Another day –

Time to expose another atrocity.

A reader has submitted yet another comment which hints at yet more atrocities committed against children in Jersey – and as with the comment concerning Peter Manton – I know exactly what the reader is referring to.

As the dam appears to be breaking at last, I’ll now add what I know of this episode to what is, clearly, a very substantial body of public knowledge – knowledge which has existed for a very long time, but which Jersey’s climate of fear has kept unspoken.

Before going on to recount what I know – I’d like to say to any victims of this episode – you are not alone. There are many others like you. Speak to the NSPCC. Speak to the States of Jersey Police Force.

Now is the time to unite – and speak out.

This is what my reader said:

“The plot thickens! I wonder who else amongst Jersey’s ever so distinguished government and residence will be exposed for what they really are?

Many, many years ago when aged about 14/15, a well known and convicted Jersey paedophile told me (as he and his sicko friends entrapped me), that he supplied children from HDG and Jersey in general, to well known TV personalities!

The link between Jersey paedophilia and these `celebs’ was the Jersey `Opera House’!”

To understand this episode, let us delve back into the dark and wretched days of the 1960’s through to the early 1980’s – and ‘The Jersey Way’ of dealing with vulnerable children in “care” during that period.

I left school at the age of 15 in 1980. Amongst Jersey children of that era there was a very common term of abuse which was considered one of the gravest insults – which demanded a fight in response – or, if the other kid was bigger than you, setting fire to his bike using a can of lighter fluid.

Even amongst the drunken, cursing, filthy and neglected children from the underclass of St. Helier’s back-street slums – where misery, dysfunction and alcoholism were the only inheritance – to go around calling another kid a “Jeff” was to call down upon you a vendetta of Corsican proportions.

In the slum in which I existed, Clarence Court, even calling another kid’s father a drunken bastard would often be greeted with calm equanimity – as so many of them were, such an observation would be regarded as little more than a value-free statement of fact.

So, what is the origin of the insulting phrase, ‘you Jeff’?

It is taken from the name of a notorious Jersey paedophile, Jeff Le Marquand.

He was convicted for child abuse and served his sentence in Jersey’s prison. When released he simply resumed running his eponymously titled clothing and camping shop – which, though he is long deceased, is still open for business in St. Helier’s Bath Street.

Back in those days’ paedophile prosecutions in Jersey were only a little more rare than they are today. So the fact he was prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to an, albeit, short prison term was regarded as really quite remarkable.

It was said at the time, “if they’ve ‘done’ him – the real extent and nature of his crimes must be very bad – very bad indeed.”


They were.

For in addition to being a child abuser himself – he would procure and pimp children – often from Haute de la Garenne – to child abusers taking their customary sodomy summer break in Jersey’s holiday season.

And not just any abusers. For as my reader correctly points out – Le Marquand would ply performing celebrities with children to abuse during their performances at Jersey’s main theatre, the Opera House.

Perhaps survivors out there can supply us with a few more names.

But for the moment, let us consider just one of these TV “personalities.”

The actor Wilfrid Bramble.

Bramble would sexually abuse children procured for him by Le Marquand in the depths of the maze of back-rooms behind the stage of Jersey’s Opera House.

Bramble – and other ‘clients’ of Le Marquand – would commit foul abuses upon the defenceless and vulnerable children of Jersey’s orphanages.

From what I can gather these atrocities were conducted for many, many years – and engaged in by a number of different ‘celebrities.’

Some of whom might yet still be alive.

From what I can gather, this paedophile ring was extensive and persisted for a very long time. And as it involved ferrying children to and from the orphanages – probably disguised as a ‘charitable’ trip out to meet the ‘stars’ – a lot of people in positions of authority must have known about it.

A culture of abuse which persisted for a very long time – and was extensive.

The authorities must have known about it.

Perhaps this is why, when Le Marquand was caught, he faced limited charges – and didn’t receive a sentence of appropriate length.

For if they’d prosecuted him for all of his crimes – and given him 25 years – he would have sung like the proverbial canary.

And who knows what apocalypse that would have brought down upon the Jersey oligarchy?

This is how the culture of concealment works.

This is ‘The Jersey Way’.

We can further illustrate that fact by citing two more examples.

The McGuires – foul thugs who abused children routinely for a decade. These are the couple who were door-stepped by the BBC and featured in the Panorama program on child abuse in Jersey.

Having escaped punishment for years – via several departmental cover-ups, the McGuires eventually came to the attention of the Police in 1998. They were charged, brought to a committal hearing – then – mysteriously the kids who were the victims were called together for a bizarre evening meeting at Jersey social services’ headquarters.

At a meeting led by the now infamous Danny Wherry – the kids were lied to and conned into believing the charges had to be dropped.

Had the trial gone ahead, the best part of two decades of grotesque incompetence, dishonesty, malfeasance and ethical bankruptcy would have all come out in open court.

And the Jersey oligarchy couldn’t have that now, could they?

So the then Attorney General, Michael Birt – now Deputy Bailiff – came to Jersey’s Royal Court, and informed it that he was withdrawing the charges “for lack of evidence”.

