leave a message there through the comments.

  94. Anonymous

    “I am not standing up for the ‘Jersey Way’.
    I am expressing my opinion as to the probable legality of possessing and displaying the statues.
    That has nothing to do with my own personal views on the subject.”

    Playing devils advocate may have it place but not when the issues at hand are as we all should know are to do with the depiction of your children engaged in acts that children should not be weather on not this is your poinion is not the point the fact that it does appear that some people think there is nothing wrong with it is the problems….

    I am not playing devil’s advocate.
    I am giving my opinion based on what has been viewed as being obscene in the past in the UK.
    If you find the statues offensive then write a letter to the Constable detailing your arguments.
    Copy it to the Vile Rag as well if you like that is bound to get some feathers flying!

  95. Anonymous

    Further to my last post: “Truth will out! Sunday, 14 December 2008 20:39:00 o’clock GMT”

    In answer to the person who was doing a marketing excercise and who wished to find out how we got to this blog. I simply googled Stuart Syvret and found him at the top of the page, where he should be, in my humble opinion.

    I also took the liberty of copying one of the most important pages on this site to BACA Nation in the USA for onwards transmission to their followers. BACA Nation is a group of Bikers who have formed an organisation to save abused children in the USA. In the hope that they would provide help and assistance in spreading the word.


    To the reader who suggested private prosecution as another way forward. Does that mean you would have to collect funds in order to pay for this? It will not be cheap and where will the money come from? Have the care leavers already started a fund and if so where can donations be made?

    Truth will Out

  96. Anonymous

    The garden ornament that displays a variety of hat’s on St Martin’s main road is surley just a whimsical bit of fun!

    I enjoy travelling past and seeing what hat is on the statue and what it signifies. I just do not see it as some pornographic display of vulgarity, it brightens my day!

    I make no apologies for that opinion, and it concerns me that people are being demonised.

  97. Anonymous

    The current residents at Charnwood, putting novelty hats on the questionable statue, are Mr G and Mrs J Goguelin (ex directory)

  98. Anonymous

    I agree with Elaine that a gathering/march in Jersey should be publicised in advance to allow those of us Jersey people who live in UK or elsewhere time to organise work, family etc and arrange a trip to Jersey.

    As a survivor of HDLG I think 23rd February (or close) would be the ideal day for us to mark the day when some of our lives were turned upside down and we had to relive a part of our lives long buried.

    Several months on and we are still waiting for something to happen to give us closure. A gathering like this would give us a chance to meet old friends and make new ones.It will also give us a chance to show how we feel for people like Carrie who have been told there is no case to answer! I hope that by the anniversary of that terrible day there will not be more people in her situation!


  99. Elaine

    Re: Anonymous: I enjoy travelling past and seeing what hat is on the statue and what it signifies. I just do not see it as some pornographic display of vulgarity, it brightens my day!

    Please share with me exactly what it signifies, for I fail to see anything but vulgarity.

    I do so hope you never come home to find your young child with a male phallis forced into its mouth, or do you consider that to be ‘a whimsical bit of fun?’

    I’m sorry, but I have to say you are must have something wrong with you to think a child with a male phallis in its mouth is fun, so long as the hat changes!!? Sick 🙁

  100. Anonymous

    “To the reader who suggested private prosecution as another way forward. Does that mean you would have to collect funds in order to pay for this? It will not be cheap and where will the money come from?”

    I don’t know enough about the Jersey legal system to say for sure, but it may be possible to receive legal aid in pursuing a private prosecution – It would be worth looking into.

  101. Anonymous

    “The garden ornament that displays a variety of hat’s on St Martin’s main road is surley just a whimsical bit of fun!”

    A whimsical bit of fun? Blimy, if that’s your idea of whimsical fun I wouldn’t like to know what your idea of really going for it is!


  102. Anonymous

    White Collar Crime!

    So some guy in New York has conned billions of dollars out of Joe Public via numerous ‘Top 500’ financial outlets, makes you thankful that we in Jersey are so well regulated and protected from white collar sharks!

    Yes I am being sarcastic!

