The Rule of Law in Jersey?

There isn’t any.

Just a brief post – again – I’m too tired and depressed to write much.

Just got back from London, and have been attempting to deal with e-mails, phone calls, and blog comments.

The gathering at the House of Commons was a great success. The meeting was organised by the Jersey Care Leavers Association, in co-operation with the UK CLA. It was their gig – and it was brilliant.

I was so pleased, and proud, of the Jersey reps who were there. Their strength & courage is an example to us all.

It was also fantastic that so many concerned people from across the country attended.


As I said in my last post, I met with MPs and tried to explain the Jersey issues to them. These issue being that the rule of law and the good administration of justice in Jersey collapsed – and has been non-existent – probably for some decades.

One of the views I expressed to the meeting was that this is not a complex issue; the Jersey oligarchy are entrenched, all-powerful, and to all practical purposes, invulnerable. The only thing that frightens them, that gives them pause for thought, is the possibility of external intervention by London.

But the Jersey oligarchy appears to have the ear of power at the very highest levels in London – always has done. Whenever complaints get made to London about the Jersey establishment – no matter how clear-cut the evidence of misfeasance, malfeasance – and out-right corruption by the Jersey oligarchy – London always refuses to intervene – notwithstanding the UK government’s very clear and unambiguous responsibilities and powers for the good administration of justice in Jersey. (Note to Jack Straw’s civil servants – please stop lying to the UK media when they enquire about this subject; they know – we know – and you know – that the power and responsibility to intervene is clear-cut and un-ambiguous.)

My view has always been that the Jersey establishment will win – but the only possible means of defeating them is via London facing up to its obligations and intervening. As I’ve said to the media frequently – I don’t believe for one instant that Straw will voluntarily intervene – and that only an action for Judicial Review of his failure to properly handle the Jersey child abuse crisis will force the issue.

As I’m not a victim, and wouldn’t have locus standi, I can’t action him personally; it would need to be some of the survivors who did. Whether they will is a matter entirely for them. But my view, as expressed at the Commons meeting, and on numerous other occasions, is that, ultimately, legal action will be needed.

I said at the start of this post that I was depressed. And whilst the whole scene has been an unmitigated nightmare, still – things get worse.

As has been reported by the media today, two people accused of child abuse were released without charge. So disgusted – rightly – were the States of Jersey Police at this obstruction and interference from what passes for a Crown prosecution service in Jersey, that they issued a press-release last night explaining what had happened.

The instant that press-release hit the media, my phone started going – even though it was late at night. Journalists were explaining to me what the release said, and asking for my comments in response to the situation.

I gave them my honest opinion. And honesty is the very, very least the survivors deserve – no matter what the consequences for me.

I said that what had taken place was simply a straightforward act of brazen corruption.

Of the very kind I have been warning against for many months.

We are dealing with a clear and unambiguous breakdown in the rule of law.

The collapse of the good administration of Justice in Jersey.

Ask yourself – in just how many supposed respectable democracies would you find the prosecution service pro-actively sabotaging and obstructing the work of the police in a major child abuse enquiry?

So what were the details of what happened yesterday?

But before I go onto that – some background information, without which you won’t understand the situation.

Jersey – 45 square miles in area – has 13 police forces.

Yes. 13.

Each of the 12 parishes has what is known as an honorary police force – basically unpaid, voluntary lay-people, who get elected by the parishes to undertake community policing duties.  The “elections” are commonly uncontested – and in reality the selection process – and the consequent public office of “police” officer  – are essentially an expression of, and exercise of, the entrenched power of the traditional, established “Families” that de facto run the feudatory of Jersey – as they’ve done for many centuries.

I won’t bore you with the details now – but the honorary police are an institution with hundreds of years of custom and tradition behind them.

The 13th police force is the States of Jersey Police. Only established in the 20th century, this – professional – police force is still known contemptuously by traditionalist as “the paid police”.

So reactionary and desperate to hold power has the Jersey oligarchy always been, that it has resisted proper reform and modernisation of policing.

Now, I’m going to explain to you a key feature of the archaic policing practices in Jersey – now concentrate – because this is so extraordinary – most people will find it hard to grasp:

The professional, States of Jersey Police Force, do not have the power to charge suspects.

