Yes – it’s another ‘you-couldn’t-make-it-up’ moment.

Time for some more Beckettian black farce.

Did you know that – apparently – some of those poor, sweet, dears in the ranks of Jersey’s senior civil service are being “bullied”?

That someone is being so utterly dreadfully unreasonable as to expect social services senior mangers – who are only paid £150,000 per year – plus big fat final salary pension – to, you know, do stuff like stop children being raped and battered?

Isn’t it just monstrous – that a Chief Executive of Health & Social Services should be expected to not be a lying, lazy, incompetent ethically bankrupt shyster who conceals child abuse – given he only earns £250,000 of tax-payers’ money per year?

Dear oh dear – someone even took a proposition to the island’s parliament recently to seek a Committee of Inquiry into why Mike Pollard – and most of his senior management team – had caused the unlawful death of a patient, rigged the subsequent investigation – then lied to the media about it.

I mean – as though having suffered the penalty of having to pay for his own guitar lessons weren’t punishment enough?

And what about that poor, dear man, the Treasurer of the States – who has just blown many millions of pounds of Jersey tax-payers’ money through sheer, brazen incompetence in failing to hedge the exchange costs in funding the new incinerator? Did you know that some people are so unreasonable as to expect accountability if you’re being paid £250,000 a year to run the island’s finances?

I mean – isn’t it just so unreasonable to have expected him to learn a little bit about handling money – given that he’d already run-up several hundred million pounds of debt in the Teachers Superannuation Fund, when he was Treasurer of that department – and nobody complained about that at the time?

And who could be quite so beastly as to place criticism on those poor innocents who very nearly caused the States of Jersey to get hooked into a deal with Harcourt to develop St. Heller’s waterfront – without bothering to undertake a due diligence test – you know? Like to check the company wasn’t embroiled in various legal battles and may have no viable bond?

Did you know there are still some people who get all worked up about half-a-million tonnes of ultra toxic incinerator ash just being dumped into the sea-porous land reclamations sites around St. Helier? I mean, for Heaven’s sake – what’s the matter with these people? What’s a cocktail dose of dioxins, furans, mercury, PCBs, lead, arsenic, zinc and cadmium – in comparison to the “burdens” on the shoulders of those poor departmental Chief Officers?

And – believe it or not – there are still some States members – and a goodly number of members of the public – who still get very angry when thinking of that £49 million in tax-payers’ money wasted on capital overspends during the 1990’s.

And there is – supposedly – a States member who gets very angry and very unpleasant to over-paid, under-worked, lying crooks who, after all, were just following “The Jersey Way” when they went along with the concealment of foul crimes against children for decades. But surely people like Marnie Baudains, Anton Skinner, Geoff Spencer – etc. – should just be left in peace to enjoy the millions they’ve “earned” from Jersey tax-payers.

Who could this mystery, foul person be – who would prefer to see a couple of dozen over-paid idlers who collectively cost the public maybe £10 million a year – sacked – rather than close down day-care centres for the elderly?

Just who is this despicable monster – who would rather see youth facilities kept open and nurses paid properly – instead of “employing” senior managers who cover-up the torture and battery of children – and conceal the unlawful killing of patients?

Yes – it’s confession time.

This hideous and appalling enemy of “The Jersey Way” – is me.

And I know for sure it’s me – because Jersey’s Chief Minister, Terry Le Sueur has written to me and told me so.

In fact – so certain is he and his Council of Ministers of this fact – and just how dreadful it is – he has decided to take the immensely brave step – under the present public financial circumstances – of employing – at public cost – yet another expensive outside consultant – for all these poor, maligned, benighted moronic slackers – err – sorry – senior civil servants to cry on the shoulder of.

And then to produce yet another very expensive report stating just what a dreadful bastard and thug that Stuart Syvret is. (And, you know, he’s such a swine, he won’t even take any notice of it.)

A very funny thing happened to me on my way from the Co-Op this evening; a person stopped me and said, have you seen the JEP? ‘No’, said I. “Why? What have I done this time? Burnt down the States building?”