The same Attorney General – for the same reasoning – did not prosecute the then headmaster of Victoria College – Jack Hydes – for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and for breaking the Children (Jersey) Law 1969 by failing in the unambiguous duty to protect children from harm and the risk of harm.

Hydes was terribly clever – he played the Jersey Evening Post off against the local political establishment. Telling The Rag he’d spill the beans to them when the time was right – and then telling the rest of the oligarchy that if he was prosecuted – and if he didn’t receive a huge pay-off – he’d tell the paper everything.

Naturally – a big payoff was duly forthcoming.

Hydes is still alive – out there somewhere – and probably a very worried reader of this blog.

Perhaps Hydes would care to spill the beans now? Now that the time of truth has arrived?

How he – and his them deputy headmaster – now a ‘Jurat’ of Jersey’s Royal Court – John le Breton – pro-actively attempted to cover-up the abuses?

It doesn’t seem likely somehow.

Telling the truth just isn’t ‘The Jersey Way’ – just too terribly vulgar.

So those are three documented examples of the culture of concealment – establishment damage-limitation at work.

Pretty much just as is happening now in respect of the present abuse enquiries.

The McGuires? Let off the hook – as a trial would have been far too damaging to the powers that be.

Jack Hydes and John Le Breton – not even placed on the hook in the first place – so apocalyptically bad for the Jersey oligarchy would have been the prosecutions.

And Jeff Le Marquand – not really highly placed in the establishment – just a shop-keeper – who became too reckless in committing his crimes, so had to face some justice. But nothing like as much as he should have. Had he faced a couple of decades in jail – you could be quite sure he’d of broken the Jersey oligarchy omerta.

So he – and his foul, child abusing ‘clients’ – like Wilfrid Bramble – escaped justice.

For those of you who don’t know, Bramble acted in a British sit-com called Steptoe & Son. He acted the hated, aged father. The catchphrase of the son was to call him “you dirty old man.”

There was a time when I could have regarded such a phrase as merely scripted comedy.

Now – and knowing what I know today – I can’t help but wonder whether routinely calling Bramble “you dirty old man” wasn’t what passed for a knowing irony amongst his colleagues.

“You dirty old man” – indeed.

Frankly – it’s one of my less paranoid suppositions. And of quite a moderate kind considering the far worse – and evidenced – examples of abuse and concealment I know of.

Sat here at my lonely screen and contemplating what all these terrible things say about us, I find myself coming to an ever more frequent conclusion

That there’s only one thing I’m afraid of – humans.

People are terrifying.


52 thoughts on “‘YOU DIRTY OLD MAN’

  1. Anonymous

    when i was younger everybody knew about jeff le marquand some of the older boys would go to his shop for favours knew he had gone to prison but the rest of the story is quite shocking

  2. Anonymous

    Great article Stuart Wilfred Bramble was a new one on me… but not surprising and yes you are right about the name he was given being the truest way to think the man.

    I had heard other names like someone had fixed it and a prominent conservative politician who liked sailing and sea cadets a little too much.

    It is by now abundantly clear that many cases like this all with key dates from around the same time and era Bryn Alyn, Witherwack house, Medomsley, and many others 6000 cases in all across the uk the greatest part of which or even the whole of them are in some way related to the care systems of the late 50’s stretching to early 08’s.

    A true time of children are seen but not HEARD!!! and pardon me for saying so but there has been a culture of the Wilfred Bramble type since the dawn of time, however the times in question less than 10 years after the war and in some many cases during WII many young men coming back from one of the bloodiest of wars to find their family’s scattered around the country as evacuees, brothers and sister sent all over the country into strange surrounding with strange people, followed by half the male populations being out of work with no skills but that of their military training, so there was a surplus of people who would fit straight into the prison service and childrens homes.

    I know that many of these paedophiles came from military backgrounds as was the man who abused me, amongst others and at the time most if not all the staff where I was abused were indeed ex-military and police.

    The abuser who abused so many boys in and unbroken 27 years at his “hobby” Thought by his flock to be a wonderful man, out going funny and a genuine person who carried out some of the worst cases of sexual depravity on countless young boys.

    Supported by his bosses and even aided in getting away with it on a number of occasions until finally caught and jailed.

    At the time every one there knew what was going on. All the staff…All the boys…and even contractors working with various departments, to the temp secretary.

    There were contemporaneous complaints made by the score and still nothing was done. He was a freemason and he had friends one of which was convicted of the same offences, and only when the powers that be could no longer keep the lid on Pandora’s box did they finally do something.

    These people make me cry every week I can’t get away from it no matter what I do but I will never give in give up or desist, I would, could not just retire in the middle of such an horrific state of affairs and would make them sweat buckets by saying nothing to them but I no that the likes of Frank Walker will always come up smelling like roses as those just below them will be taking the fall for this.

    Keep up your hard work Stuart you are a refreshing breath of air and we need people like you in the world just to make it bearable.