Got that?

The Police Force in Jersey cannot charge suspects.

The power to ‘charge’ has been jealously and rabidly retained as an exclusive power for the honorary police – basically the private “police-forces” of the parish “Family” clans.

This means that if the professional police want a suspect charged – they have to go and ask an honorary police officer – of the parish where the alleged offences were committed – to come into the station and formally file charges.

Now, I’ve always been a supporter of the honorary police. In theory and, largely, in practice – they do a good job; honorary policing should be a good example of community involvement.

But I have to say, the events of yesterday have inflicted what – I fear – could be a terminal, savage blow to the custom and practice of Jersey’s honorary police system.

What were those events?

Jersey’s Attorney General, William Bailhache – brother of Jersey’s chief judge, Sir Philip Bailhache – in an effort to obstruct and sabotage the police investigation, appointed, some months ago, lawyers of his choosing to vet the States police work; to make sure every possible legal box had been ticked before charges could be laid – and, as I said many months ago – to generally assist the Jersey oligarchy to do all it could to minimise the scope and scale of any prosecutions arising from the Jersey child abuse disaster.

The real – professional – Police – battling against every conceivable obstruction – have been slowly making progress and bringing suspects to charge; but each time, they face the “legal” obstructions described above.

Nevertheless, yesterday morning they reached the stage where they had ample evidence to charge the two suspects in question. That the case was sound, and that charging was justified, was even agreed by William Bailhache’s stooge – that’s how clear-cut it was.

So the police arrested the two suspects, and brought them in for charging.

But – William Bailhache’s appointed lawyer reported back to Bailhache what he had said to the police. This lawyer then contacted the police again, later in the day, to inform them that “upon reflection, he had revised his opinion of that morning, and now could not endorse charging.” (Like I said, you couldn’t make this stuff up.)

The police – rightly and understandably – were furious at this, and correctly decided to defy what was clearly an attempt by Bailhache – via his stooge – to pervert the course of justice. The States Police told the lawyer they were going to charge anyway – whether he agreed it or not.

The police then – for reasons described above – had to get an honorary “police officer” in to actually charge the suspects – because the States police don’t have the power to charge, remember.

This honorary officer – Danny Scaife – accepted that the “evidence was present” – but told the professional Police that notwithstanding this fact – he wasn’t going to charge the two suspects.

So the States of Jersey Police had to release them – without charge.

The honorary officer – Danny Scaife – refused to give any direct explanation for his extraordinary actions – other than to say he “had acted after receiving expert legal opinion”.

Now – who do we think was behind that “expert legal opinion”?

One of the comments on my last post, attempts to assert that the Attorney General, William Bailhache, could not have obstructed the professional police.

The reason given, as I have explained above, being that the States police don’t have the power to charge. Therefore he couldn’t have stopped them from charging – from exerting a power they don’t possess. The comment is gross sophistry.

It is known that the States police don’t have the power to charge; and it is known that only the honoraries can. But – we must ask – how does this fact mean that the Attorney General couldn’t interfere with the work of the States police?

It doesn’t.

Not least because – guess what? – And you couldn’t make this up – the Attorney General is the titular head and ultimate authority – in fact the executive director and controlling power – apart from the court itself – over all of Jersey’s honorary police.

I will be tabling – as a matter of urgency – an amendment to the law to give the power to charge to the professional police force.

As I said earlier – we now have – in plain view – the collapse of the rule of law in Jersey.

You want, perhaps, a further illustration of this collapse? And just why Jack Straw cannot credibly refuse to intervene?

Remember a couple of weeks ago, another suspect was arrested. On that occasion too, the police were forced to release him without charge. The suspect’s name is Danny Wherry.

This is getting so easy – but let’s do it anyway; who do you think is a friend of Wherry and member of the same golf club? “The Royal Jersey Golf Club”?

Yep – William Bailhache, Jersey’s Attorney General.

One of the tragic and bizarre features of this episode is that such is this man’s arrogance, megalomania and hubris – that he just cannot see that he has, essentially, corrupted the rule of law in Jersey.

Well – I’m going to rest now – so I can spend an hour or so persuading myself not to commit suicide.