“Oh no, nothing like that today. It’s just that there are three letters in the paper you’ll agree with very much. And – get this – they’re all from countryside addresses. How weird is that?”

So purchasing a copy of the said journal, I turned to the letters on page 15 and, sure enough, there were indeed, three letters – under the heading, ‘Incinerator Costs’; from a Mr. Connor, a Mr. Wheeler and a Mr. McGregor.

And, sure enough – I agreed with every word, every syllable of those letters.

The people of Jersey are getting angry – getting very angry – and this anger – traditional oligarchy dopes, note – is across the political spectrum – and across the class spectrum.

In truth – we should have wrestled to the ground and driven a stake through the heart of the culture of utter invulnerability – of immunity from accountability that infests the higher reaches of the civil service decades ago.

If people are paid an awful lot of tax-payer’s money – for their supposed “professionalism” and “expertise” – then with that remuneration should come an appropriate degree of ‘moral hazard’.

You fail – you clear your desk – and walk.

End of.

Yet, instead – and quite extraordinarily given the very hard – and getting harder – financial times we all face – instead of finally grasping that nettle – and imposing some form or professionalism, discipline and accountability on the bloated upper-reaches of our massively unsustainable senior civil service – Terry Le Sueur, Philip Ozouf and the rest of the Clowncil of Ministers – are going in exactly the opposite direction!

Which brings me to Senator Le Sueur’s letter – which I reproduce below.

There’s a funny thing about his letter – which is – unintentionally, very revealing.

For good or ill – I am one of your chosen elected representatives. You may hate me – you may disagree with me – but if you’re a democrat – and if you believe your elected representatives should be free from harassment, and not be pressured to act against your interests as tax-payers – then you will expect your politicians to be willing – and able – to hold the executive to account.

And that’s what I try to do as a States member.

But – according to Senator Terry Le Sueur in his letter – my efforts to do what he and his Clowncil are incapable of – and combat the collection of buffoons otherwise known as the Corporate Management Board – is the work of an “external party”.

According to Terry Le Sueur and his Clowncil of Ministers – I’m not a States member.

They’ve decided that, ‘well, Syvret might be an elected member – placed in the States by the voting public – but as far as we’re concerned, he’s merely an “external party”’.

I suggest you read Senator Le Sueur’s deeply alarming and profoundly dangerous letter – and think very carefully about just what it means.

Some readers will be familiar with the TV comedy series, “Yes Minister” – which depicted elected politicians as the puppets of an utterly out of control, unaccountable, unelected senior civil service that was running rings around them.

I’ve often remarked that the situation in Jersey is worse – far worse – than that parody.

And now we have proof – in the form of Terry Le Sueur’s letter.

I’ve always viewed my role as a politician to be that of protecting the public interest from the edifice of public administration. For reasons which have always eluded me – 95% of Jersey States members seem to have the opposite view – that it is, somehow, their job to protect public administration from the public.

If what is revealed in Senator Le Sueur’s letter is not a frankly horrifying attempt to crush democratic public control – to intimidate, harass and silence your elected representatives – whoever they may be – and instead fix another layer of armour-plating over the bloated collection of expensive, unethical and incompetent shysters that cost you millions each year – then I don’t know how to write obnoxious e-mails.

Read Terry Le Sueur’s letter – and be afraid for you bank-balance – be very afraid.

And to give you an even more detailed and alarming impression of the sub-text to a great deal of this saga – read my reply, which appears below his letter.

I am going to sue the Council of Ministers – and sue the States – because the actions they took against me were criminal. Calculated and determined efforts to silence me – carried out at the express demands of these very senior civil servants – who wanted to try and stop me exposing decades of their gross professional – and criminal – failures.

Such action is – sadly – the only way the truth will be dragged out – and the only way the broken shambles of Jersey’s public administration will be fixed.

But in the interim – please – will somebody save us from people like Terry Le Sueur, Philip Ozouf and the rest of them.

We’re already running out of time.