    Stroll on the “CHARTER PARTY” Liberty for all

  3. Anonymous

    Everyone knew about Jeff when I was young, and what he did, I was amazed how he was left to carry on like normal. It was an open joke, any boy accussed of being a jeff always got a good beating by the other kids..In my niavity I thought the authorities would put an end to his practices, however it wasn’t deemed serious enough to do anything about until he finally got jailed. Why did they jail him, they knew what he was like, maybe some of these authoritive people enjoyed his company and those of the young children?

    Amazingly parents allowed their kids to go in his shop! They though he was a bit excentric! How many boys did he play with? All under the cover of running a shop, and yet the authorities were happy for him to carry on as if nothing was wrong! Maybe the authorites thought it was Life Enriching and would give the young boys an understanding of life that they would otherwise lack.

    This is why I have no respect for authority, it is rotten to the core. It activley sponsors cover ups and abuse. Many people in authority are abusers and know how to get away with it. Rape and murder are no barrier to enjoyment by them, why should it be if they know they can get away with it?

    They often appear as upright honourable people looked up to by the masses. If only they knew the true story about these psychopaths!
    As they say truth is stranger than fiction. You couldn’t make it up as it is too obscene to even think of unless this is your life.

    Gives a new meaning to Father Christams emptying his sacks doesn’t it!

  4. Anonymous

    I was abused by “Jeff” when I was nine years old, I was sent there by some one from the Sea Cadets, I needed a camouflaged Jacket, It cost ten bob, I got it for five..and told keep my mouth shut…
    a couple of years later, a joke was going around, that a certain Head Master from a school half way up Wellington road and Jeff would give boys a “Mars bar”We all joked about it, but being about 11 at the time I did not really understand, but after reading some of the comments here, it opened my eyes a little, do hope everything comes out, BTW I was interviewed by SJP told them about teacher abusing me at age 8 they weren’t interested as said teacher was probley dead, So that’s okay then!
    If only you knew How angry I am fifty years later……

  5. Anonymous


    Re Wilfred Bramble – I have read about his liking for boys and what he got up to with them in the mainstream press some years ago. I think there was an article in the Daily Mail or tabloid on the mainland.

    It was reported that his co star, Harry H Corbett, did know about this and detested Bramble. I recall it said that they didn’t speak to each other offset and Corbett had nearly attacked Bramble on occasions.

  6. steve

    I must admit to visiting Jeff’s when in my teens because of his military surplus kit at the rear of the shop.

    One of his little tricks was to entice you to try on trousers in a small changing room at the back. When in a compromising position (trousers off) he would pull back the curtain and help the young boy within!

    My mum, who is now in her 70s, also had some experience of Jeff. Mum used to frequent the Farmer’s Inn at St.Ouen’s as part of the St.Ouen’s Football Club (1950s). Jeff used to turn up on a saturday evening and ply his trade. His trade? Pornographic photographs taken locally!

    This was an evil little man with good friends in high places.

  7. Anonymous

    Re Re A Certain Local Character
    Well done Stuart. That decision alone will go a long way to reassuring people that what you write is substantiated by evidence, even if it is not cited. It indicates that you are not simply ndisciminately ‘outing’ people on suspicion. Just as well too as I’ve no doubt some would regard my behaviour or yours as distinctly odd at times.

  8. The Moving Finger

    I once brought a coat like Dr Who’s Captain Jack from Jeffs.
    Remember asking my friend,who was with me,in a loud voice about the poof he bashed recently. Jeff,a very sweaty and smelly little man,stayed well away.

    (BTW nobody was ever bashed and I would NEVER be involved in such a thing. The comment was purely for safety!!!)

  9. Anonymous

    I was the one who posted the initial comment about a local convictied paedophile and the connection to the `Opera House’!

    I had no idea that my comment would evoke such heart renching confirmation of what I have lived with for years!

    We all know the truth! We all know that the system that allowed the likes of le Marquand and Bramble to destroy our childhood, our innocence, our lives, Is still very much alive and functioning today.

    Whilst we have the like of Walker et al at the helm, we as jersey folk are sure to founder on the rocks of dishonesty and depravity.

    My father a jerseyman through and through, who, fought in many fields of combat in WW11 would be turning in his grave to know that he like his (Jersey born)father before him, who had fought like him gainst the greatest evils the world has ever known,were betrayed by the very system that they and had fought to save!

    Thank god my dad and my grandfather never new about how the States of Jersey (the system they loved and fought for) allowed and encouraged the rape of thier children!

    People of Jersey stand up and be counted!

    Just another victim of the Jersey system of child care (PLG)

  10. Anonymous

    Isnt someone at jefs trying very hard to smooth over any bad vibes from the past perhaps the reason is that jefs grandson is married to Narina Pallot wouldn’t that make good headlines

  11. Advocatus Diaboli

    “Word has reached me of several Churchmen desperately trying to smear me to anyone who will listen; they dismiss me as some kind of communist, anarchist – and general trouble-maker – who no one should speak to or contact.”

    You write this like it’s a bad thing. [;-)

  12. Anonymous

    “jefs grandson is married to Narina Pallot wouldn’t that make good headlines”

    Why? (Oh and its Nerina-capital N, then e-r-i … etc. Or can’t you get that right either?)

    Stuart why are you posting these idiotic cheap shots? Stick to facts.