In the mean time – check out the national media tomorrow.

‘The Times’, I think, will be covering the matter.

Like I said – the war goes on.

It’s only a matter of time until the establishment oppresses me and shuts this blog – but don’t worry – other people in other forums will carry the battle onwards.


31 thoughts on “YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP.

  1. Anonymous

    I took the liberty of drawing the Guardian’s attention to your blog entry of yesterday. Their article today didn’t seem to pick up on the significance of what had happened. I hope they took notice. The whole episode is extraordinary.

    Good luck!

  2. Dan

    I hope you succeed in getting the law changed so that the States of Jersey Police can make charges.

    Also, I very much doubt that anyone can get your blog deleted, unless you do it yourself.

    Google owns Blogger, and it is hosted in the USA. Google is well known for not being a fan of censorship. I think they have worked out that censorship is bad for business!

  3. Frank

    From my position in the Uk this seemed inevitable . The question is Why ? Is it the funny handshake brigade or do these people have something personally to hide ?

  4. Krakow Crapaud

    Three people now who have been arrested and released without charge.

    I feel sure that in such a high profile enquiry Lenny Harper wouldn’t arrest unless he were certain.

    He knows the damage that would be done to anyone falsely arrested.

    This appears to be a desperate attempt to keep these people out of court and prevent them from testifying under oath.

    I don’t think that people from outside Jersey will be able to understand this situation, it is beyond reason.


  5. Anonymous

    If you close your blog Stuart, don’t worry you can post on the child abuse thread on Planet Jersey. 70 pages of posts going back to early February, with over 13,500 hits to date.

  6. Drew Peacock

    Stuart please take care of yourself, and if you really suspect you can’t take any more, please call the Samaratins or someone else for help. None of this is worth losing your grip on life for. Depression can be helped.
    Please set aside some time each day to do things you really enjoy, eat healthily and make sure you have a chance of uninterrupted sleep.
    Take care, please – we need you well.

  7. Stuart Syvret

    Re Drew’s comment.

    Don’t worry, I’m fine. I find I have to write with a lot of black humour. So crackers are events in Jersey, it’s often the only means of dealing with things. Maybe the ‘humour’ part of the remark didn’t come across.

    Though it did provide me with some splendid entertainment value this morning, as one of the paeds – or paed-concealing Jersey civil servants – submitted a comment to the effect that I was ‘a f**king little shit – and should do everyone a favour by actually killing myself.’

    Ah – the delights of human nature. ; -)


  8. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t reccommend the Samaritans to anyone with depression as they are not as confidential as they claim to be.

    I won my court case!!! It’s so fantastic, it has been years of hell for me and it is over at last!

    It’s so funny because I have felt so at the end of it all, I have had accusation after accusation thrown at me, and threat threat threat to send me to jail. So I didn’t take any of the court papers to the court, but the Bible and I plonked it on the desk in front of me.

    I’ve got my life back and can be like a normal mum at last!

    Stuart, if you want those things please let me know, I don’t want to send unsolicited stuff. I think you’d find it very interesting though, and very relevant to what is happening at Haut de la Garenne.


  9. Advocatus Diaboli

    ~~~~~“upon reflection, he had revised his opinion of that morning, and now could not endorse charging.”~~~~~

    This is a standard generic management tactic – say the right thing until you’ve got two locked doors between you and the other participants then renege over the phone.

    The scandal bites too deep for the nabobs to contemplate a clean up, it would mean admitting how dirty things have been and for how long. The millionaire playboy Jack Straw and his ilk won’t intervene voluntarily because it might create a precedent. Sorting out Social and Health Services in one place might create pressure to sort them out everywhere. The Community Care Act is there to undermine services not put them right.

    Stuart “The Thorn” Syvret can keep putting them under pressure to do the job they’re theoretically there to do, so that their real role is undeniable but he’s swimming against the tide of history. This is a great pity and no doubt he has had to put up with a lot of character assassination. Sadly this is the price for a moral backbone.

    Keep rubbing the bounders’ noses in it Thorney! Remember that it’s a marathon not a sprint though.

    All the best 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    Would it be possible for you to make a full copy of your blog to email out should you be closed down by the rich and powerful.