  103. voiceforchildren


    I agree with the previous poster who suggests, the peacful “white march” be held in February. This will be the anniversary of the start of Lenny Harper’s covert investigation.

    It would also give time to organise it properly and advertise it. In order to gauge how much support there would be perhaps you could do a poll to see how many people would be willing or able to take part?

    I hope your poll gets more votes than mine has so far!!!

  104. Anonymous

    see st martins parish notice in todays jep – recognise any of the officials names??? That explains a few things

  105. Anonymous

    Anonymous writes – “see st martins parish notice in todays jep – recognise any of the officials names??? That explains a few things”

    Havent bought a copy of that for ages as ive plenty of cat litter!

    Just a wild stab…it wouldnt be “dancin Danny” or one of his cronies moving up in the world would it?

  106. Anonymous

    Looks like we also have elder abuse in the island. Some hospital wards are implicated

    Care to comment about this or is this another example of our world class public services

  107. Anonymous

    Re Peter Manton, the sea cadets and, Jersey pedophiles. Other than the case where Manton made an indecent proposition and, was found out. I do not know of any other instance whereby he has figured in such a case.

    However, the information that I have – an account of his rape of a young girl of about 12 – 13 – which was told to me many, many years ago by someone very close to one of his child victims (who is a very good friend of mine also). Combined with the very many whisperings that I have heard over the years with regard to his secret pedophile pastime, leads me to suspect that he was deeply involved in assaulting children at the sea cadets!

    It is clear to anyone with eyes to see that this monster who hid behind his robes of respectability (as many still do) was deeply involved in violating island children. And, although the case may be closed, It is equally clear that children were raped and abused by this monster whist members of the sea cadets. (why should he confide his violation to the church building)?

    I believe that he, along with other well known names either members of the Jersey establishment or close to it were/are part of a much wider pedophile ring which, included/s many well known British celebrities.

    There are a number of reasons why the SoJ have tried so hard to put the lid on this. We all know about the `FAT MAN’, Similarly, we now know about `MANTON’. But, there are others still! Other’s who have committed serious crimes, but, who have to many people guarding their backs in Jersey. Just as the SoJ have done with regard to guarding their bank accounts.

    As a child, after Jeff le Marquand had entrapped me and, fixed my up with other pedophile mates of his, his tongue (Jeffs) got very loose. Feeling secure in his surroundings and boasting to his mates in my presence over a period of time he reeled off many, many names. Names that you will know, and, whom the police have been made aware of (although Warcup has probably torn those up and shredded them with the rest of the evidence).

    One would think (in my case at least) that given that it was many years ago, and in all probability most of these monsters are dead, that the SoJ would not have a problem in aiding the investigation. However, Like Jeff -many of his sick mates were married and, also had children and grandchildren.

    Many of these people now wield the stick of power in the island or are very close to those who do!

    Hence, I don’t think that we will ever have closure. And nah, the sea cadets never happened!!

  108. Anonymous

    I am from Germany and have been following this blog for some time now. I am a “hard-core” internaut that is not moved by a lot, but the heartbreaking selfreflecting reports of their own abuse by survivors here have left me almost in tears.

    All people concerned should unite somehow on an international platform and get their stories out to the world. Elections and party politics in Jersey won’t interest internationally, the plight of the victims will.

    Reviewing the level of british governmental interference in “unpleasant” matters from a distance tells me that only an international public might force an independant inquiry into the whole affair.


  109. Anonymous

    Jersey offers moral support to Sark

    Blooming heck Jersey government have discovered some morals!!! They were found on the street where the poor live as we all know them at the top have great problems distinguishing from moral and immoral.

    and what makes Jersey think Sark want anything from a putrid island where the rich get richer and the poor pay the price, isn’t that what they have just got rid of.

    An island that claims its a democracy and does not have any effective opposition is not a democracy. Their days a numbered…

    The pyramid is crumbling!!!

  110. Anonymous

    “Looks like we also have elder abuse in the island. Some hospital wards are implicated”

    Yeah there’s an internal investigation but nobody called to account.
    Thirsty work covering up!


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