  13. Anonymous

    Sorry that you deleted my comments, In hindsight I see that it was the right thing to do (me thumping my desk) The JP laughed at me for making a comment about the same person, since the pictures of the Bunker were on the TV I have been having nightmares about my time at HDG, everything has been blocked out, but, but, but I told SJP that nothing happened there at the time as I was 100% sure that nothing happened, but, but these nightmares that I´m getting fifty years later are making me unsure of myself, was everything blacked-out through drugs,? was I drugged at night? The bunker brings it back. I remember being taken to a different Bunker from the one at HDG, I see it now, and when I pass it, as I have a couple of times in the last fifty years, and every time think of that Sunday afternoon when a boy said to me “That’s where the children go, but don’t come back” Yes Stuart, you were right to delete my comments, as I have no proof of anything and cannot prove anything, that’s where, or how these people will always win, and get away with, dare I say it Murder…

  14. Anonymous

    I know this is off topic but it is indicative of Jersey –

    It might be interesting to know why the property subject to a fire is the subject of a retrospective and yet to be determined planning application for a recycling plant. Therefore the recycling plant does not yet have consent but was operating as such. You can find the application by going to the following site:


    Do a search for Broadlands and look up P/2008/0288

    Given the nature of the materials what would have happened if a plane approaching on runway 27 had been right above the site when the explosions started. Why has this not been reported?

  15. Anonymous

    “Remember asking my friend,who was with me,in a loud voice about the poof he bashed recently. Jeff,a very sweaty and smelly little man,stayed well away…”
    So now we are confusing ‘poof-bashing’ (we call it assault nowadays btw) with vigilante attitudes to child molesters.
    You are, I hope, aware of the ever, ever, ever so slight distinction between gay men and paedophiles…I mean, as Edmund Blackadder said, ‘call me Mr. Picky, but…’
    Or are we still in the 1960’s when jokes about being ‘one of them’ were a sort of catch-all for anything other than straight macho men?

  16. Stuart Syvret

    Re “Poof Bashing”.

    I thoroughly agree with the comment concerning the distinction between gay people and child abusers.

    Sadly, a common prejudice prevents some people from making that distinction.

    I have several gay friends, all of whom are perfectly decent people – indeed – a good deal more so than a lot of ‘straight’ people I know.

    As far as I’m concerned I have no problem whatsoever with people’s sexuality. Provided it involves consenting adults. And those are the key words – “consenting” – and “adults”.

    It is worth noting the statistical evidence concerning child abuse. The vast majority of violence, sexual assaults, rapes and murders of children are committed by members of the child’s “family”, or people who are known to the child.

    And the vast majority of child rapists and murderers are people who lead ‘straight’ life-styles.

    Fred West? Ian Brady? Ian Huntley?

    Of course, this doesn’t mean that gay people never abuse children; sadly, some do. But the percentage of gay people committing crimes against children is significantly lower than that of ‘straight’ people committing crimes against children.

    It’s worth bearing in mind that if children have been abused, and an anti-gay prejudice is allowed to dominate the subsequent investigation, the guilty, real, offenders are helped to evade scrutiny and exposure.

    But sadly – the reality is that children run a far greater risk of being assaulted and abused behind the closed doors of the family home than they do just walking down the street.


  17. Anonymous

    judge for yourselves,He claims it is not him and “Can’t remember if he had visited the Jerseys home.

    Thats a bit different from saying I did not visit the Jersey home.

    Just because he doesn’t remember it does not meen it did not happen and Im sure it is convenient to selective memory but most if not all victms remember what happened to them 30 years ago just like it was yesterday and if there are those who have abused children on the island they will be very scared about not and you can’t bet your last penny that they DO REMEmBER EVERY DETAIL OF THEIR ABUSE.

  18. Anonymous


    (Before I ask your assistance & guidance in this matter may I draw your attention to the fact that one of the links I list does mention a victim’s name…)

    Today’s JEP features a statement by the Bailiff’s brother regarding the bail of one Nacer Udine Benyoucef. The latter was charged with rape. While on bail he committed a similar offence.
    This wouldn’t be the same Nacer Eddine Benyoussef that was initially convicted of 1) Grave and criminal assault, 2) Indecent assault? On reading the appeal anyone can be forgiven for thinking that the offence alleged reads like attempted rape.
    The names are very similar: Nacer Eddine Benyoussef – Nacer Udine Benyoucef. What are the chances of two men accused of similar offences, being of similar description? Of being the same age? The same job? The same marital status with the same number of children? What chance of them both having been born in Morocco? The former was aged 33 in 2004. The latter aged 37 in 2007/8!

    If the two are unrelated I would be amased at the coincidence!

    By the way you can guess who the presiding judge was at the 2004 trial – Sir Philip Bailhache. The court of appeal found that the Bailiff failed to give proper instruction to the jury regarding Mr Benyouseff’s character, and likelihood of attacking women. – surely not another error of judgement concerning an aleeged sex offender?

  19. Anonymous

    Id like to offer my heartfelt support to you for helping expose the blatant culture of chid abuse in Jersey and the efforts of the “ruling elite” in covering up this shameful episode.