  11. Anonymous

    Surely as `full British Citizens’ we (as channel Islanders) have full and equal civil, social and legal rights before the law (the laws of the UK that is). And which are protected under the laws of the United Kingdom. Or are we `second class citizens’? Citizens only in the rhetoric but not in reality?. I wonder what the EU courts would make of this?

  12. Anonymous


    Please keep fighting, it is tough but we need to have someone at the helm. You need support from everyone to do this too and I think I can say you will receive it.

    From what you say, the whole thing has the rank and pestilent odour of Freemasons. The survivors, plus those that did not live to see this day, need us to take up their cause with vigour.

    You might be better with a web site, or sites. See and This type of thing has to be well protected, otherwise the evil bastards take them down.

    Have you contacted some established investigative journalists to take this up and not let it drop? The more publicity, the harder it is to cover things up. Keep it in the public attention and don’t let them succeed. More than anything, don’t let them get to you!

    Mason Buster.

  13. Anonymous

    Now, there is a good idea! Why not take the UK government to court through the courts of the EU. Surely, there is a case to answer (ie the UK governments failure to protect its citizenry). I thought it was a signitory to the verious EU treaties on human rights and, the rights of the child? Is there a case do you think?

  14. Stuart Syvret

    Re: ‘full British citizens’.

    As I’m sure some of our more pedantic friends would point out – the British are not ‘citizens’. Constitutionally we are ‘subjects’, under the rule of the Crown.

    Does this point matter? Yes – because Jersey is a ‘Crown Dependency’ – meaning that we come under the protections of the Crown insofar as basic rights and freedoms are concerned.

    But the people of the Crown Dependencies – that is, Jersey, Guernsey, the other Channel Islands, and the Isle of Mann – are not United Kingdom subjects. We are British – but not a part of the UK.

    Nor are we full members of the European Union – so EU courts would be of little help.

    But people often get confused over things like the European Convention on Human Rights – and assume it’s an EU convention; it isn’t.

    The ECHR is a convention of the Council of Europe – a different organisation to the EU.

    And Jersey is a full signatory to the ECHR – via the United Kingdom. So we do have access to basic, human rights. But note that Jersey is a signatory through the UK. This means that any breach of the ECHR by Jersey has the effect of putting the UK in breach of its obligations.

    Which is why Jack Straw has to intervene order to prevent the UK being placed in breach of the ECHR by the Jersey oligarchy.

    But even setting aside the ECHR – the Crown is historically and constitutionally responsible for good governance and the proper administration of justice in Jersey.

    So the fact that we are a Crown Dependency is of great relevance – because the people of the island have a right to expect the protections of the Crown; that our fundamental freedoms and rights be defended.

    Unfortunately – what has happened over the decades – probably centuries, actually – is that the local oligarchy have manipulated and co-opted the Crown – so that Crown seems to believe that its fundamental and implacable duty is to protect the Jersey oligarchy from scrutiny or challenge.

    Witness the present Crown representative in Jersey – the Lieutenant Governor – doing his rabid best to protect the local shysters and spivs – even to the extent of pro-actively pursing a smear-campaign against me.


  15. Anonymous

    Or perhaps the LG is under orders to stand by the States! In order to protect HRH & her government’s financial (hidden) investements in Jersey? I wonder how many UK MP’s and how many members of Britains aristocracy avoid paying tax via thier holdings in off-shore centres like Jersey? No wonder they do not want to rock the boat! Only a suggestion mind!

  16. Anonymous

    You know, the Jersey oligarchy remind me very much of the self serving individuals which formed the UK government during and after WW1. Not widely known, but at that time the UK was on a brink of a soviet style revolution (true!). The speaker (quinton Hogg)for the Conservative government at the time (The States of Jersey hear what I’m saying),had this to say. `Either we give the people social reform or the people will give us social revolution’!

  17. Anonymous

    You know Stuart! There are many, many Jersey men and women who are versed in the art of warfare. It would not be impossible (considering the conversations I’ve had with former british service men and women), to oust the scum curently enthroned on the rock. Myself included! Like the warning of the person who wrote ` unless we give the people social change. The people will give us social revolution’ (Quinton Hogg 1921).