Terry Le Sueur
Chief Minister
Cyril Le Marquand House
St Helier

Tel: +44 (0)1534 440400
Fax: +44 (0)1534 440408

11 August 2009

Dear Senator Syvret

I am writing to advise you that the States Employment Board has received a letter from the Health and Safety Inspectorate advising that they have received a complaint that States employees are allegedly being bullied by an external party during the course of their duties. I enclose a copy of the letter.

Although the letter talks in general terms, I regret to say that a visit to the Human Resources Department by the author of the letter has confirmed that the external party is you.

The Inspectorate has more recently followed up this letter with a second letter asking for details of what the Board is doing about the complaint (copy attached).

The Board has decided to commission an independent investigation into this complaint. The investigation will be carried out by Mr Christopher Chapman who lives in the UK and who, amongst other things, is an Employment Tribunal Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Central Arbitration Committee. Mr Chapman is particularly keen that you should be included in his investigation and will most certainly want to meet with you. A copy of his CV is attached.

The terms of reference for the investigation are as follows:

• to consider the extent of alleged staff harassment by an external party and the effect this is having on the personal health and welfare of the staff affected and their ability to perform their jobs competently;

• to consider the means through which the alleged harassment is perpetrated;

• to determine the effect this is having on the general culture, work environment and the self-confidence of staff other than the alleged Victims;

• to make recommendations to the States Employment Board on how best to arrange for the alleged harassment to be addressed.

I do hope that you will see this as a positive way of addressing the concerns raised and agree to participate in the investigation.

Yours sincerely

Senator Terry Le Sueur
Chairman, States Employment Board
direct dial: +44 (0)1534 440439


—–Original Message—–
From: Stuart Syvret
Sent: 12 August 2009 13:27
To: Terry Le Sueur
Cc: Council of Ministers; William Bailhache
Subject: RE: E-mailing: Syvret bundle

Senator Le Sueur

I do thank you for providing me with a little light relief.

Well – at least, it would be – were it not for the fact that your letter is another brazen – and, frankly, idiotic – example of the “Culture of Concealment” still being used by the Jersey oligarchy – here in 2009.

I’m sure the media are going to love it.

You and Mr. Chapman can undertake the proverbial hike.

I will not be meeting with him. I will not be speaking with him. I will be not altering one jot of what is written on my blog. I shall continue to write about the significant grouping of demonstrable criminals within the senior civil service. Largely a grouping of self-protecting incompetents who are barely employable, and who, in many cases, have behaved utterly disgracefully.

You – Senator Le Sueur – are simply too weak, unprincipled and spineless to exhibit the necessary leadership required to safeguard the public good, and deal with these people.

Instead, you are their poodle. As your letter shows.

As you and your establishment allies always appear to regard me as a moron – let me explain to you exactly what my various legal researches have shown to me.

I have a right to free speech as guaranteed under Article 10 of the ECHR. It is not an absolute right, rather, it is a qualified right. But nevertheless, the European Court of Human Rights has attached great significance to protecting the right to free expression.

The lawful methods of testing whether my free speech is, in any hypothetical case, sufficiently ‘unlawful’ to merit interference with are very well documented and established.

Hate speech – such as racism, or incitement to violence – would be unlawful. As I oppose both racism and violence, and have advocated neither (on the contrary) no such method of restraining my free speech could be invoked.

The other, principle test as to whether the exercising of free speech is unlawful, is a defamation action. Those who feel baseless things have been spoken or written about them, may sue the party who made those expressions for defamation.

As what I write on my blog is not protected by parliamentary privilege – the supposed aggrieved parties are at perfect liberty to sue me for defamation.

None of them have – a fact I feel we can draw certain conclusions from.

Let me put it to you why none of them have sued me.

It is because they know – full-well – that the process of discovery, of examining all the evidence, of testing the matters in court – the prospect of me calling 18 men who would, for example, testify about the savage batterings they received as children from a certain Chief Officer and his predecessor – would destroy them.

They know that I would win any such action (assuming a competent court) – and consequently, their reputations would be annihilated.

Just as would yours – for your spineless, anti-public interest determination to protect these clowns.