    May I also urge any former residents of Haute de la Garenne who have not spoken to the Police to come foreward now before it is too late and the enquiry/States damage limitation exercise is complete!.

    I am not Jersey born and I have watched and listened with a growing sense of horror as details of the abuse that has taken place here come out.Even more difficult for me to take in is the absolute belief many islanders I speak to have that these crimes will be dealt with “in the Jersey way”-basically a cover up!.

    My partner suffered at HDG for 12 years and had to relive some truly horrific periods of her childhood when she gave statements to the Police.Although this was very harrowing at times my partner continued to help the investigating officers because they assured her that justice would be done.

    An arrest was made recently and my partner waited anxiously for news of any charges that were to be brought against her abuser,a former States Police officer!…he was released without charge the next day-pending further enquiries!.The investigating officers were astonished that he walked but my partner simply turned to me and said ” I told you it was all for nothing..this is Jersey!”

    I spoke to friends who echoed my partners sentiments regarding “Jersey justice”,they didnt come out and say “I told you so”..but I could see it in their eyes.

    Can anyone enlighten me regarding a strong rumour that this man was arrested a few years ago under similar circumstances yet released without charge?.
    Friends in high places perhaps?.

    So here we are, months down the line,promises broken,thousands of pounds of taxpayers money spent and only a handful of arrests made…WHO is protecting these monsters and WHY?

    Keep going Stuart, lets all work towards wiping the smiles of the faces of these arrogant bastards.

  20. Anonymous

    How long before the shameful story of a certain deceased St Helier Art Gallery & Gorey Boatowner raises it’s ugly head?

  21. Anonymous


    Would it be of any useful significance if a a number of well-documented cases similar to the worst of the Jersey cases – all blatantly avoided by the ‘system’ in the UK – were to be published?


  22. Anonymous

    I understand that a lot of the focus is on children being abused at HDG, as well as being taken from there and effectively being ‘pimped out’. Try and be aware that these weren’t the only vunerable children on the island, some children were ‘pimped out’ by their own parents. The web of peadophile rings is still wider than what we already have evidence for! I think its important to make this point so that all victims feel thay can come forward and share their information.

  23. Stuart Syvret

    Re: Similar cases

    Yes, it would certainly be helpful to have a succinct and clear list of examples of similar abuses and cover-ups.

    The more we can piece all this together, the more equipped we become to fight it.

    And –

    Re: HDLG – and other victims of abuse.

    Yes, I quite agree. This is a point I have tried to make many times. Obviously, what went on at HDLG was appalling – but we must not lose sight of the fact that abuses happened in many other Jersey institutions.

    Indeed, it will be one such example – of sustained abuse in another institution – which will be the basis for my legal action against Jack Straw on behalf of my constituents.

    And sadly – what you say about some parents abusing and even pimping their children is all too accurate.

    Whilst I have no evidence – I even have certain suspicions that that may well have occurred in a child abuse case in recent times in Jersey. Too many things about the case just didn’t stack-up.

    I’m very interested in the strong dichotomy which exists between those who were removed from their parents, and placed in care – and who often carry a great resentment of that fact throughout their lives; and those who were left with foul, neglectful and abusive parents – who are frequently angry that they weren’t saved from such things by being removed from danger.

    There is no right or wrong answer. Even very good social services operations wrestle with the decisions in individual cases. Sometimes they won’t get it right.

    To those who say social workers are generally too zealous in removing kids from families, I would say, yes, that may be the case on occasions.

    But remember the statistics; in terms of serious risk of cruelty, abuses, rape or murder – for a child at risk, the child’s home will usually be the most dangerous place – by some margin.

    Of course the tragedy is that children who have been removed from such dangers – have found themselves exposed to dangers as bad – or sometimes worse – in “care”.

    I don’t know what it is about this Britain; basically, this country seems to hate children – especially those who are marginalised, vulnerable, in need, or at risk.

    After the things I’ve learnt during the last 18 months – not a day goes by without me thinking, with a shiver down my spine, of what is happening to so many kids out there somewhere.


  24. Anonymous

    Re: Similar cases

    The key isn’t the list of cases, but the ways and methods of those who consistently foul up or avoid, e.g. mental heath professionals, police, legal, SS, NSPCC, etc. In Jersey the police appear to be doing a good job forensically, but I guarantee they wont have a clue what else to do even though they talk the talk … as for the MH professionals!!!! My heart goes out to the survivors who will be let down, as usual.


  25. Anonymous

    The more I read about the extent of the web of historical child abuse upon this island, the more it seems to be the case that it has habitually been covered up to preserve Jersey’s image.

    In all honesty I’m now left wondering of the reasoning behind those who have recently been focusing their energies on shouting primarily in protection of that same image when the subject of abuse has arisen.

    I hate to have to say this, but the current political attitude of buck-passing, denial and hand-washing is making Jersey look more like the paedoph-isle than the sunshine isle.

    Right now I’m embarrassed to be a local.

    Keep up the fight Stuart, expose that vampire fully to the sunlight.

  26. Anonymous

    There is a massive mechanism behind the care systems that is lying in a corner of society broken and uncared for just like all those who were taken from their families in the pretence that they would be looked after and given opportunities they would not get in their home in the grinding poverty stricken 50,s 60, and the 70,s.