  18. Anonymous

    Extract from “All for the King ~ The Life Story of Sir George Carteret” by G.R. Balleine

    “All heads of houses were then summoned, each to his parish church, to hear the Manifesto read and to sign his name at the foot. Carteret “hoped in this way” says our diarist, “to bind the people more strictly to their allegiance; but he was mistaken”. One whole district in St Ouen’s Parish, the Cuillette of Léoville, refused en masse to sign.”

    Nor for the other side.

    Non-compliance with evil is a sacred duty ~ Mahātmā

    Courage Mon Brave

  19. Anonymous


    It appears that the social contract between we islanders and our elected government has been breached.

    The rule of law should be applied equally, without fear or prejudice. The recent arrest fiasco has surely usurped the power of the jury.

    The excuse that arrests are not in the public interest is chilling – why is this is determined behind closed doors away from proper processes by a small number of people.

    It is getting to the stage for public protest on this behaviour.

    Any suggestions

  20. Anonymous

    From the Bailiff:

    ” We have our own laws and judicial and legal system. I am often told that investors look for a mature judicial system in which they can have confidence…. “

    He can know also add:

    Any inconvenient police investigation can be easily snuffed out by my office

    Democracy, rule of law, equality, freedom of expression
    Jersey’s not burdened by such irritations. They are not in the public interest!

  21. Anonymous

    If politicians in the UK are turnng a blind eye to child abuse they must be exposed. Politicians who act like this are not fit for office and need exposing for what they are.

    I hope and pray we never have revolution in this country, because the chaos would hurt the weakest people, and other strong people, just as corrupt as the ones in power would take charge – this is what always happens whenever there is revolution. We don’t want that to happen!

    There has to be a better way than decending into chaos, there is a better way. I never liked Tony Blaire but his mantra of education education education is true. The public need educating into what is happening in the British Isles, the cover ups, the secret courts, the whole lot. They need to see the ugly truth, but they need to understand that just decending into chaos is not the answer.

    As I said, I have evidence that this government has been turning a blind eye to pedophile activity. I want to share it, but it’s hard work because I can’t get people to look at it. I’m saying “Please look at this, just look at this” the lettters I’ve written and the answers I have recieved.
    Anyone who wants to see these letters please contact me


  22. Anonymous

    CTV have been the only local media to cover the release without charge incident in a professional manner.

    Please visit their web site if you missed the coverage last night. In addition they are running a poll – beware of the question as it is not specific – I answered yes as I do feel the investigation has been handled well by the police but I do not want that yes to register that I feel the judiciary and politicians have handled the enquiry well.

    In addition to the poll there is a link to the Independant Advisory Group – I suggest that bloggers start making their view known through that channel.

    It cannot be left to Stuart to carry on this compaign – Are we so morally bankrupt as a society that we will allow the victims of child abuse to be let down again?

    Surely this couple should go before a judge and have their names cleared in a court of law or otherwise.

    What message are we as a society giving out when child abuse merely becomes yesterdas news?

    I get somewhat irritated by the – keep up the good work Stuart messages – I appreciate that they are well meaning but when are we as a society going to rise up against this mockery of justice?

    Surely there is someone out there with the legal brain to counteract this latest blow against justice or I ask you again as a society are we in Jersey really that morally bankrupt?

  23. Confused of St.Helier

    So, what do we know? From all I’ve read, watched and heard……

    The AG
    – appointed a UK advocate to deal with it and played no further part except to tell the police to let him do the job and don’t comment further?

    The Advocate
    – changed his mind, but then said it wasn’t for him to advise either way?

    The Honoury Officer
    – says there are many reasons why charges may not be pursued – and that things ended up amicable with everyone?!

    The Police
    – felt they had enough to charge, but after new advice was received, apparently amicably agreed with all concerned?! And yet appeared to be quite miffed about it in the media?

    Something doesn’t add up here!!

    Have I missed anything?

  24. Anonymous


    The fact that Jersey has been a tax haven for very many years may play a part in the attempted cover up with this.

    The island has been an atraction for “funny money” due to the lack of transparency and ability to evade UK taxes as a result. This has meant that the island has also been a haven for the spivs, crooks and sundry undesirables that go with the “funny money”. So, there has arisen a number of people connected to the island that are corrupt through and through.