And just as the reputation of the Attorney General would be destroyed – as so much evidence would emerge in court as to demonstrate many of his various refusals and failures to prosecute to be literally incredible.

Your letter represents merely the latest in a chain of increasingly desperate acts of oppression and abuses of powers that have been deployed against me by you and the rest of the Jersey Establishment Party during the last two years.

Firstly – the very civil servants you now seek to protect engaged in unlawful and unethical acts in an effort to engineer my dismissal; this in attempt to conceal their incompetence and, frankly, criminal conduct.

You – and all the then Council of Ministers willingly joined in with that oppression – and in customary Jersey Oligarchy fashion, cast aside the public interest in order to engage in another exercise of concealment.

The Council of Ministers unlawfully fast-tracked the dismissal meeting against me.

The then Deputy Bailiff – now Bailiff – improperly advised that due process could be cast aside.

The supposed “case” against me was e-mailed to me less than 24 hours before your fast-tacked, unlawful meeting.

The Data Protection Commissioner – with the full support, encouragement and connivance of the Attorney General – began a process of the abusive and oppressive application of the data protection law against me.

These even leading to the quite laughable spectacle of her writing to me – and attempting to argue that, somehow, the data protection law empowered her to make me stop writing things on my blog which were simply things told to me by my constituents, and involved no controlled data.

We have more recently had the banana-republic police raid and “fishing expedition” type search, that saw the house being turned over from top to bottom, me being locked into police cells for seven hours – all through the utterly unlawful and abusive application of Article 29 of PPCE.

All that having failed to deflect me – the police now, from time to time – issue me with “warning notices”, citing the harassment law; another comically incompetent attempt to silence me as though Article 10 of the ECHR just didn’t exist.

All in a futile effort to stop me doing my public duty and protecting the public interest from a manifestly incompetent, out of control, invulnerable, bloated, expensive – and frequently criminal senior civil service.

You – Senator Le Sueur – prefer instead to protect this shower of buffoons, idlers, liars, shysters and criminals.

It is plain to me where my public duty lays.

I should inform you that I will be including your letter and associated documents, and this e-mail, in the evidence bundle for the abuse of process application I am making.

Let me also take this occasion to briefly inform you of another, related matter, though I will write in more detail concerning this on a later occasion.

The actions of the Council of Ministers, certain civil servants, the then Deputy Bailiff, and certain others – as conducted against me during the summer of 2007 were unlawful.

That is, unlawful in both the criminal and the civil sense.

Plainly – things being as they are in Jersey – there is not the remotest possibility of the criminal aspects being pursued by today’s police force – nor the Attorney General – given he is a participant in the criminal activity complained of. Nevertheless – I have given extensive formal statements to the police.

The actions of you, the rest of the Council of Ministers and certain civil servants being a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and misconduct in a public office.

The letter you have sent to me – in which you are seeking to engineer my silence, so that criminal acts continue to be concealed, is another example of that criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

As I said – I don’t expect these matters to be pursued – given the complete break-down in the rule of law we witness in Jersey.

Nevertheless – for a variety of reasons – reasons further evidenced by your letter – I hereby give notice that I am going to initiate civil legal proceedings against the Council of Ministers, certain senior civil servants, and others – for a variety of wrongs committed against me – and will be seeking substantial personal damages.

I will write, in due course, with the detail of the wrongs you and others have committed against me. Naturally, you will not wish to accept culpability, so the matter will go to a full civil trial. And so broad will be the issues at contention – that a great deal of ‘discovery’ will be necessary. Incidentally, the parameters of discovery are far wider in civil actions than in criminal actions.

The civil trial will also present a huge, over-arching public advantage – in that very many of the survivors will have their day in court – and a great deal of the truth will emerge. Indeed, perhaps even one or two witnesses who recall very clearly being savagely beaten with a rod by a certain former teacher at De La Salle.

The events complained of largely began to take place in the summer of 2007 – and have continued to the present day. I have, therefore, until the summer of 2010 to initiate the legal action.

I look forward to seeing you and all your colleagues in court.

Yours sincerely,

Senator Stuart Syvret
States of Jersey

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