    A system that only functions to hide the facts and manipulate the media thus the sheeple, can’t fool those who can work things out for themselves, they can’t defend the indefensible in the minds of the majority of the Islands people this will be born out at any actual election and I feel it right that independent scrutinisers should be brought from the outside to oversee this election in the same way they do in other countries where despotic corruption and malfeasance is the norm for those who have the power.

    A balance is what it needed in every society and Jersey is one of the most out of kilter there can be found on the globe.

    There are many countries across the world with terrorist, freedom fighters and opposition parties, but not that many where you have a Plutocracy masquerading as a democracy evading the political radar in case questions are asked, I mean any questions not just ones related to the abuse as I believe that the abuses were and always will be as endemic to Jersey as anywhere else and the same amount of pretence manipulation and holier than thou, He’s a fine upstanding member of our community.” Won’t stop our children suffering at the hands of evil people whose soul purpose in life is a hedonistic opulent lifestyle so full of rottenness that they appear blind and deaf to the cacophony of calls for something to change, After all ignorance is bliss.

    But those who have managed to pull their heads out of the matrix can clearly see what has gone wrong in Jersey and the sooner those who would have it stay the same or the Jersey media and press again fail to bring these events into the open as they have done since this whole episode started, they too will suffer the wrath of the people of Jersey.

    I could say everyone concerned should refuse to pay a licence fee or any other tax until these things are sorted, plus and first all the victims should get the support that tax payers have more than paid for immediately.

    My opinon to many may not be their own however having the right ot have an opinion is the important thing which is more than Start got in many of the speeches, TV interviews not to mention the British BBC are just as bad if not worse that the BBC Jersey as they could bring Jersey’s BBC to an end and start afresh this will never happen because we have our own paedophile and perverts hiding in the backgrounds pulling strings.

  27. Anonymous

    In response to anonymous who said; ”I found this the other day. No asssumptions what so ever meant by this but does anyone remember him visiting Jersey?”

    I can confirm that I have checked with my 3 cousins who were in the photo that anon gave a link to, and was also posted in the Sun newspapers some time back. I needed to check for sure before posting this, as it could have been digital altered, or even could have been an impersonator, however my cousins confirm that yes it most definately was him in that photo. Thats all I can so with regard to that, however, I do have a personal memory of the same man taking away my young friend, from outside the Omaroo Hotel when we were very young. I think I will be contacting the sun to confirm that it is indeed him in that photo, and people who were also in that photo are alive today to confirm it.

  28. Anonymous

    Unfortunately some people in high places are involved in paedophilia as are some masons,because paedaphilia is not just confined to the lower classes. However they are unlikely to be outed because it would look bad on the establishment to have to admit to rogue elements within their ranks.These peoples tracks are usually covered up to prevent the wrong messages being sent out to the public, many who believe these institutions to be unblemished and upright. Would it look good if a Lord for example was convicted for paedophilia? Of cause not so it won’t happen. It is one thing for an alcoholic down and out to abuse kids but quite another for a high ranking member of the establishment to do this and be found out.

    Paedophiles are not limited to the lower orders but are distributed through all the classes from the lowest to the highest, anyone not realising this is deluded.

  29. jim browne

    Hi Guys.

    I myself have spoken to Alison Taylor a number of times by email and by phone. She is a good woman who still fight for victims of abuse. The Socail Services treated that woman like shit, she complained to everyone about what she had seen and what she had been told, the Social Services ‘Black Balled’ her from working for them ever again. She like Stuart never gave in and she won in the end.

    Richard Webster pulled both her and the victims to bits to sell a book, he used the word ‘Witch Hunt’ many times,he spoke about how the poor staff were all innocent of any crime and all the victims were liars and were just after money. That sounds strange considering that a lot of them pleaded guilty.

    It was only through Alison that my case and many more have been before the courts and mine is still going on after 13 years, I won my appeal last month so I am now back to the High Court and maybe then justice.

    As for being paid compensation, well that is another story. These cretins have tried to pay people off with a pittence of a payment for all their hurt and pain, not me, they can piss off the lot of them and I will see them in court, if I loose, well at least I tried.

    jim browne (Survivor)

  30. Anonymous

    MP demands ‘Jersey abuse’ inquiry

    A World War II bunker near Haut de la Garenne is now under investigation
    A Labour MP is calling on the UK government to hold an inquiry into child abuse allegations in Jersey.

    Austin Mitchell has tabled a Commons motion asking for an independent inquiry to be carried out by a judge from the British mainland.

    Former children’s home Haut de la Garenne is at the centre of a historic child abuse investigation by police.

    A public inquiry could be held on the island but Mr Mitchell says he has no confidence in the local probe.

    The Grimsby MP questioned whether the island’s authorities could deal with the issues “with sufficient independence and rigour because of the scale and the long history of the problem”.

    He said there was a “prevailing desire on the part of the Jersey elites to sweep scandal and abuse under the carpet to preserve their reputation”.

    He has accused the authorities on the island of failing to prevent such abuses for decades.