    This pervasive corruption has tainted others there who have been tempted by the financial rewards available to turn a blind eye, or more.

    Could be that blackmail is now a feature of the lives of some of these. There must be plenty of dirt to expose and many with much to lose. This could be an explanation for some who are now trying to conceal and lie for the abusers etc. Are they under duress from the dodgier elements on the island, or elsewhere?

    Just a thought.

  25. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart

    You are correct in saying that you really couldn’t make it up could you?

    You must feel that you are in a living nightmare – trying to get people to see something that is so glaringly obvious.

    Having lived on the island some time ago – and now looking in from the outside – I do not envy your mission.

    I think that people need to know that the island is corrupt to the very core.

    Please, please, please Stuart keep up the good work.

    I ask that everyone, everywhere support Stuart in bringing down those responsible for, what I feel will be, the greatest cover-up of all time.

    Yes that means lawyers, senators, doctors, managers and anyone else who may play golf, drink or generally in bed with other.

    Come on everyone – hunt the bastards out…….play your part….


  26. Anonymous

    Vidal: Bush ended US as a republic

    Press TV Saturday, June 28, 2008

    Gore Vidal, US novelist, historian and social critic says the Bush regime has killed all of the constitutional links that made the US a republic.

    On early Friday morning Iran time, in an exclusive interview with Press TV, Vidal said that President Bush has rid the country of the Bill of Rights, habeas corpus and the entire legacy of the Magna Carta in the name of war on terror.

    He also criticized the House of Representatives for not impeaching President Bush, over a wide array of subjects such as disclosure of CIA agent Valerie Plame’s covert status. Vidal did however single out Rep. Dennis Kuchinich for drawing up articles of impeachment against the president.

    Vidal, long strongly critical of the Bush administration, said the administration has both an an explicit and covert expansionist agenda.

    In his writings he has made the assessment that for several years, the administration and its associates, many of whom are magnets in the oil and gas industry have had clear aims to control the oil of Central Asia which is to follow on the heels of gaining effective control of the oil of the Persian Gulf–a project that took a new twist with the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1991.

    That event inadvertently served as the basis for the neo-conservative American Project for the 21st Century document and policy guideline that has been the hallmark of the Bush-Cheney years.

    Regarding the September 11, 2001 attacks, Vidal has written the American intelligence community clearly warned it was coming but the event provided political cover and pretext for the plans that the administration already had in place for invading Iraq–plans that can be traced to the waning days of the first Bush family presidency.

  27. Anonymous

    Cover up comes to mind. It makes you wonder who these two know, or who are they related to? Who are they, why have their names been kept quitet? It stinks of corruption, the police (Lenny Harper in particular) are being undermined at every turn. Who is it that can do this? Why don’t we just shut the HDLG case down and say enough is enough, the truth is not going to come out regardless of what evidence comes to light?

    It is a joke, beyond a joke, I hope those in authority are proud of themselves. More and more of us over here don’t believe the lies spouted by those at the top anymore. I pray that this island is delivered from these liars. I am sick of it! We are a laughing stock now to all and sundry, what next in this macarbre pantomime?

    If your blog gets shut down it will prove the point that you are getting to those in authority. Also that these people in authority have something to hide and that anything goes in Jersey especially if you are connected to the right people.

    I’m sure these people mull over every posting deciding when will be the time to act. They must be mortified that their cover is cracking. Maybe they could get you certified Stuart? This is a common ploy by governments all over the world with something to hide. The ones that don’t just arrange an accident, or just execute people that is. Rubbish the messenger and the message is forgotten or down played. Rule by deception and slight of hand.

  28. donchais

    Oh good Lord!

    Jersey ‘abuse’ case is adjourned

    A man charged with indecently assaulting three girls at a former children’s home in Jersey has appeared in court.

    Gordon Claude Wateridge, 77, a former warder at Haut de la Garenne, was bailed by magistrates for a month while the charges against him are clarified.

    Prosecutors have been given 21 days to produce all evidence against him.

    Mr Wateridge, who has not entered a plea to the charges, was remanded on conditional bail until 4 August.

    Two other men have been charged with abuse following the Haut de la Garenne investigation.


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