    Jersey’s government has dismissed such claims in the past.

    War bunker

    In February, Jersey police began an exploratory search of Haut de la Garenne following allegations of abuse by former residents.

    Fragments of a child’s skull were discovered under a staircase but tests later turned out to be inconclusive.

    The excavation focussed on the building’s cellars and has since uncovered numerous human remains and thousands of exhibits.

    Police say they are confident violence took place at the home, but a murder inquiry still remains only a possibility.

    About 100 people have made allegations of abuse at the home between the early 1960s and 1986.

    Police so far have about 100 suspects, though they say only 18 of these are significant.

    A World War II bunker, which is about 500m from the former home, is also under investigation after six witnesses alleged they were abused there.

  31. Anonymous

    to the person who claimed that pedos are not only from the “lower classes” may one suggest you take that back? pedos are everywhere and in all walks of life, class is dead, long live the one state. keep up the good work stuart , and again people of jersey, use your vote


  32. Anonymous

    And can the lady sing!!!

    EVIDENCE has been found in a Second World War bunker which “corroborates” claims by alleged child abuse victims in Jersey, detectives said today.
    Six witnesses told police they were abused at the isolated bunker less than a mile from the former children’s home Haut de la Garenne where the investigation has been focused.

    Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper, from States of Jersey Police, would not reveal what new material was recovered, but said it was not of “huge” significance.

    The bunker where the new evidence was found lies about 500 yards from the boundary of Haut de la Garenne, where the investigation began in February.

    Police have sifted through more than 150 tons of debris during the course of the inquiry, which has now been completed at the home.

    Officers are investigating about 97 allegations of abuse in Jersey, and have said there are more than 100 suspects.

    Investigations started after the discovery of what was initially believed to be part of a child’s skull.

    Tests later suggested it was more likely to be wood or part of a coconut.


    Following the find, scores of people came forward claiming they were drugged, raped and beaten.


    Police excavated four secret underground chambers at the site and found shackles, a large bloodstained bath and children’s teeth.

    Three men have been charged with sex abuse offences as part of the historical abuse inquiry.

    Gordon Wateridge, 76, originally from Croydon, south London, is charged with three offences of indecent assault on girls under 16 between 1969 and 1979 while he was working at the home.

    Claude Donnelly, 68, of St Brelade, is charged with raping and sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl on Jersey between 1971 and 1974. Donnelly is not connected to Haut de la Garenne.

    Michael Aubin, 45, is charged with indecently assaulting a seven-year-old boy and a 13-year-old boy and one count of a serious sexual offence on an eight-year-old boy, all between January 1 1977 and December 31 1980. The charges relate to three different children at the home.

    Last month a 70-year-old man and a 69-year-old woman were arrested in connection with three assaults but were later bailed.

    A 50-year-old former Jersey police officer was also arrested and bailed last month on suspicion of “serious crimes” at the home and elsewhere on the island.

  33. voiceforchildren

    After e-mailing the entire local media some months ago asking a simple question which is “what makes a story that deserves to be in the public domain”? or “of local interest” Not one of our media outlets would answer me. I know why but can’t publish it on the internet.

    I have had extensive e-mail communications with, among others, Alan Watts of CTV. Unfortunately he appears extremely shy when it comes to answering direct questions.

    I now know better than to ask direct questions to our local media or indeed our elected “representitives”.

    Could you (Stuart) or anybody reading this blog explain to me why the local BBC news this evening, which only has about 10mins of air time, led with the story of Austin Mitchell tabling a motion in the commons to have independant judges and investigators over here, to ensure justice, as our lot can’t be trusted.

    Which to my mind is a big story and deserves to be a lead headline.

    Why was there absolutely no mention of it on Channel report? who have 30 mins air time, 3 times as long as the BBC who led with the story.

    They did have plenty of time to plug some “life coach” from GMTV which in turn gave that big wheel thing a good plug by sending one of their “frightened” “Journalists” up on it. Mind you it’s a good job she didn’t have to pay because then she would have shat herself!!

    My theory is CTV’s puppeteers want as little bad publicity about Jersey as possible and CTV are only too happy to oblige.

    BBC have to answer to London so probably had no option as they have been fairly well critisized for their poor “journalism” with the HDLG saga.

    Could you please give us your thoughts on this Stuart, or anybody who understands Journalism that wouldn’t mind educating me?



  34. Anonymous


    You are just pissing up the wall mate, I myself have mailed every single newspaper in the UK with a Legal Press release and not one of them took it up.

    To many people in high places involved mate who just may be named. I got 3 mins on my local radio and that was chopped top bits.

    They will stick a D-Notice on anything mate. You only have to look at this link to see why.


    Says it all don’t it.

    Now the Pope is saying sorry to everyone, but he won’t mail me back or answer my letters, I even wrote them in German, Latin and English.

    Now if you are Amy Winohouse who breaks a nail, you will make front page of the News of The World.

    Jim Browne (Survivor & Fighter)

  35. Russell Labey

    In answer to voiceforchildren…

    There was quite a lot of coverage for the Austin Mitchell motion at the time it was announced. Although it was officially tabled yesterday, CTV might have considered it already covered. Then again they don’t have anyone in Westminster and might just have missed it but I wouldn’t think there was anything more sinister going on.

    I know because I’ve been guilty of it too but the way the local BBC covered it; a two-way with a correspondent, looked to me like a classic way to fill air-time cheaply on a quiet day. So I suspect a determination to campaign for the Syvret cause was not the motivation here either.

    Hope this is of some help.


  36. Anonymous

    I would say that this MP is a Anti pervert and anti harming young children MP not as the rag would have us believe from its dribble an Anti-Jersey MP

    AN MP has called for the UK government to launch an urgent inquiry into child abuse allegations in Jersey.

    Austin Mitchell MP said that the inquiry was needed because of the ‘prevailing desire on the part of Jersey elites to sweep scandal and abuse under the carpet to preserve their reputations’.

    In a strongly worded Commons motion, the Grimsby MP, who is a long-standing critic of the Island, urged the government to ensure that the ‘rule of law’ was applied in forthcoming court cases.

    He said that UK judges and prosecutors should be drafted in to handle the cases. The Labour MP also called for the government to commission a review into the ‘shocking allegations of abuse and the decades-long failure of the Island’s authorities to prevent such abuse, expose it and punish the guilty’.

  37. Anonymous

    I was going t write something….but decided not to! What’s the point……….this is Jersey! Eight hundred years of rabid anti anything that goes against the family dynistic alliences.

    I hope the likes of Phil, Bill and Ben (Walker) and all of the other parasites are listening!

    `Either you give the (Jersey) people social reform or the (Jersey) people will give you social revolution`!

    A Tax Payer!

  38. Anonymous

    TV licence, council tax, bin men strikes, transport strikes, all those who think they work in the tourism industry when your actually making money for those who would attempt to fool you yet again.

    It is more than just a fact that the political classes and the media would contrive and collude with each other to restrict the information from the Island.

    The answer is simple don’t buy the rag!!! Don’t pay your tv licence as its primarily for the BBC Channels you are receiving, Don’t go to work unless your an emergency worker i.e.: Police Ambulance, Fireman and some others.

    Send a message to those who look down on you as scum that we maybe scum to you but we are clean scum and rather that than a an elite who is so corrupt that he can’t see just how corrupt he has become.

    That it is right in any way to try to lesson or deflect lawful inquiries into the obvious horrors that these children, baby’s and youngsters at the beginnings of their lives.

    Then to go on some kind of forever chasing the catch22 to sew up loopholes as it passes them in case they had got sloppy, knowing they can’t exactly say no when the world knows its a yes as they desperately seek allies and balance enemies.

    “Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

    Can you all remember just who you have pissed off in your who life frank?

  39. Anonymous

    Hang on wasn’t it the Nigerian Abacha crime family cash haul were recovered from bankaccounts in the British island of Jersey??? mmmm the plot thinckens!!!

  40. Anonymous

    Remember my boy its in the woods and not the trees!!!

    It is important to note that the Bailiwick of Jersey, located off the coast of Normandy, France, is not a part of the United Kingdom, or the European Union, but is British Crown Dependency controlled by Britain’s Royal Family and overseen by Prince Charles, the former husband of the late Princess Diana.

    Even more disturbing, about these events, are the number of British Police Officers, involved with the investigation of the child sex horrors that occurred on Jersey, now turning up dead and ‘suicided’, to include; Manchester Chief Constable Michael Todd who was one of Britain’s top investigators into CIA activities, Sgt Richard Fuller, who was the top bodyguard for Prince Charles’ wife Camilla, and Bournemouth Inspector Neil Munro, who was found dead in the waters off Millionaire’s Row, in Dorset, where he was tasked with investigating the yachts of the superrich believed involved in this growing scandal.

    One can only imagine the horror, and degradation, suffered by these British children abused by these monsters and then killed for the perverse pleasures of those who believe they live by no other law than those they make up for themselves, the West’s superrich and elite.

    Also, and as history has long shown us, the full accounting of these crimes will, most likely, be covered up and relegated to the growing list of atrocities pinned to these Western madman, especially in light of the Belgian peoples long fight with these paedophile monsters after the discovery of the child sex slave dungeons where the bodies of 4 murdered girls were discovered.

  41. Anonymous

    One day and I hope very soon the abused join forces and take the abusers on a trip to a live volanco, stripped bound and gagged and left to rot right next to the volcano with the constant fear of the volcano erupting. As for the social workers and others involved, who knew and did nothing. They should be stripped of all their belongings, rights to state benefits and pensions. Let them suffer the hunger and depravity that those whom were abused went through. Somehow and I have no evidence to back this up, but Margaret Hodge MP and Moira Gibb CBE are linked into this, it is just a gut feeling. I have for over a decade continued to call the police, nspcc and social workers over the systematic abuse of local children, you hear them beaten, day and night, starting as soon as they were born, they have done nothing, these kids now cause criminal damage, they are still at home and the parents well they look so respectable, no one would ever know.

  42. Anonymous

    Is it true that Hydes had a sham marriage and that he was reported to the Education Committee by his land lady for having a relationship with a man.


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